The multi-stations or multi-function machines from gym are excellent machines that allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises.

You can buy a multistation to equip your professionalgym or also to have your own gym at home. It's worth the price for the wide variety of exercises you can do. You will have your own gym for many years to come.

Why buy a multi-station from gym

The multi-station is the latest in space-saving fitness technology. It is a machine that includes several exercises in the same machine. Multistations are very popular among people who want to train at home, although there is also a professional multistation for gyms. There are several types: cheap, high-end, with a built-in plate tower, for discs...

The best thing about buying a multi station gym is that you will save space. Instead of having a machine from gym for each exercise taking up space, you will only need one station to do it all. It is a product recommended for those who want to stay in shape at any age, or for those who already have their own gym set up and want to complement it with a machine that allows them to work the whole body. And that is another of the main advantages: a multi-station gym, normally, will allow you to train all the main muscles of your body. With these machines you will be able to work pectoral, arms, abdomen, legs, back and shoulders.

  • The multi station machine is a great investment. Pay once and get a gym for life.
  • You save money. No more periodic payments to gym. When you buy a cheap gym multistation machine online, you can train for free forever at home.
  • Socialize with your friends. You can meet several people to use the multi station together and make your workout more fun.
  • all in one! One machine for all the exercises you want to do. Work chest, arms, back, legs...
  • Save space. Find a place in your garage or room to put the machine, and the whole gym will always be there. If you buy a good all-around weight training multi-station, you won't have to invest more money in other machines.
  • Use it to get in shape or give your workout the intensity you need. There are some very basic machines and other professional multi-stations, which are for workouts as intense as the ones you would do in a commercial gym.

The best thing about a multistation is the variety and the price

This advantage deserves a separate mention. In the market you have as many multistations to buy as there are user preferences. This means that you can customize your purchase according to the requirements you want for your multi-station. Since there are so many options, you are sure to find yours.

For example, some people may want a station with a quad and bar attachment for pull-ups; while another user may be looking for a station that allows them to load discs for chest presses and back pull-ups. You decide which exercises are most important to you and look for a multi-station that meets your needs in this catalog. In Depor Trainer you will have an extensive online catalog where you can compare the best multistations fitness online. Here you will see the most recognized brands, such as Adidas y Body Solid. Choose your requirements, compare accessories and prices, and buy yours. We offer the best sellers, manufacturers and brands.

There are several types of multistation bodybuilding - online guide

There are customers who prefer a fixed plate tower, for convenience, and others who want the multi-station to allow the loading of weight discs (which can be standard or Olympic). You should also know that there are weight training stations on the market that combine both loading systems: by plate tower and discs. Let's see what each one looks like.

Plate Tower Multistations

Multiestación de gym con torre de placas

The plate tower is very common in the home multistation. The machine comes standard with a weight tower (for example, 50 kg, 100 kg, 120 kg ...) and, using a selector, you choose the weight to use in the series. Normally, the weight jumps go from 5 to 5 kg (each plate weighs 5 kg). Like everything, this type of multistation gym has some advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages: Greater convenience. It is obvious that changing the weight selector on the tower is effortless. You can easily change the weight of the set. That makes this weight training multistation the most comfortable and all-around version.
  • Disadvantages: What happens is that the plate-loaded gym multi-station is somewhat limited. The maximum weight you can use for the exercises is the weight of the plate tower, which in some models is not much. And with some brands, getting extra plates can be difficult. If you're an experienced athlete looking for high intensity, you'll need to make sure your multi-station machine has enough weight for you; or that you can purchase more plates from the manufacturer if you need to add more pounds in the future.

Disc Multistation Machines

máquina multiestación para ponerle discos de pesas

These multistation machines are those that do not come with a tower of plates as standard. Instead, they come with supports for you to place your weight discs on. The discs you put on them will be the weight you will use in the different exercises such as the chest press or the dorsal pull-ups. Take a good look at the disc diameters that support the multi-station machines you are interested in. This is so that there are no surprises, since some stations are only suitable for 28 mm discs, others for 30 mm discs, and certain models for 50 mm Olympic discs. Some weight stations, such as those from Body Solid, can be purchased with adapters for different disc diameters, so you can use 30 mm or 50 mm discs on the same machine.

