In our store you can buy your fitness machines. We have for sale all the necessary machines to equip a gym, a hotel, a sport center, etc. Equipment fitness professional, domestic and semi-professional with a very competitive price.

Sale of professional and domestic weight training machines of all types: abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, pulley cross stations, weight benches, grips...

We also have cardio machines and equipment for sale for commercial and home use gyms commercial and domestic: stationary bikes, spinning bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, etc.

Visit the catalog of our store fitness online and buy the gym material you need, from exercise machines to floors and tatamis.


The first thing you should keep in mind when you visit an online store of gym machines , is the type of gym or sports center that is intended to equip. When we talk about a commercial gym or open to the public, ie a business, it is essential to choose the professional material or professional gym machines. The material fitness cheap is not always the most advisable, as it will usually be focused for private use and not for commercial gyms. The material of gym professional will have a higher price but will be prepared for intensive use, being much more resistant and of a greater durability. Keep in mind that a bodybuilding machine for private use is not the same as one that will be used by dozens of people every day. In that case you need a machine capable of withstanding the continuous use of customers and that will last for many years.

Always choose quality material. At DeporTrainer we have recognized brands such as Body Solid or Life Fitness, which offer excellent performance.

Before you start buying machines for your commercial gym, we will have to take into account what kind of business it is. For within the gyms open to the public, there are several types depending on the activities that are developed in them. Each type of sports center will require specific gym equipment gymnastics and exercise machines. There are weight training gyms and fitness, which will require a full range of machines. There are also crossfit boxes (in this case less weight training equipment will be needed and instead more free weight equipment such as racks, weights, bars, etc.). Martial arts and contact sports gyms such as boxing, where it will be advisable to includeequipment to do abdominalexercises, back exercises, stretching, etc. There are also businesses that can include a gym as an accessory activity, such as hotels and sports halls for soccer, basketball, etc. Within the gymsmost of them incorporate cardio rooms, where it is essential to have several professional cardio machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes, spinning, elliptical, etc..

Below we are going to show an example guide on how to equip a basic medium gym. It is just a reference so you can see what is the most important material that a basicgym should have if you are thinking of setting one up.


It is very important that it includes several professional or semi-professional weight training machines:

-At least one pulley crossover machine for chest, which incorporates a bar of pull-ups. This machine is very important as it also allows you to do various exercises such as biceps curl and tricep extensions. Pulley crossovers are one of the most demanded exercises by clients, personal trainers, etc. There are some crossover machines that are multi-stations that incorporate more exercises such as pull-ups or seated rowing (but these machines can be purchased separately).

-A couple of pulley pulldown machinesthe upper back squat, to work the upper back with an open or closed grip. This is an excellent exercise for everyone and there will be many customers interested in using this machine. Our model also incorporates the low pulley rowing, very important to also work the thickness of the middle back. Two exercises in one machine.

-The incline leg pressthe quadriceps and the whole leg in general are a powerful builder of muscle mass and strength. This exercise machine is a must in your leg routine. A disc press is ideal, so you can carry as much weight as you need.

-Quadriceps extensionfITNESS : excellent machine to strengthen the quadriceps and gain muscle. In addition, it is not only for bodybuilders and practitioners of fitness, but is widely used by other athletes such as footballers, runners, etc.. Even for rehabilitation. We consider it important to buy at least one machine for your gym.

-Lying down / lying femoral curl machinethe machine is perfect for femoral isolation work, for other sports (such as soccer, athletics) and for rehabilitation.

-Vertical presswe recommend a disc machine to be able to carry the necessary weight. This machine is very good for pectoral and triceps work, both for beginners and advanced exercisers.

-Also as an option, it might be advisable to include a pectoral muscle toning machine.

Weight benches, which ones should we buy for our basicgym ?

-A basic flat bench. Indispensable to include a simple flat bench, easy to attach to any rack to do bench press flat. Ideal for dumbbells exercises and also for abs.

-A professional flat bench for bench press . The best exercise for pectoral. You can not miss a professional bench capable of supporting many kilos to make bench press safely. It is even advisable to include two of these benches, as it is an exercise in high demand by customers of gym.

-A pair of adjustable benches in the free weight area. Include adjustable benches so clients can exercise dumbbells from various angles. For example: bench press flat, incline, decline, openings, etc.

-Abdominal bench y lumbar bench. It may also be worthwhile to include these benches if you have the budget. A simple abdominal and lumbar apparatus, such as these benches, is something that clients of any gym will appreciate.

-It may also be interesting to include the rowing bench on tiptoe with discs, as it allows you to work the back from a different angle. It is very comfortable, since it allows you to do this exercise without having to carry a bar.

Regarding racks and supports, which ones should we include? Well, these three that we mention below are the ones we consider essential in any exercise gym. You should buy:

-Wall, pull-ups and abdominal machine: one of the most complete, as this apparatus is used to do exercises with body weight. Parallel chest presses, pull-ups and leg curls to work the abdomen.

-A free weight / squat rack or cage. Free weights are the best exercises you can do on the gym. They build strength and body structure. You should include at least one of these racks.

-A simple rack for military press and squats.

With this we would have the basic bodybuilding equipment for any medium gym. The aforementioned weight machines allow you to work the entire body through a wide variety of very basic exercises suitable for all audiences. However, the vast majority of gyms also has a cardio room with its respective machines. For a complete gym, we recommend buying the following cardio machines:


-One or two treadmills professionals. It is worth the price and will withstand the intensive use that customers will give it.

-Two elliptical machines.

-4-6 exercise bikes.

With all this material, we would already have equipped our basic commercial gym. A business ready to go.


MUSCLE MACHINES: they can be professional (the most recommended for commercial gym ) and also semi-professional and domestic. To do exercises with which to work the different parts of the body: abs, waist, buttocks, lumbar, chest, legs, arms, shoulders, back. There are also pulley crossover machines, weight training benches of different types, as well as different replacement grips for pulleys.

CARDIO MACHINES: there are treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical and spinning bikes or indoor cycling. Both professional and domestic.

CLOTHING ROOMS: to mount a gym is also important to have the material of the changing rooms: non-slip floors, benches, coat racks, etc..

MULTISTATIONS: multistations are machines fitness that incorporate many exercises in the same machine. They allow you to work the whole body on a single machine. They are recommended for a single person who wants to train at home. Although some semi-professional machines can also be purchased for a public gym.

LEVER MACHINES: the lever machines or Hammer, are those in which the weight is loaded with weight discs. The main advantage of these gym machines is that you can load them with as much weight as you want. In addition, since they do not have pulleys, the movement is more realistic and they provide much more strength.

HYDRAULIC MACHINES: work without weight. They offer less resistance. They are ideal for all audiences: children, seniors, untrained people, etc.. They are recommended for circuit training.

ADAPTED MACHINES: these types of weight training machines have been adapted for people with disabilities. A wheelchair can be attached to these machines.

FLOORS AND TATAMIS: Another important part of the equipment of a gym is a sturdy and shock-absorbing floor on which we can train. We include rubber / black rubber floors, ideal for the weight room. And also puzzle tatamis in different colors and thicknesses for activities such as martial arts.

FITNESS OF OCCASION, are machines of exhibition or second hand, to a more economic price.

Finally, we would also have others such as the VIBRATING PLATFORMS for muscle toning and BIOSALUDABLE PARKS MACHINES, which are exercise machines without weights for outdoor equipment (parks and gardens).


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    We are Depor Trainer a weight training machines store.We have all the professional, semi-professional and home appliances and machines for gym.Visit our extensive catalog of exercise machines.Here is everything you need to set up your own gym or fitness center fitness. do you need weight training machines in Spain for your gym? we can help you!




    We have the sale weight training machines of all kinds,of excellent quality brands at very competitive prices.

    Buy our bodybuilding equipment to work abdomen, lumbar, leg, arm, shoulder, pectoral, back, etc. Our online store of bodybuilding machines is very complete. They are thedevices that serve to strengthen the entire musculature of the body.

