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This section includes karate stores, taekwondo stores, etc. We ship all over Spain. Ourmartial arts store ships to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga.

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The martial arts store for Spain

Many of the people reading this section are looking for a martial arts store in Spain. A karate storea martial arts shop, boxing, judo, aikido..., that offers all the quality material they are looking for. These arts are quite popular nowadays. All of them have a long history and tradition.

They are part of the martial arts stores, sports and artistic disciplines based on fighting and, in general, with a deep philosophy as a basis. There are many different types of martial arts. Of all the existing ones, along this section we are going to see martial arts items for some of the most popular and well known.

In addition, most of the products in this online store are available for shipping to the mainland and the islands. This is a martial arts store in Madrid, Bilbao, Valladolid, martial arts store Barcelona, Vitoria, Zaragoza, Valencia and Andorra.

why an online karate and other martial arts store?

Before going into the review of some of the martial arts disciplines, it is pertinent to make a brief mention of what exactly we mean by martial art.

We call martial arts to the set of procedures and methods of fighting and combat that have been developed throughout history and have been forging different styles based on principles, codes and aesthetics.

Normally, we face a ritual and simulated combat in which it is not intended to generate serious damage: most of them are aimed at maintaining one's own integrity and defending oneself efficiently, with the least possible expenditure of energy and trying to generate the least possible damage to the opponent, while being in line with the philosophy and worldview it offers. If you need to buy material for martial arts, this is your store.

Although they were born mainly as combat styles dedicated to the fight and defense against aggression and rivals, many of its modalities are considered as an art and a sport that involves much more than mere movement and combat. In the martial arts are also present the assumption of values, in addition to due respect for both oneself and the rival fighter.

Most of the martial arts store have a long tradition and origin in antiquity or are derived from the forms of struggle of ancient peoples and cultures, although different modalities have also developed over time.

Over several years, we have developed a catalog of thousands of items for martial arts with the best possible quality/price ratio. Our goal is to satisfy you as martial artist or practitioner of combat and self-defense. Here you will find the best products for the most demanding users.

We rigorously select the best martial arts brands and manufacturers. We have Venum, Rude Boys, RDX, Daedo, Fujimae, Cleto Reyes, Protec, SAMTO... Depor Trainer is the most suitable martial arts equipment store, distributing the highest quality ranges for clubs, gyms and private customers. No matter if you are beginner, advanced or competitor, yellow belt or black belt; we always have the martial arts equipment you need and available for you in our taekwondo stores!

In this karate store, you will find all the equipment for the practice of martial arts, whether training weapons (nunchakus, tonfas, ...) adapted to all styles as kung-fu, tai chi chuan, aikido.... We have for sale kimonos for judo, karate, JJB, doboks, hakamas, martial arts uniforms... with shipping to different areas of Spain.

We have tatamis and pieces floor puzzle at the best price to equip your dojo. To complete your gym, you can add a punching ball, bob dummies and other equipment for your sparring and even weight training. Because we are also a one-stop store for fitness equipment.

Choose from thousands of brands like Metal Boxing, Adidas, Venum, Everlast, Twins, the best equipment for all styles of boxing, MMA, wrestling and also cross-training and fitness.

does this store carry martial arts apparel?

Yes, buy here your muay thai shorts, MMA fight shorts, helmet, pair of boxing gloves or sparring gear. Everything is waiting for you in our online martial arts store.

la mejor tienda de artes marciales online que hay en España

Depor Trainer, your store for martial arts and contact sports equipment

If you want to buy equipment for the main types of martial arts the store is your trusted place.

There are many different types of martial arts in the world, born from different cultures and perspectives on life, conflict and the use of energy. Many martial arts are practiced only with one's own body, but there are also different modalities that use weapons (some of the best known today are those practiced with different types of swords, although there are also modalities with bow, mace or staff).

For all your martial arts equipment needs online

In this online martial arts store, we specialize in selling high quality and approved martial arts products of the best brands at competitive prices.

Find and buy items and material for all disciplines: from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai to karate, kickboxing and judo; we only have in stock the best equipment and clothing for the best martial arts sports. No matter if you are new to martial arts or have been practicing for years, we will be able to provide you with the top quality martial arts gear you need from the top brands in the industry such as Adidas, Venum and Cleto Reyes to name a few.

Within this great diversity, here are some of the most popular types of martial arts stores you will find here.

1. Karate Store

One of the most popular martial arts stores is the karate store. This practice originated in Japan (specifically in present-day Okinawa) and is characterized by the use of punches, slaps, kicks and blocks with firmness and force to defeat the opponent with a few blows.

This martial art integrates values such as respect and courtesy, and it is very important to show them through various types of salutes. It also seeks to improve the level of body alignment, body hardening and the ability to connect with the body. Here you can buy karate items.

