Buy here the best olympic disks for powerlifting, , weightlifting o crossfit. The classic colored discs for sale in our store. Discs Eleiko. Guaranteed quality. Both for training and competition.

We have a wide range of olympic discs catalog shown below. Buy cheap Olympic discsis not an easy decision, as you will see that there are many types and...

Buy here the best olympic disks for powerlifting, , weightlifting o crossfit. The classic colored discs for sale in our store. Discs Eleiko. Guaranteed quality. Both for training and competition.

We have a wide range of olympic discs catalog shown below. Buy cheap Olympic discsis not an easy decision, as you will see that there are many types and varieties. You have the bumper or rebound discs, the 50 mm iron or cast iron discs, olympic rubber discs with grip, polyurethane... The quality and price will depend on the materials and the type of disc. Take a look at this section, because we want to help you to choose them.


You will find that most of the olympic discs are cheap, but not as much as standard bodybuilding discs. Why is that? Well, you should know that the olympic disks are more difficult to manufacture than other models of gym commercial. A olympic discus is much larger. In addition, this type of discus is prepared to withstand the tough demands of competitive training. In other words, an Olympic-type disc lasts much longer and is more durable than a standard disc.

Miara how olympic discs are made:

Buy second hand Olympic discs o used Olympic discs is not always the best option, since these discs are usually purchased for gyms open to the public. When looking for the best for customers, options such as Milanuncios are not the most advisable. Where to buy Olympic discs? At Depor Trainer we always have the best variety of all types.

It is better to have an extensive catalog where you can compare all types of plates, because depending on the type of weight sport you are going to perform you will need Olympic discs of different characteristics. With this section, you are sure to acquire the Olympic equipment that best suits your bodybuilding discipline. We will talk about them later.


Olympic discus, definitionWhat distinguishes them is that they are usually discs 50 mm inside diameter.The 50 mm ring discs are those used in the Olympic bars. For a gym commercial open to the public it is much more advisable to install this type of materials.

  • - An Olympic disc has an inner diameter of 50 mm (or 5 cm).
  • - In general, Olympic discs have an outer diameter of 450 mm (or 45 cm). In the competition of weightlifting, this is the official measurement of the outer diameter. However, you will sometimes find on the market Olympic discs of 500 mm (or 50 cm) for training in gym.

*Olympic discs are always larger than other weight discs for the purpose of gym. This is one of the reasons why the olympic discs prices vary from that of other types of weight plates.

disco olímpico 50 mm


The price when buying Olympic discs will vary depending especially on the material in which they are made. It may also depend on the brand. Certain brands such as Eleiko have such an extensive reputation for years in the market and quality that their prices are somewhat higher (see Eleiko Olympic discs).We found other cheaper brands, such as the olympic discs ManiakAnd other mid-range products, such as those offered by Decathlon.

As we have explained, the price of the discs varies. But, generally, it will depend on the following:

  • - The 50 mm cast iron or iron discs are generally cheaper. The manufacturing process is simply simpler.
  • - The olympic rubber discsare not as cheap as iron ones. And the reason for this is that the manufacturing process is more complex. In addition, the end result is a larger piece. To this we add that many 50 mm rubber discs are fitted with grips. If a disc has grips and a printed or sublimated logo, it is more difficult to manufacture.
  • - The 50 mm bumper discs. These are much larger disks and are normally used for the crossfit, because of their ability to bounce on the ground. They are the least cheap of all. The bumper is the most complex type of Olympic discus to manufacture.
  • - Shape of the Olympic discusNote that if the disc has a special shape (round, polygonal, hexagonal...), the price may increase.
  • - Polyurethane Olympic discsThey are used in gyms and in official competitions of high-end commercial and powerlifting o weightlifting, for example. Their price is even higher than those made of rubber.

There are also technical Olympic discs, which are used to initiate beginners into the movements of the weightlifting. They are made of plastic and have a similar price to the polyurethane ones. If the 50 mm disks are of colors, you can expect them to cost more.


We recommend that you do not buy second hand olympic discs or used if you plan to purchase the material for your gym professional open to the public. However, you can always take a look at what's on offer at olympic discs Milanuncios, you never know if you might find something interesting. There are several problems associated with buy these Olympic discs.


