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    In our store you can buy your fitness machines. We have for sale all the necessary machines to equip a gym, a hotel, a sport center, etc. Equipment fitness professional, domestic and semi-professional with a very competitive price.

    Sale of professional and domestic weight training machines of all types: abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back, pulley cross stations, weight benches, grips...

    We also have cardio machines and equipment for sale for commercial and home use gyms commercial and domestic: stationary bikes, spinning bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, etc.

    Visit the catalog of our store fitness online and buy the gym material you need, from exercise machines to floors and tatamis.


    The first thing you should keep in mind when you visit an online store of gym machines , is the type of gym or sports center that is intended to equip. When we talk about a commercial gym or open to the public, ie a business, it is essential to choose the professional material or professional gym machines. The material fitness cheap is not always the most advisable, as it will usually be focused for private use and not for commercial gyms. The material of gym professional will have a higher price but will be prepared for intensive use, being much more resistant and of a greater durability. Keep in mind that a bodybuilding machine for private use is not the same as one that will be used by dozens of people every day. In that case you need a machine capable of withstanding the continuous use of customers and that will last for many years.

    Always choose quality material. At DeporTrainer we have recognized brands such as Body Solid or Life Fitness, which offer excellent performance.

    Before you start buying machines for your commercial gym, we will have to take into account what kind of business it is. For within the gyms open to the public, there are several types depending on the activities that are developed in them. Each type of sports center will require specific gym equipment gymnastics and exercise machines. There are weight training gyms and fitness, which will require a full range of machines. There are also crossfit boxes (in this case less weight training equipment will be needed and instead more free weight equipment such as racks, weights, bars, etc.). Martial arts and contact sports gyms such as boxing, where it will be advisable to includeequipment to do abdominalexercises, back exercises, stretching, etc. There are also businesses that can include a gym as an accessory activity, such as hotels and sports halls for soccer, basketball, etc. Within the gymsmost of them incorporate cardio rooms, where it is essential to have several professional cardio machines such as treadmills, stationary bikes, spinning, elliptical, etc..

    Below we are going to show an example guide on how to equip a basic medium gym. It is just a reference so you can see what is the most important material that a basicgym should have if you are thinking of setting one up.


    It is very important that it includes several professional or semi-professional weight training machines:

    -At least one pulley crossover machine for chest, which incorporates a bar of pull-ups. This machine is very important as it also allows you to do various exercises such as biceps curl and tricep extensions. Pulley crossovers are one of the most demanded exercises by clients, personal trainers, etc. There are some crossover machines that are multi-stations that incorporate more exercises such as pull-ups or seated rowing (but these machines can be purchased separately).

    -A couple of pulley pulldown machinesthe upper back squat, to work the upper back with an open or closed grip. This is an excellent exercise for everyone and there will be many customers interested in using this machine. Our model also incorporates the low pulley rowing, very important to also work the thickness of the middle back. Two exercises in one machine.

    -The incline leg pressthe quadriceps and the whole leg in general are a powerful builder of muscle mass and strength. This exercise machine is a must in your leg routine. A disc press is ideal, so you can carry as much weight as you need.

    -Quadriceps extensionfITNESS : excellent machine to strengthen the quadriceps and gain muscle. In addition, it is not only for bodybuilders and practitioners of fitness, but is widely used by other athletes such as footballers, runners, etc.. Even for rehabilitation. We consider it important to buy at least one machine for your gym.

    -Lying down / lying femoral curl machinethe machine is perfect for femoral isolation work, for other sports (such as soccer, athletics) and for rehabilitation.

    -Vertical presswe recommend a disc machine to be able to carry the necessary weight. This machine is very good for pectoral and triceps work, both for beginners and advanced exercisers.

    -Also as an option, it might be advisable to include a pectoral muscle toning machine.

    Weight benches, which ones should we buy for our basicgym ?

    -A basic flat bench. Indispensable to include a simple flat bench, easy to attach to any rack to do bench press flat. Ideal for dumbbells exercises and also for abs.

    -A professional flat bench for bench press . The best exercise for pectoral. You can not miss a professional bench capable of supporting many kilos to make bench press safely. It is even advisable to include two of these benches, as it is an exercise in high demand by customers of gym.

    -A pair of adjustable benches in the free weight area. Include adjustable benches so clients can exercise dumbbells from various angles. For example: bench press flat, incline, decline, openings, etc.

    -Abdominal bench y lumbar bench. It may also be worthwhile to include these benches if you have the budget. A simple abdominal and lumbar apparatus, such as these benches, is something that clients of any gym will appreciate.

    -It may also be interesting to include the rowing bench on tiptoe with discs, as it allows you to work the back from a different angle. It is very comfortable, since it allows you to do this exercise without having to carry a bar.