    They can be professionalsMachines with a much more robust structure that allow many users to train intensively throughout the day. They are equipped with gyms/centers of fitness, sports halls, hotels, etc.

    They can also be semi-professionalsValid for gyms medium y small. E.g. fire stations, small clubs and associations, small hotels, academies, etc.

    Finally, the home weight training machinesare much more economical and are intended for individual use or for use in the family environment. They are weight training machines for training at home. If you are looking for weight training machines stores in Barcelona, we are your site. Do you need bodybuilding equipment in Tenerife? buy them here!

    The weight training equipment, the types of these, in turn, can be of various types:

    • There are machines with pulley and plate tower, where the weight/load is selected from a weight plate tower.

    • Machines with pulley and disc holder: The user can freely set the weight by attaching weight discs to the machine.

    • Lever / hammer machines: In these,the weight is moved by pushing or pulling moving mechanical arms. They do not have pulleys. They are loaded with weight discs.

    • Weight training benches: There are a variety of benches to use dumbbells and bars. They can be for bench press (flat, incline or decline), for back rowing, leg rowing or adjustable (to work with different inclinations).

    • The types of machines can be divided according to the part of the body that is worked on each one. Thus, there are individual machines for workingabdomen, waist, lumbar, buttocks, chest, legs, arms, shoulders and back.

    • There are also multi-stations and pulley crossovers. These are larger and more complete machines, which allow you to strengthen several parts of the body at the same station. For example, a pulley crossover allows you to work on pectoral openings, biceps and triceps, and usually incorporates a barbell pull-ups to strengthen the back.

    Buy weight training machines

    When it comes to visiting our online store of bodybuilding machines, the type of equipment you are going to useyou wishbuy and the use you intend to make of them.

    If you are looking for machines for gym for your living room fitness, if you are interested in a sports center or hotel, please visit our section on professional weight training machines.

    If you are looking forcheap weight training equipment for a small club or association, or to train at home, please visit our section on home and semi-professional weight training machines.

    tiendas de maquinas de musculacion en Madrid, Barcelona y Málaga

    Stores of bodybuilding equipment in Madrid

    In the online store of bodybuilding machines, we have organized all the devices by categories according to the parts of the body that can be trained on each machine. This will make it much easier for you to find the exercise machines you wantbuy.

    Below, you can see the guide according to the area of the body being worked onand descriptions with examples of the devices and benches that you can find in each category. This is the most complete guide to buy weight training machines online!

    Tienda maquinas musculacion online: Categories by muscle group

    (Note that in the following categories, all the following categories will be included weight training equipment both professionals like domestic and semi-professional. To view these sections separately, please visit:



    Knows the weight training machines names before purchasing them. Below you have them all. In our catalog, there is the bH weight training machine fitness.

    Weight training machines for abdomen, waist, lumbar and gluteus muscles

    We include the devices y banks to train abs:

    - Machines for doing abdominal crunches.

    - Abdominal benches.

    The complete bodybuilding equipment for the work of waistare as follows:

    - Waist turning plate machines.

    - Benches for waist twists/rotations.

    Fitness equipment for the work in the area lumbar o lower back:

    - Hyperextension benches.

    - Lumbar extension machines.

    For gluteal work:

    - Multi-hip machines.

    - Gluteal kick machines.

    - Hyperextension benches.

    Chest/pectoral weight machines

    These are thebanks of bench press y machines for work of chest. They can be benches and machines for chest press exercises and also for openings and contractions. Let's see some examples:

    - Bank bench press flat:It is the most basic for chest training. It allows you to do bench press with bar.

    - Bank inclined bench pressIt is a version similar to the previous one but whose inclination allows more emphasis on the work of the upper chest and shoulders. It is ideal for bodybuilders and practitioners of bodybuilding.

    - Bank decline bench pressIts angle focuses the effort and work on the lower fibers of the pectoralis.

    - Fund machine and pull-ups:This type of structure usually incorporates grips for making pull-ups and also parallel bars for chest work.

    - Power cages/free weight racks: Allow the bar to be placed at different heights and to make bench press with free weights. Other exercises can also be performed, such as the squat. They are complete bodybuilding equipment.

    - Pectoral contracting machine:It is for isolation work. It is used to give pumping and detail to the muscle by concentrating the effort on the chest. This weight training machine is widely used inthe bodybuilding.

    - Vertical press machine:They are usually machines where the load is selected with plates or loaded with weight discs. They allow a pushing movement from a seated position similar to that of the bench press. Suitable for chest and triceps training.

    - Pectoralis opening machine: The chest openings are one of the best-known and most widely used isolation exercises in the bodybuilding. They provide separation and detail to the chest. They can also be made seated in machine.

    - Fund machine and pull-ups assisted: Its plates act as a counterweight. This machine help to perform chest and pull-ups. These devices are ideal for beginners who do not yet have sufficient strength to perform these exercises.

    - Chest press machines: They simulate the movement of the chest bench press flat, inclined or declined. They are available with plate and disc towers. There is also the adjustable chest press machine, which allows you to work with various angles of inclination on the same machine.

    - Multipower or smith machine: The movement of the bar is guided by rails. You can attach a weight training bench to work the bench press chest in its different inclinations and do other exercises such as squats.

    - Pulley crossover machines / pulley towers: They allow to perform the crossover exercise with pectoral cable,in addition to other exercisesfor biceps, triceps and pull-ups back.

    - Free weight stands and racks: These allow you to place the barbell for bench presses and other free weight exercises.

    - Weight training benches: They can be flat benches or adjustable benches that can be used forare used to work chest press with barbell or dumbbells and openings. The adjustable bench can be usedwith different inclinations.

    We sell bodybuilding equipment in Mallorca for gyms professionals and clubs.

    Sale of weight machines for legs

    Here is allthe range of machines, equipment, racks y banks for the training of legs.They are,mainly for the musclesquadriceps, femoral, gluteus, calf, abductor muscles y adductors. what cheap weight training machines can you buy?:

    - Free weight supports and racks: In them, you canthe barbell to perform free weight exercises with the squat.

    - Power cages/Free weight racks:They are useful for makingleg squats, in addition to other free-weight movements such as the bench press or the military press. They are used in the training of powerlifting y bodybuilding.

    - Multipower or Smith machine: In this machine, the movement of the bar is guided by rails. Here, quad squats and other exercises can be performed.

    - Abductor and adductor machines: Normally, the load is selected from a tower of plates. They allow to workthe abductor and adductor muscles. There are also models where you can work theabductors y adductors on the same machine without the need to change machines.

    - Cufflink machines: They workwith a tower of plates and allow to make stretching of cufflinks. There are models to work the calf while standing and others to work the calf while seated.

    - Twin banks: Normally, they are loaded by weight discs. Use them tostrengthenthe seated twins. There are alsoversions to do the exercise standing.

    - Lying femoral machine: It is to perform the following exercise lying femoral curl.These devices can incorporate a tower of plates or be loaded with disks.

    - Seated quadriceps extension machine: It is one of the machines used in bodybuilding y bodybuilding.It is verycommon in the gyms. In it, the movement of quadriceps extension. They can be plate or disc loaded.

    - Hack squat: This weight training machine simulates the movement of a squat. Mainly works on the quadriceps. Normally, these machines are loaded by discs.

    - Incline leg press: This is a general leg strength and muscle mass builder. Primarily, it focuses work on the quadriceps and the buttocks. It is among the best leg strength training equipmentbecause it allows to handle high loads. It is loaded by weight discs.

    - Seated femoral curl machine: Works and strengthens the femoral muscles from a seated position. Normally, it is loaded by weight selection on the plate tower.

    - Seated quadriceps and femoral curl machine: Combines the quadriceps extension exercise and seated femoral curl in the same machine leg strength training apparatus.