  • - They are not guaranteed. In fact, a new olympic discus offers you its 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects, but a used disk does not. At Spain, buy Olympic disks is a much safer action if they are new.
  • - You don't know the seller. Buy Olympic discs online is something that should be done at a specialized Olympic disc store that provides a reliable catalog. That is, from manufacturers and vendors that offer quality and have a good reputation.
  • - Used disks are not as cheap as they may seem. The reality is that they are usually a significant investment for a gym. If the owner of the gym if you want to resell them because they have closed, you will try to recover as much money as possible. At the end of the day, it is even more profitable to invest a little bit more and purchase new Olympic discs of an online store.


Now you will see that the olympic discs colors will depend on the weight. Generally, you will find black Olympic discs and colored Olympic discs. The black discs are cheaper, but the colored ones have the advantage of allowing you to easily distinguish each weight. Let's take a look at the most typical colors for an Olympic disc according to its weight.

  • - Olympic discs 0.5 kgColor: white
  • - Olympic discs 1 kgColor: green
  • - Olympic discs 2 kgBlue color
  • - Olympic discs 2.5 kgColor: red
  • - Olympic discs 5 kgColor: white
  • - Olympic discs 10 kgGreen color
  • - Olympic discs 15 kgColor: yellow
  • - Olympic discs 20 kgBlue color
  • - Olympic discs 25 kgColor: red

In addition, these are the colors established by the International Weightlifting Federation for official competitions (see the official source). In official competitions of powerlifting are also used colored Olympic discs similar.


You can buy different types of weight discs 50 mm according to the sport modality that is going to be practiced in your gym. Let's take a look at the most popular strength or bodybuilding sports and the Olympic discs used in each.


Basically the aesthetics of the body is trained. The workouts are not as heavy as those of, for example, powerlifting. At bodybuilding muscle pumping with moderate weights and long sets or medium to high repetitions are often used. For bodybuilding or bodybuilding, the most popular Olympic discs are as follows:

  • - Olympic rubber or rubber discs with gripsIndisputably, to buy this model of 50 mm discs is the best option in bodybuilding. They are easy to carry and, thanks to their grip, you can do many more exercises with a barbell: deadlifts, crunches, biceps, French press.
  • - Olympic cast iron discsThe bodybuilders who opt for the more classic or old-school style Arnold Schwarzenegger, lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman o Branch Warren.


For the weightlifting or Olympic weightlifting, competition discs with the official colors are used. The ones we have seen white 5 kg Olympic discs, green 10 kg Olympic discs, blue 20 kg Olympic discs... For competition they must have 50 mm inside diameter and 450 mm outside diameter.

  • - Polyurethane Olympic discsThis plastic-like material is typical of the discs used in current competitions in weightlifting.
  • - Olympic bumper discsFor the training of weightlifting, many people opt for 50 bumpers, also known as rebounding discs. They offer good sensations in exercises such as squat, , deadlift, the machine is either started or loaded.


This is a very heavy lifting sport, so the hardness of the discs is critical. Since the three exercises of powerlifting (squat, , deadlift y bench press) are static power lifts, it is not as necessary for the discs to bounce off the floor. A 450 mm diameter disc, such as theweight training discs 50 mm or the rubber ones with grip, will be enough to train in this sport. For official competitions, the following are usually purchased polyurethane Olympic discs for powerlifting.

*IMPORTANT: When purchasing the weight discs 50 mm for powerlifting online, you have to make sure that they are approved IPF. This, if you want to buy them to organize an official competition.


  • Olympic Bumpers: For crossfit are used in the olympic rebound discs. These are ideal for completing the wods with ease. In this case they can be black or have the official colors. A bouncing disk will help you with movements such as the squat, , deadlift, pulled out, clean and jerk omilitary press. All crossfitters prefer bumpers over other training discs.

If you have a box of crossfit, buy 50 mm Olympic bumpers.

atleta levantando bumpers de crossfit


It is the same as in the powerlifting. The lifts are very heavy and an iron or polyurethane disc that will hold up well is necessary. At strongman rubber discs can also be used. It is only necessary to make sure that they are of high quality and that they can withstand the impact against the floor after a deadlift heavy.