    Regarding racks and supports, which ones should we include? Well, these three that we mention below are the ones we consider essential in any exercise gym. You should buy:

    -Wall, pull-ups and abdominal machine: one of the most complete, as this apparatus is used to do exercises with body weight. Parallel chest presses, pull-ups and leg curls to work the abdomen.

    -A free weight / squat rack or cage. Free weights are the best exercises you can do on the gym. They build strength and body structure. You should include at least one of these racks.

    -A simple rack for military press and squats.

    With this we would have the basic bodybuilding equipment for any medium gym. The aforementioned weight machines allow you to work the entire body through a wide variety of very basic exercises suitable for all audiences. However, the vast majority of gyms also has a cardio room with its respective machines. For a complete gym, we recommend buying the following cardio machines:


    -One or two treadmills professionals. It is worth the price and will withstand the intensive use that customers will give it.

    -Two elliptical machines.

    -4-6 exercise bikes.

    With all this material, we would already have equipped our basic commercial gym. A business ready to go.


    MUSCLE MACHINES: they can be professional (the most recommended for commercial gym ) and also semi-professional and domestic. To do exercises with which to work the different parts of the body: abs, waist, buttocks, lumbar, chest, legs, arms, shoulders, back. There are also pulley crossover machines, weight training benches of different types, as well as different replacement grips for pulleys.

    CARDIO MACHINES: there are treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical and spinning bikes or indoor cycling. Both professional and domestic.

    CLOTHING ROOMS: to mount a gym is also important to have the material of the changing rooms: non-slip floors, benches, coat racks, etc..

    MULTISTATIONS: multistations are machines fitness that incorporate many exercises in the same machine. They allow you to work the whole body on a single machine. They are recommended for a single person who wants to train at home. Although some semi-professional machines can also be purchased for a public gym.

    LEVER MACHINES: the lever machines or Hammer, are those in which the weight is loaded with weight discs. The main advantage of these gym machines is that you can load them with as much weight as you want. In addition, since they do not have pulleys, the movement is more realistic and they provide much more strength.

    HYDRAULIC MACHINES: work without weight. They offer less resistance. They are ideal for all audiences: children, seniors, untrained people, etc.. They are recommended for circuit training.

    ADAPTED MACHINES: these types of weight training machines have been adapted for people with disabilities. A wheelchair can be attached to these machines.

    FLOORS AND TATAMIS: Another important part of the equipment of a gym is a sturdy and shock-absorbing floor on which we can train. We include rubber / black rubber floors, ideal for the weight room. And also puzzle tatamis in different colors and thicknesses for activities such as martial arts.

    FITNESS OF OCCASION, are machines of exhibition or second hand, to a more economic price.

    Finally, we would also have others such as the VIBRATING PLATFORMS for muscle toning and BIOSALUDABLE PARKS MACHINES, which are exercise machines without weights for outdoor equipment (parks and gardens).


    machines gym Valencia - machines gym Barcelona -

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    Visit our store from online sports nutrition. All the sports supplements recommended for your muscle nutrition. You can visit buy your supplements comfortably from home. They are of excellent quality and at a price very competitive. Shipments are fast. In our store from sports nutrition we work with renowned brands such as PSN, RevTech y WD Nutrition.

    If you are looking for a protein store y sports accessories, visit this section! Our store from feeding fitness is very complete and here you can buy everything you need amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, pre-workouts, creatines, gainers. Supplements with a high degree of purity and with quality ingredients that rigorously comply with their labels.

    We are your store from sports nutrition y muscle nutrition. Experts in nutrition for athletes.

    -Section forbuy sports supplements onlineand complement yoursports nutrition.All in supplements protein, , for define, for lose weight. that will help you achieve your goals in the gym. A good way to buy cheap sports supplements. take a look at our catalog of online supplements!

    Tienda Alimentacion Deportiva Online


    Why buy your supplements / sports supplements with us in this nutrition store?

    • Because we work with renowned and quality brands: RevTech, WD Nutrition, PSN.
    • The content of the supplements we have in sale, is true to its labeling. No unnecessary fillers and no deception.
    • We deliver orders quickly and anywhere in Spain. Our store you can send your sports supplements immediately to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga or any point where you are.
    • We advise you and help you to choose the most convenient for your muscle nutrition or weight loss according to your case and personal characteristics.
    • You can enjoy some prices very competitive and recommended directly by the manufacturer.
    • We have real stock in Spain.
    • We are a online sports nutrition store with a very practical and easy to use interface. You will be able to buy your supplements and receive them at home.
    • We are a complete protein store, where we serve online all types of proteins.


