Super catalog with the best weight training machines per lever for gym. The gym equipment lever are one of the best ways to train your musculature in any environment gym or center of fitness.

With this type of machines you can attach the weight discs at the ends and thus be able to train with the desired weight. They are an intermediate option between free weights and the classic pulley weight machines.

You can equip your gym or sports center with our PLATINUM RANGE. Excellent prices, quality assured.

The best lever machines for gym for sale

If you have ever entered a gym, you will have seen a wide variety of machines. Depending on how they work, the machines are different. Typically, you will see thelever machines for gym and plate machines. Each type has its pros and cons. We market all of them, but in this section you have specifically the lever ones.

Essential differences between lever and plate machines

Lever machines for gym

  • To train, the user has to pull or push of a lever.
  • They don't have a pulley with a cable and a coupled handle.
  • The load is placed with discs. This is fundamental, it is the key characteristic of the gym lever machines.
  • They do not have a tower of plates (as we have explained, they are fitted with disks).

Plate machines

  • They work with a pulley, a cable and an interchangeable handle (examples are the dorsal pulldown machine or the triceps extension pulley. Different handles can be interchanged to vary the grip).
  • They have a tower of plates weighing about 100 kg (in stacked plates of about 5 kg each).The load is selected in the tower by means of a selector.

As a curiosity, almost all training machines can have a lever version and a plate version. The choice of one or the other depends entirely on the buyer. Although, as we will explain, each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Should I buy lever devices for my gym?

AdvantagesThe main benefit of the lever machines for gym is that there is no limit to the amount of cargo we can place. That is, we can add as many disks as we want. And the truth is that the lever machines for gym professionals they support a good amount of load. If we want to put more weight, just buy more discs. They are the perfect apparatus for advanced athletes who require more weight in their workouts.

A lever weight machine is more similar to a free weight. The force we exert when using it is more real, as there is no pulley system to help pull or push the load. For this reason, we believe that plate machines are a perfect complement to improve the basic exercises on the gym.

They have more advantages. For example, if we purchased several lever machines for gym, in other words, we will only have to make a single investment in discs. That is, a pack of discs of different weights will serve us for all our machines. Normally, these machines come with articulated arms that allow us to train each limb independently. This prevents muscle imbalances. For these reasons, buying plate-loaded machines for gyms online is a great option for you.

InconveniencesAs it is not all advantages, we can say that it takes more time in upload and download the plate machines. You have to go for each disk and place it. On plate machines, the load is selected immediately from the tower (you can shift weight more quickly).

Another disadvantage is that, in the lever devices, the range of movement is predefined by the lever. The device will be more or less comfortable depending on the morphology of the person. Some people may experience discomfort when using these machines. Pulleys offer greater freedom of movement than levers.

They are also called gym machines to discs

You may have searched for sale of lever machines for gym,but these devices are also called gym machines with discs. why? Simply because they work with discs. These are absolutely necessary to perform a workout. Without discs for gym machines, the plate devices cannot be charged.

Here we have an extensive catalog of machines gym to disks. You can buy them and benefit from all the advantages we have explained. Be careful!Look carefully at the model you are going to buy. You may have discs for grinding machine gym at home or in your commercial gym, butHave you noticed ifare olympic disksor standard? This is very important, as there are models for both types of disks. If you buy the machine with lever for gym wrong, the disks you already have will not work.

Buy lever machines for gym professionals

They are machines of gym for Olympic discs.The diameter of its support will be 50 mm, especially for the Olympic disc. They are stronger and more resistant machines. They allow to place a great amount of weight. Buy them for your gym open to the public and benefit from its long duration.

Sale of lever machines for gyms domestic

The diameter of the disc holder will be smaller. These machines are specially designed for standard discs (from 28 mm, 30 mm, etc.). Their structure is not so robust. They are rather intended to equip a home gym, for the training of a few people. Some brands, such as Body Solid,have a good catalog of semi-professional lever machines that can be fitted with 30 mm or 50 mm adapters. In this case, we can use the gym lever machine both with Olympic discs and standard 30 mm discs. Consult the indications of each model.

What about lever machines for gyms price in Spain?

The truth is that it is worth it buy lever machines because its price is lower than that of classical plate machines. The lever machines for gyms are cheaper and this must be taken into account. Our opinion is that the machines gym of disks are the best choice for a budget adjusted.

Please note that the leverage equipment for gymnasium do not have a built-in tower of plates (which usually weighs 100 kg). This lowers costs and shipping costs considerably. So they are a more economical option.


Some models of machines for weights of gymoffer both options:

  • They can be fitted with a tower of plates.
  • They have supports to place the discs or weights.

Body Solid hasdevices of this type. See the options.

Lever machines DeporTrainer examples for gyms

Here you have lever machines examples. These are just some of them

Back or dorsal lever machine

maquina palanca para gimnasio ejemplo de dorsales

It has two independent arms for pulling. It would be the equivalent of the classic seated pull-up on pulleys. It allows you to work the dorsal and arms.