Today it is increasingly common for people to purchase 50mm (Olympic) weight discs for home training. A barbell with discs is essential in any training program, and the Olympic material is the highest quality. Therefore, it is normal that some amateur lifters choose to invest in Olympic discs for their home training.

Some lifters also compete on an official basis and like to prepare at home with their own Olympic material. In these cases they usually acquire a cage, abank and, of course, the bar and the disks.


When you go shopping, remember to make sure that the Olympic discs and the bar are 50 mm in diameter.

The inner diameter of the disc will be 50 mm, and it has to match the bar on which you want to use it.

Remember that an Olympic bar has a diameter of 50 mm at the end or handle, so that the discs can be placed. This diameter is sufficient and the suitable for 50 mm discs.

If you want to cbuy cheap 50 mm discs for other bars that you already had at home or in the gym, remember to measure the diameter of those rods first. This way you can be sure that the discs will fit.

Do not choose a disc with an inside diameter larger than that of the bar. In this case, the disc will "dance" during the lifts and will not be fixed properly.


  • Iron disc 50 mmThey are usually the most economical option, but are more prone to damage the floor when dropped.
  • Rubber discs 50 mmAlthough they cost a little more, you will appreciate their high durability and that they do less damage to the ground when you train.
  • Polyurethane discs 50 mmThey are the strongest and most expensive. The quality of these is total.


We tell you this because it is better to choose to buy discs with a correct thickness and suitable for what you are looking for. Choose coated Olympic discs if you plan to train at home with them. Also remember that thicker discs, such as bumpers, limit the amount you can place on the Olympic bar quite a bit.

Both for your gym commercial as well as for your gym at home, you should buy olympic discs. You will need them if you want you or your clients to build muscle with free weight exercises. At Depor Trainer we have the catalog you are looking for with the best brands of Olympic discs. There are all types and for all kinds of lifters.


¿Where to buy Olympic discs? Look at the depor Trainer catalog. Thecast iron discs arealmostindestructible. Thediscs come in two styles indicated by the diameter of the center hole. Standard size plates fit a 28mm weight bar, and Olympic plates fit a 50mm Olympic weight bar.

The cast iron plates have a hammered gray finish, and their quadruple-grip design allows for easy transportation

Thediskswith rubber grip are coated with a tough, durable rubber that will not break or crack. They have a quad grip design and a metal sleeve integrated into the 50 mm Olympic hole.

Bumper discsare made of 100% solid rubber. The olympic disks bumper are all of the same diameter with different thicknesses and have aintegrated metal ring.



The great marketplace for sports and fitness where you can see offers of hundreds of brands and all models. In Depor Trainer there are olympic rubber discs, with grips, bumper, polyurethane, iron... We are the best option to buy and, in addition, we have our own brands that we distribute.


A Spanish manufacturer that manufactures discs of all types and weights: bumpers, with grip, for crossfit, strongman, powerlifting, etc.


This sports store offers its Olympic bumper discs.


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    DISCO ELEIKO POWERLIFTING Eleiko's official Olympic discos.COMPETITION DISCUSSION GROSOR FINISH. Perfectly calibrated. Excellent price. Approved IPF.ORIGINAL. PRICE FOR UNITY.- THE PLACE OF DISCUSSIONS ELEIKO _  +34901009541

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    BARRA OLÍMPICA ELEIKO Chrome iron insurances to be able to perfectly fix the discs on an Olympic bar. Train and compete with maximum security. Prevent the disks from sliding or leaving the bar.- They sell for pairs. Two units are included.

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    SOPORT FOR BUMPER DISCUSESProfessional equipment to store discos bumper de rebote. They are the discs commonly used in crossfit.Good quality/price.It only includes the support (without disks).You're welcome.

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    DISCUSSIONS AND BRAZILS (28 MM - 50 MM)Support gym to place the discs and musculation bars. Valid for disks and bars so much 28 mm like 50 mm.46 cm x 90 cm x 165 cm.You're welcome.

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    SOPORT FOR OLIMPIC DISCUSSIONSStop. place disks olympics with diameter 50 mm. Professional use. It has 8 bars for disk placement.You're welcome.

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    AND OLIMPIC DISCUSSIONS A comfortable support to place a pair of bars and several weight disks. For Olympian diameter material.Correctly place the training discs you are not using.You're welcome.