2. Judo equipment store

This type of traditional martial art of Japanese origin is characterized by the fact that, unlike other disciplines in which priority is given to striking, in judo the main fighting mechanism is grappling. In this sense, in judo the opponent's strength and weight are absorbed in order to defeat him.

This discipline, although spectacular, is not particularly aggressive and is more focused on defense: it focuses on using the opponent's own strength against him to destabilize him and knock him down. Even so, it requires full body training and is a very technical sport, which also incorporates wrenches, submissions and chokes.

3. Kung-fu

An ancient Chinese martial art and one of the best known ancient martial arts, kung-fu is a discipline that is usually direct contact and uses body-to-body with punches, kicks, grabs, moves and acrobatics to maintain inner balance during training and also for self-defense. Its origin is found in the Shaolin monks, who created it so that the monks could defend themselves.

Kung-fu starts from a Buddhist and Taoist philosophical base that aims to teach the value of effort and others such as humility, confidence, will, justice, perseverance, courage and honesty. Kung-fu has a large number of variants, of which among the best known are Shaolin or those linked to different animals.

4. Martial arts material for Jiu-jitsu

Japanese martial art (although some of its origins are Hindu) that comes from the ancient Buddhist monks, and is characterized by its soft and unaggressive fighting style that focuses on controlling and deflecting the opponent's attacks, as well as taking advantage of his attack to immobilize him.

It generally focuses on the use of blocks, dodges, throws, takedowns and some punches. Although it is generally practiced with bare hands, there are variants in which different types of weapons and martial arts materials are used.

You may be interested in: Our jiu-jitsu store

5. Boxing

One of the most popular sports is boxing. For material, we recommend visiting our contact sports section. It is a martial art in which you only fight with your fists and in which great force is applied to each blow. Although the best known version of boxing is the English, there are actually several variants spread across cultures, one of the oldest comes from Ethiopia.

It is practiced inside a ring and, despite having a reputation for being violent, when practiced in a truly sporting manner it helps to promote values such as discipline, endurance (not only physical, but also in the face of adversity) and respect for the opponent. It also helps to channel emotions.

tienda de karate

6. Krav Maga Shop

Store for a martial arts discipline that has become popular and known relatively few years ago, but is one of the martial arts with the greatest lethal potential. It is a system of combat and defense used by the Israelidefense and securityforces, which focuses on unarmed indoor combat. Krav Maga specializes in trying to provide combat tools in extreme situations and where we might be at a disadvantage, even if we are facing different opponents at the same time or if they are carrying weapons.

Although the type of blows that are taught in this discipline can be dangerous, the truth is that it is oriented to self-defense in dangerous situations and is oriented towards the proportional use of force in relation to the attack we suffer. It also favors attention to the environment and preparation for possible attacks.

7. Muay Thai online store

Martial art of Thai origin and certain danger, since it uses techniques with lethal potential. Focused on direct melee contact, this discipline tends to seek a quick defeat of the opponent with strong and powerful blows. In this discipline the use of all limbs and most of the body is allowed.

It is considered a type of extreme fighting, and is illegal in some countries.

8. Capoeira

Capoeira is a martial art from Brazil, specifically from the former African slaves, who developed this discipline of self-defense as a resistance to the harsh oppression and situation they lived in. It combines combat techniques, dance and various acrobatics.

It was a way of preserving the different cultural elements, as well as a disguised form (the fact that it resembles a dance would make it less suspicious) of practicing a style of combat among the enslaved population. This style of martial art is fast and highly technical, as well as requiring great skill and agility. Movements use both arms (the use of fists is rare) and legs, and include both attack and defense. It also favors flexibility and alertness to opponent's movements from angles that are rare in other disciplines.

9. Kendo martial art store

Also called Japanese fencing, this martial art of the Japanese country is characterized by specializing in fighting with bamboo swords. In this martial art, both contenders must cover themselves with armor, and it is part of a conceptualization of combat and a philosophy similar to that of the ancient samurai. Only attacks on the forearm, trunk, head and throat are allowed. Discipline and self-control are practiced, and it aims to foster the ability to cope with adversity.

10. Taekwondo online stores

Martial art of Korean origin. Buy taekwondo material for martial arts in specialized online store. In general, priority is given to the use of kicks and punches with the feet and legs, although the hands and elbows are also used (but to a lesser extent, and in some variants their use is less). It is a martial art of direct contact in which strikes are made at a greater distance precisely because of the priority use of the legs. Defensively, priority is given to evasion, although arm locks are also incorporated. Taekwondo online stores!

venta de accesorios para taekwondo

11. Online fencing store

Although in some circles it is not considered a martial art per se, fencing is a combat discipline centered on sword fighting (specifically with the foil or saber).

Despite the fact that sword fighting is something that different peoples and cultures have developed throughout history, fencing as it is now known is of Spanish origin. In this sport, both opponents wear protections and fight until one of them manages to reach one of the other's key points, advancing and retreating in a straight line.