    The sports accessories are included in the nutrition for athletes. They help athletes to improve their performance in the sports they practice, especially if it is at a professional level. Normally, they are in a sports nutrition store.

    They are substances natural that our own body already produces by itself or are found in the food we eat. Examples would be the amino acids, the proteins, the carbohydrates, the carnitine or the creatine.

    Sportsmen and athletes (especially if they compete at a professional level seeking maximum performance) have a greater energetic and structural wear and tear than sedentary people. For example, the muscles of a bodybuilder or a weightlifter receive a lot of damage during their heavy workouts. The protein of their muscles is degraded and they need to ingest more in order to repair the tissue and make the fibers stronger. The same applies, for example, to a runner who suffers a high energy expenditure during training and competitions. Visit the online sports nutrition store.

    It is for this reason that this type of person requires a greater amount of calories and nutrients in their diet. And sometimes it happens that it is very difficult to reach these requirements only with the food we eat daily.

    For example, the creatine is found in foods such as meat, but in very low amounts. If we were to consume the amount of creatine required by a strength athlete to take advantage of its benefits, then we would have to eat too much meat. Which would be counterproductive and we would get fat. The creatine supplement provides only this substance and in greater quantity. We would take the necessary amount without the need to ingest a lot of meat. You can find it in a nutrition store.

    The same is true for protein. The complete protein is found in many foods such as meat, eggs, milk and fish. However, strength athletes and bodybuilders would have to eat too much of these foods to meet their requirements. That is why the protein supplements or protein shakes are much more convenient and quicker to take. They provide us with the necessary grams of protein without having to overeat.

    In this way, we say that the sports supplements are substances and nutrients natural found in food and produced by our orgamism.

    They complement the diet of athletes and sportsmen and women, improving their performance and favoring a correct recovery and muscle nutrition.

    It is important to bear in mind that the supplements cannot replace meals of a balanced diet. They are just a help that you can benefit from if you already have one full diet y balanced.

    Every athlete should buy sports supplements if your diet is failing.

    Always correct your diet, and once it is balanced and includes a good diversity of healthy foods and nutrients, then you can complement it by buying supplements. Visit the catalog of our nutrition store.


    -The first thing before buy sports supplements, is to know if you really need them. Although it seems simple, it is very important and there are many people (especially young people) who buy without having adequate information. The nutrition for athletes has as a fundamental pillar the diet. Before even thinking about buy sports accessories, if you have a balanced diet, you should make sure that your diet is balanced. This means that it includes a wide variety of natural and unprocessed foods, with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates y fats. It should also be rich in micronutients, this is achieved with abundant servings of fruits and vegetables.

    -Watch your diet. You do not need supplements if your diet is not well done. Consult a dietician if necessary and eat a healthy diet according to your goals as an athlete.

    -Analyze what your objectives are. You should bother to do your research and find out what each supplement is for and if they are really going to help you with your goal gaining strength, gaining muscle, losing fat, having more energy, recovering...

    -Find out what each supplement is for. There are many types amino acids, protein, creatine, carbohydrates, glutamine, creatine, l-carnitine, pre-workouts... Before buy, you should know the effects of each one. Look for information. Below we have prepared a supplement guide with the most important supplements to help you.

    -Consult your doctor or nutritionist. Although supplements are not harmful, it is advisable to consult with a specialist before taking them. As with any other food, there are people who may be allergic to certain substances or suffer from a disease that is not compatible with certain supplements. To avoid unwanted side effects, it is best to get information and consult a professional beforehand. This way you can buy your supplements safely.

    -Choose your products carefully. Look for their quality. Look for information and analyze the brands that are on the market. Stick with only those manufacturers that use quality raw materials and read the labeling of supplements carefully. Make sure that the content of a brand's products complies with what it says on the label.


    AMINO ACIDS: the amino acid supplements o BCAA help in the manufacture of muscle protein. They can reduce fatigue during prolonged workouts and protect our immune system. The proteins consist of amino acids and we already consume them on a daily basis by eating protein foods. However, supplementing with amino acids may be beneficial for bodybuilding athletes who train early in the day, because at those times the protein we have consumed is lower. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They may be recommended for new or less advanced users, as their bodies are not as accustomed to repairing fibers and suffer more wear and tear. Amino acid supplements can reduce muscle wasting, especially on days when we have consumed less protein. It is more beneficial to take them in the first hours of the day.

