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We have the sale weight training machines of all kinds,of excellent quality brands at very competitive prices.

Buy our bodybuilding equipment to work abdomen, lumbar, leg, arm, shoulder, pectoral, back, etc. Our online store of bodybuilding machines is very complete. They are thedevices that serve to strengthen the entire musculature of the body.

They can be professionalsMachines with a much more robust structure that allow many users to train intensively throughout the day. They are equipped with gyms/centers of fitness, sports halls, hotels, etc.

They can also be semi-professionalsValid for gyms medium y small. E.g. fire stations, small clubs and associations, small hotels, academies, etc.

Finally, the home weight training machinesare much more economical and are intended for individual use or for use in the family environment. They are weight training machines for training at home. If you are looking for weight training machines stores in Barcelona, we are your site. Do you need bodybuilding equipment in Tenerife? buy them here!

The weight training equipment, the types of these, in turn, can be of various types:

  • There are machines with pulley and plate tower, where the weight/load is selected from a weight plate tower.

  • Machines with pulley and disc holder: The user can freely set the weight by attaching weight discs to the machine.

  • Lever / hammer machines: In these,the weight is moved by pushing or pulling moving mechanical arms. They do not have pulleys. They are loaded with weight discs.

  • Weight training benches: There are a variety of benches to use dumbbells and bars. They can be for bench press (flat, incline or decline), for back rowing, leg rowing or adjustable (to work with different inclinations).

  • The types of machines can be divided according to the part of the body that is worked on each one. Thus, there are individual machines for workingabdomen, waist, lumbar, buttocks, chest, legs, arms, shoulders and back.

  • There are also multi-stations and pulley crossovers. These are larger and more complete machines, which allow you to strengthen several parts of the body at the same station. For example, a pulley crossover allows you to work on pectoral openings, biceps and triceps, and usually incorporates a barbell pull-ups to strengthen the back.

Buy weight training machines

When it comes to visiting our online store of bodybuilding machines, the type of equipment you are going to useyou wishbuy and the use you intend to make of them.

If you are looking for machines for gym for your living room fitness, if you are interested in a sports center or hotel, please visit our section on professional weight training machines.

If you are looking forcheap weight training equipment for a small club or association, or to train at home, please visit our section on home and semi-professional weight training machines.

tiendas de maquinas de musculacion en Madrid, Barcelona y Málaga

Stores of bodybuilding equipment in Madrid

In the online store of bodybuilding machines, we have organized all the devices by categories according to the parts of the body that can be trained on each machine. This will make it much easier for you to find the exercise machines you wantbuy.

Below, you can see the guide according to the area of the body being worked onand descriptions with examples of the devices and benches that you can find in each category. This is the most complete guide to buy weight training machines online!

Tienda maquinas musculacion online: Categories by muscle group

(Note that in the following categories, all the following categories will be included weight training equipment both professionals like domestic and semi-professional. To view these sections separately, please visit:



Knows the weight training machines names before purchasing them. Below you have them all. In our catalog, there is the bH weight training machine fitness.

Weight training machines for abdomen, waist, lumbar and gluteus muscles

We include the devices y banks to train abs:

- Machines for doing abdominal crunches.

- Abdominal benches.

The complete bodybuilding equipment for the work of waistare as follows:

- Waist turning plate machines.

- Benches for waist twists/rotations.

Fitness equipment for the work in the area lumbar o lower back:

- Hyperextension benches.

- Lumbar extension machines.

For gluteal work:

- Multi-hip machines.

- Gluteal kick machines.

- Hyperextension benches.

Chest/pectoral weight machines

These are thebanks of bench press y machines for work of chest. They can be benches and machines for chest press exercises and also for openings and contractions. Let's see some examples:

- Bank bench press flat:It is the most basic for chest training. It allows you to do bench press with bar.

- Bank inclined bench pressIt is a version similar to the previous one but whose inclination allows more emphasis on the work of the upper chest and shoulders. It is ideal for bodybuilders and practitioners of bodybuilding.

- Bank decline bench pressIts angle focuses the effort and work on the lower fibers of the pectoralis.

- Fund machine and pull-ups:This type of structure usually incorporates grips for making pull-ups and also parallel bars for chest work.

- Power cages/free weight racks: Allow the bar to be placed at different heights and to make bench press with free weights. Other exercises can also be performed, such as the squat. They are complete bodybuilding equipment.

- Pectoral contracting machine:It is for isolation work. It is used to give pumping and detail to the muscle by concentrating the effort on the chest. This weight training machine is widely used inthe bodybuilding.

- Vertical press machine:They are usually machines where the load is selected with plates or loaded with weight discs. They allow a pushing movement from a seated position similar to that of the bench press. Suitable for chest and triceps training.

- Pectoralis opening machine: The chest openings are one of the best-known and most widely used isolation exercises in the bodybuilding. They provide separation and detail to the chest. They can also be made seated in machine.

- Fund machine and pull-ups assisted: Its plates act as a counterweight. This machine help to perform chest and pull-ups. These devices are ideal for beginners who do not yet have sufficient strength to perform these exercises.

- Chest press machines: They simulate the movement of the chest bench press flat, inclined or declined. They are available with plate and disc towers. There is also the adjustable chest press machine, which allows you to work with various angles of inclination on the same machine.

- Multipower or smith machine: The movement of the bar is guided by rails. You can attach a weight training bench to work the bench press chest in its different inclinations and do other exercises such as squats.

- Pulley crossover machines / pulley towers: They allow to perform the crossover exercise with pectoral cable,in addition to other exercisesfor biceps, triceps and pull-ups back.

- Free weight stands and racks: These allow you to place the barbell for bench presses and other free weight exercises.

- Weight training benches: They can be flat benches or adjustable benches that can be used forare used to work chest press with barbell or dumbbells and openings. The adjustable bench can be usedwith different inclinations.

We sell bodybuilding equipment in Mallorca for gyms professionals and clubs.

Sale of weight machines for legs

Here is allthe range of machines, equipment, racks y banks for the training of legs.They are,mainly for the musclesquadriceps, femoral, gluteus, calf, abductor muscles y adductors. what cheap weight training machines can you buy?:

- Free weight supports and racks: In them, you canthe barbell to perform free weight exercises with the squat.

- Power cages/Free weight racks:They are useful for makingleg squats, in addition to other free-weight movements such as the bench press or the military press. They are used in the training of powerlifting y bodybuilding.

- Multipower or Smith machine: In this machine, the movement of the bar is guided by rails. Here, quad squats and other exercises can be performed.

- Abductor and adductor machines: Normally, the load is selected from a tower of plates. They allow to workthe abductor and adductor muscles. There are also models where you can work theabductors y adductors on the same machine without the need to change machines.

- Cufflink machines: They workwith a tower of plates and allow to make stretching of cufflinks. There are models to work the calf while standing and others to work the calf while seated.