  • Advantages: It depends on the endurance of the model to buy, but generally they give more play when it comes to putting weight. You can load much more weight, because you can add more discs if you need more load in the exercise. For example, buying an Adidas multi station for discs may be the best option for advanced bodybuilding athletes. The ability to load heavier weights gives more intensity and resistance to the workout.
  • Cons: Keep in mind that, especially at home, some users may find it cumbersome to have to load and unload the machine between sets (or every time they go to train or finish). People who are just looking to maintain fitness or who are not going to do very intense workouts may not find the disc option as interesting.

Multistation weight machines for discs and with plate tower

máquina musculación multiestación para discos y torre de placas

Finally, we also have this version, which is the multi-station weight machines that incorporate a tower of plates and also allow the loading of discs. Of course, this is the most complete type of multi-station fitness and to which we can place more weight. You can comfortably select the weight you want from the tower of plates, and if you need even more, you only have to place the extra weight in weight discs.

  • Advantages: The best and most versatile; both tower and weight discs to choose from. It is the one that allows to load a greater amount of weight. Perfect for all types of athletes and workouts. You can take your intensity a step further.
  • Disadvantages: They are probably a bit more expensive than the previous ones. Although you can certainly buy cheap weight training multi-stations at a good price. If you are going to use it, it is worth the investment (and a lot).

Professional Multistation or Gym Multistation

The professional multistation is the one you should buy to equip commercial gyms. These machines usually have a sturdy structure, between 3 and 4 mm thick tubing, and are obviously designed for intensive use. There are several types of professional multistations, and some models even allow training up to 8 people at the same time at the same station. Check the indications of the multistation gym you are looking for, and see what exercises it offers.

Ejemplo de multiestación de gym profesional

These multi-stations are usually large and heavy (complete stations can weigh up to 500 kg), so before you buy, make sure the space you have available on your gym, if the sale includes any assembly service... Here is a list of exercises that are usually included in a professional multistationgym .

  • 2 towers for pulley crossover, with which you can work chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps... openings. It should include a high pulley and low pulley.
  • Barbell from pull-ups. Some multistation from pull-ups also includes this bar.
  • Towers with high pulley and low pulley for biceps curl and triceps extension with cable.
  • High pulley towers with seats for working dorsal pull-ups, both open and closed grip.
  • Low pulley rowing bench or Gironda + corresponding plate tower.

Semi-professional gym equipment for gym

Normally, the multistation machine from gym professional is a plate tower and for the exercises mentioned above. However, there are also others that we can consider multistations and that are cages for free weights. A free weight cage, in addition to offering the possibility of doing squats, deadlift and bench press, can also incorporate an accessory that allows you to work with pull-ups or openings, for example. This accessory can be a tower of plates with a pulley that attaches to the end of the cage, or a device that allows the loading of discs. Some cages can even be fitted with an accessory for to work the legs. And, surprisingly, there are also models that have a free weight rack and a multipower, like this one from Body Solid.

In these cases we speak of a multi-station rack. They can be semi-professional multistations, because they offer good quality and are as valid to train in a commercial gym with some affluence as to train at home. If you want to buy one of the most complete for home, you can get a multi-station rack that includes a free weight rack, plate tower and multipower. You will have it all!

Home multi-station machine or home gym

Imagen de multietsación doméstica Home Gym de Body Solid

An example is the Adidas Home Gym multi-station, which allows you to do all the exercises at home. Also from this brand you have some version of multi-station cage, with interesting accessories. Remember that if your apparatus is domestic, you should not put it for public use in a commercial gym. The domestic multistations are only for training at home, with friends or in the family environment. They offer a good endurance for a couple of people to use them daily and keep fit, but in no way allow the continuous and intensive use of a professional one.

Look at all the ones we advertise. We have several cheap home multistations for sale and at a good price in this catalog. In addition, we promote the best multistations on Amazon, so you can compare the best multistation products on the market. A real Home Gym machine will allow you to work:

  • Pectoral: Through vertical press exercise or openings.
  • Biceps: Curl with a low pulley. There is even a multi-station with Scott bench, so you can do the preacher curl at home.
  • Triceps: With extensions on the high pulley or vertical press with neutral grip.
  • Back: High pulley with open or closed grip and low pulley for Gironda rowing.
  • Quadriceps: With femoral extension attachment. Some machines have this accessory on the front of the bench, and you can load any weight discs you want.
  • Femoral: If the bench includes an accessory for femoral curl.

As you can see, just because a multi-station is a home machine doesn't mean that you can't do a complete and effective workout for the whole body, some of them allow you to work the whole body! Domestic power cages with accessories are also available.