    - Horizontal leg press: Here, the leg press movement is performed by pushing in a horizontal direction. It focuses the effort on the quadriceps and the gluteus. It is loaded by means of a weight plate tower.

    - Multi-hip machine: It is for gluteal, femoral, hamstring and waist work.

    Get your machine bodybuilding in Malaga and start enjoying the training.

    comprar maquinas de musculacion en España

    Buy cheap weight training machines for arms

    They arethemachines y weight benches for the biceps training y triceps:

    - Scott Bench: It is to do the exercise of seated barbell curl o curl preacher. It is one of the most common in any gym. Allows to work the biceps.

    - Triceps press machine: A pushing movement is made in a vertical direction to strengthen the triceps triceps. It simulates the movement of the bottoms in parallel. Thischeap weight training machine can be plate or disk based.

    - Machine biceps curl seated: Simulates a biceps curl. This machine works by pulleys and plate tower.

    - Machines with scott bench:Imitates the preacher curl movement for biceps on Scott bench. There is a version with a plate tower and a bench to load discs.

    - Pulley towers: There are both individual pulley towers and pulley crossover stations. These gym machines allow you to work biceps and triceps on the pulley.

    - Weight benches / adjustable: They are designed to work on biceps and triceps with dumbbells conveniently.

    Inexpensive shoulder weight machines

    They are different machines and benches to focus the work in the deltoid. We can find the following:

    - Straight bench of military press: Allows to make the military press seated and the trasnuca press. These are free weight exercises that strengthen the front and back areas of the shoulder.

    - Power cages/free weight racks:They are for making the military press standing. This is one of the most important basic exercises.

    - Multipower or Smith machine:With it, you can make military press (front) or trasnuca. The movement of the bar is guided by rails.

    - Muscle machine for lateral elevations: Use it forwork the lateral head of the deltoid. These machines are loaded with a tower of plates.

    - Shoulder press machine: It is a plate weight training machine that simulates the movement of the military press seated. There is also a disc version.

    - Openings / posterior deltoid machine: These are chest openings machines that, in addition, allow you to work the back of the shoulders through the exercise of seated birds.

    - Bar supports:They are useful to place a weight training bar and to make military press shoulders.

    - Straight or adjustable benches: To perform shoulder presses with barbell or dumbbells.

    Muscle building apparatus for back and dorsal muscles

    We have a variety of devices y banks for the training of back. .

    - Point rowing benches: These benches are loaded with discs andare used to train the dorsal muscles through rowing exercises.

    - Buyweight training machine from pull-ups and funds:Accountwith a grip to perform pull-ups.

    - High pulley and low pulley machines: These machines allow to make milestones to work the back and seated rowing o gironde.

    - Back traction weight machine: It has two movable arms to pull as a plank. They work the bibs. There are versions of this type of machines with plate tower and also for loading with discs.

    - Rowing machine with discs: It favors a horizontal traction movement. The exercise is performed seated with the chest resting on a support. It is ideal to achieve thickness, size and strength in the chest back.

    - Inversion tables: They are useful for stretching and decompressing the spine.

    - Machine pull-ups it is ideal for people who do not yet have sufficient strength to carry out the following tasks pull-ups with its own body weight. This weight training machine buy has a tower of plates that acts as a counterweight and helps to perform pull-ups or funds.

    - Pulley crossovers and power cages: They usually incorporate a bar for making pull-ups.

    Acquire these fitness machines in Valencia. They are inexpensive and well priced.

    Buy other weight training equipment such as benches

    We have acomplete section for buy any weight bench / weight training. All types are as follows:

    - Banks of bench pressThey are designed to make the bench press with free bar (flat, incline or decline).

    - Lumbar hyperextension benches: These are for stretching and working the lower back.

    - Scott Bank: For biceps curl sitting on Scott bench.

    - Straight bench of military press: Allows you to make military press and shoulder press.

    - Basic straight bench: It is a bench with a fixed 90º angle for working shoulders, biceps with a fixed angle dumbbell, etc.

    - Adjustable bench: It will help you to perform a wide variety of exercises with barbell and dumbbells with different angles of inclination. For example, bench press, the following exercises can be performed: lunges, lunges, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abdominal crunches, pull over, rowing, etc.

    - Flat Bench: It is for exercises such as the bench press flat, openings, abdominal crunches, rowing, pull over...

    - Abdominal benches: To perform the classic abdominal exercises shrinkage o crunches for abs.

    Cross and pulley weight machines

    They are stations that allow you to perform various exercises to chest, biceps, triceps, back, etc. In this section, you can purchase the most complete bodybuilding machine.

    - Tower with pulley:To work biceps and triceps.

    - Pulley crossover station: You will be able to do cable crossovers for chest, biceps, triceps and triceps pull-ups.There are weight training equipmentof type multistation, which incorporate several positions to train on the same machine. They include high pulley pull-ups, low pulley rowing, etc.

    - Multistations:They cover a variety of exercises inthe same machine for a full body workout.

    Spare parts, grips and accessories for weight training machines price

    - We have spare parts and spare partsfor our weight training machines.

    - There are all the grips for weight machines: pull-ups, biceps, triceps, openings, straps, etc.

    Visit our online store to buy weight training machines from gym

    We have gym machinesand exercise equipment at a competitive price.

    Aboutof the sale of bodybuilding equipment

    Why buy cheap weight training equipment for gym?

    For many years, it was thought that the strength training was only for athletes and advanced exercisers. Nowadays, its popularity is steadily increasing as its benefits are more widely known. Withthe weight training machines for saleand appropriate exercises, it has been shown thattrain thestrength just twice a week changes the look and feel of the body. Benefits include increased metabolism, improved athletic performance and injury prevention.

    The first key to successful strength training is to choose the right fitness devicesand learn how to use them correctly. The weight training machines pricesvary quite a bit becauseequipment can come in many forms, ranging from free weights to multi-weightsgyms domestic. In fact, when it comes to strength training, the choices to choose from in thestore of bodybuilding apparatuseswill be endless.However, as you are probably aware, not allweightlifting equipment to buyare the same.

    If you're an experienced weightlifter, then you'll know exactly what you're looking for. Ifif you are relatively new to strength training, you may still be unsure of what type of strength training you should be doingweight training equipment and pricesare best for you. Here's a quick guide...

    Fortunately, thanks to the internet, today you can enjoy the products from fitness everywhere. The industry has grown a lot and modern machines go everywhere. You can buy online and enjoy weight training machines Valencia. You can also receive your fitness machines in Madrid.

    Weight training store with free weights

    Most experienced weightlifters prefer free weights such as the dumbbells and disks. Ifif your goal is to build significant muscle mass, free weights are the best choice over free weights bH muscle training equipment, for example. The dumbbells are safer thanbars with discsbecause they allow you to fail most exercises without having to worry about being crushed by a 100 kg weight. One disadvantage of free weights is that certain exercises are difficult to perform. There is nothing you can do with free weights that resembles the effectiveness of a free weight weight training machine to work the large muscles of the back, for example.

    Training the legs with weights is also difficult. For this reason, the leg weights are more efficient.Normally, the amount of weight that the legs can bear is high and it is not safe to train without a partner who cansee you.The lack of a training partner is the main problem with working the legs with free weights.

    As for theprice, the free weights are more cheaper than the machines fitness bodybuilding. That said, once you've purchased enough discs foroverloadif you add up your largest muscle groups and add the cost of a bench press, there may not be much difference in price in the end.

    Stores machines machines bodybuilding Barcelona

    With themachines of the gym, if you use a multi-station machine, you can significantly increase your lean muscle mass, strength and tone. You can also use a multi-station or single station machine. Strength machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a workout partner, sinceyou can push yourself to the limit up to reaching failure in each exercise.

    Its biggest advantage, however,is the comfort and ease of use - just pull the pin to change the weight. No need to carryheavy disksbetween exercises. And in terms of the space required,both a gym machine and the free-weight material occupy almost the same place.