- Twin banks: Normally, they are loaded by weight discs. Use them tostrengthenthe seated twins. There are alsoversions to do the exercise standing.

- Lying femoral machine: It is to perform the following exercise lying femoral curl.These devices can incorporate a tower of plates or be loaded with disks.

- Seated quadriceps extension machine: It is one of the machines used in bodybuilding y bodybuilding.It is verycommon in the gyms. In it, the movement of quadriceps extension. They can be plate or disc loaded.

- Hack squat: This weight training machine simulates the movement of a squat. Mainly works on the quadriceps. Normally, these machines are loaded by discs.

- Incline leg press: This is a general leg strength and muscle mass builder. Primarily, it focuses work on the quadriceps and the buttocks. It is among the best leg strength training equipmentbecause it allows to handle high loads. It is loaded by weight discs.

- Seated femoral curl machine: Works and strengthens the femoral muscles from a seated position. Normally, it is loaded by weight selection on the plate tower.

- Seated quadriceps and femoral curl machine: Combines the quadriceps extension exercise and seated femoral curl in the same machine leg strength training apparatus.

- Horizontal leg press: Here, the leg press movement is performed by pushing in a horizontal direction. It focuses the effort on the quadriceps and the gluteus. It is loaded by means of a weight plate tower.

- Multi-hip machine: It is for gluteal, femoral, hamstring and waist work.

Get your machine bodybuilding in Malaga and start enjoying the training.

comprar maquinas de musculacion en España

Buy cheap weight training machines for arms

They arethemachines y weight benches for the biceps training y triceps:

- Scott Bench: It is to do the exercise of seated barbell curl o curl preacher. It is one of the most common in any gym. Allows to work the biceps.

- Triceps press machine: A pushing movement is made in a vertical direction to strengthen the triceps triceps. It simulates the movement of the bottoms in parallel. Thischeap weight training machine can be plate or disk based.

- Machine biceps curl seated: Simulates a biceps curl. This machine works by pulleys and plate tower.

- Machines with scott bench:Imitates the preacher curl movement for biceps on Scott bench. There is a version with a plate tower and a bench to load discs.

- Pulley towers: There are both individual pulley towers and pulley crossover stations. These gym machines allow you to work biceps and triceps on the pulley.

- Weight benches / adjustable: They are designed to work on biceps and triceps with dumbbells conveniently.

Inexpensive shoulder weight machines

They are different machines and benches to focus the work in the deltoid. We can find the following:

- Straight bench of military press: Allows to make the military press seated and the trasnuca press. These are free weight exercises that strengthen the front and back areas of the shoulder.

- Power cages/free weight racks:They are for making the military press standing. This is one of the most important basic exercises.

- Multipower or Smith machine:With it, you can make military press (front) or trasnuca. The movement of the bar is guided by rails.

- Muscle machine for lateral elevations: Use it forwork the lateral head of the deltoid. These machines are loaded with a tower of plates.

- Shoulder press machine: It is a plate weight training machine that simulates the movement of the military press seated. There is also a disc version.

- Openings / posterior deltoid machine: These are chest openings machines that, in addition, allow you to work the back of the shoulders through the exercise of seated birds.

- Bar supports:They are useful to place a weight training bar and to make military press shoulders.

- Straight or adjustable benches: To perform shoulder presses with barbell or dumbbells.

Muscle building apparatus for back and dorsal muscles

We have a variety of devices y banks for the training of back. .

- Point rowing benches: These benches are loaded with discs andare used to train the dorsal muscles through rowing exercises.

- Buyweight training machine from pull-ups and funds:Accountwith a grip to perform pull-ups.

- High pulley and low pulley machines: These machines allow to make milestones to work the back and seated rowing o gironde.

- Back traction weight machine: It has two movable arms to pull as a plank. They work the bibs. There are versions of this type of machines with plate tower and also for loading with discs.

- Rowing machine with discs: It favors a horizontal traction movement. The exercise is performed seated with the chest resting on a support. It is ideal to achieve thickness, size and strength in the chest back.

- Inversion tables: They are useful for stretching and decompressing the spine.

- Machine pull-ups it is ideal for people who do not yet have sufficient strength to carry out the following tasks pull-ups with its own body weight. This weight training machine buy has a tower of plates that acts as a counterweight and helps to perform pull-ups or funds.

- Pulley crossovers and power cages: They usually incorporate a bar for making pull-ups.

Acquire these fitness machines in Valencia. They are inexpensive and well priced.

Buy other weight training equipment such as benches

We have acomplete section for buy any weight bench / weight training. All types are as follows:

- Banks of bench pressThey are designed to make the bench press with free bar (flat, incline or decline).

- Lumbar hyperextension benches: These are for stretching and working the lower back.

- Scott Bank: For biceps curl sitting on Scott bench.

- Straight bench of military press: Allows you to make military press and shoulder press.

- Basic straight bench: It is a bench with a fixed 90º angle for working shoulders, biceps with a fixed angle dumbbell, etc.

- Adjustable bench: It will help you to perform a wide variety of exercises with barbell and dumbbells with different angles of inclination. For example, bench press, the following exercises can be performed: lunges, lunges, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abdominal crunches, pull over, rowing, etc.

- Flat Bench: It is for exercises such as the bench press flat, openings, abdominal crunches, rowing, pull over...

- Abdominal benches: To perform the classic abdominal exercises shrinkage o crunches for abs.

Cross and pulley weight machines

They are stations that allow you to perform various exercises to chest, biceps, triceps, back, etc. In this section, you can purchase the most complete bodybuilding machine.

- Tower with pulley:To work biceps and triceps.

- Pulley crossover station: You will be able to do cable crossovers for chest, biceps, triceps and triceps pull-ups.There are weight training equipmentof type multistation, which incorporate several positions to train on the same machine. They include high pulley pull-ups, low pulley rowing, etc.

- Multistations:They cover a variety of exercises inthe same machine for a full body workout.

Spare parts, grips and accessories for weight training machines price

- We have spare parts and spare partsfor our weight training machines.

- There are all the grips for weight machines: pull-ups, biceps, triceps, openings, straps, etc.

Visit our online store to buy weight training machines from gym

We have gym machinesand exercise equipment at a competitive price.

Aboutof the sale of bodybuilding equipment

Why buy cheap weight training equipment for gym?

For many years, it was thought that the strength training was only for athletes and advanced exercisers. Nowadays, its popularity is steadily increasing as its benefits are more widely known. Withthe weight training machines for saleand appropriate exercises, it has been shown thattrain thestrength just twice a week changes the look and feel of the body. Benefits include increased metabolism, improved athletic performance and injury prevention.

The first key to successful strength training is to choose the right fitness devicesand learn how to use them correctly. The weight training machines pricesvary quite a bit becauseequipment can come in many forms, ranging from free weights to multi-weightsgyms domestic. In fact, when it comes to strength training, the choices to choose from in thestore of bodybuilding apparatuseswill be endless.However, as you are probably aware, not allweightlifting equipment to buyare the same.