The multi-station bench and opinion

Sometimes what the user is interested in is this special apparatus: a multi-station bench. There are many of them and they can be very practical. But the quality in these cases will depend largely on the manufacturer. Therefore, we recommend that you read the opinions of other customers who have purchased multistation benches to make sure of the quality of the material. The benches can be adjustable and include a rack to place barbell and discs, to do bench presses. Some also include the Scott bench for biceps - take a look at our catalog and be amazed!

what about buying used or second-hand multistations?

If saving money is your thing, you might want to buy a used multistation. It is probably cheap and has a good price, but do not expect the quality of a new one in all cases. It will always depend on the use or the good (or bad) treatment given by its previous owner. There are Milanuncios, Wallapop and several online marketplaces where you could get one of these.

Our advice is to look at new multistations first. And only if you really can't find anything appealing at a good price, move on to consider used multistations. We may have some left for sale, so we recommend you to visit our section fitness second hand.

multistation machines gym exercises that can be performed?

With the gym multistations you can do the following:

  1. Pull-ups: to strengthen your arms and back.
  2. Chest press: Add muscle mass to the chest and triceps.
  3. Cable lunges or crossovers: Great isolation exercise to bring blood and tone the pectoral.
  4. Triceps extension: Basic and effective movement to thicken and gain strength in the triceps. Prevents flaccidity.
  5. Biceps curl: Get the famous ball of the arm with this movement in pulley.
  6. Quadriceps extension: Strengthen your thighs and gain strength for walking or running.
  7. Femoral curl: Don't forget to work the back of the leg if you want a nice, balanced body.
  8. Open grip pulley pull-up: Gain amplitude in the lats, get the "V" shape and better aesthetics.
  9. Narrow or closed grip pulley pull: The thickness you need for your back. Builds muscle over muscle.
  10. Seated low pulley row or Gironda: Another effective exercise for back girth. Used by the big guys, like Arnold.
  11. Bench Press: If the station comes with free weight racks and flat bench, this is the best exercise you can do for chest.
  12. Incline bench press: Same as above, but with an incline bench. Only if the bench is incline or adjustable.
  13. Shoulder raises: Front, back or lateral raises. Perform them with the pulley cable on the multistation.

buy a multistation from gym for crossfit?

Multiestación de crossfit

There are also professional multistations for sale from gym for crossfit, or for crossfit box. If your business is of this activity or you want to add to your gym a functional training section, this is what you need.

Here are some accessories that can be included with a crossfit multistation for commercial use:

  1. Press rack and squats for free weights.
  2. Bars for pull-ups.
  3. Adjustable pulleys.
  4. Moneky bar.
  5. Medicine ball launching targets.
  6. Accessory of parallel bars for bottoms.
  7. Combat rope.
  8. Elastic bands.
  9. Weight training benches.
  10. Agility ladder.
  11. Punching bag.
  12. Rings.
  13. Supports and grips for paddles.
  14. Trays to store material(medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, Olympic bars...).

Buying the multistation from crossfit is great because of how complete it is. Check out options and set up a total functional training section. You can also purchase a crossfit box in a cube or gym in an industrial container.

where to buy a multistation of gym online in Spain?

In Depor Trainer you have our personal catalog, a recommendation that can serve as a comparison with the best prices and features on the market. We choose the stations with the best customer reviews to appear in our online showcase. If you want to buy multistation machines or a weight training multistation, take a look here!

Get your multistation from gym online with shipping to A Coruña, Álava, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Ávila, Badajoz, Baleares, Barcelona, Burgos, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cantabria, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, Cuenca, Girona, also buy multistation in Granada, Guadalajara, Gipuzkoa, Huelva, Huesca, Jaén, La Rioja, Las Palmas, León, Lérida, Lugo, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia. Navarra, Ourense, Palencia, Pontevedra, Salamanca, Segovia, also multistation weight training with pricein Seville, Soria, Tarragona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Teruel, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid, Vizcaya, Zamora, Zaragoza, Ceuta and Melilla. They are the best in multistation gym machines.

how to choose a multistation?

You have already seen the varieties that exist. The next step for how to choose a multistation is to think about what you want it for: do you have to equip a commercial gym with the best professional equipment? Do you just want to do some exercises at home? Is it important for you to have the possibility to do free weight exercises? All of these, in addition to price, are factors to consider before taking the step of buying the equipment. Keep in mind that this will be an investment for a very long time, so you will want to choose a quality product. Therefore, we invite you to take a close look at all the multi station machines gymthat we have here. Remember all the options you can find: home gym multistation, if you want to train in your own home; weights multistation, which can be in a plate tower or for single discs; the multistation cage, if you are interested in working with free weights; professional weight training multistation, if you are going to equip your sports center. This is the ideal place in Spain for your first multistation fitness!