    The only disadvantage is that you will be restrictedto the plane of motion of the device. Think of lifting apair of dumbbells, that fit your physique and your movement pattern. A machine moves in a fixed plane (or planes) of motion, so you have to adapt to it. Secondly, you are limitedon the weight you can lift. If you have been lifting weights for several years and have exceptional strength, stick to free weights.

    The power machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a training partner. Alsoallows you to reach failure in every exercise. Its biggest advantage, however, is thatto do with comfort and ease of use.

    All you have to do is remove theselector to change the weight. No heavy weights to carry between exercises.In terms of space, both the weight training equipment as the free weight occupy the same space.

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    Online Store with catalog of cardio machines for gym y fitness.

    Sale of machines gym for exercise cardiovascular, both professionals like domestic.

    Equipment and machines for gym to make cardio.

    Here you can buy elliptical bikes, rowing machines, step machines, ski simulators, exercise bikes, treadmills, etc.


    Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories quickly. If you are looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness or lose weight, then a cardio machine is the perfect choice. In our exercise machines category, you will find a variety of options to choose from depending on your fitness goals fitness.

    When it comes to burning calories quickly, running in atreadmill is an obvious choice. If you have bad knees or prefer to run outdoors and you want something different at home, then you can opt for a cardiovascular exercise machine that has a gentler impact on your legs, such as a cross trainer or a stationary bicycle. For a full body workout, you can't go wrong with a rowing machine. Measure the space you have in your home and choose the right ones home cardio machinesaccording to your needs.

    Buy cardio machines at home

    These are the classic home or inexpensive cardio machines. They can be a small exercise bike or a folding style treadmill. The main function of a home cardio machine is to provide performance commensurate with moderate use and not take up too much space.

    You can place the home cardio machines in your bedroom, in the living room, in the garage or in a room you set up for exercise. If you are setting up your own gym at home, remember that it is not only important to gain strength with weights; you will also want to strengthen the heartwith a suitable cardio equipment.

    By the way, thehome cardio equipment do not necessarily have to be of lower quality. The main brands offer high-end domestic machines. Sometimes, these are semi-professional machines that offer the same guarantees as those you would find in a gym what to buy for your home? We recommend thesmall cardio machines, which in addition to being well priced, are the best for space issues. We are referring to exercise bikes and folding treadmills, for example. Atreadmill page is also very fashionable lately, and you can keep it under the bed.

    Cardio machines gym or professional

    The professional cardio machines are those that are prepared for intensive and continuous use. Especially if your gym is large and has a greater influx of people, we do not recommend you to take a gamble by installing semi-professional ones. Opt for a goodtreadmill professional that will last 10 to 15 years. Or a heavy-duty elliptical and professional spinning bikes that can withstand hours and hours of class without breaking down. This is the best investment. Please note that the professional cardio equipment for gym must have the following characteristics:

    • Its structure must be robust.
    • They have to support enough weight (for the heaviest people). 150 to 200 kg is ideal.
    • The manufacturer or storehas to be reliable. It must always provide you with the parts and spare parts, so that you can have your gym up to date in case any problems occur. In addition, it should offer you a good warranty. Some manufacturers even give a 5-year warranty for your treadmill professional. Some examples of the best cardio machine manufacturers in the world gym are BH Fitness, Tunturi, Life Fitness, Body Tone, Body Solid and thedecathlon cardio machines.

    Other features, such as foldability or small size are not as important when it comes to professional cardio machines to buy. The truth is that we will not have to move these devices too much and we will not have to put them away when the clients finish training. As we have said, what we need to look at is the quality, durability, robustness and warranties.

    Semi-professional cardio equipment

    The cardio equipment for semi-professional use are halfway between the two previous ones (domestic and professional). They are cheapest cardio machines than the professional ones, but they offer better performance than those of home cardio. These types are suitable for installation in a gym small, neighborhood, police or fire department, for village sports centers, medium-sized hotels, etc.

    Are you going to do home cardio? In that case, you can also opt for a semi-professional treadmill or exercise bike. It is sure to last you longer than the typical domestic one. In addition, you can expect a much more comfortable and ergonomic device. Some of the semi-professional treadmills have nothing to envy to thecardio equipment in the gym. Take a look at our offers.

    Second hand cardio machines

    Prefer used cardio equipment? You have to be extremely careful when buying. Keep in mind that, for this type of machines, it is not so advisable to buy second hand. They are devices with electronic circuits and many elements of wear and tear. Whether it is worth it or not will depend on the time of use, which you will not be able to know for sure. It is better to verify that they are from a reliable store that guarantees their real time of use and offers the 6 months warranty for second hand products. For buy cardio machinessecond-hand, you can look in our second hand section.

    Buy thebest cardio equipment andcardio weight loss machines at Depor Trainer

    With sleek designs and complete reliability, our range of cardiovascular machines offers a high level of performance for both domestic and commercial use. From the treadmills to rowing machines, we have a range of exercise equipment from the most important brands in the world of fitness fitness, that provide aeasy way to get in shape and lose weight.

    Cardio machines for weight loss at the best price

    For many people, the idea of buy machinesof cardiofills them with dread. However, they can provide one of the most effective exercises for your overall health, weight loss and stress relief. Just 20 minutes in the treadmill can improve your mood, the use of a rowing machine, or the use of a rowing machine, will give you all the benefits of a cardio machine while also strengthening your body the main muscle groups. Whether you like or dislike cardio, it is a key element to any workout routine. You need to perform a routine that increases your heart rate and blood circulation.

    Whether you're looking for commercial exercise equipment or for use at home, our professional range of cardio machines offers you an easy way to get fit and reach your goals. All of our machines are built to last, which means that when you buy cardio machines from us, you can be sure you're getting the most value for your money. If you're looking for a full-body, low-impact workout, check out our range of crosstrainers. If you're training for an event or trying to lose weight, try one of our treadmills. You could try to improve lower body injuries with an exercise bike, or you might want to increase lower body strength with a stepper cardio. Whatever your requirements, we are sure we have something to suit you.


    Go tofor almost any gym and you're likely to see a steady parade of guys walking through the main entrance and heading straight for the weight room. Thesection of the cardio equipment, with its rows of running belts and cardio stair climber, (Note: It tends to have a much less unpleasant odor, too).

    Yesyouare among those who still think in terms of the cardio machines as pre-lifting warm-up tools-or, worse, as instruments of self-inflicted punishment to be avoided at all costs-you may be inadvertently limiting the gains you're aiming for. Studies indicate that doing 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise moderate to severe during four days a week can lead to a five to six percent increase in leg muscle size. It also strengthens your heart, increases endurance, keeps your mind sharp, and helps you live longer. And while there are many gadgets that promise benefits like these, not all deliver. To help you in your decision making process, we've broken down the cardiovascular options most popularin the gym and what you need to know about each of them before pressing "START".

    The treadmill cardiovascular

    cinta de correr maquina de cardio

    For whom?:For the personwho has a plan.

    Why use this cardio machine?: Because if you don't have a plan, the treadmill will earn that "terror tape" nickname quickly. Use it for a direct long-term career works to burn calories, but it can also be (to borrow a term from exercise physiology) boring as hell. If the thought of sweating for an hour stresses you out, tackle the treadmill with an interval mentality; so suggests Rich Velázquez,trainer and director of operations for the Mile High Run Club, agym from treadmills in New York City. "You can easily control andup the speeds within the measured distances," he says. "And if you're pushing too hard and need to slow down, you can do it without getting lost in the middle of nowhere."

    The best adviceAvoid running too close to the console, because if you stay a foot away, you will have a wide range of motion in both arm swing and knee drive. Try not to lift your chin up, because that willcould strain your neck. And while TV can be entertaining, the last thing you want to do is let your form go to shit while you're immersed in an old episode of Law and order. Velazquez suggests saving your Netflix binge for after your workout.

    Spinning bike, inexpensive cardio machines

    bicicleta de spinning aparato de cardio

    For whom?:For the guy who's not so concerned about burning calories.