If you're an experienced weightlifter, then you'll know exactly what you're looking for. Ifif you are relatively new to strength training, you may still be unsure of what type of strength training you should be doingweight training equipment and pricesare best for you. Here's a quick guide...

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, today you can enjoy the products from fitness everywhere. The industry has grown a lot and modern machines go everywhere. You can buy online and enjoy weight training machines Valencia. You can also receive your fitness machines in Madrid.

Weight training store with free weights

Most experienced weightlifters prefer free weights such as the dumbbells and disks. Ifif your goal is to build significant muscle mass, free weights are the best choice over free weights bH muscle training equipment, for example. The dumbbells are safer thanbars with discsbecause they allow you to fail most exercises without having to worry about being crushed by a 100 kg weight. One disadvantage of free weights is that certain exercises are difficult to perform. There is nothing you can do with free weights that resembles the effectiveness of a free weight weight training machine to work the large muscles of the back, for example.

Training the legs with weights is also difficult. For this reason, the leg weights are more efficient.Normally, the amount of weight that the legs can bear is high and it is not safe to train without a partner who cansee you.The lack of a training partner is the main problem with working the legs with free weights.

As for theprice, the free weights are more cheaper than the machines fitness bodybuilding. That said, once you've purchased enough discs foroverloadif you add up your largest muscle groups and add the cost of a bench press, there may not be much difference in price in the end.

Stores machines machines bodybuilding Barcelona

With themachines of the gym, if you use a multi-station machine, you can significantly increase your lean muscle mass, strength and tone. You can also use a multi-station or single station machine. Strength machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a workout partner, sinceyou can push yourself to the limit up to reaching failure in each exercise.

Its biggest advantage, however,is the comfort and ease of use - just pull the pin to change the weight. No need to carryheavy disksbetween exercises. And in terms of the space required,both a gym machine and the free-weight material occupy almost the same place.

The only disadvantage is that you will be restrictedto the plane of motion of the device. Think of lifting apair of dumbbells, that fit your physique and your movement pattern. A machine moves in a fixed plane (or planes) of motion, so you have to adapt to it. Secondly, you are limitedon the weight you can lift. If you have been lifting weights for several years and have exceptional strength, stick to free weights.

The power machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a training partner. Alsoallows you to reach failure in every exercise. Its biggest advantage, however, is thatto do with comfort and ease of use.

All you have to do is remove theselector to change the weight. No heavy weights to carry between exercises.In terms of space, both the weight training equipment as the free weight occupy the same space.

See less


WEIGHT TRAINING MACHINES There are 263 products.







    Professional Bodybuilding Machines for Gyms. In this section of the store you can browse the catalog with all our machines fitness for professional use. The difference of these gymdevices with respect to other models is that they are prepared for intensive use and therefore have greater durability with respect to other exercise machines. These  bodybuilding machines can be installed in a gym, sports center, fitnessrooms, hotels, universities... without losing your full warranty.

    If you currently feel that you need constant physical activity, you are looking for security and elements that are part of a stable and safe place to perform the exercises, perfect. You arrived at the ideal place, in this post you will find alternatives that will make you fall in love every day more than performing exercises and knowing the machines of professional gym. Be part of a healthy community, valuing and esteeming your body.

    Do you know the machines of professional gym ?, they provide us with a convenient firmness when you are carrying weight, which is not diminished by gravity, this grants us to execute a good exercise of strength.  By performing strength exercises we are putting resistance into use to achieve muscle contraction, we increase aerobic endurance, muscle strength and muscle size.

    In the gym there are many machines and devices that will help us strengthen our muscles, we will teach you several of them.

    Professional gym machines at a good price

    Among the machines and devices of gym I invite you to know:

    Adjustable bodybuilding bench from -10º to 90º professional

    The adjustable bodybuilding bench from -10º to 90º professional, is an adjustable weight bench, used in gyms in a professional way, can be declined to -10° to vertical at 90°. This professional gym machine is on sale at 545 €.


    Multi-rack professional squats SMR-1000

    The SMR-1000 Professional squats Multi-rack is a professional gym machine. It includes a safety bracket that adapts to the height, can be used to make squats, bench press and military press, comprises a pull-ups bar and pull-upsbar. This professional gym machine is on sale at around 1800 €.


    Cardio machine for gym

    Professional self-sufficient elliptical bike

    The professional self-sufficient elliptical bike is a professional machine of great effort, recommended for professional use. It provides a perfect biomechanics, with perfect elliptical angle so as not to force the knees. This professional gym machine is on sale around 1395 €.     

     Hydraulic Machine 

     Hydraulic quadriceps/femoral machine

    The hydraulic quadriceps/femoral machine is a machine used for the isolation of the quadriceps and femoral muscles. It performs without plates or discs, through hydraulic tubes. This professional gym machine is on sale for around 1259 €.  

     Multifunctional Machines      

     Fusion-500 Multifunction gym Machine

    The fusion-500 multifunction gym machine is a professional gym machine,  used in the phase of various functions, for a full body workout, 50 exercises are performed. It adds press levers with multi-position grips, has a station for flexion / extension of the leg. This professional gym machine is on sale around 2500 €.                                              

         Banking Machines

     MGYM-100 Lumbar Hyperextension Bank

    The MGYM-100 Lumbar Hyperextension Bank is a professional gym machines,  is efficient and safe for the realization of the lumbar or lower back area. the professional gym machine sells around 450,00 €.

    Inclined bench press of levers

    The Bench Press Inclined Levers is a bench of press used as professional machines for gym, in it you can train the upper part of the pectoral and the shoulders. It is loaded by discs and works with levers. This professional gym machine is on sale around 635 €.






    Domestic bodybuilding machines: these are those bodybuilding devices for home. To install at home and assemble your own gym at home. This fitnessmaterial is more economical than professional exercise machines but do not support intensive use. It is recommended for an individual user or family to exercise regularly at home for a few hours a week.

    Semi-professional bodybuilding machines: these are medium quality machines for exercising. These bodybuilding devices are halfway between domestic and professional material in terms of quality. They are highly recommended for training at home. And they can also give a good result installed in a public center where they will be given a medium and not super intensive use. The difference with professional fitnessmaterial is that the semi-professional has no guarantee if it is installed in public centers. 

    Buy domestic gym machines of all models

    In the catalog of domestic and semi-professional gym machines online you will find all the models. Our ranges of devices cover all the ones you need to set up your own gym at home. Prices according to the market and a fabulous material. At Depor Trainer we have been offering the best product ranges for many years. We are experts in fitness, and that shows in the quality of our brands. 

    What home machines of gym will you find in our store? Domestic abdomen, waist, lumbar and buttock machines.

    • Chest or chest appliances for working at home.
    • Leg machines for domestic fitness .
    • Apparatus and material for training arms.
    • Shoulder machines.
    • Back machines (to set up your gym at home).
    • Domestic bodybuilding benches.
    • Domestic pulley crossings.
    • All grips and accessories for bodybuilding machinery.

