We are Depor Trainer a weight training machines store.We have all the professional, semi-professional and home appliances and machines for gym.Visit our extensive catalog of exercise machines.Here is everything you need to set up your own gym or fitness center fitness. do you need weight training machines in Spain for your gym? we can help you!


We are Depor Trainer a weight training machines store.We have all the professional, semi-professional and home appliances and machines for gym.Visit our extensive catalog of exercise machines.Here is everything you need to set up your own gym or fitness center fitness. do you need weight training machines in Spain for your gym? we can help you!




We have the sale weight training machines of all kinds,of excellent quality brands at very competitive prices.

Buy our bodybuilding equipment to work abdomen, lumbar, leg, arm, shoulder, pectoral, back, etc. Our online store of bodybuilding machines is very complete. They are thedevices that serve to strengthen the entire musculature of the body.

They can be professionalsMachines with a much more robust structure that allow many users to train intensively throughout the day. They are equipped with gyms/centers of fitness, sports halls, hotels, etc.

They can also be semi-professionalsValid for gyms medium y small. E.g. fire stations, small clubs and associations, small hotels, academies, etc.

Finally, the home weight training machinesare much more economical and are intended for individual use or for use in the family environment. They are weight training machines for training at home. If you are looking for weight training machines stores in Barcelona, we are your site. Do you need bodybuilding equipment in Tenerife? buy them here!

The weight training equipment, the types of these, in turn, can be of various types:

  • There are machines with pulley and plate tower, where the weight/load is selected from a weight plate tower.

  • Machines with pulley and disc holder: The user can freely set the weight by attaching weight discs to the machine.

  • Lever / hammer machines: In these,the weight is moved by pushing or pulling moving mechanical arms. They do not have pulleys. They are loaded with weight discs.

  • Weight training benches: There are a variety of benches to use dumbbells and bars. They can be for bench press (flat, incline or decline), for back rowing, leg rowing or adjustable (to work with different inclinations).

  • The types of machines can be divided according to the part of the body that is worked on each one. Thus, there are individual machines for workingabdomen, waist, lumbar, buttocks, chest, legs, arms, shoulders and back.

  • There are also multi-stations and pulley crossovers. These are larger and more complete machines, which allow you to strengthen several parts of the body at the same station. For example, a pulley crossover allows you to work on pectoral openings, biceps and triceps, and usually incorporates a barbell pull-ups to strengthen the back.

Buy weight training machines

When it comes to visiting our online store of bodybuilding machines, the type of equipment you are going to useyou wishbuy and the use you intend to make of them.

If you are looking for machines for gym for your living room fitness, if you are interested in a sports center or hotel, please visit our section on professional weight training machines.

If you are looking forcheap weight training equipment for a small club or association, or to train at home, please visit our section on home and semi-professional weight training machines.

tiendas de maquinas de musculacion en Madrid, Barcelona y Málaga

Stores of bodybuilding equipment in Madrid

In the online store of bodybuilding machines, we have organized all the devices by categories according to the parts of the body that can be trained on each machine. This will make it much easier for you to find the exercise machines you wantbuy.

Below, you can see the guide according to the area of the body being worked onand descriptions with examples of the devices and benches that you can find in each category. This is the most complete guide to buy weight training machines online!

Tienda maquinas musculacion online: Categories by muscle group

(Note that in the following categories, all the following categories will be included weight training equipment both professionals like domestic and semi-professional. To view these sections separately, please visit:



Knows the weight training machines names before purchasing them. Below you have them all. In our catalog, there is the bH weight training machine fitness.

Weight training machines for abdomen, waist, lumbar and gluteus muscles

We include the devices y banks to train abs:

- Machines for doing abdominal crunches.

- Abdominal benches.

The complete bodybuilding equipment for the work of waistare as follows:

- Waist turning plate machines.

- Benches for waist twists/rotations.

Fitness equipment for the work in the area lumbar o lower back:

- Hyperextension benches.

- Lumbar extension machines.

For gluteal work:

- Multi-hip machines.

- Gluteal kick machines.

- Hyperextension benches.

Chest/pectoral weight machines

These are thebanks of bench press y machines for work of chest. They can be benches and machines for chest press exercises and also for openings and contractions. Let's see some examples:

- Bank bench press flat:It is the most basic for chest training. It allows you to do bench press with bar.

- Bank inclined bench pressIt is a version similar to the previous one but whose inclination allows more emphasis on the work of the upper chest and shoulders. It is ideal for bodybuilders and practitioners of bodybuilding.