    Why buy this cardio equipment?: The spinning bikes tend to strengthen the quadriceps, thehamstrings, glutes and hip flexors (in that order), with some help from the calves. "The greatest use of thehamstrings here gives them more work than they would get from a run, and a good balance of strength between the quads and the hamstringshamstrings is key to preventing injury," says Jonathan Amato, DPT, of Bethpage Physical Therapy. The only issue? If you're not crushing the intervals or tackling a max-effort spin class, energy demand is not so high as for running. This means that -comparably- you will burn fewer calories during the course of your training with thiscardiovascular equipment.

    The best advice: Avoid slouching over thehandlebarwhen you get on your bike, Amato suggests. "If you're someone with a lower back problem, the extended forward-bending position may not be very comfortable." Instead, make sure thehandlebaris higher than the saddle, and that you are pushing and pulling on the pedals throughout your ride, keeping your muscles engaged at all times.

    Elliptical trainer, the best cardio at home for rehabilitation

    maquina de cardio elíptica

    For whom?The one who is wounded!

    Why buy a cardio elliptical?The elliptical mimics the mechanics of running, but is designed to be easier on the hips and knees. It offers a... decent workout. "Like cycling, the elliptical requires less energy than running, so you burn fewer calories for a workout of the same duration," Amato says.

    The best advice: To make this worthwhile, you have to be willing to increase both resistance and ramp angle; going for 45 minutes with both factors set to 1 isn't going to do much of anything. It may look like you're working hard, but your output is close to zero. With running, even on your down days, the effort required is much, much greater. Just as with the treadmill, if you're looking for a cardiovascular machine, it's good to approach this machine with an interval mentality. Good news: "Most of the machines offer preset programs to work different muscles based on the incline of the ramp," says Amato.

    Ladder cardio machine

    maquina cardio step profesional

    For whom?:For those who love to work their legs.

    Why buy a stepper cardio machine?A recent study found that climbing 33 flights of stairs a day can dramatically increase your endurance and give you a 17% increase in VO2 max, the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in during exercise. In other words: The stairs are good for you. "The ladder forces you to engage all the major lower-body muscle groups: glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves," says Dyan Tsiumis, CPT, founder of Get Fierce Training in New York City. "Plus, you have to use significant stabilization of thecorefor as long as you are on the machine".

    The best advice: "Make sure you don't use the handrails to support your body weight," says Tsiumis. "You should use them for balance and stability, not for cheating." perhaps it's thebest slimming machine at home?

    TheSkillmill or the non-motorized treadmill

    skillmill o aprato de cardio sin motor

    For whom?You can buy this cardio machine if you like to try new things.

    Why use these cardio exercise machines?: This thing is a treadmill self-propelled (without engine), which is becoming a staple of the gyms box type. Made with a curved shape, theathletes use their own body weight to propel the belt, with no need to adjust the speed. "It allows us to accelerate and decelerate instantly without being at the mercy of lagging buttons on the treadmill" says Grant Weeditz, CSCS, an Anatomy trainer in Miami. "Plus, you're powering this machine primarily with the glutes, which means you're training to use the most powerful muscle in the body much more effectively."

    The best advice: If you don't move, the belt strap won't move for you, so be willing to work. Also,you need to knowthat despite not having a mechanical speed adjustment, the machine offers the ability to customize the resistance one receives from the belt. Weeditz advises ending workouts by raising the difficulty level and giving it a burst of maximum effort. "Good luck hitting 15 MPH," he says.

    The recumbent bike or recumbent bike, morecardio equipment for gym...

    aparato de cardio bicicleta estática recumbente

    For whom?: Uh, no one?

    Why use these cardio equipment for gymnasium?:They're better than nothing. (If you're on the injured list, thisis similar to elliptical machines) But no one is going togive it your all in a cardio session on a seated, recumbent spin bike. If you have the option to get up and try something else, do it.

    Advice for useIf you really need a machine that lets you watch soccer with minimal discomfort, then this is the one for you. "These bikes are a good option if you play with tension and pace to challenge your body and let your legs work together: one pushes while the other pulls," says Marc Santa Maria of Crunch Fitness. He suggests using an interval structure of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off with your favorite music.

    However, once again: it is best to get out of bed a little earlier, use the treadmill without TV and then enjoy Sunday afternoon games from the comfort of your couch. You'll be glad you did.

    And... there arecardio machines crossfit to buy?

    Good. We know that the crossfit is an activity where training with free weights of the barbell type is a priority, kettlebells, , medicine balls..., butthere are cardio machines and crossfit at a good price in the market? Yes, but in keeping with the philosophy of this discipline, they are non-motorized cardio machines. If what you really want to do is to equip your box of crossfit o gym for crossfit, below you have thethe most common cheap cardio machines in this type of establishments.

    Air bike or air bicycle crossfit

    maquina de ejercicio cardiovascular para crossfit air bike

    It is aboutprofessional cardio machinesthat do not have a motor. These exercise bikes incorporate a large fan and are powered by air resistance. The air bikes provide decent resistance. These static cardio machines are increasingly in demand.

    An air resistance bicycle, as it is also known, is a bicycle that is designed tostatic with handlebars where force is also applied. The resistance is applied by an air turbine; this causes that, the higher the speed, the higher the resistance offered by the machine. For this reason, it is often said that aAirbikedo you dare to buy it and try it?

    Treadmill without motor or for crossfit

    la cinta de correr sin motor maquinas de cardio

    Here we are facing the other jewel of the cardiovascular fitness equipment for crossfit.The best thing about this product is that it has no mechanical problems because it has no motor or circuit. This is thanks to its inertia disks. Foldable, the treadmill is very suitable for use at home or in professional aerobic exercise rooms.

    In the boxes of crossfit is very common to find them. The treadmill belt moves as the athlete walks or jogs. The faster the athlete goes, the greater the speed achieved by the belt. It is undoubtedly one of thebest cardio equipment, the motor-free belts are designed for total absence of mechanical failures (if there is no motor, it cannot break down). Also, belts without motor arecheap cardio machines, they are very cost-effective in the long run. And they are perfect to place them in the house.

    Best home cardio machine

    Now that you know thetypes of cardio machines, you may be wondering what are thecheap cardio equipment what you should buy to train your heart at home. We believe that if you don't have much of a budget, a basic exercise bike will be the best option for you. It will do you plenty of good to burn some calories and complement a little bit your bodybuilding workout. It can also be ideal for warming up and getting ready. You also have some very cheap folding exercise bikes on the market. They are not the highest quality, but they will do the job for pedaling a little and take up very little space.

    If you are willing to spend a little more, you can purchase a treadmill domestic. Here the price and quality ranges vary quite a bit. The cheapest and most basic you can find would be in the 200 € range; for less than that, don't expect a cardio machine that will last long. Then, you have more robust ones for around 400 € and, the semi-professional ones, for 800 €. If you plan to give it a lot of use, one of the latter may be the great investment of your life. An online store specializing in all thetypes of cardio machines can help you choose, as there are as many features as there are models of cardio machines running machines. Let's see: you have them available with music, TV, high quality speakers, USB ports, preset programs, adjustable inclination, different speeds, different capacities to support the user's weight... Contact and we will tell you which model suits you best.

    Sale of othercardiovascular fitness equipment


    maquina de remo para cardio

    The oars are cardiovascular exercise devices that can be magnetic, air or water powered. You just have to sit on the machine and pull the rower while moving your hips. These machines provide an original, different and complete workout. You not only work your cardio heart, but also your limbs and almost the whole body. If you want a good cardio workout, buy a rowing machine. Rowers can be professional or for exercising at home. Check out all the models in our catalog in the "Rowers" section. The following image can help you to know what they are.

    We invite you to shop at Depor Trainer or take a look at some of the third-party offerings we have in our online store. are you looking for thebest home cardio machine? You are sure to find it here. Here we have offers from thebest cardio equipment, bothprofessional cardio machines like domestic. We have it all in cheap cardio equipment for sale and at the best prices.