    What are the characteristics of home gym machines?

    The domestic gym is the one that is characterized by being located in a non-commercial environment. It can be located in the room of a house, garage, on a porch, attic or basement. One thing is certain about home gyms: they are always there. No matter what external circumstances or pandemics cause commercial gyms to close, you can always continue training at home if you have purchased home gym machines.

    The gym machines for home are an investment; in addition, one that pays for itself soon. If you train a full year with them, you will have already paid for them. In addition, they are cheaper than professional ones. Buying equipment to train at home is always a proper decision, because you never know when your usual gym could close you. 

    Domestic machines are those that allow to train an individual person, a couple, family or a group of friends. They are not made for heavy use. Remember not to install home gym machines in a commercial gym , as they will not resist use. Make prudent use of your home appliances and you can get the most out of them. They are cheaper than those of gyms open to the public, but that is because their material admits a less prolonged use.

    Types of home gym machines that you can find in the store

    • Multistations: They are very complete because with them you can strengthen all the muscles. They include positions and pulleys for chest, back, leg and shoulder exercises. You have them as cheap as with prices from 500 € to 1000 €. A perfect investment. In addition, if you are concerned about the issue of space, with a domestic multistation you have everything in one device.
    • Domestic benches: Such as those of bodybuilding or abdominals. We always recommend not to forget about the free weight. Buy your adjustable bench for home along with a stand, a bar, discs and dumbbells. Some have such cool designs that they come with built-in elastic bands, accessories to work arms and legs, etc.
    • Domestic gym equipment: If you want to buy the multistation, you want to mount something more like a full gym, you have several options of loose domestic gym machines. The quadriceps bench for discs, the transnuca jalón tower and the domesticbench press are very popular. With several machines, a dumbbell and a pull-upsbar, you will have everything you need to maintain a great state of form, and without costing you a lot of money.

    Here you will find cheap home gym machines (chest, legs, arms, shoulders and back) and their respective accessories such as rubbers or cable grips. We also have in promotion pulley crosses for home.

    What are semi-professional gym machines?

    These are devices that offer an intermediate quality between the gym machinery for home and the fully professional gym equipment. Semi-professional machines for gyms can be used in some cases, as long as they are small gyms and without too much influx of public. For example:

    • Police station gyms.
    • Fire station gyms.
    • Neighborhood/small gyms.
    • Small village sports clubs.
    • Pool gyms.
    • Medium/small hotel gym.

    A semi-professional gym machine offers you more robustness and allows a more intensive use than the domestic one. Of course, these machines are as strong and resistant as the high-end professionals; so if it is a gym in a big city where hundreds of people will go daily, they are not recommended. 

    The best thing about a semi-professional gym device is its value for money. So much so that many people opt for these models to mount their minigym at home. If you are going to use your gym to train exclusively with your family member at home, these devices guarantee their quality and duration. In Depor Trainer you will find good brands such as Body Solid, companies specialized in semi-professional fitness material. Check out our catalog of semi-professionals and buy yours; there are from adjustable benches to power cages, multifunction machines and devices such as pull-ups, bottoms, abdominals or shoulders. Buy yours at the best price!

    Tips and recommendations from Depor Trainer regarding home gym equipment

    Perhaps you have already decided to take the step of setting up your own home gym. Congratulations! But you may not have much experience and you still do not fully know what material you need. We are here to help you, so don't worry. In our experience, we have been able to determine what home gym equipment to need to buy so that a person can work their whole body and gain good musculature.

    The following is what we would buy if we had to install a gym in a room or garage:

    - Adjustable support (or cage, failing that): You need this to take out the bar and do exercises such as the squat or the shoulder press, very important.

    - Adjustable bench: Mainly, to do the exercise of bench press in its different variants with inclination. This bench may include some special support to work the legs and abs (there are such models on the market. Take a look.)

    - A pull-upsbar: We consider it important to get one, either door or screwed to the wall or, failing that, the pull-ups machine (if we have the space).

    - Long bar of weights: The classic straight bar is the most basic we should have. It doesn't matter if it's 28, 30 or 50 mm; it depends on what we want to spend. But at least we need a straight bar to make squats, bench press, deadlift and military press.

    - About 100-120 kg in domestic or Olympic weight discs: With this we will have enough to progress and progress. If over time we need more weight (a good sign of progress!), we can acquire more.

    - Dumbbells: The cheapest option is a pair of adjustable dumbbells, which will allow you to add the discs you have purchased for the bar and adjust them in weight as you want. As a more comfortable option for training, you can buy a set of fixed dumbbells of various weights; of course, the price of the material will be higher (although it is worth it if you have room to put them). You decide, but dumbbells are very important! With them you can perform exercises such as bench openings, shoulder press or alternating biceps curl.

    - Multifunction station: There are many models and many brands, so we can not recommend one in particular. See that at least bring equipment to make back pull, chest openings and rowing on low pulley

    What else to buy next to the home gym equipment online?

    The following is more optional, but if you can afford it maybe you could use a floor of rubber slabs for your free weight area (they do not have to be many meters) and a couple of rubber mats to not make noise when dropping the bar on deadlift. 

    The mancuernero can be great if you have opted for a set of fixed dumbbells (not so if you have bought the typical adjustable 10 kg dumbbells that come in a briefcase). A mat of abs, the abdominal wheel, several elastic bands and a pair of kettlebells (5 and 10 kg, for example) may also be recommended for functional exercises.

    If the domestic appliance of gym you have bought does not bring any accessory to train legs, you can buy a quadriceps and femoral bench that works with discs and even a bank of twins.

    So far the recommended household material. With this, we believe that you can train without problems at home and see results in a year. Remember that, in any case, you can ask the DeporTrainer team by chat to advise you. We will help you find the personalized material you need for your training center.

    comprar maquinas domesticas de gimnasio online en España

    Why buy home gym machines?

    For many years it was thought that strength training was only for advanced athletes and exercisers. At present, its popularity is constantly increasing, as its benefits become more widely known. With  domestic gymmachines and proper exercises, strength training has been shown to performed only twice a week to change the look and feel of the body. Benefits include increased metabolism, improved athletic performance, and injury prevention. The first key to successful strength training is choosing the right home gym machines to you and learn how to use them correctly. Weightlifting equipment comes in many forms, from free weights to multigymfor the house. In fact, when it comes to strength training, your options for exercise equipment are endless. But as you probably know, not all weightlifting machines are created equal. If you are an experienced weightlifter, then you will know exactly what you are looking for. If you're relatively new to strength training, you may still not be sure what kind of equipment fitness is best for you. Here's a quick guide...