12. Aikido

Another great and relatively recent Japanese martial art (born less than a century ago), which has emerged based on different traditional disciplines and focuses on hand-to-hand self-defense in fast-paced combat situations. Here the aim is not to defeat the opponent with damage or to leave him in a humiliating situation that does not allow him to attack. It also allows you to defend yourself in situations of numerical inferiority or against opponents of greater physical strength. Dislocations, projections and throws are some of the types of actions most commonly used in this martial art.

If you are looking for taekwondo accessories, karate articles and, in general, martial arts materials, in this online store there is an extensive catalog of brands with everything you need. Compare prices and choose the best quality material and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us; we will personally assist you.

do you also martial arts store with extrapeninsular shipping?

Yes, in addition to shipping to all parts of Spain peninsula as Andalusia(martial arts store in Seville, in Granada...), it is also martial arts store in Las Palmas Tenerife. Check our martial arts material before buying, because most of the taekwondo accessories, karate items and so on will be available for shipping to the islands or extrapeninsular. Look at all the benefits that this martial arts store can offer you, it is the most extensive catalog of materials and brands in Spain!


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    TATAMI PUZZLE 2 CM The famous pieces for the tatami puzzle. Cheap and good price. Each slab measures 1 m x 1 m and weighs 1.3 kg. They are reversible and you can build a blue or red tatami.- It's served by piece. They are sent in 4 days.

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    TATAMI PUZZLE 2.5 CM The popular pieces of tatami puzzle. Now cheap and at the best price. Each canopy has a measurement of 1 x 1 m and weighs 2 kg. The tatami is reversible and can be built in blue or red.- It's served by piece. They are sent in 4 days.

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    TATAMI PUZZLE 4 CM Parts to form a tatami puzzle. Last in floors for gyms and martial arts. Build a tatami cheap and at the best price. Each canopy measures 1 x 1 m and weighs 2.6 kg. They are reversible: red on one face and blue on the other.- It's served by piece. They are delivered in 4 days.

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    DUMMY DE BOXEO WITH BASE DeporTrainer presents this fantastic punching man anatomical to practice your ability and punching precision. Perfect for Boxing or any training martial arts.The doll measures 165 cm high.It is valid for professional use in gyms.You're welcome.

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    SOPORTE SACO DE BOXEO (DOBLE) The device includes 2 supports: in one you can hang a Boxing bag for the work of fist and kicks. The other is one support for precision pear.Excellent machine for training Boxing and martial arts.IMPORTANT: the support does not include a bag or pear.

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    MÁQUINA MULTIGOLPEO FOR BOXEO   The body action It's an excellent one. multgolpe to train at home. It has several goals to hit and improve your accuracy and speed.It's a very complete product. Valid for boxing training, contact sports and all kinds of martial arts.

    350,00 €
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    ELECTRONIC ARRANGEMENTS - FRAMEWORKS  One Tubevery new and original for gymnastics of martial arts. It allows you to work both the placement and the speed of the blows. Valid to train legs and cuffs. Includes programmable computer.The machine is lighting lights constantly and randomly and we will have to touch them.You're welcome.

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    _ Comfortable Candal for the practice of full contact or kick boxing. Manufactured in fabric. Two colors available.

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    PANTALONES FULL CONTACT / KICK BOXING - RASO Comfortable pants for training full contact and kick boxing. Manufactured in raso (seasy silk).- black, yellow, red, blue or white.

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    PANTALONES FULL CONTACT / KICK BOXING - TACTEL Long pants for the practice of full contact and kick boxing. Spacious and comfortable. Manufactured in resistant, soft and light tactile fiber.-Rosa and purple.

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    FULL TEGUI - RASO  Uniform for the practice of full contact / kick boxing. Manufactured in fabric. In red or blue.

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    FULL TEGUI - TACTEL Uniform for the practice of full contact / kick boxing. It is made of tissue. Available in colors purple or violet. 

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    Here you can. purchase One pair of guantillas of karate very good price.White Guantilllas Laguna.The price includes the pair.

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    Spinners with empeine for adult. You can. purchase Here. spinilleras for the practice of martial arts Like karate o dcontact eports.

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    A pair of protective spinners blue. Manufactured in rubber. 

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    FULL CONTACT BOTINS Protect your feet during fighting sports trainings like full contact or kick boxing.

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    KARATE GUANTILLAS - COMPETITION  A couple of karate ghettos approved for competition.

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    ESPINILLERAS WITH CAUCHO Spinners protection for martial arts: karate, taekwondo, jiu jitsuetc. With rubber protection in the empeine area.

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    ESPINILLERAS DE TELA - ARQUER Spinners for Boxing and martial artsmade of fabric. Black color.

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    TAEKWONDO CASCO Helmet protector for the practice of Taekwondo. Manufactured by process thermoconform. 

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