    PROTEINS: the protein is the building block of our body. They form our structure and fabricsMuscles, skeleton, hair, nails, organs... Virtually any athlete can benefit from supplementing with protein, but especially those who are not bodybuilders and strength athletes. In these athletes, fiber breakage and muscle wasting is much higher. These athletes may need extra doses of protein to meet their requirements. The best protein is high biological value (the one that has all its amino acids). It is found in meat, fish and eggs, as well as in meat products protein nutritional supplements. There are several types of protein to the saleWe have the whey protein concentrate basic, the protein isolate (which has a higher degree of purity) and the hydrolysed protein, which is much easier to digest. In a protein store, they are available in many flavors. The protein shakes serve to complete your daily requirements. Highly recommended if you are a bodybuilding or strength athlete. The protein helps the body recover and repair tissues after heavy training. Get it from our nutrition store.

    CARBOHYDRATESThe energy source of our body. The immediate energy we use to perform any activity. We find them in a multitude of foods such as: potatoes, rice, cereals, fruits, bread, vegetables, legumes, etc. The carbohydrate supplements can be a recommended option for those athletes who want to gain weight in muscle mass but find it difficult to eat. For people who require a large amount of daily calories but can no longer eat solid food. They can help bodybuilders, endurance athletes, runners, etc. whose workouts are energy intensive. Care must be taken when taking carbohydrate supplements, if we overdo it with the total calories we could gain weight unnecessarily. Drink these shakes only if you find it hard to eat or if you have excessive energy expenditure.

    WEIGHT GAINERS / GAINERSVery similar to the carbohydrate supplements, the weight gainers (also called gainers) are for athletes who for some reason need to gain a few kg of weight. For example, a boxer or powerlifter who needs to enter a heavier category in competition. Also simply for lean people who want to increase their musculature. Ideally, the bulk of a weight gain should be muscle. It is highly recommended not to abuse this type of supplement. Control your calories well. Do not use it if it is not necessary. They can be recommended for very thin people with accelerated metabolisms who find it difficult to eat solid food and have a high caloric expenditure.

    PREENTRNOS: the pre-center supplements are stimulants that can provide energy for your workout. They work because they contain caffeine, which is one of the natural stimulants stronger. They work best if you train early in the day. They can also be an option in low-calorie diets where we try to define or lose weight. These diets are usually low in carbohydrates. Do not abuse the pre-workouts. Use them in times of muscle definition or when you feel less energetic.

    QUEMAGRASAS: mainly contain l-carnitine, a substance that causes long-chain fatty acids to enter the cell's mitochondria (the organs that will use fats for energy). People with low levels of l-carnitine could benefit from this type of supplementation. People with low levels of the molecule l-carnitine will tend to burn less fat and accumulate it. In a healthy person with l-carnitine normal, these fat burning supplements are not as beneficial. In addition, the fat burning supplements usually contain stimulants such as green tea, the guarana or the caffeineWhich in general accelerate the metabolism. It is only advisable to buy fat burners if you carry a proper diet and you do vigorous exercise for several months. Otherwise no fat burning supplement will work.

    MULTIVITAMINS one of the most useful and beneficial supplements is the multivitamins. These complexes provide all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Especially recommended in definition or fat reduction diets, where we reduce the amount of fruit ingested and therefore we do not complete our requirements of vitamins and minerals.

    OMEGA 3-6-9 SUPPLEMENTSAre the Essential fatty acids. Although they are already found in foods such as sardines, tuna, salmon or flax seeds and chia seeds, it can be beneficial to supplement if these foods are lacking in our diet. The omega 6 is anti-inflammatory and promotes muscle growth and repair after exercise. It has very positive effects on health if taken together with the omega 3. Most people do not include enough omega 3 in your diet. Acquire them from a food store fitness.

    GLUTAMINE: included in the muscle recovery supplements o post workout. It accelerates muscle recovery after training or intense exercise of long duration, when our glycogen stores are low due to the wear produced by training. Although it is one of the supplements where there is not so much scientific evidence about its effects.

    CREATINEPerhaps one of the sports supplements with the most scientific evidence. Increase explosiveness in endurance training in both men and women. In men, it increases muscle mass temporarily, since the creatine promotes intramuscular water retention. With this supplement you will be able to increase your strength and energy during intense workouts (short efforts) and your lean muscle mass (due to the water inside the muscle).

    PROTEIN BARS - SINGLE DOSEQuick protein intake in a single serving or small snack. Ideal to take just after training. You can also find them in a sports nutrition store.


    -In athletes who carry out intense and strenuous training, supplements can help to complete the diet.

    -They can be recommended for people with lack of appetite who find it difficult to eat. Including a protein or carbohydrate shake can be of great help in these cases. In this way the person will be able to complete all their daily meals.

    -They save time. For people who for work or academic reasons do not have time to cook all their meals, including a protein shake can be an excellent addition. It is always better than having to skip a meal.