    Free weights to exercise at home

    Most experienced weightlifters prefer free weights such as dumbbells and bars. If your goal is to build significant muscle mass, free weights are the best option. The dumbbells are safer than the bars because they can cause to fail in most exercises without you having to worry about being crushed by a weight of 120 kg. A disadvantage of free weight is that certain exercises are difficult to perform. There are exercises that are impossible to do with free weights, such as pulls to work the large muscles of the back, for example. Working your legs is also difficult. This is because the amount of weight your legs can support is normally more than you can safely lift. Of course, if you don't have a partner to keep an eye on you, the free weight is a disadvantage. In terms of price, free weights are cheaper than domestic gym machines. That said, once you've bought enough discs to stimulate your larger muscle groups well, you'll have to add up the cost of a weight-lifting bench, and then there won't be much difference in pricing.

    Household gym machines

    Like professional gym machines, with domestic machines you can significantly increase your lean muscle mass, strength and tone. For this you can use a domestic multistation or a multifunction machine for home. bodybuilding machines are much safer than free weights, especially if you don't have a training partner, as you can reach failure in each exercise without problems. Its biggest advantage, however, is comfort and ease of use. Just move the selector to change the weight. In most models, you don't have to carry heavy weights to move from one series to another. And in terms of space required, there is little to differentiate between home gym equipment and free weight. The only downside is that with machines you're a bit restricted in terms of range of motion. The dumbbells fit your physique and movement pattern. A machine moves in a fixed plane (or planes) of motion, so you have to adapt to it yourself. Secondly, you are limited in terms of the weight you can lift. If you have been lifting weights for several years and have exceptional strength, stick to free weights.

    Home gym or disk machines?

    We have both versions, so look at the catalog and choose the one that suits you best. We are going to explain the differences, the pros and cons.

    • Machines for domestic plate gym: They are those that have a tower of plates (normally about 50 - 100 kg without are domestic). Its biggest advantage is how quickly you can change weight in each set or exercise. The disadvantage is that they are somewhat limited. Advanced athletes with a lot of strength will not be able to put more weight than the tower has at most. When to buy it?  When looking for a comfortable or intuitive workout, if you are a beginner, you are just looking to keep the shape a little, etc.
    • Domestic gym machines for discs: You will differentiate these machines because they have supports for the placement of discs. You will have to load and unload the weights, in this case; but if the machine is of good quality, it will be able to withstand much more load. This means that it guarantees you more intense workouts. When to buy it? Well, they are an excellent option if you have already bought several discs for your bar. You can also use them in your bodybuilding machines for discs. This way you will make better use of all the material. 

    What about home cardio machines?

    If in addition to strength exercises, you want to add a device to do cardio on those rainy or cold days, this will only mean a small extra investment. There are treadmills for the home for about 300 €, so there are always cheap options. It will be the final point to complete your gym at home. Let's see what options there are in terms of home cardio machines and why elegri each:

    • Exercise bike: It is the one that takes up less space and the cheapest. It fulfills its function of making you sweat a little, so choose it if you lack space or are looking for the most economical.
    • Domestic treadmill: Here there are several price ranges depending on the performance, but they usually cost a little more than stationary bikes. Do you want to simulate a real run or walk while watching TV or listening to music? It is worth the investment in this machine. Finish your bodybuilding session with about 20 minutes jogging on the treadmill.
    • Ellipticals or crosstrainers: For those looking for something different. They simulate the movement of climbing a step or taking a long stride. You may be interested in one of these devices.
    • Rowing: Oars for cardiovascular exercise can be water or electric. In addition to helping you strengthen your heart, rowing works on various muscles such as those of the arms and back. When to buy it? Well, if you have not chosen any back machine for your home gym, perhaps you can work the dorsal muscles with this device (while doing cardio).

    These are our tips and everything we have for you at Depor Trainer. Now, take a look at our extensive online catalog of the home gym machine and semi-professional machines for gyms. We are sure that, among so many options, you will find your own! Good luck and let's train!

  • ABDOMEN - WAIST -...

    Machines for gym professionals for training the abdomen, waist, lumbar and gluteus muscles.

    In this section you can buy a bank for abs o lumbar, a machine to train buttocks, among others.

    Online store to buy all your abdominal machines

    We bring you our complete section ofabdominal machines for gym. They have different prices and features: low-cost, high-end, for gym, domestic, semi-professional... These are all the ones in the store, regardless of their use or ranges. For specific sections, see domestic-semi-professional and professional.

    What will I find in this online sales area?

    • Abdominal banks.
    • Hyperextension benches.
    • Roman chairs.
    • Shrinking machines.
    • Crunching apparatus.
    • Waist and abdominal plate-loading devices.
    • Stations for leg lifts.

    Making movementsbasic abdominal exercise machines can help beginners become strong enough to do the exercises they need body weight exercises correctly on your own. To work and sculpt your six pack,the assistance of an abdominal machine can make your trainingof the core a little more challenging and a lot more fun.

    A machine to work withyour abdomenis useful for amplifying the workout, so you can continue to strengthen that core effectively through crunches, squats and planks. All these movements are perfect for your core or abdominal workout.

    Asometimes it is necessary toturn around thethe routine to maintainmusclesin tension andachieve a hard work of the middle section.The use of abdominal applianceswill help you achieve this.

    Benefits of purchasing our abdominal appliances

    The abdominal apparatusand the machinesto work abdomen are excellent tools to ensure that the right muscles are exercised to greater effect. They provide a full range of motion and ensure that eachexercise is carried out to its full potential, minimizing the effect of badways. Wearing an abdominal brace is more comfortable than doing thestandard sit-ups on the floor.The devices are easy to use, they are not difficult toinstall andare the preferred option for many users of the gym.

    • Remember, there is no such thing astummy tuck machines reduce fat of the midsection is possible with a proper hypocaloric diet. However, our devices will help you maintain a strong abdomen and improve your posture. Use them and strengthen your core so that, when you remove the fat, you will have fully visible and beautiful abs.
    • For thetummy tuck machines price depends on the range and the function of the device. A plate station is not the same as a plate station for a gym professional than a basic bench for performing crunches at home. The good thing is that you have a wide range of options and prices to choose the right abdominal product for you.
    • Theabdomen working machines have a large benefit, the fact is that with them any core exercise is much easier to do. Whether shrugs, leg lifts, twists, crunches..., you will notice that with the machines it is much easier to do them than with the simple weight of the body. The products are therefore suitable for beginners, initiates, people undergoing rehabilitation, etc.
    • Some models are not only valid for training the abdominal core, but they can also be used to exercise other muscle groups. This is the case of theabdominal and gluteal exercise machines. Here you will see them for sale, cheap and, in addition, of quality. They allow you to save money, as they are devices that offer you several exercises in one.

    FAQ: Common questions and answers that every retailer needs to knowabdominal machine leader must solve

    Can you usebelly slimming machines to remove belly fat?

    To burn belly or belly fat, you have to follow a hypocaloric diet suitable to your complexion, metabolism and weight. You can follow many interesting articles on the DeporTrainer blog where we help you to achieve this. In reality, theabdominal exercise machines serve to strengthen it, and are especially useful when you are starting out, are untrained or have not yet learned to do abdominal exercises well with your weight. Ideally, you should combine exercise and diet. You need to follow a regimen with sufficient protein and nutrients and low in calories. This is the only way to achieve the visual results you expect.