    Visit this section now and acquire cardio machines for all audiences!



    Equip your gym or sports center with changing rooms, metal lockers, benches, etc. Top quality material for your facilities. Secure lockers with key, padlock or coin.





    The multi-stations or multi-function machines from gym are excellent machines that allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises.

    You can buy a multistation to equip your professionalgym or also to have your own gym at home. It's worth the price for the wide variety of exercises you can do. You will have your own gym for many years to come.

    Why buy a multi-station from gym

    The multi-station is the latest in space-saving fitness technology. It is a machine that includes several exercises in the same machine. Multistations are very popular among people who want to train at home, although there is also a professional multistation for gyms. There are several types: cheap, high-end, with a built-in plate tower, for discs...

    The best thing about buying a multi station gym is that you will save space. Instead of having a machine from gym for each exercise taking up space, you will only need one station to do it all. It is a product recommended for those who want to stay in shape at any age, or for those who already have their own gym set up and want to complement it with a machine that allows them to work the whole body. And that is another of the main advantages: a multi-station gym, normally, will allow you to train all the main muscles of your body. With these machines you will be able to work pectoral, arms, abdomen, legs, back and shoulders.

    • The multi station machine is a great investment. Pay once and get a gym for life.
    • You save money. No more periodic payments to gym. When you buy a cheap gym multistation machine online, you can train for free forever at home.
    • Socialize with your friends. You can meet several people to use the multi station together and make your workout more fun.
    • all in one! One machine for all the exercises you want to do. Work chest, arms, back, legs...
    • Save space. Find a place in your garage or room to put the machine, and the whole gym will always be there. If you buy a good all-around weight training multi-station, you won't have to invest more money in other machines.
    • Use it to get in shape or give your workout the intensity you need. There are some very basic machines and other professional multi-stations, which are for workouts as intense as the ones you would do in a commercial gym.

    The best thing about a multistation is the variety and the price

    This advantage deserves a separate mention. In the market you have as many multistations to buy as there are user preferences. This means that you can customize your purchase according to the requirements you want for your multi-station. Since there are so many options, you are sure to find yours.

    For example, some people may want a station with a quad and bar attachment for pull-ups; while another user may be looking for a station that allows them to load discs for chest presses and back pull-ups. You decide which exercises are most important to you and look for a multi-station that meets your needs in this catalog. In Depor Trainer you will have an extensive online catalog where you can compare the best multistations fitness online. Here you will see the most recognized brands, such as Adidas y Body Solid. Choose your requirements, compare accessories and prices, and buy yours. We offer the best sellers, manufacturers and brands.

    There are several types of multistation bodybuilding - online guide

    There are customers who prefer a fixed plate tower, for convenience, and others who want the multi-station to allow the loading of weight discs (which can be standard or Olympic). You should also know that there are weight training stations on the market that combine both loading systems: by plate tower and discs. Let's see what each one looks like.

    Plate Tower Multistations

    Multiestación de gym con torre de placas

    The plate tower is very common in the home multistation. The machine comes standard with a weight tower (for example, 50 kg, 100 kg, 120 kg ...) and, using a selector, you choose the weight to use in the series. Normally, the weight jumps go from 5 to 5 kg (each plate weighs 5 kg). Like everything, this type of multistation gym has some advantages and disadvantages.

    • Advantages: Greater convenience. It is obvious that changing the weight selector on the tower is effortless. You can easily change the weight of the set. That makes this weight training multistation the most comfortable and all-around version.
    • Disadvantages: What happens is that the plate-loaded gym multi-station is somewhat limited. The maximum weight you can use for the exercises is the weight of the plate tower, which in some models is not much. And with some brands, getting extra plates can be difficult. If you're an experienced athlete looking for high intensity, you'll need to make sure your multi-station machine has enough weight for you; or that you can purchase more plates from the manufacturer if you need to add more pounds in the future.

    Disc Multistation Machines

    máquina multiestación para ponerle discos de pesas

    These multistation machines are those that do not come with a tower of plates as standard. Instead, they come with supports for you to place your weight discs on. The discs you put on them will be the weight you will use in the different exercises such as the chest press or the dorsal pull-ups. Take a good look at the disc diameters that support the multi-station machines you are interested in. This is so that there are no surprises, since some stations are only suitable for 28 mm discs, others for 30 mm discs, and certain models for 50 mm Olympic discs. Some weight stations, such as those from Body Solid, can be purchased with adapters for different disc diameters, so you can use 30 mm or 50 mm discs on the same machine.

    • Advantages: It depends on the endurance of the model to buy, but generally they give more play when it comes to putting weight. You can load much more weight, because you can add more discs if you need more load in the exercise. For example, buying an Adidas multi station for discs may be the best option for advanced bodybuilding athletes. The ability to load heavier weights gives more intensity and resistance to the workout.
    • Cons: Keep in mind that, especially at home, some users may find it cumbersome to have to load and unload the machine between sets (or every time they go to train or finish). People who are just looking to maintain fitness or who are not going to do very intense workouts may not find the disc option as interesting.

    Multistation weight machines for discs and with plate tower

    máquina musculación multiestación para discos y torre de placas

    Finally, we also have this version, which is the multi-station weight machines that incorporate a tower of plates and also allow the loading of discs. Of course, this is the most complete type of multi-station fitness and to which we can place more weight. You can comfortably select the weight you want from the tower of plates, and if you need even more, you only have to place the extra weight in weight discs.

    • Advantages: The best and most versatile; both tower and weight discs to choose from. It is the one that allows to load a greater amount of weight. Perfect for all types of athletes and workouts. You can take your intensity a step further.
    • Disadvantages: They are probably a bit more expensive than the previous ones. Although you can certainly buy cheap weight training multi-stations at a good price. If you are going to use it, it is worth the investment (and a lot).

    Professional Multistation or Gym Multistation

    The professional multistation is the one you should buy to equip commercial gyms. These machines usually have a sturdy structure, between 3 and 4 mm thick tubing, and are obviously designed for intensive use. There are several types of professional multistations, and some models even allow training up to 8 people at the same time at the same station. Check the indications of the multistation gym you are looking for, and see what exercises it offers.

    Ejemplo de multiestación de gym profesional

    These multi-stations are usually large and heavy (complete stations can weigh up to 500 kg), so before you buy, make sure the space you have available on your gym, if the sale includes any assembly service... Here is a list of exercises that are usually included in a professional multistationgym .

    • 2 towers for pulley crossover, with which you can work chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps... openings. It should include a high pulley and low pulley.
    • Barbell from pull-ups. Some multistation from pull-ups also includes this bar.
    • Towers with high pulley and low pulley for biceps curl and triceps extension with cable.
    • High pulley towers with seats for working dorsal pull-ups, both open and closed grip.
    • Low pulley rowing bench or Gironda + corresponding plate tower.

    Semi-professional gym equipment for gym

    Normally, the multistation machine from gym professional is a plate tower and for the exercises mentioned above. However, there are also others that we can consider multistations and that are cages for free weights. A free weight cage, in addition to offering the possibility of doing squats, deadlift and bench press, can also incorporate an accessory that allows you to work with pull-ups or openings, for example. This accessory can be a tower of plates with a pulley that attaches to the end of the cage, or a device that allows the loading of discs. Some cages can even be fitted with an accessory for to work the legs. And, surprisingly, there are also models that have a free weight rack and a multipower, like this one from Body Solid.

    In these cases we speak of a multi-station rack. They can be semi-professional multistations, because they offer good quality and are as valid to train in a commercial gym with some affluence as to train at home. If you want to buy one of the most complete for home, you can get a multi-station rack that includes a free weight rack, plate tower and multipower. You will have it all!