- Bank decline bench pressIts angle focuses the effort and work on the lower fibers of the pectoralis.

- Fund machine and pull-ups:This type of structure usually incorporates grips for making pull-ups and also parallel bars for chest work.

- Power cages/free weight racks: Allow the bar to be placed at different heights and to make bench press with free weights. Other exercises can also be performed, such as the squat. They are complete bodybuilding equipment.

- Pectoral contracting machine:It is for isolation work. It is used to give pumping and detail to the muscle by concentrating the effort on the chest. This weight training machine is widely used inthe bodybuilding.

- Vertical press machine:They are usually machines where the load is selected with plates or loaded with weight discs. They allow a pushing movement from a seated position similar to that of the bench press. Suitable for chest and triceps training.

- Pectoralis opening machine: The chest openings are one of the best-known and most widely used isolation exercises in the bodybuilding. They provide separation and detail to the chest. They can also be made seated in machine.

- Fund machine and pull-ups assisted: Its plates act as a counterweight. This machine help to perform chest and pull-ups. These devices are ideal for beginners who do not yet have sufficient strength to perform these exercises.

- Chest press machines: They simulate the movement of the chest bench press flat, inclined or declined. They are available with plate and disc towers. There is also the adjustable chest press machine, which allows you to work with various angles of inclination on the same machine.

- Multipower or smith machine: The movement of the bar is guided by rails. You can attach a weight training bench to work the bench press chest in its different inclinations and do other exercises such as squats.

- Pulley crossover machines / pulley towers: They allow to perform the crossover exercise with pectoral cable,in addition to other exercisesfor biceps, triceps and pull-ups back.

- Free weight stands and racks: These allow you to place the barbell for bench presses and other free weight exercises.

- Weight training benches: They can be flat benches or adjustable benches that can be used forare used to work chest press with barbell or dumbbells and openings. The adjustable bench can be usedwith different inclinations.

We sell bodybuilding equipment in Mallorca for gyms professionals and clubs.

Sale of weight machines for legs

Here is allthe range of machines, equipment, racks y banks for the training of legs.They are,mainly for the musclesquadriceps, femoral, gluteus, calf, abductor muscles y adductors. what cheap weight training machines can you buy?:

- Free weight supports and racks: In them, you canthe barbell to perform free weight exercises with the squat.

- Power cages/Free weight racks:They are useful for makingleg squats, in addition to other free-weight movements such as the bench press or the military press. They are used in the training of powerlifting y bodybuilding.

- Multipower or Smith machine: In this machine, the movement of the bar is guided by rails. Here, quad squats and other exercises can be performed.

- Abductor and adductor machines: Normally, the load is selected from a tower of plates. They allow to workthe abductor and adductor muscles. There are also models where you can work theabductors y adductors on the same machine without the need to change machines.

- Cufflink machines: They workwith a tower of plates and allow to make stretching of cufflinks. There are models to work the calf while standing and others to work the calf while seated.

- Twin banks: Normally, they are loaded by weight discs. Use them tostrengthenthe seated twins. There are alsoversions to do the exercise standing.

- Lying femoral machine: It is to perform the following exercise lying femoral curl.These devices can incorporate a tower of plates or be loaded with disks.

- Seated quadriceps extension machine: It is one of the machines used in bodybuilding y bodybuilding.It is verycommon in the gyms. In it, the movement of quadriceps extension. They can be plate or disc loaded.

- Hack squat: This weight training machine simulates the movement of a squat. Mainly works on the quadriceps. Normally, these machines are loaded by discs.

- Incline leg press: This is a general leg strength and muscle mass builder. Primarily, it focuses work on the quadriceps and the buttocks. It is among the best leg strength training equipmentbecause it allows to handle high loads. It is loaded by weight discs.

- Seated femoral curl machine: Works and strengthens the femoral muscles from a seated position. Normally, it is loaded by weight selection on the plate tower.

- Seated quadriceps and femoral curl machine: Combines the quadriceps extension exercise and seated femoral curl in the same machine leg strength training apparatus.

- Horizontal leg press: Here, the leg press movement is performed by pushing in a horizontal direction. It focuses the effort on the quadriceps and the gluteus. It is loaded by means of a weight plate tower.

- Multi-hip machine: It is for gluteal, femoral, hamstring and waist work.