    What is the best machine for abs and glutes?

    Honestly, there is no single, unchangeable answer. The best machine will depend on the user's preferences and even body morphology. Some people are more comfortable on some machines than others. If we had to choose one of them, we would recommend the station for funds, pull-ups and abdominals. Surely you've seen it in gyms. It consists of supports that keep it standing on the floor and has a high backrest with armrests. This apparatus normally allows you to do at least three exercises in one: it has someparallel barsto do chest pull-ups, a high barbell of pull-ups (which may include different grips) and a padded backrest with armrests. If we place our back against the backrest of the machine, with our forearms resting on the armrests, we can do the abdominal knee raises exercise. It is one of the most effective to work the abdomen with our weight; in addition, by raising the legs, we also work the buttocks. We can even use a ballasted ankle brace to make more strength with the buttocks.

    Another really effective device is the hyperextension bench. It is mainly used to work the lower back or lumbar area; however, if you place your hands together behind your back (instead of on your chest) when performing the movement, you will have more impact on the gluteus.

    What is the best machine for abs and glutes?We believe these two are among the best. They are also available in professional and home versions.

    What about the abdominal machine price?

    The prices of tumbling machines depend on the complexity of the device and, of course, on whether the material is for professional or domestic use. You can find home abdominal benches for about 100 to 200 € (domestic material) and fund stations, pull-ups and abs for about 500 € (the ones we have told you about). They would be the cheapest tummy tuck machines.

    A professional abdominal bench could cost about 400-500 €. It is because it is built in a strong steel structure to withstand the continued use of people in a gym.

    Are these machines useful to reduce waist and abdomen?

    We say the same as for the question "are there machines for slimming the abdomen?". The only effective way to reduce your waist and abdomen is to follow a proper diet for that purpose. This diet will have to be prepared by a nutritionist, according to your age, weight, metabolism, food preferences, etc.

    A cheap abdominal machines will help you strengthen your core at home. And believe us, they are exercises that are very good for improving posture. But there is no such thing as a machine to reduce the waist and abdomen. For that you have to do a hypocaloric diet and lose fat little by little.

    What abdominal exercises can I do to strengthen my abdomen?

    You have the shrugs, leg or knee raises, medicine ball exercises, the plank.... There is an infinite number of options. We recommendsee our complete post hereon the abdomen. It is a guide with the best exercises for the abdomen without machines and also with the best exercises for the abdomen without machines apparatus for effortless abdominal exercises. Plus, we discuss what you should do to get rid of body fat around your waist - check it out!

    What are the devicesfor abdomen and waist?

    The core abdominal muscle is made up of different parts: it includes the well-known "six pack" and the obliques. In order to do a complete core workout, many people also want to buy the waist braces, don't worry, if you were one of them, here you will find the best way to work the obliques:

    • Waist exercise machines.
    • Waist lifters.
    • Devices that allow you to exercise your abdomen and waist (the two parts in one).
    • Medicine balls.

    Do you want to know ways to work and strengthen the waist with machines and equipment? Would you like to purchase waist lifters? read on and check out the options!

    Simple Waist Twisting Machines

    They consist of a rotating disk and a handle for the arms. Normally they do not have weight incorporated (neither discs nor plates). You stand on the disk (standing or sitting, depending on the model of the device) and dowaist twists in a controlled manner in order to strengthen the oblique abdominals. You can use it bodybuilders, the program is available for initiates, initiates, men, women and people of any age in general.

    maquina para hacer giros de cintura

    Waistband machines with plates

    These are usually professional and for the gym. This machine has a rotating seat, on which the person sits. He has to make waist turns but, on this occasion, he will have to overcome the resistance of the weight. The load is chosen from a tower of plates by means of a selector. It is very comfortable. Of course, expect the quality and price of professional equipment designed for intensive use.

    Here you have a example of these waist machines:

    maquina profesional para hacer giros de cintura

    A basic abdominal bench is also a device for abdomen and waist

    That's right. This bank will allow you to doing shrugs for the obliques.Stand on it and, when you raise the trunk, make a left or right turn to work your waist. This is another highly recommended option.

    banco para hacer cintura

    Working the waist and obliques with a medicine ball

    This is yet another recommendation. If you have a medicine ball, sit on the floor, grab it with your hands and twist your waist from left to right. You can complicate this exercise by keeping your knees up and your feet off the ground during the execution. You can also use the basic abdominal bench that we have recommended before to do medicine ball twists. It is very effective. You can also use a weights.

    balón medicinal para ejercitar la cintura

    As you have seen, when it comes to waist braces, you have very interesting options. Some are as basic and inexpensive as the ball, and others are more sophisticated with the professional waist machines. The best thing to do is to take a look at our catalog and decide for yourself what you want to buy waist exercise machines are better for you, as there are prices for all budgets.

    We are a online store for buy abdominal, waist, lumbar and gluteus machines. Let's keep watching material.

    Catalog of the lumbar machine selected by our experts

    Here you will not only find the best abdominal toning apparatus, but we also have the best machines to exercise the lumbar spine. In our lumbar machine store, you will find all the options you need. Here you can buy your lumbar brace at a good price. We offer both domestic and professional options. We have cheap gym lumbar support machines and high-end.

    The lower back is one of the most important parts. Why train the lower back?Basically, to compensate for the abdominal work you do. If you only train abdominal exercises, and neglect your lower back, you will cause a muscular imbalance. In addition, aesthetically you will not look very good, because a weak lower back leads to a bulging "belly". For every abdominal exercise you do, you should also do an abdominal exercise lumbar. Strengthening the lower back will also help you avoid future injuries in compound exercises such as deadlift, , bench press, , squats, rowing or military press, among others. A strong lower back is health, so use the lumbar machine to buy and exercise it.

    The most effective lumbar machine for gym

    The lumbar apparatus most effective is thebank of hyperextensions o roman chair. We will explain the basics of the exercise and the characteristics of the device.

    ObjectivesLower back muscles

    Equipment required: Lower back extension machine or Roman chair

    Level: Beginner

    The lumbar traction device or the low back Roman chair are used for an isolation exercise that aims to work on the muscles of the lower back, mainly the spinal erectors. Seeplace the heels locked under a pad or roller;the body is supported on another cushion while theis upside down. This makes it easier to bend at the waist.

    The exercise requires you to bend at the waist and a little at the hips, lowering the torso until approximately the top and bottom of the body form a right angle. The lumbar extension is usually performed as a body weight exercise,and is usedonly the upper part of the body for loading. The use of the lower back extension machine is controversial, as poor technique can lead to injury. It can be part of a strengthening program if proper exercise form is used.

