All cardio machines and equipment for gym and fitness centers. Ellipticals, Steps, exercise bikes... to perform different cardiovascular improvement exercises.

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  • Bicicletas estáticas

    The most basic cardio machine is the exercise bike. Widely used at home, at gyms and spinning classes.

    If you are thinking of buying an exercise bike at a good price, take a look at our catalog! We sell from the most economical to the most professional.

  • Bicycles spinning /...

    Static bikes designed for collective cardio activities: spinning or indoor cycle.

  • Elliptical Bicycles

    For your elliptical trainer purchases, don't forget to visit this section of our store. We make it easy for you to buy your elliptical machine at a competitive price. Ideal for filling the cardio rooms of your gym.

  • Cintas de Correr

    Cardio machines for running. In this section you can take a look and buy one of our cardio machines for running treadmills / walking.

    We have several types: domestic, professional for gym, folding, electric, without motor... choose yours!

  • Step / Oars

    Section to buy cardio machines from gym. A good catalog that includes step machines, rowing machines, crawlers, ski simulators, etc.. All cardio equipment at your fingertips.

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    _ Accessory for Coach/coach boxing for power attend the athlete in the corner. 100% cotton absorbing. From Rude Boys. - It's sold by piece.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    12,00 €
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    VALLAS RUDE BOYS For your training Boxing / martial arts.Use them to practice your agility, speed, coordination, jumps... A good accessory for your physical preparation.

    19,00 €
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    ELASTICS BOXEO RB OVER SPEED Product that serves to improve your speed during resistance training.Very useful for your p phasesphysical repair in Boxing and martial arts.

    85,00 €
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    RB VELOCITY ARNES With this resistance rubber you can improve your speed, explosives and power.Useful accessories for your physical preparation in Boxing and martial arts.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    84,00 €
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    COMBA RB PRO STYLE One comba of boxing for initiation without metal bearing. Jumping to the comba is very useful in a boxing training. With it you can add more exercises to your training.Here you can. buy cheap boxing combes.- It's served by piece. Choose it in red or black.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    6,00 €
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    SOGA FOR RB FITNESS BATTLE ROPE Use it for your most intense training. This is it. resistance rope for fitness offers many possibilities. A good accessory for your physical conditioning of boxing, martial arts or fitness.

    99,00 €
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    Scale of VELOCITY RB You can use it for practice exercises to improve so much velocity Like agility.Here you can. purchaser a good price.

    39,00 €
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    GUANTES SOMBRA WITH RB These gloves include a weight in the hands and are very useful for performing Shadow exercises. You can use them to increase the strength of your arms.- They sell for pairs.

    16,50 €
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    THE ASTICO POTENCIADOR PEGADA BOXEO RUDE BOYSThis elastic has anatomical handle that is covered with an anti-red protector. Used in boxing/contact sports/martial arts to improve the speed and power of the strikes and recovery of the guard.

    16,00 €
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    _ ?What do they do? the lasted anklets? Increase your power and speed. You have multiple benefits and you can be used in both martial arts and running.Here you can. purchase A few lasted anklets cheap and very functional.

    15,00 €
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    PROFESSIONAL COMBA RB ELITE A classic indispensable in the training of every boxer. One comba ultra light manufactured in resistant steel. PROFESSIONAL Comba. Rubber wrappers.Use this comba to train boxing, gym, fitness, crossfitetc.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    14,00 €
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    BICICLETA ELIPTICA BÁSICA CONTACT With all the benefits you must have a good elliptical machine. You can. purchase This is it. elliptical for gym at home / domestic use. It has a liquid crystal display with all the information visible on the computer: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse.Excellent price. You're welcome.Wait time: 30 days.

    390,00 €
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