Get your machine bodybuilding in Malaga and start enjoying the training.

comprar maquinas de musculacion en España

Buy cheap weight training machines for arms

They arethemachines y weight benches for the biceps training y triceps:

- Scott Bench: It is to do the exercise of seated barbell curl o curl preacher. It is one of the most common in any gym. Allows to work the biceps.

- Triceps press machine: A pushing movement is made in a vertical direction to strengthen the triceps triceps. It simulates the movement of the bottoms in parallel. Thischeap weight training machine can be plate or disk based.

- Machine biceps curl seated: Simulates a biceps curl. This machine works by pulleys and plate tower.

- Machines with scott bench:Imitates the preacher curl movement for biceps on Scott bench. There is a version with a plate tower and a bench to load discs.

- Pulley towers: There are both individual pulley towers and pulley crossover stations. These gym machines allow you to work biceps and triceps on the pulley.

- Weight benches / adjustable: They are designed to work on biceps and triceps with dumbbells conveniently.

Inexpensive shoulder weight machines

They are different machines and benches to focus the work in the deltoid. We can find the following:

- Straight bench of military press: Allows to make the military press seated and the trasnuca press. These are free weight exercises that strengthen the front and back areas of the shoulder.

- Power cages/free weight racks:They are for making the military press standing. This is one of the most important basic exercises.

- Multipower or Smith machine:With it, you can make military press (front) or trasnuca. The movement of the bar is guided by rails.

- Muscle machine for lateral elevations: Use it forwork the lateral head of the deltoid. These machines are loaded with a tower of plates.

- Shoulder press machine: It is a plate weight training machine that simulates the movement of the military press seated. There is also a disc version.

- Openings / posterior deltoid machine: These are chest openings machines that, in addition, allow you to work the back of the shoulders through the exercise of seated birds.

- Bar supports:They are useful to place a weight training bar and to make military press shoulders.

- Straight or adjustable benches: To perform shoulder presses with barbell or dumbbells.

Muscle building apparatus for back and dorsal muscles

We have a variety of devices y banks for the training of back. .

- Point rowing benches: These benches are loaded with discs andare used to train the dorsal muscles through rowing exercises.

- Buyweight training machine from pull-ups and funds:Accountwith a grip to perform pull-ups.

- High pulley and low pulley machines: These machines allow to make milestones to work the back and seated rowing o gironde.

- Back traction weight machine: It has two movable arms to pull as a plank. They work the bibs. There are versions of this type of machines with plate tower and also for loading with discs.

- Rowing machine with discs: It favors a horizontal traction movement. The exercise is performed seated with the chest resting on a support. It is ideal to achieve thickness, size and strength in the chest back.

- Inversion tables: They are useful for stretching and decompressing the spine.

- Machine pull-ups it is ideal for people who do not yet have sufficient strength to carry out the following tasks pull-ups with its own body weight. This weight training machine buy has a tower of plates that acts as a counterweight and helps to perform pull-ups or funds.

- Pulley crossovers and power cages: They usually incorporate a bar for making pull-ups.

Acquire these fitness machines in Valencia. They are inexpensive and well priced.

Buy other weight training equipment such as benches

We have acomplete section for buy any weight bench / weight training. All types are as follows:

- Banks of bench pressThey are designed to make the bench press with free bar (flat, incline or decline).

- Lumbar hyperextension benches: These are for stretching and working the lower back.

- Scott Bank: For biceps curl sitting on Scott bench.

- Straight bench of military press: Allows you to make military press and shoulder press.

- Basic straight bench: It is a bench with a fixed 90º angle for working shoulders, biceps with a fixed angle dumbbell, etc.

- Adjustable bench: It will help you to perform a wide variety of exercises with barbell and dumbbells with different angles of inclination. For example, bench press, the following exercises can be performed: lunges, lunges, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abdominal crunches, pull over, rowing, etc.

- Flat Bench: It is for exercises such as the bench press flat, openings, abdominal crunches, rowing, pull over...

- Abdominal benches: To perform the classic abdominal exercises shrinkage o crunches for abs.

Cross and pulley weight machines

They are stations that allow you to perform various exercises to chest, biceps, triceps, back, etc. In this section, you can purchase the most complete bodybuilding machine.

- Tower with pulley:To work biceps and triceps.

- Pulley crossover station: You will be able to do cable crossovers for chest, biceps, triceps and triceps pull-ups.There are weight training equipmentof type multistation, which incorporate several positions to train on the same machine. They include high pulley pull-ups, low pulley rowing, etc.