    Benefits of the lumbar brace

    Back extensions are performed when the patient wants to strengthening the lower back. They complement abdominal exercises by providing an inverse or antagonistic movement of the abdominal musclescore compared to abdominals.

    Thelumbar stretching deviceis forthe spinal erectors, which are three muscles: the lumbar iliocostalis, the longissimus thoracis and the spinalis. This set of muscles is located in a groove along the spine. These muscles extend the lumbar spine. The synergistic muscles used in the extension of the back are the gluteus the hamstrings and the adductor magnus. The stabilizing muscles used are those of the back, shoulders and neck: biceps, triceps, dorsals, deltoids, trapezius, pectorals and rhomboids.

    These muscles are used whenever an object is lifted off the ground. They are also key muscles for maintaining a good posture.

    banco para lumbares

    Step-by-step instructions for lumbar strengthening device

    Adjusts the back extension machine so that your feet fit welldreamsunder the pads. You must ensure a good fit so thathold firmly as you begin the flexion at the hips. Place the lower part ofyour body along the large pad provided for this purpose.Your body must be sufficiently advanced to be able to flex the upper part of the body almost at right angles. Cross your arms under your chest (note: if you place them behind your back, they will work your arms more gluteus and femoral muscles).

    • Support your abdominals while keeping your arms crossed and your body horizontal. Make sure your ankles are anchored.
    • Slowly bend at the waist until the upper part of the body is at a comfortable level 90 degreeswith the lower back. Avoid arching your lower back and tighten the buttocks at the top.
    • Extend yourselfto the starting position and stretch slightly upward so that the back is in hyperextension. Avoid arching the lower back and squeeze the glutes at the top.

    Try doing three sets of five repetitions -more or less, depending on the condition and strength of your back and abdominal muscles.

    Common mistakes when using the gym lumbar machine

    A bad technique can lead to injury when you use a lower back extension machine. Avoidthe following errors in the hyperextension bench.

    1. Too fast and too abruptYou must keep your movement slow and controlled. Do not bounce or jerk. If you go too fast or make sudden movements, you may strain your back muscles or compress the discs.
    2. HyperextensionExtend only until your back is at the level of your thighs. Do not overextend your back.
    3. Too much weightIt is safest to perform it with body weight only. If you add weights, select a light weight.
    4. Training volume too high

    Keep training volume low, e.g., no more than 10 repetitions for two sets.

    Modifications and variations when using the lumbar machine or Roman chair

    The exercise ofhyperextension of the back on a machine can be performed in different ways to adapt it to your needsyour level of fitness.

    Need a modification?

    Manytrainers steer their clients away from the lower back extension machine because they believe it is not worth using it for an isolation exercise. Instead, they prefer compound or functional exercises, such as the squats, and stiff-legged lifts to improve the performance of strengthening the lower back.

    Up for a challenge?

    Add a weight held on the chest, as a dumbbell or a disk; thiscan provide a additional work. You can also hold a barbell behind your neck. However, the additional weight carries a higher risk of injury and should onlyuse with caution.

    Safety and precautions when using a lumbar brace

    Do not use the back extension machine low if you have a herniated disc. If you have any back problems, talk to your doctor or physical therapist to see if this exercise is appropriate. The muscle involvement is the same as lifting a heavy object off the floor. If you have been instructed to restrict this type of activity, you should not use this machine. A criticism of the extension machinelumbar is that it isolates the muscles of the lower back too much, so the other muscles do not help protect the back sufficiently. If you feel any pain or discomfort in your back while doing this exercise, stop doing it for a while.

    Try it! Purchase a lumbar support device and incorporate this and similar movements into your training.

    Buy machine to lift buttocks and train legs

    We have seen that with the lower back hyperextension device can be working the buttocks. But there are also other specific machines for this part of the body. The multi-hip apparatus is a clear example of this. It is found in almost all gyms and allows you to do a very effective exercise for the isolation of the buttocks.

    Thanks to our extensive catalog, you will be able to get all the equipment you need to work on your abdomen, waist, lumbar and gluteus muscles. We have cheap machines and devices for professional, semi-professional and domestic use. We have solutions for your gym check it out!

    Best machines for abdomen, obliques, lower back and gluteus muscles

    In Depor Trainer you will find the abdominal exercise machines and many others. The market-leading abdominal machine what does the price of the abdominal machine depend on? On several variables: the complexity of the device, the range, the material it is made of, the brand...

    If you want to buy abdominal gym equipment, we have just what you need. Shall we review the machines that can be used for each body part and the ranges?

    Different types of gym equipment

    • Abdominal equipment for the gymThe abdominal bench (which can be basic or mobile), the abdominal crunch machine (with plates or weighted discs), the station for parallel plank dipsor the abdominal wheel.
    • Waist machines: Body weight waist twisting device, abdominal bench to work obliques, abdominal bench to work obliquesor loading machine with plates to make waist turns.
    • Low back apparatusHere we would have the lumbar bench, the lumbar extension machine and the Roman chair.
    • Buttocks Exercise MachineAgain, we have the lumbar bench, the station of funds or the multi-hip machine.

    Our ranges

    • Professional machines for abdomen, obliques, lower back and gluteus musclesThey have a robust structure that is usually made of steel. They are also usually plate-loading devices. They are suitable equipment for gyms, hotels, sports centers, pavilions and associations. Do you need to equip a gym martial arts? this is your material! Professional equipment is durable, designed to be used by many people and resistant to shocks and breakdowns.
    • Semi-professional abdominal, waist, lumbar and gluteal machines: These are the machines of mid-range. They are an intermediate step between the professional and the domestic ones. They serve perfectly as home abdominal equipment. They are cheaper than the professional ones, although their material is not as resistant. Semi-professional machines can be installed in a gym a small neighborhood, a police or fire station, or an association with a small number of people. You should, however, check the manufacturer's warranties to see if you will be able to use itcovers damages in a public place.
    • Home tummy tuck machines and home gluteus, lumbar and waist machinesHome training equipment is the cheapest, but it is only intended for use by a single person or, at most, a family. It should not be used in facilities open to the public, as it will break down. There are good options and prices, but remember to use these products only for training at home.

    What types of buttock machines to buy in an online store?

    If you are also looking for gym for glutes and legs, we are going to give you our recommendations. At DeporTrainer, since we are experts in fitness, we know what are the types of gluteus lifting machine most common. Don't forget the glutes. Not only are they an aesthetic part when well exercised, but they also provide you with strength and balance. Nobodybuilder professional forgets to work the gluteus.

    The multi-hip apparatus

    Basically, it consists of a roller to push it with the legs. Generally, it is a machine with a tower of plates to select the load. The muscles that are worked with the multi-hip machine are the gluteus, adductors, abductors and femoral muscles.

    This legs and buttocks machine is usually professional and is found in gyms.

    aparato de gluteos multicadera

    Lumbar hyperextensions

    It's very simple, stand on the lumbar bench but place your hands together behind your back and touching the intersection between your lower back and buttock. Perform the exercise as you normally would, slowly lowering your torso to form a 90° angle. If you do it with your hands behind your back, you will have more of an impact on the femoral and gluteal muscles. very effective! You can already see that the lumbar benches can be used as a gluteal machine.