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    SOPORT FOR DISCUSES To place any type of training discs. It has 6 positions.This support is valid for diameter discs olympic of 50 mm.You're welcome.

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    SOPORT FOR DISCUSESProfessional support to place the Olympic disks with diameter 50 mm.85 cm (long) x 47 cm (width) x 122 cm (high).16 kg weight.You're welcome.

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    SOPORT FOR DISCUSSIONS (8 POSITIONS)Support for storage olympian disks (with diameter of 50 mm). It has 8 positions to place Olympic disks.640 mm (long) x 500 mm (width) x 850 mm (high).29 kg.You're welcome.

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    GOMA 50 MM OLÍMPIC DISCUSSIONS These disks are sized olympic with diameter for bar 50 mm. Manufactured in rubber.-1,25 kg, 2.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg or 25 kg.

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    _ BLACK COLORThem discos bumper They are. rebound disks manufactured in rubber. They are used in the training of the modalities crossfit, weightlifting or also powerlifting. They count on the Olympic diameter 50 mm.100% made of rubber to ensure a good bounce. 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg.

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    _ Discos / bumpers rubber in red, yellow, blue colors. Being manufactured in rubber bounce easily. You can. purchase the discos bumper of 50 mm to equip gym or crossfit box.Stop. crossfit, weightlifting or powerlifting.Colorful.5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg and 25 kg.

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    GOMA OLIMPIC DISCUSSIONS. Olympic disks of gym manufactured in rubber high quality and very resistant. Natural rubber without color. They count on 2 grip zones. Very easy to manipulate.Weights are easily identified on the disk:Less weights (principle): 1.25, 2.5 and 5 kg.Average weights (intermediate): 10 and 15 kg.High weights (advanced): 20 and 25...

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    Discs with professional Olympic diameter black. Acts SBR rubber of very good quality. They have 3 points grip At the end. Logo and weight in yellow color. Steel core.1.25 kg - 2.5 kg - 5 kg - 10 kg - 15 kg - 20 kg and 25 kg.PRICE FOR UNITY.Free Shipping +100 €.

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    Basic Line of Bumpers Discs with an Olympic diameter. Rebound disks for Olympic uprisings, practice of weightlifting, crossfitfunctional exercise... Manufactured in Black easy bounce with Steel necklace. Uniform sizes.All the same size no matter the weight.Weights: 5 kg - 10 kg - 15 kg - 20 kg and 25 kg.PRICE FOR UNITY.Free Shipping +100 €.

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    FOR OLIMPIC DISCUSSIONS    Them closures to set disks to the bar. The clamps have diameter olympic of 50 mm. They are made of chrome steel.Price includes 2 clamps.

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    HALTEROFILIA / POWERLIFTING (PROFFECTIVE)Manufactured with coated rubber for greater resistance to falls and blows. Olympic disks for competition weightlifting or powerlifting. High quality. With steel core.FOR FREE TO PART OF 10 KG.With official Olympic colors:Gris: 5 kg.Green: 10 kg.Yellow: 15 kg.Blue: 20 kg.Red: 25 kg.

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    Them bumpers They are. rebound disks with the outside rubber. Discos by renowned manufacturer ATX.With the diameter of 50 mm and Olympic colors: grey (5 kg), green (10 kg), yellow (15 kg), blue (20 kg) and red (25 kg).Recommended for crossfit, functional training, weightliftingetc. Price per disk / drive.

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    Discos bumper training for weightlifting, crossfitForce disciplines... Very resistant. Manufactured in uretano.Low weight deviation: only +/- 1%.Olympic diameter: 50.6 mm.Various weights by colors: black (5 kg) - green (10 kg) - yellow (15 kg) - blue (20 kg) - red (25 kg).Delivery: 5-8 working days.Price per unit.

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    Pack Olympic disks of minor weights: 0.5 to 5 kg. Inteiror diameter 51 mm for Olympic bars. Restrained from GOMA of high quality. With color code. Calibrated with a deviation of only +/- 0.5%.Price includes the pair of each weight: 0.5 kg - 1.0 kg - 1.5 kg - 2.0 kg - 2.5 kg - 5 kg.Shipment from 2 to 3 weeks.Free Shipping.

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