    Home multi-station machine or home gym

    Imagen de multietsación doméstica Home Gym de Body Solid

    An example is the Adidas Home Gym multi-station, which allows you to do all the exercises at home. Also from this brand you have some version of multi-station cage, with interesting accessories. Remember that if your apparatus is domestic, you should not put it for public use in a commercial gym. The domestic multistations are only for training at home, with friends or in the family environment. They offer a good endurance for a couple of people to use them daily and keep fit, but in no way allow the continuous and intensive use of a professional one.

    Look at all the ones we advertise. We have several cheap home multistations for sale and at a good price in this catalog. In addition, we promote the best multistations on Amazon, so you can compare the best multistation products on the market. A real Home Gym machine will allow you to work:

    • Pectoral: Through vertical press exercise or openings.
    • Biceps: Curl with a low pulley. There is even a multi-station with Scott bench, so you can do the preacher curl at home.
    • Triceps: With extensions on the high pulley or vertical press with neutral grip.
    • Back: High pulley with open or closed grip and low pulley for Gironda rowing.
    • Quadriceps: With femoral extension attachment. Some machines have this accessory on the front of the bench, and you can load any weight discs you want.
    • Femoral: If the bench includes an accessory for femoral curl.

    As you can see, just because a multi-station is a home machine doesn't mean that you can't do a complete and effective workout for the whole body, some of them allow you to work the whole body! Domestic power cages with accessories are also available.

    The multi-station bench and opinion

    Sometimes what the user is interested in is this special apparatus: a multi-station bench. There are many of them and they can be very practical. But the quality in these cases will depend largely on the manufacturer. Therefore, we recommend that you read the opinions of other customers who have purchased multistation benches to make sure of the quality of the material. The benches can be adjustable and include a rack to place barbell and discs, to do bench presses. Some also include the Scott bench for biceps - take a look at our catalog and be amazed!

    what about buying used or second-hand multistations?

    If saving money is your thing, you might want to buy a used multistation. It is probably cheap and has a good price, but do not expect the quality of a new one in all cases. It will always depend on the use or the good (or bad) treatment given by its previous owner. There are Milanuncios, Wallapop and several online marketplaces where you could get one of these.

    Our advice is to look at new multistations first. And only if you really can't find anything appealing at a good price, move on to consider used multistations. We may have some left for sale, so we recommend you to visit our section fitness second hand.

    multistation machines gym exercises that can be performed?

    With the gym multistations you can do the following:

    1. Pull-ups: to strengthen your arms and back.
    2. Chest press: Add muscle mass to the chest and triceps.
    3. Cable lunges or crossovers: Great isolation exercise to bring blood and tone the pectoral.
    4. Triceps extension: Basic and effective movement to thicken and gain strength in the triceps. Prevents flaccidity.
    5. Biceps curl: Get the famous ball of the arm with this movement in pulley.
    6. Quadriceps extension: Strengthen your thighs and gain strength for walking or running.
    7. Femoral curl: Don't forget to work the back of the leg if you want a nice, balanced body.
    8. Open grip pulley pull-up: Gain amplitude in the lats, get the "V" shape and better aesthetics.
    9. Narrow or closed grip pulley pull: The thickness you need for your back. Builds muscle over muscle.
    10. Seated low pulley row or Gironda: Another effective exercise for back girth. Used by the big guys, like Arnold.
    11. Bench Press: If the station comes with free weight racks and flat bench, this is the best exercise you can do for chest.
    12. Incline bench press: Same as above, but with an incline bench. Only if the bench is incline or adjustable.
    13. Shoulder raises: Front, back or lateral raises. Perform them with the pulley cable on the multistation.

    buy a multistation from gym for crossfit?

    Multiestación de crossfit

    There are also professional multistations for sale from gym for crossfit, or for crossfit box. If your business is of this activity or you want to add to your gym a functional training section, this is what you need.

    Here are some accessories that can be included with a crossfit multistation for commercial use:

    1. Press rack and squats for free weights.
    2. Bars for pull-ups.
    3. Adjustable pulleys.
    4. Moneky bar.
    5. Medicine ball launching targets.
    6. Accessory of parallel bars for bottoms.
    7. Combat rope.
    8. Elastic bands.
    9. Weight training benches.
    10. Agility ladder.
    11. Punching bag.
    12. Rings.
    13. Supports and grips for paddles.
    14. Trays to store material(medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, Olympic bars...).

    Buying the multistation from crossfit is great because of how complete it is. Check out options and set up a total functional training section. You can also purchase a crossfit box in a cube or gym in an industrial container.

    where to buy a multistation of gym online in Spain?

    In Depor Trainer you have our personal catalog, a recommendation that can serve as a comparison with the best prices and features on the market. We choose the stations with the best customer reviews to appear in our online showcase. If you want to buy multistation machines or a weight training multistation, take a look here!

    Get your multistation from gym online with shipping to A Coruña, Álava, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Ávila, Badajoz, Baleares, Barcelona, Burgos, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cantabria, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Cuenca, Girona, also buy multistation in Granada, Guadalajara, Gipuzkoa, Huelva, Huesca, Jaén, La Rioja, Las Palmas, León, Lérida, Lugo, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia. Navarra, Ourense, Palencia, Pontevedra, Salamanca, Segovia, also multistation weight training with pricein Seville, Soria, Tarragona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Teruel, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid, Vizcaya, Zamora, Zaragoza, Ceuta and Melilla. They are the best in multistation gym machines.

    how to choose a multistation?

    You have already seen the varieties that exist. The next step for how to choose a multistation is to think about what you want it for: do you have to equip a commercial gym with the best professional equipment? Do you just want to do some exercises at home? Is it important for you to have the possibility to do free weight exercises? All of these, in addition to price, are factors to consider before taking the step of buying the equipment. Keep in mind that this will be an investment for a very long time, so you will want to choose a quality product. Therefore, we invite you to take a close look at all the multi station machines gymthat we have here. Remember all the options you can find: home gym multistation, if you want to train in your own home; weights multistation, which can be in a plate tower or for single discs; the multistation cage, if you are interested in working with free weights; professional weight training multistation, if you are going to equip your sports center. This is the ideal place in Spain for your first multistation fitness!





    Super catalog with the best weight training machines per lever for gym. The gym equipment lever are one of the best ways to train your musculature in any environment gym or center of fitness.

    With this type of machines you can attach the weight discs at the ends and thus be able to train with the desired weight. They are an intermediate option between free weights and the classic pulley weight machines.

    You can equip your gym or sports center with our PLATINUM RANGE. Excellent prices, quality assured.

    The best lever machines for gym for sale

    If you have ever entered a gym, you will have seen a wide variety of machines. Depending on how they work, the machines are different. Typically, you will see thelever machines for gym and plate machines. Each type has its pros and cons. We market all of them, but in this section you have specifically the lever ones.

    Essential differences between lever and plate machines

    Lever machines for gym

    • To train, the user has to pull or push of a lever.
    • They don't have a pulley with a cable and a coupled handle.
    • The load is placed with discs. This is fundamental, it is the key characteristic of the gym lever machines.
    • They do not have a tower of plates (as we have explained, they are fitted with disks).

    Plate machines

    • They work with a pulley, a cable and an interchangeable handle (examples are the dorsal pulldown machine or the triceps extension pulley. Different handles can be interchanged to vary the grip).
    • They have a tower of plates weighing about 100 kg (in stacked plates of about 5 kg each).The load is selected in the tower by means of a selector.

    As a curiosity, almost all training machines can have a lever version and a plate version. The choice of one or the other depends entirely on the buyer. Although, as we will explain, each type has advantages and disadvantages.

    Should I buy lever devices for my gym?

    AdvantagesThe main benefit of the lever machines for gym is that there is no limit to the amount of cargo we can place. That is, we can add as many disks as we want. And the truth is that the lever machines for gym professionals they support a good amount of load. If we want to put more weight, just buy more discs. They are the perfect apparatus for advanced athletes who require more weight in their workouts.

