In our store you can buy your fitness machines. We have for sale all the necessary machines to equip a gym, a hotel, a sport center, etc. Equipment fitness professional, domestic and semi-professional with a very competitive price.

Sale of professional and domestic weight training machines of all types: abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, pulley cross stations, weight benches, grips...

We also have cardio machines and equipment for sale for commercial and home use gyms commercial and domestic: stationary bikes, spinning bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, etc.

Visit the catalog of our store fitness online and buy the gym material you need, from exercise machines to floors and tatamis.


The first thing you should keep in mind when you visit an online store of gym machines , is the type of gym or sports center that is intended to equip. When we talk about a commercial gym or open to the public, ie a business, it is essential to choose the professional material or professional gym machines. The material fitness cheap is not always the most advisable, as it will usually be focused for private use and not for commercial gyms. The material of gym professional will have a higher price but will be prepared for intensive use, being much more resistant and of a greater durability. Keep in mind that a bodybuilding machine for private use is not the same as one that will be used by dozens of people every day. In that case you need a machine capable of withstanding the continuous use of customers and that will last for many years.

Always choose quality material. At DeporTrainer we have recognized brands such as Body Solid or Life Fitness, which offer excellent performance.

Before you start buying machines for your commercial gym, we will have to take into account what kind of business it is. For within the gyms open to the public, there are several types depending on the activities that are developed in them. Each type of sports center will require specific gym equipment gymnastics and exercise machines. There are weight training gyms and fitness, which will require a full range of machines. There are also crossfit boxes (in this case less weight training equipment will be needed and instead more free weight equipment such as racks, weights, bars, etc.). Martial arts and contact sports gyms such as boxing, where it will be advisable to includeequipment to do abdominalexercises, back exercises, stretching, etc. There are also businesses that can include a gym as an accessory activity, such as hotels and sports halls for soccer, basketball, etc. Within the gymsmost of them incorporate cardio rooms, where it is essential to have several professional cardio machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes, spinning, elliptical, etc..

Below we are going to show an example guide on how to equip a basic medium gym. It is just a reference so you can see what is the most important material that a basicgym should have if you are thinking of setting one up.


It is very important that it includes several professional or semi-professional weight training machines:

-At least one pulley crossover machine for chest, which incorporates a bar of pull-ups. This machine is very important as it also allows you to do various exercises such as biceps curl and tricep extensions. Pulley crossovers are one of the most demanded exercises by clients, personal trainers, etc. There are some crossover machines that are multi-stations that incorporate more exercises such as pull-ups or seated rowing (but these machines can be purchased separately).

-A couple of pulley pulldown machinesthe upper back squat, to work the upper back with an open or closed grip. This is an excellent exercise for everyone and there will be many customers interested in using this machine. Our model also incorporates the low pulley rowing, very important to also work the thickness of the middle back. Two exercises in one machine.

-The incline leg pressthe quadriceps and the whole leg in general are a powerful builder of muscle mass and strength. This exercise machine is a must in your leg routine. A disc press is ideal, so you can carry as much weight as you need.

-Quadriceps extensionfITNESS : excellent machine to strengthen the quadriceps and gain muscle. In addition, it is not only for bodybuilders and practitioners of fitness, but is widely used by other athletes such as footballers, runners, etc.. Even for rehabilitation. We consider it important to buy at least one machine for your gym.

-Lying down / lying femoral curl machinethe machine is perfect for femoral isolation work, for other sports (such as soccer, athletics) and for rehabilitation.

-Vertical presswe recommend a disc machine to be able to carry the necessary weight. This machine is very good for pectoral and triceps work, both for beginners and advanced exercisers.

-Also as an option, it might be advisable to include a pectoral muscle toning machine.

Weight benches, which ones should we buy for our basicgym ?

-A basic flat bench. Indispensable to include a simple flat bench, easy to attach to any rack to do bench press flat. Ideal for dumbbells exercises and also for abs.

-A professional flat bench for bench press . The best exercise for pectoral. You can not miss a professional bench capable of supporting many kilos to make bench press safely. It is even advisable to include two of these benches, as it is an exercise in high demand by customers of gym.

-A pair of adjustable benches in the free weight area. Include adjustable benches so clients can exercise dumbbells from various angles. For example: bench press flat, incline, decline, openings, etc.

-Abdominal bench y lumbar bench. It may also be worthwhile to include these benches if you have the budget. A simple abdominal and lumbar apparatus, such as these benches, is something that clients of any gym will appreciate.

-It may also be interesting to include the rowing bench on tiptoe with discs, as it allows you to work the back from a different angle. It is very comfortable, since it allows you to do this exercise without having to carry a bar.

Regarding racks and supports, which ones should we include? Well, these three that we mention below are the ones we consider essential in any exercise gym. You should buy:

-Wall, pull-ups and abdominal machine: one of the most complete, as this apparatus is used to do exercises with body weight. Parallel chest presses, pull-ups and leg curls to work the abdomen.

-A free weight / squat rack or cage. Free weights are the best exercises you can do on the gym. They build strength and body structure. You should include at least one of these racks.

-A simple rack for military press and squats.

With this we would have the basic bodybuilding equipment for any medium gym. The aforementioned weight machines allow you to work the entire body through a wide variety of very basic exercises suitable for all audiences. However, the vast majority of gyms also has a cardio room with its respective machines. For a complete gym, we recommend buying the following cardio machines:


-One or two treadmills professionals. It is worth the price and will withstand the intensive use that customers will give it.

-Two elliptical machines.

-4-6 exercise bikes.

With all this material, we would already have equipped our basic commercial gym. A business ready to go.


MUSCLE MACHINES: they can be professional (the most recommended for commercial gym ) and also semi-professional and domestic. To do exercises with which to work the different parts of the body: abs, waist, buttocks, lumbar, chest, legs, arms, shoulders, back. There are also pulley crossover machines, weight training benches of different types, as well as different replacement grips for pulleys.

CARDIO MACHINES: there are treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical and spinning bikes or indoor cycling. Both professional and domestic.

CLOTHING ROOMS: to mount a gym is also important to have the material of the changing rooms: non-slip floors, benches, coat racks, etc..

MULTISTATIONS: multistations are machines fitness that incorporate many exercises in the same machine. They allow you to work the whole body on a single machine. They are recommended for a single person who wants to train at home. Although some semi-professional machines can also be purchased for a public gym.

LEVER MACHINES: the lever machines or Hammer, are those in which the weight is loaded with weight discs. The main advantage of these gym machines is that you can load them with as much weight as you want. In addition, since they do not have pulleys, the movement is more realistic and they provide much more strength.

HYDRAULIC MACHINES: work without weight. They offer less resistance. They are ideal for all audiences: children, seniors, untrained people, etc.. They are recommended for circuit training.

ADAPTED MACHINES: these types of weight training machines have been adapted for people with disabilities. A wheelchair can be attached to these machines.

FLOORS AND TATAMIS: Another important part of the equipment of a gym is a sturdy and shock-absorbing floor on which we can train. We include rubber / black rubber floors, ideal for the weight room. And also puzzle tatamis in different colors and thicknesses for activities such as martial arts.

FITNESS OF OCCASION, are machines of exhibition or second hand, to a more economic price.

Finally, we would also have others such as the VIBRATING PLATFORMS for muscle toning and BIOSALUDABLE PARKS MACHINES, which are exercise machines without weights for outdoor equipment (parks and gardens).


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    _ ?What do they do? the lasted anklets? Increase your power and speed. You have multiple benefits and you can be used in both martial arts and running.Here you can. purchase A few lasted anklets cheap and very functional.

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