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    Multi-station tent to train at home. The multistations in this section work with plate towers. We have several multifunction machines to train the whole body. They are ideal for setting up your own gym at home, for personal trainers, etc. We have for sale brands of excellent quality, such as Body Solid bodybuilding stations

    Multi-stages of bodybuilding, gym. The multistations fitness with tower of plates serve to train without the need to put and remove weight discs. 


    Exercise training in which the weight to lift is placed with weight disks. We have available machines gym multifunction, free weight racks and also Multipowers

    All these machines and racks are for disks. 


    Multi-tasking gym combined: in which the load is placed by disks and also include tower weight plates.


    Spare parts and extensions. Accessories to equip our Body Solid multifunctioning machines. Find in the catalogue the parts or accessories you need for your station gym.

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    MÁQUINA DOBLE TORRE DE POLEAS PLATINUM Excellent professional pulley machine for crosses with cables and triceps and biceps exercises such as curls and extensions. Incorporates bar for pull-ups. All manners are lined in rubber. Very comfortable. Silver range. Delivery in: 15-30 days.Free Shipping.

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    PROFESSIONAL GIMNASIO PLATINUM RS-5H 23 Machine gym multifunction professional use. Account with 4 stations different on the same machine. With this station you can train the whole body: quadruple, femoral, back (laughs) chest and shoulders (includes adjustable bank), biceps, triceps. For all the public. Wait time: 30 days.You're welcome.

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    STATION DOBLE TORRE PLATINUM RS-5H 53PROFESSIONAL MUsculation station for gyms.  He's got two. Plate towers with pulleys. Can be performed cable crosses for chest and many other exercises. It also has bar pull-ups and supports to place the grips.Approx time: 30 days.You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA MULTIFUNTION PLATINUM + ACCESSORIES  One of our towers poles more complete of the catalogue. It includes several accessories (see image), including a adjustable bank.In this station gym more than 30 exercises can be done. Especially designed for high performance sportsman.Wait time: 30 days. You're welcome.

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    TORRE GIMNASIO MULTIESTATION PLATINUM It has 3 stations with 4 positions, including poles and banks. Multifunction.It works by plates: 83 kg in which they have a bank and 71 kg that do not carry a bank.Wait time: 30 days. You're welcome.

    3 950,00 €
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    MÁQUINA DOMINADA / FONDOS / ABDOMINALES The improved version of the machine Mega Gym for pull-ups and funds. This device includes upholstered support with support for belly shrinkages and a bench abdominal abs. You can work chest, triceps, back and core.You're welcome.

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    MÁQUINA MULTIPOWER GIMNASIO AND CASAMultipower Machine Smith professional. The bar is guided by rails. It allows the user to train only with total security. The load is placed by disks. They serve both Olympics (50 mm) and conventional discs with a diameter of 28 mm.182 kilograms135 x 235 x 220 cm BUY NOW TO THE BEST PRICE

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    MÁQUINA MULTIFUNTION - ACCESSORIES Station gym multifunction to train with exercises applied to sport (such as golf, athletics or swimming). In it you can train chest, back and arms. The machine includes several accessories. DESCATALOGED. [VER MODELO NUEVO]

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    BANCO MULTIFUNTION WITH MULTIPOWER Multifunction station to exercise. It includes a bench with backrest that you can regulate in 3 positions: flat, tilted or declined. You can train legs and also have bicep support. Guided bar multipower. 209 cm x 150 cm x 155 cm. 100 kg.Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

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    MULTIESTATION OF A POSITIONStation musculation with several functions. We can work. legs, chest, arms and back. Ideal for mounting your gym home. With this device you can exercise the full body.Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

    650,00 €
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    MULTIESTATION OF A POSITION FX V92Buy This is it. machine gym multifunction is highly recommended if you want training at home and exercise all the muscles of your body. Enables to strengthen legs, chest, arms and back. It has many accessories. It measures 155 x 117 x 210 cm. With plate tower: 50 kg.Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

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    MULTIPOWER WITH MULTUFUNTIONMultipower / Smith Machine that in turn is one multi-purpose very complete as it incorporates several extra functions. Add high pulley and low pulley, adjustable bench, chest contractor. Great for fans of the musculation.215 cm x 183 cm x 215 cm.Consultation here. the delivery time.You're welcome.

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