    -Protein shakes, such as the ones you can buy in a protein store, they help muscle repair and recovery after workouts. In addition, they can be recommended for any type of person. In athletes who require more protein in their diet, a shake can facilitate digestion, since they do not have to eat so much solid food.

    -Multivitamins are one of the best supplements. A complete supply of vitamins and minerals is essential for the functioning and well-being of our body. Especially recommended for people who eat little fruit or have it restricted during a weight loss diet.

    -Creatine is one of the supplements that helps you gain a little extra strength and has scientific backing. Ideal for competition or opposition. Buy a good brand in a food store fitness.

    Tip: if you are thinking about buy sports supplements, always be careful and be well informed about what they work for. Choose them carefully and always make a correct diet. Remember that they are not complete substitutes for food, they only complements.

    Visit our online sports nutrition store. . For sale from sports supplements for your muscle nutrition a good price at Spain. See also our section protein store to purchase these supplements.

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    definido a volumen, proceso en fotos y alimentacion deportiva





    -Cheap sportswear at your disposal in this section. Here you can buy sportswear online for men's y women. We have a catalog of online clothing for gym, fitness and other sports. Surely you will find some interesting offer!

    Fitness clothing: Why is it ideal for daily training?

    fitness clothing is increasingly in demand by thousands of teenagers, young adults and adults around the world because of the great comfort it provides. For this reason, the clothing stores fitness abound in different regions and have been proclaimed as a very profitable business.

    This has also enabled the clothing fitness to be offered in a wide range of stock. There are multiple garments that vary according to their size, function, color, design, material and overall comfort they provide. Among the prgarments fitness, include T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts, joggers, footwear, socks and tops, among others.

    Advantages of clothing fitness

    Beyond the comfort that provides and, therefore, the high level of acceptance, the clothing fitness, also known as clothing from gym, has the following advantages.

    Easy Fit

    Imagine that you are somewhat overweight or that you are shorter and have a very small body. In either case, both the fitness men's clothing and women's clothing fitness for women clothing are very easily adaptable to each person.

    At the same time, the wide stock of clothing fitness in Spain allows you to satisfy your needs or preferences; that is, you will find the most suitable garments for all types of activities (running, athletics, field hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.).

    Remember, too, that each activity or sport requires different demands and movements, so using the right garments is essential. In a context in which sports activities abound, the right clothing fitness will meet your particular need.


    The wide variety of garments gives you the possibility to combine them with each other, adopt different styles and even use so-called sports outfits, which will give you a unique identity and essence from head to toe.

    It should be noted that this versatility also includes a wide variety of colors wide variety of colors. Imagine that you like dark blue; well, you can buy T-shirts, shorts, shoes and even caps in that color or shade for you to show off during your activity.

    High quality

    Buying clothing for fitness why? Well, because of its high quality. These clothes are comfortable, comfortable, easy to adapt and also easy to wash and long lasting easy to wash and long lasting.

    At the same time, it looks very pleasing to the eye. Thanks to this clothing, you will be able to satisfy your needs, besides looking and feeling impeccable to develop any of your activities.

    Perspiration wicking capacity

    All sports and physical activities mentioned have one characteristic in commonthe body sweats while doing them in order to avoid overheating. Sweat, in turn, sticks to clothing, wets it and causes skin irritation.

    In this context, the clothing fitness Spanish is made of fabrics that allow perspiration without causing any inconvenience. Therefore, it is also ideal for is also ideal for people with allergies or sensitive or people with sensitive skin.

    On the other hand, and taking into account that they are offered in different materials (mainly nylon and cotton), these garments -especially T-shirts and T-shirts, which cover the parts that sweat the most- absorb sweat or perspire easily and correctly absorb sweat or perspire easily and correctly. Therefore, they don't feel thick, they don't feel uncomfortable and they don't prevent you from feeling fresh during exercise

    Emotional well-being

    Whatever the place or business to buy clothes fitness, why or how does one link to the other? Basically, by the fact that these clothes allow you more freedom of movement and that results in being more active and loose more active and loose.

    All of this implies another series of benefits; for example, the increase of endorphins in the body to eliminate depression. At the same time, more freedom generates more relaxation and, therefore, less stress and more easefor example, to run a 10-kilometer run. If you don't wear the right clothes, your mind focuses more on the negative of discomfort and you can't perform in the right way.

    It is a series of benefits that range from the physical to the from the physical to the emotional, mental and psychological. They result in optimal results during and after physical activity.

    Fitness apparel for everyone without exception

    When they talk about sportswear and activities such as running, soccer, basketball, field hockey, volleyball and cycling, among others, you will surely think more about young people and adults. However, there are many garments that are also suitable for the little ones, which is why the fitness clothing is offered in all possible variants and sizes.