Shoulder or deltoid lever machine

maquina de palanca ejemplo hombros

Simulates the shoulder press movement. Excellent for gaining strength.

Lever machinefor chest press

maquinas de palancas gimnasio press de pecho

Here is an example of the inclined bench press. A lever machine for gym which allows you to work the pectoral and triceps.

Seated rowing lever machine

maquina de palanca profesional de remo sentado

Rowing will always be an effective back exercise. Here is the T-bar rowing machine for discs.

Leg press

prensa de piernas hammer para discos

Example of the leg press for weight discs.

At Depor Trainer we are experts in the sale of lever machines for gym. See the catalog below and purchase the models you need. We have many weight machines and disc fitness machines. These machines are also called hammer type. They are beautiful, resistant and of high quality. Remember to ask us your questions for advice.


LEVER MACHINES  There are 44 products.




    Lever gym machines or hammer type machines. The bodybuilding machines in this section are professional, which means that they are valid to equip a gym, hotel or sports center. Lever bodybuilding machines are used to exercise without incorporating a tower of plates. Normally these machines are loaded with disks. There are many models to choose from that allow you to train various parts of the body: rowing benches, quadriceps, femorals, leg press, chest press, shoulder press, etc. Professional fitness machines are designed for more frequent and intensive use. In addition, they retain the warranty if you install them in a commercial gym. 



    Lever / hammer machines domestic or for semi-professional use. Lever machines do not carry a plate tower and are loaded with weight discs. They are a very effective way to gain strength and muscle mass at home

    Bodybuilding machines classified as domestic: they are only recommended for individual / family use at home.

    The bodybuilding machines classified as semi-professional: they can be valid for training at home and for small / medium gyms where they will not be given a very excessive use. Although they can be installed in a commercial gym , they would lose their warranty, as they are not 100% professional material.

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    MÁQUINA DORSAL PALANCA PLATINUM WHX57Excellent. machine traction for training back of the range Platinum. It works with a system of levers unilaterally (each arm separately). You can place the desired weight with disks at each end.Perfect to equip your gym or room fitness.Wait time: 30 days.You're welcome. Easy to ride.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA GEMELOS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX59 Great. machine gym to exercise lifting heels Sit. You can place as many disks as you want. It works by lever.From the series Platinum. Best machines for your gym.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome. Easy to ride.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA REMO T PALANCA PLATINUM WHX60 This practice machine to perform back exercises simulates the classic row in bar T. Perfect support and maximum comfort. It works by lever system. The weight is placed on disks.Equip your gym, room fitness or sports center with this Remo machine to train dorsal.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA PRESS INCLINADO PALANCA PLATINUM WHX61 This is one of the gym equipment more used for musculation at the time of training the pectoral. East weight bank Inclined simulates the classic bench press and is very useful for breast training, especially in the part superior.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome. Easy to ride.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA REMO T PALANCA PLATINUM WHX62 (SIN APOYO) gymnastics from row to tip that simulates rowing exercise in bar T. It works by lever mechanism and the weight is placed with disks.Serve for exercise back / back. This version does not have chest support, adding some extra difficulty.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    PRESS VERTICAL PALANCA  A practice machine of press to include in your exercises chest / chest. The vertical press works the pectorals from a different angle than the bench press flat or upper chest bench press breast.Offers a breast training complete including the vertical press on your machines gym or center of fitness.Wait time: 30 days.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA PRESS HOMBRO PALANCA PLATINUM WHX64 Simulates the movement of the shoulder press with dumbbells. Each arm of the machine works independently so it gets a comfortable and natural move. Product of our series machines gym Platinum. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA SENTADILLA HACK PALANCA PLATINUM WHX58 This machine leg press vertical that serves to work the quadruple. Platinum series. It works by lever simulating the movement of a seat with weight. The weight is placed with records.TApróx: 30 days. You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA TRICEPS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX65 This is it. press machine imitates the movement of the acquaintances triceps funds in parallels. Include this machine in your gym to expand your repertoire of triceps exercises. Platinum range with lever function. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA ESPALDA SENT PALANCAS PLATINUM WHX66 One machine gym to perform back exercises. This is it. Remo machine with levers mechanism simulates a movement similar to the classic row sitting for back or rowing. It has a comfortable upholstered seat. The weight is placed with disks. Ideal for training dorsal. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA PRENSA PIERNAS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX67 One of the machines indispensable in the gym when working and strengthening the quadruple muscles is undoubtedly the leg press. This Platinum series press machine works by levers, has upholstered seats and will meet 100% of your expectations.Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 995,00 €
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    MÁQUINA ABDOMINALES / LUMBARES - DISCUSSION  This is it. machine professional has a very original design. Allows to perform abdominal encogiments and extensions of lumbar using a disk loading system. A apparatus ideal for any gym.You're welcome.

    580,00 €
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