- Multistations:They cover a variety of exercises inthe same machine for a full body workout.

Spare parts, grips and accessories for weight training machines price

- We have spare parts and spare partsfor our weight training machines.

- There are all the grips for weight machines: pull-ups, biceps, triceps, openings, straps, etc.

Visit our online store to buy weight training machines from gym

We have gym machinesand exercise equipment at a competitive price.

Aboutof the sale of bodybuilding equipment

Why buy cheap weight training equipment for gym?

For many years, it was thought that the strength training was only for athletes and advanced exercisers. Nowadays, its popularity is steadily increasing as its benefits are more widely known. Withthe weight training machines for saleand appropriate exercises, it has been shown thattrain thestrength just twice a week changes the look and feel of the body. Benefits include increased metabolism, improved athletic performance and injury prevention.

The first key to successful strength training is to choose the right fitness devicesand learn how to use them correctly. The weight training machines pricesvary quite a bit becauseequipment can come in many forms, ranging from free weights to multi-weightsgyms domestic. In fact, when it comes to strength training, the choices to choose from in thestore of bodybuilding apparatuseswill be endless.However, as you are probably aware, not allweightlifting equipment to buyare the same.

If you're an experienced weightlifter, then you'll know exactly what you're looking for. Ifif you are relatively new to strength training, you may still be unsure of what type of strength training you should be doingweight training equipment and pricesare best for you. Here's a quick guide...

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, today you can enjoy the products from fitness everywhere. The industry has grown a lot and modern machines go everywhere. You can buy online and enjoy weight training machines Valencia. You can also receive your fitness machines in Madrid.

Weight training store with free weights

Most experienced weightlifters prefer free weights such as the dumbbells and disks. Ifif your goal is to build significant muscle mass, free weights are the best choice over free weights bH muscle training equipment, for example. The dumbbells are safer thanbars with discsbecause they allow you to fail most exercises without having to worry about being crushed by a 100 kg weight. One disadvantage of free weights is that certain exercises are difficult to perform. There is nothing you can do with free weights that resembles the effectiveness of a free weight weight training machine to work the large muscles of the back, for example.

Training the legs with weights is also difficult. For this reason, the leg weights are more efficient.Normally, the amount of weight that the legs can bear is high and it is not safe to train without a partner who cansee you.The lack of a training partner is the main problem with working the legs with free weights.

As for theprice, the free weights are more cheaper than the machines fitness bodybuilding. That said, once you've purchased enough discs foroverloadif you add up your largest muscle groups and add the cost of a bench press, there may not be much difference in price in the end.

Stores machines machines bodybuilding Barcelona

With themachines of the gym, if you use a multi-station machine, you can significantly increase your lean muscle mass, strength and tone. You can also use a multi-station or single station machine. Strength machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a workout partner, sinceyou can push yourself to the limit up to reaching failure in each exercise.

Its biggest advantage, however,is the comfort and ease of use - just pull the pin to change the weight. No need to carryheavy disksbetween exercises. And in terms of the space required,both a gym machine and the free-weight material occupy almost the same place.

The only disadvantage is that you will be restrictedto the plane of motion of the device. Think of lifting apair of dumbbells, that fit your physique and your movement pattern. A machine moves in a fixed plane (or planes) of motion, so you have to adapt to it. Secondly, you are limitedon the weight you can lift. If you have been lifting weights for several years and have exceptional strength, stick to free weights.

The power machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a training partner. Alsoallows you to reach failure in every exercise. Its biggest advantage, however, is thatto do with comfort and ease of use.

All you have to do is remove theselector to change the weight. No heavy weights to carry between exercises.In terms of space, both the weight training equipment as the free weight occupy the same space.

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    MÁQUINA DORSAL PALANCA PLATINUM WHX57Excellent. machine traction for training back of the range Platinum. It works with a system of levers unilaterally (each arm separately). You can place the desired weight with disks at each end.Perfect to equip your gym or room fitness.Wait time: 30 days.You're welcome. Easy to ride.

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    MÁQUINA GEMELOS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX59 Great. machine gym to exercise lifting heels Sit. You can place as many disks as you want. It works by lever.From the series Platinum. Best machines for your gym.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome. Easy to ride.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA REMO T PALANCA PLATINUM WHX60 This practice machine to perform back exercises simulates the classic row in bar T. Perfect support and maximum comfort. It works by lever system. The weight is placed on disks.Equip your gym, room fitness or sports center with this Remo machine to train dorsal.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA PRESS INCLINADO PALANCA PLATINUM WHX61 This is one of the gym equipment more used for musculation at the time of training the pectoral. East weight bank Inclined simulates the classic bench press and is very useful for breast training, especially in the part superior.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome. Easy to ride.