    Today, you will find the sportswear fitness in various categories fitness women's clothing, men's clothing fitness , clothing fitness for girls y children's clothing fitness among others

    In the case of fitness children's clothing, the characteristics will be very similar to those of conventional garments conventional garmentsalthough they can add special colors, cartoon drawings, shields, etc.

    However, the most outstanding or the most widespread at present is the gym clothing for chubby girls. In a context that seeks to address and solve the problem suffered by overweight people, who find it difficult to obtain large and comfortable sizes, the fitness women's clothing in Spain meets this demand.

    what to consider when choosing clothes fitness?

    As we told you, the sportswear in Spain stands out for its wide variety. For this reason, you will surely wonder which one to choose or how to acquire the right one. Beyond the price of the clothing fitness and its quality, the challenge lies in having the most suitable one according to the need, preference or activity to develop.

    Thus, there are at least four issues that you should take into account to buying clothes fitness.

    • Sizebeyond your size, in certain occasions, it is more appropriate, for example, a t-shirt or T-shirt of larger size and looseness. In other circumstances, recommends a tighter and more compressed garment to cover only the necessary parts.

    • Weatherthe season of the year and the temperature are always key. In fact, they are the main factors in determining whether a short or jogging suit, muscle shirt, short-sleeved T-shirt or long-sleeved T-shirt, short or long socks, etc. are appropriate. However, there are other issues that have a significant influence on the weather: wind intensity, humidity, low pressure or whether it is sunny or cloudy, among others.

    • Type of activityas you will see, nowadays you have multiple possibilities to do physical activity according to your preferences. In any case, running outdoors is never the same as running in a gym or playing basketball or soccer. It depends exactly on what you do and the context (amateur, professional competition, etc.).

    • Terraineach activity described above will require different clothing depending on an essential factor such as the terrain. For example, to practice volleyball on a gym, you will need compact shoes, while if you do it on sand you will have to remain barefoot. Likewise, running on asphalt is very different from running on grass or mountains.

    • Comfortin this case, what is recommended for each terrain influences both your personal preference and, therefore, what seems most comfortable to you. Is it very cold and you still want to run in a muscle suit to benefit the movement of your arms? Well, you can do it without any inconvenience, even if it is not the most ideal and frequent.

    where to buy clothing from gym or fitness?

    It is likely that, faced with so much supply as a result of high demand, you may be asking yourself where can I buy clothes fitness. The answer is in a clothing fitness in Barcelona, clothing store fitness in Madrid o clothing store fitness in Valencia.

    It should be noted that there is also the clothing store fitness onlinewhich allows you to acquire the desired products if you are far away from the mentioned regions. Likewise, the clothing fitness Brazilian in Spain is in great demand, so you can buy it in different stores.

    In fact, in the last few years, the sale of zumba clothing in Spain has increased significantly zumba clothing fitness in Spain. Zumba is a very popular activity that requires special clothing so that you can perform it in the most comfortable and to perform it in the most comfortable way and perceive its benefits.

    The truth is that the different where to buy sportswear will meet your expectations fitness will meet your expectations and will imply a great investment for you if you give them an intensive use to the garments.

    do it and you will see for yourself! Remember that here we have clothes fitness for women online.








    Boxing store with quality equipment dedicated to all those who practice boxing and contact sports. Our online boxing store also includes equipment for mma, muay thai, kick boxing and other fighting sports. Buy here your boxing equipment at a good price and of the best quality. From our catalog you can buy boxing equipment: boxing gloves, bandages, bags, pears, punching balls, dummies ... and everything you need for contact sports. We have for sale many boxing items. Our boxing store is very complete and serves orders throughout Spain.

    tienda de boxeo online en españa

    - Catalog dedicated to boxing equipment. You can get your boxing gear online at through our DeporTrainer store. We have cheap boxingequipment for you to practice your favorite martial art using the best products. Meet here the boxing history before you stop by the boxing store. Or, if you want to take action and buy, take a look below and browse the categories!


    We are DeporTrainer, the world famous boxing superstore both online and in our stores. We carry all the top brands of boxing equipment, including boxing gloves, boxing head gear and punching bags, plus boxing apparel and boxing boots. Whether you're training as an amateur boxer, preparing for your first professional bout in the ring, or just want to stay in shape, look no further.

    We have sourced the highest quality boxing products from around the world, making them readily available for you to purchase in our store, online or over the phone. Our brands include brands such as Adidas, Cleto Reyes, Ringside Boxing, Rude Boys, RDX, Everlast, just to name a few. Quality boxing equipment is essential for training at any level. That's why we only stock the best boxing brands. Equip yourself or your boxing club with the apparel needed to train not only hard but safe.