    Funding station, pull-ups and abdominal work

    It is one of the machines for gluteus, legs and abdomen. Position yourself on the backrest and perform the leg or knee raises exercise. Yes, we know it's for the abdomen, but this move will also exercise and strengthen your gluteus. This station can become the buttock lifting device you need.

    aparato levanta gluteos

    Hip thrust to work the buttocks

    Another way to do gluteus is to use a basic abdominal flat bench to perform the famous "gluteus" exercise hip thrust or hip raise. Place your upper back on the bench, extend your body (which should be in the air) and fix your feet firmly on the floor. Hold a barbell on your thighs, take a breath and lower your buttocks to the floor, then, with an energetic movement of the hips, raise the bar again and release the air. Squeeze the glute throughout the movement and you'll feel the work. You can add more weight to complicate this exercise. Remember that you can also buy a buttocks brace from gym that mimics the movement of the hip thrusts.

    hip thrust para entrenar el glúteo

    Final recommendations for gluteal training

    It is possible for you to lift weights in the gym with the gluteus lift machineto build muscle, but you must complement that workout routine with cardiovascular exercises. Glute activation exercises help you build your body's muscles through proper movement. Cardio is great for burning fat, and low resistance training can help you build muscle toning the buttocks. However, what are the best cardio machines for gluteal activation?

    Can cardio strengthen the buttocks?

    Yes, cardio exercises help to increase the heart rate in order toimprove fat burning, as does weight lifting. However, cardiocan be done through high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or lower impact training; but which one is best for the gluteal activation with cardio? Targeted cardio training can activate the whole body, not only legs and buttocks. As with many different workout routines with exercise machines for legs, buttocks and abdomen, which are used for the activation of the gluteus maximus, you may not realize it butif you do some of your favorite exercisesyou will focus thework inyour buttocks.

    Most HIIT workouts focus on strength training exercises that will help you to maximizing the buttocks. When you go to the gym, there are a couple of cardio machines or cardio exercises that can activate your lower body with resistance.So, cardio machines can also be used as glute machines. It would be best if you choose workouts that work all parts of the glutes and focus on muscle building; so what are the best cardio machines for glute activation?

    Well, you have several machines of gym and legs, which, in principle, are designed to be designed for cardio. To give you some examples, the stair machines, the stationary bicycles and the elliptical can be an effective gluteal apparatus.

    The gluteal step apparatus can also be a good option. As you can see, you have at your disposal a wide range of apparatus for buttocks and legs. Depor Trainer offers you abdomen working equipment at a low price excellent. Check out all the options and promotions from the vendors. This complete marketplace will help you to equip any gym commercial or domestic. We are backed by our years of experience in working with the following companies exercise machines for legs, gluteus and abdomen. We have everything you need in machines for legs and buttocks at home.

    What will you find in Depor Trainer?

    Enjoy the best prices, fully online shopping, fast shipping, warranties and a wide variety of appliances of all ranges. Remember: there are no abdominal and waist reduction devices no tummy slimming devices or tummy tuckers. It's all a matter of diet, perseverance and sacrifice. But our machines will help you achieve your goal of toning your abs and other parts of the body. Are you looking for leg and buttocks machines at home? Sure we have them. Do you need abdominal equipment to equip your commercial gym? They are here! We are the most complete store in Spain for buy abdominal, waist, lumbar and gluteus machines.


    All our machines for chest training. Here you will be able to buy from a weight bench for bench press to the machines contractor and pulley machines for pectorals. Gym equipment of excellent quality to train pectorals.

  • LEGS

    Section with the best professional gym machines to train legs. Here you can buy your equipment from gym to train your quadriceps, femoral, calf muscles...

    The lower body is one of the strongest areas of the body and requires an intense workout to stimulate it. Exercise it with machines of the best ranges.

  • ARMS

    Professionalgym equipment for arm training. Here you will find machines for biceps and triceps such as: the scott bench, pulleys, cable crossover towers, etc.

    A complete catalog to equip your gym with the right equipment to train your arms properly.


    gym machinesfocused on shoulder exercises. Among them you will find machines for lifts, military presses, openings, etc.

    Totally professional.

  • BACK

    All in sale of machines for gym to work the back / dorsal. Apparatus for pull-ups, rowing benches, pulleys, traction machines, etc.. Train your back with our range of professional machines for gym.


    All weight training benches. For chest, shoulders, abs, etc. training.

    In this section you can buy a bench bench press, military press, hyperextensions ... among others.

    We also have adjustable benches. Benches of gym of excellent quality.


    These machines from gym include: pulley crossovers, towers, multifunction stations, etc.

    Complete professional range gym stations.


    All the grips for the pulleys of your gym machines as well as various spare parts for weight training equipment.

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    MÁQUINA REMO T PALANCA PLATINUM WHX62 (SIN APOYO) gymnastics from row to tip that simulates rowing exercise in bar T. It works by lever mechanism and the weight is placed with disks.Serve for exercise back / back. This version does not have chest support, adding some extra difficulty.Approx time: 30 days. You're welcome.

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    PRESS VERTICAL PALANCA  A practice machine of press to include in your exercises chest / chest. The vertical press works the pectorals from a different angle than the bench press flat or upper chest bench press breast.Offers a breast training complete including the vertical press on your machines gym or center of fitness.Wait time: 30 days.

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    MÁQUINA PRESS HOMBRO PALANCA PLATINUM WHX64 Simulates the movement of the shoulder press with dumbbells. Each arm of the machine works independently so it gets a comfortable and natural move. Product of our series machines gym Platinum. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA SENTADILLA HACK PALANCA PLATINUM WHX58 This machine leg press vertical that serves to work the quadruple. Platinum series. It works by lever simulating the movement of a seat with weight. The weight is placed with records.TApróx: 30 days. You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA TRICEPS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX65 This is it. press machine imitates the movement of the acquaintances triceps funds in parallels. Include this machine in your gym to expand your repertoire of triceps exercises. Platinum range with lever function. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA ESPALDA SENT PALANCAS PLATINUM WHX66 One machine gym to perform back exercises. This is it. Remo machine with levers mechanism simulates a movement similar to the classic row sitting for back or rowing. It has a comfortable upholstered seat. The weight is placed with disks. Ideal for training dorsal. Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA PRENSA PIERNAS PALANCA PLATINUM WHX67 One of the machines indispensable in the gym when working and strengthening the quadruple muscles is undoubtedly the leg press. This Platinum series press machine works by levers, has upholstered seats and will meet 100% of your expectations.Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

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    MÓVIL PLATINUM This is one of the appliances more basic for abdominal exercises. A professional abdominal bench of our Platinum series. Ideal for your gym or sports center. The top of the bank is mobile. Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

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