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    The complete catalog of inflatable boxing ring for children and toys. Find a complete selection of the best boxing toys for the little ones. What do we have for you in this section? Well, many things: inflatable rings, toy rings, for model, ornament ... This is your store specialized in boxing gifts and wrestling rings for parties, events, communions, nursery ... Surely here will be what you need!

    ring de boxeo inflable para niños

    Why buy an inflatable boxing ring here

    The inflatable boxing ring is the ultimate in home fun. Kids stay entertained and exercise with something they like. There is no risk of hurting yourself, as both the inflatable ring and gloves are plastic and filled with air. Keep in mind that some of these domestic boxing rings come with gloves as well. It's a great toy to spend a fun afternoon with a friend. 

    Most common uses of the inflatable box ring

    Buying an inflatable box ring for children has several uses. In addition to the fun it guarantees, it can be an excellent attraction at some events, as we will see now. Uses of the inflatable box ring:

    •  The inflatable ring is like a toy domestic boxing ring that can be placed at home. If you want your children to be entertained in the afternoon while exercising, get one! You can also take it out to the garden when the weather is good.
    •  The inflatable boxing ring for communions, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, events and other celebrations is the most recommended thing you can buy for children to have a great time. Give a touch of originality to the children's play area with this toy. Buy several inflatable rings and guarantee the fun of all the little ones!
    • Use it as a toy in nurseries, playgrounds, preschools... It has a place in many places and hardly takes up space!
    • For holidays, take it anywhere! Being a detachable boxing ring it is very easy to transport.

    Advantages of a boxing ring for children

    1. It is a cheap and fun toy. In this type of boxing ring the price is economical for the usability it guarantees.
    2. Children exercise and move around in the boxing ring.
    3. Easy to transport. It does not take up space or weigh when you finish playing. Take it wherever you want.
    4. Easy to save when you finish playing. Just unplug it and store it wherever you want (any closet, drawer ...).

    Why not buy this second-hand boxing ring?

    As for the inflatables, the boxing ring to buy should be new. It's not that there aren't second-hand inflatable boxing rings that couldn't be in good condition. But the truth is that we would run the risk of an unreliable seller selling us an inflatable ring with broken or holed plastic. Nor would you know how much use it has been able to give nor would you have a guarantee for default of the product. So if you want maximum security, it's best to buy a new children's ring.

    We also recommend a toy boxing ring

    This is also a type of boxing ring at the cheapest price and that will be the perfect gift for both children and adults who love this sport. We refer to the miniature ring toy; something that is a good option both for playing and for decoration or exhibition. Look at the catalog of toy boxing rings that we have prepared for you and you will surely find a beautiful and colorful one. 

    This toy is not just a boxing ring for children, but it has other uses

    • Play and develop creativity (some include boxing and wrestling dolls). There are toy boxing rings and miniature toy wrestling cages.
    • Do you like boxing? The mini ring is the perfect decoration object for your home. Place the boxing figure in your room, living room, shelf, kitchen, garage...
    • As a boxing ring for model. Are you building a model that carries a boxing ring or ring and don't know where to find one? Maybe the toy boxing ring can make you the fix and look great. Try a boxing ring for a model with a toy !

    Decided? In this section you have everything you need. Here you will find the most reliable sellers. If you want an inflatable boxing ring for kids or a toy boxing ring for model, this is your place!

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    POSTER MARAVILLA MARTINEZ Champion's poster Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez made of full color light fabric.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    19,00 €
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    DEKKERS RB DIAMOND POSTER A Boxing poster of the fighter Diamond Dekkers done by Rude Boys. If you like it Boxing and you want to decorate your home or your home gym with famous boxer postersThis one can't miss you!THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    19,00 €
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    BOXEO POSTER RUDE BOYS XTREME ROUNDS To decorate your room or gym with an eye-catching full color design of a fighter with abs. Made of light fabric.This one. Boxing poster encourage your motivation to train!THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

    19,00 €
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    RING DE BOXEO PROFESSIONAL Get your ass out. gym, pavilion, sports center, etc. with authentic Boxing ring for competition!Account with us for the installation of your Boxing ring! We want you to get the best. The most durable in the market. Ultra resistant reinforced steel. For life! Customization optionsAnd much more!Ask for uncompromising information!

    11 495,00 €
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    _ Strong nylon facts to ensure the best grip strings of you Boxing ring.- Sold in a pack of 8 units.

    39,00 €
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    NUMBER ROUNDS COMBATE BOXEO Use these numbers to count rounds during boxing combats. Indispensable in the ring.(price is for each number)

    24,00 €
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    RING RB COMPETITION To keep the strings of you Boxing ring. They're iron.

    60,00 €
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    TENSERES FOR RING RB GYM These rope tensioners are more recommended for gym rings. They're iron.

    35,00 €
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    BOXEO RING FUND - 20 MM The strings more recommended for rings gym. Manufactured in natural hemp strong. Choose the amount of string you want.With the rope of 30 meters and 20 mm thick you will have enough to complete a ring of 7 x 7 meters. You need 4 strings to complete a ring.Valid ropes for sports use. BUY NOW TO THE BEST PRICE

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    BOXEO RING FUND - 28 MM These are strings are valid for the Boxing ring of competition. They're hemp. strong.If you want to equip a standard 5 x 5 ring with 4 strings, you need to select 4 20 meter strings.  BUY NOW TO THE BEST PRICE

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    TATAMI PUZZLE 2 CM The famous pieces for the tatami puzzle. Cheap and good price. Each slab measures 1 m x 1 m and weighs 1.3 kg. They are reversible and you can build a blue or red tatami.- It's served by piece. They are sent in 4 days.

    28,00 €
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    TATAMI PUZZLE 2.5 CM The popular pieces of tatami puzzle. Now cheap and at the best price. Each canopy has a measurement of 1 x 1 m and weighs 2 kg. The tatami is reversible and can be built in blue or red.- It's served by piece. They are sent in 4 days.

    30,00 €
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