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    MÁQUINA REMO T PALANCA PLATINUM WHX62 (SIN APOYO) gymnastics from row to tip that simulates rowing exercise in bar T. It works by lever mechanism and the weight is placed with disks.Serve for exercise back / back. This version does not have chest support, adding some extra difficulty.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome.

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    PRESS VERTICAL PALANCA  A practice machine of press to include in your exercises chest / chest. The vertical press works the pectorals from a different angle than the bench press flat or upper chest bench press breast.Offers a breast training complete including the vertical press on your machines gym or center of fitness.Wait time: 30 days.

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    MÁQUINA PRESS HOMBRO PALANCA PLATINUM WHX64 Simulates the movement of the shoulder press with dumbbells. Each arm of the machine works independently so it gets a comfortable and natural move. Product of our series machines gym Platinum. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA SENTADILLA HACK PALANCA PLATINUM WHX58 This machine leg press vertical that serves to work the quadruple. Platinum series. It works by lever simulating the movement of a seat with weight. The weight is placed with records.TApróx: 30 days. You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA TRICEPS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX65 This is it. press machine imitates the movement of the acquaintances triceps funds in parallels. Include this machine in your gym to expand your repertoire of triceps exercises. Platinum range with lever function. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA ESPALDA SENT PALANCAS PLATINUM WHX66 One machine gym to perform back exercises. This is it. Remo machine with levers mechanism simulates a movement similar to the classic row sitting for back or rowing. It has a comfortable upholstered seat. The weight is placed with disks. Ideal for training dorsal. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 400,00 €
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    MÁQUINA PRENSA PIERNAS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX67 One of the machines indispensable in the gym when working and strengthening the quadruple muscles is undoubtedly the leg press. This Platinum series press machine works by levers, has upholstered seats and will meet 100% of your expectations.Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

    1 995,00 €
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    MÓVIL PLATINUM This is one of the appliances more basic for abdominal exercises. A professional abdominal bench of our Platinum series. Ideal for your gym or sports center. The top of the bank is mobile. Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

    725,00 €
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    BANCO HIPEREXTENSIONS LUMBARES PLATINUM A bank professional tilting to perform hyperextensions and exercise the back. Platinum Gama. Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

    725,00 €
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    PLATINUM BANCO The perfect accessory to work the classic belly shrinkages. A abdominal bench tilted and adjustable in height. For PROFESSIONAL use in gyms. From the range Platinum. Consultation here. the delivery time. You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA DOMINADA / FONDOS / ABDOMINALES PLATINUM Very complete gymnastics. This is it. machine gym multifunction allows you to perform three different exercises: pull-ups, funds in parallels and abdominal abs. Work effectively back, chest, triceps, abdomen.Perfect for professional use in gyms.Wait time: 30 days.

    829,00 €
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    MÁQUINA LUMBARES PLATINUM From our elegant range Platinum. One Professional machine for gymnastics guaranteeing effective and safe training lumbar or lower back zone. The weight is selected by plate column, up to 107 kg.Wait time: 30 days. You're welcome.

    1 590,00 €
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    MÁQUINA GIROS CINTURA PLATINUM One of ours machines gym professional for chore work. A practice spinning machine for waist. Covered. With weight per column plates up to 83 kg. Wait time: 30 days. You're welcome.

    1 590,00 €
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    MÁQUINA DOMINADAS ASISTIDAS / FUNDS / ABDOMINALES PLATINUM This is one of the machines gym more useful. Allows you to do pull-ups assisted. This is perfect for those more beginners who still can't do pull-ups by themselves.In addition, the machine has the option to train funds and abdominal abs. HAY NEW GAMA DISPONIBLE: See here

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    MÁQUINA DE ABDOMINALES PLATINUM This is a gymnastics professional to do abdominal encogiments. It adds resistance to exercise by means of a column with weight plates, up to 107 kg. Upholstered seat. A product of the range Platinum. Wait time: 30 days. You're welcome. 

    1 590,00 €
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    MÁQUINA MULTICADER PLATINUM You can use this machine to train glutes, ischiotyhobials, femorals. Excellent to complete leg training in the gym. The weight of the exercise is selected by weight plates, up to 107 kg. Wait time: 30 days. You're welcome.

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