    Why DeporTrainer is much more than just a boxing and contact sports store

    As boxing is a way of life, we want to be the reference point for national and international boxing. We want to be your online boxing store, but we also want to create a community of boxers. Only in this way we can share our fighting hobbies and improve our favorite sports. Of course, if you have any questions, suggestions or just want to tell us how much you love boxing, contact us right away, fighter. We are happy to always talk about the gentleman's sports. Together, we grow stronger. This contact movement will have its due meaning together. welcome to RDX boxer! You will find the cheap boxing equipment you need here. Why? Because we work with the best manufacturers; and the variety of boxing items is such that there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for high-end equipment or home boxing equipment, you're sure to find it here!

    We are the online boxing store of reference

    Boxing is much more than a contact sport. It is a lifestyle, sweating the bandages, the first clash of boxing gloves, your first class. Surely you as a good warrior and boxer know what that feeling is. We seek to be your online boxing store so you don't waste your time searching through thousands of pages and dedicate yourself to what you love the most, boxing.

    It seems that is not enough, you can visit our blog for more information about boxing. In it, we will share articles, curiosities and memes, that will make you have a good time, not everything is working hard, isn't it?

    DeporTrainer has it all for you and your favorite sports: keychains, mouthpieces, gloves, helmets, jump ropes, arm guards, pants, sweatshirts, t-shirts, boxing books, punching bags, bandages, accessories, etc.

    Boxing equipment for all levels

    do you want a new amateur boxing helmet for those first training sessions? Are you a heavyweight and looking for the perfect boxing glove? Or maybe you are determined to set up a ring for your club? In any case, this boxing store section opens the doors to training for you:

    • In the online boxing store there is material for children and beginner users; also material for girls who love this beautiful contact sport.
    • We work with a large comparator of different materials. Find bags, gloves and protections of different brands and prices. Buy the equipment you like directly from the manufacturer. We only work with recognized and very reliable brands.
    • Boxing articles of all categories: gloves for featherweight, welterweight, ultra-lightweight, bantamweight, heavyweight... The boxing gloves are available in various weights: 6oz, 8oz, 12zo and more... You have here the velcro closure ones for amateurs and training, and the professional rope ones for those who give their all in the ring.
    • and not just boxing supplies! For in addition to being an online boxing store, we are also an mma store and muay thai store. A space created by specialists in contact sports, where we bring to your home all the material you want (the best and the cheapest).
    • A wide range of brands and materials: real leather, synthetic leather...; brands like Venum, RDX, Rude Boys, Reyes... everything is here for you, boxer!

    Cheap boxing gear and only at the best prices

    Not only can you buy the typical boxing gear at the best price. In addition to gloves and mitts, punching bags and body and mouth protection, check out the items and products for your physical preparation.

    Boxing training would be incomplete without jump ropes, balance discs, agility hurdles, weights, dumbbells, barbells and other equipment, which are indispensable for maintaining the athlete's fitness.

    our online boxing store has many surprises to discover! Are you up for it?










    We have one of the most complete martial arts online stores in Spain. Find here all your necessary material for the practice of all martial arts. Our shipments are fast and we work with renowned brands. In this martial arts store you can buy the equipment you need to train and compete: taekwondo accessories, karate articles...

    This section includes karate stores, taekwondo stores, etc. We ship all over Spain. Ourmartial arts store ships to Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Malaga.

    Online martial artsstore. The best brands in the market. We have equipment for Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Kung-Fu, Taekwondo... Professional equipment for you to practice any martial arts. Our extensive catalog has gloves, gloves, belts, kimonos, shoes, sports bags, protections, etc.. Select the products you want and add them to the shopping cart, you won't regret it! The quality is excellent. Also karate store and taekwondo accessories.

    The martial arts store for Spain

    Many of the people reading this section are looking for a martial arts store in Spain. A karate storea martial arts shop, boxing, judo, aikido..., that offers all the quality material they are looking for. These arts are quite popular nowadays. All of them have a long history and tradition.

    They are part of the martial arts stores, sports and artistic disciplines based on fighting and, in general, with a deep philosophy as a basis. There are many different types of martial arts. Of all the existing ones, along this section we are going to see martial arts items for some of the most popular and well known.

    In addition, most of the products in this online store are available for shipping to the mainland and the islands. This is a martial arts store in Madrid, Bilbao, Valladolid, martial arts store Barcelona, Vitoria, Zaragoza, Valencia and Andorra.

    why an online karate and other martial arts store?

    Before going into the review of some of the martial arts disciplines, it is pertinent to make a brief mention of what exactly we mean by martial art.