    A lever weight machine is more similar to a free weight. The force we exert when using it is more real, as there is no pulley system to help pull or push the load. For this reason, we believe that plate machines are a perfect complement to improve the basic exercises on the gym.

    They have more advantages. For example, if we purchased several lever machines for gym, in other words, we will only have to make a single investment in discs. That is, a pack of discs of different weights will serve us for all our machines. Normally, these machines come with articulated arms that allow us to train each limb independently. This prevents muscle imbalances. For these reasons, buying plate-loaded machines for gyms online is a great option for you.

    InconveniencesAs it is not all advantages, we can say that it takes more time in upload and download the plate machines. You have to go for each disk and place it. On plate machines, the load is selected immediately from the tower (you can shift weight more quickly).

    Another disadvantage is that, in the lever devices, the range of movement is predefined by the lever. The device will be more or less comfortable depending on the morphology of the person. Some people may experience discomfort when using these machines. Pulleys offer greater freedom of movement than levers.

    They are also called gym machines to discs

    You may have searched for sale of lever machines for gym,but these devices are also called gym machines with discs. why? Simply because they work with discs. These are absolutely necessary to perform a workout. Without discs for gym machines, the plate devices cannot be charged.

    Here we have an extensive catalog of machines gym to disks. You can buy them and benefit from all the advantages we have explained. Be careful!Look carefully at the model you are going to buy. You may have discs for grinding machine gym at home or in your commercial gym, butHave you noticed ifare olympic disksor standard? This is very important, as there are models for both types of disks. If you buy the machine with lever for gym wrong, the disks you already have will not work.

    Buy lever machines for gym professionals

    They are machines of gym for Olympic discs.The diameter of its support will be 50 mm, especially for the Olympic disc. They are stronger and more resistant machines. They allow to place a great amount of weight. Buy them for your gym open to the public and benefit from its long duration.

    Sale of lever machines for gyms domestic

    The diameter of the disc holder will be smaller. These machines are specially designed for standard discs (from 28 mm, 30 mm, etc.). Their structure is not so robust. They are rather intended to equip a home gym, for the training of a few people. Some brands, such as Body Solid,have a good catalog of semi-professional lever machines that can be fitted with 30 mm or 50 mm adapters. In this case, we can use the gym lever machine both with Olympic discs and standard 30 mm discs. Consult the indications of each model.

    What about lever machines for gyms price in Spain?

    The truth is that it is worth it buy lever machines because its price is lower than that of classical plate machines. The lever machines for gyms are cheaper and this must be taken into account. Our opinion is that the machines gym of disks are the best choice for a budget adjusted.

    Please note that the leverage equipment for gymnasium do not have a built-in tower of plates (which usually weighs 100 kg). This lowers costs and shipping costs considerably. So they are a more economical option.


    Some models of machines for weights of gymoffer both options:

    • They can be fitted with a tower of plates.
    • They have supports to place the discs or weights.

    Body Solid hasdevices of this type. See the options.

    Lever machines DeporTrainer examples for gyms

    Here you have lever machines examples. These are just some of them

    Back or dorsal lever machine

    maquina palanca para gimnasio ejemplo de dorsales

    It has two independent arms for pulling. It would be the equivalent of the classic seated pull-up on pulleys. It allows you to work the dorsal and arms.

    Shoulder or deltoid lever machine

    maquina de palanca ejemplo hombros

    Simulates the shoulder press movement. Excellent for gaining strength.

    Lever machinefor chest press

    maquinas de palancas gimnasio press de pecho

    Here is an example of the inclined bench press. A lever machine for gym which allows you to work the pectoral and triceps.

    Seated rowing lever machine

    maquina de palanca profesional de remo sentado

    Rowing will always be an effective back exercise. Here is the T-bar rowing machine for discs.

    Leg press

    prensa de piernas hammer para discos

    Example of the leg press for weight discs.

    At Depor Trainer we are experts in the sale of lever machines for gym. See the catalog below and purchase the models you need. We have many weight machines and disc fitness machines. These machines are also called hammer type. They are beautiful, resistant and of high quality. Remember to ask us your questions for advice.



    The machines of gym hydraulic are isokinetic effort: with agonist movement (positive) and antagonist (negative), being able to perform two exercises in a row. Example: biceps-triceps, press-remo, etc.

    Hydraulic weight machines are recommended for rehabilitation or people who do not require intense workouts, such as the elderly, children...

    These machines work by means of hydraulic cylinders with oil.





    We firmly believe that sport should be accessible to everyone. That is why we have a range of gym machines for the disabled. These fitness machines are for people with reduced mobility.

    They work like any conventional gym machine, but have been specially adapted for wheelchair users. They include visible text with instructions for using each machine. Aesthetic, comfortable, ergonomic. They have a bottle and towel holder.




    suelos y tatamis puzzle para gimnasios

    To buy your gymfloor. Here you can find from the typical rubber flooring for gym to puzzle mats for martial arts such as judo or karate.

    Choose the floor that best suits the activities of your sports center.





    Our used equipment fitness . The cheapest gym machines both new and second hand. Plate machines, weight benches, pulleys, exercise bikes...



    Stimulate the musculature by buying one of our vibratory platforms. The vibrations produced by these new devices contract muscle fibers and have very positive effects on bone density.

    We have several types of machines or vibratory platforms that you can purchase on our website: professional vibratory platform, domestic, oscillating, etc.



    Them Musculation exercises with machines for free use and for all the public had never been so accessible. Here you can find all the appliances necessary to build biohealthy parks.

    With these gym equipment you can equip parks and also gardens. These devices may interest you if you are a town hall, a hotel, a swimming pool, a sports center... Free exercise for all audiences: children, adults, seniors...

    Musculation and cardio machines. You can also equip your own garden garden particular and assemble your training circuit outdoors.



    Sanitation standards are higher than ever. Disinfection procedures will affect our daily lives. Societies in almost every country are returning to normal life step by step. The company can restart its business activities, children can return to school, and retailers and restaurants will gradually return, but certainly, to everyday life with COVID-19. He developed unique and highly professional product innovations to ensure a return to the "new, safe and normal state". In a short time, we managed to establish a disinfection channel to disinfect people and objects as a whole.

    Disinfection from head to toe through the tunnel for companies

    Safe disinfection of people and objects.

    The disinfection tunnel is a kind of outdoor dew shower for disinfection from head to toe. Here's what this means exactly.

    The disinfection tunnel is a special construction consisting of an aluminum structure with roof and side walls, which is equipped with a system of nozzles. The line of stainless steel nozzles is connected to an external pumping station, which directs the disinfectant towards the individual nozzles. These ensure the dispersion of the disinfectant into many tiny particles, which form a very fine mist that settles on all surfaces such as clothes, shoes or other objects in the tunnel. 

    Thanks to the very low sedimentation rate (= sinking or settling rate) of the fog, the many tiny droplets also reach very hidden niches.
    Therefore, people in the disinfection tunnel are completely disinfected from head to toe. This reliably removes any bacteria, viruses, or fungi that stick to clothing, shoes, bags, or other objects.

    As with all DeporTrainer products, the tunnel is installed quickly and without tools.

    In which companies and public establishments are used decontamination tunnels or disinfection generators

    Areas of application and personalization in Spain

    The disinfection tunnel is a preventive mechanism against the re-spread of the Coronavirus.

    It is suitable anywhere where large crowds of people gather or where there is frequent party traffic. However, the tunnel is used equally in the private and public sectors, where goods or employees are disinfected in the tunnel.

    Like all Mastertent products, the disinfection tunnel is quickly installed at the entrance of the building without the need for tools.

    The disinfection tunnel can be customized with your logo or printed completely, exactly like all our tent fabrics.

    Fields of application:
    Train stations
    Shopping malls
    Reception station for goods from companies
    This way all people are disinfected from head to toe before entering the building. This safely removes any viruses, bacteria, or fungi that may stick to clothing, shoes, or bags.

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