    We call martial arts to the set of procedures and methods of fighting and combat that have been developed throughout history and have been forging different styles based on principles, codes and aesthetics.

    Normally, we face a ritual and simulated combat in which it is not intended to generate serious damage: most of them are aimed at maintaining one's own integrity and defending oneself efficiently, with the least possible expenditure of energy and trying to generate the least possible damage to the opponent, while being in line with the philosophy and worldview it offers. If you need to buy material for martial arts, this is your store.

    Although they were born mainly as combat styles dedicated to the fight and defense against aggression and rivals, many of its modalities are considered as an art and a sport that involves much more than mere movement and combat. In the martial arts are also present the assumption of values, in addition to due respect for both oneself and the rival fighter.

    Most of the martial arts store have a long tradition and origin in antiquity or are derived from the forms of struggle of ancient peoples and cultures, although different modalities have also developed over time.

    Over several years, we have developed a catalog of thousands of items for martial arts with the best possible quality/price ratio. Our goal is to satisfy you as martial artist or practitioner of combat and self-defense. Here you will find the best products for the most demanding users.

    We rigorously select the best martial arts brands and manufacturers. We have Venum, Rude Boys, RDX, Daedo, Fujimae, Cleto Reyes, Protec, SAMTO... Depor Trainer is the most suitable martial arts equipment store, distributing the highest quality ranges for clubs, gyms and private customers. No matter if you are beginner, advanced or competitor, yellow belt or black belt; we always have the martial arts equipment you need and available for you in our taekwondo stores!

    In this karate store, you will find all the equipment for the practice of martial arts, whether training weapons (nunchakus, tonfas, ...) adapted to all styles as kung-fu, tai chi chuan, aikido.... We have for sale kimonos for judo, karate, JJB, doboks, hakamas, martial arts uniforms... with shipping to different areas of Spain.

    We have tatamis and pieces floor puzzle at the best price to equip your dojo. To complete your gym, you can add a punching ball, bob dummies and other equipment for your sparring and even weight training. Because we are also a one-stop store for fitness equipment.

    Choose from thousands of brands like Metal Boxing, Adidas, Venum, Everlast, Twins, the best equipment for all styles of boxing, MMA, wrestling and also cross-training and fitness.

    does this store carry martial arts apparel?

    Yes, buy here your muay thai shorts, MMA fight shorts, helmet, pair of boxing gloves or sparring gear. Everything is waiting for you in our online martial arts store.

    la mejor tienda de artes marciales online que hay en España

    Depor Trainer, your store for martial arts and contact sports equipment

    If you want to buy equipment for the main types of martial arts the store is your trusted place.

    There are many different types of martial arts in the world, born from different cultures and perspectives on life, conflict and the use of energy. Many martial arts are practiced only with one's own body, but there are also different modalities that use weapons (some of the best known today are those practiced with different types of swords, although there are also modalities with bow, mace or staff).

    For all your martial arts equipment needs online

    In this online martial arts store, we specialize in selling high quality and approved martial arts products of the best brands at competitive prices.

    Find and buy items and material for all disciplines: from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and Muay Thai to karate, kickboxing and judo; we only have in stock the best equipment and clothing for the best martial arts sports. No matter if you are new to martial arts or have been practicing for years, we will be able to provide you with the top quality martial arts gear you need from the top brands in the industry such as Adidas, Venum and Cleto Reyes to name a few.

    Within this great diversity, here are some of the most popular types of martial arts stores you will find here.

    1. Karate Store

    One of the most popular martial arts stores is the karate store. This practice originated in Japan (specifically in present-day Okinawa) and is characterized by the use of punches, slaps, kicks and blocks with firmness and force to defeat the opponent with a few blows.

    This martial art integrates values such as respect and courtesy, and it is very important to show them through various types of salutes. It also seeks to improve the level of body alignment, body hardening and the ability to connect with the body. Here you can buy karate items.

    2. Judo equipment store

    This type of traditional martial art of Japanese origin is characterized by the fact that, unlike other disciplines in which priority is given to striking, in judo the main fighting mechanism is grappling. In this sense, in judo the opponent's strength and weight are absorbed in order to defeat him.

    This discipline, although spectacular, is not particularly aggressive and is more focused on defense: it focuses on using the opponent's own strength against him to destabilize him and knock him down. Even so, it requires full body training and is a very technical sport, which also incorporates wrenches, submissions and chokes.

    3. Kung-fu

    An ancient Chinese martial art and one of the best known ancient martial arts, kung-fu is a discipline that is usually direct contact and uses body-to-body with punches, kicks, grabs, moves and acrobatics to maintain inner balance during training and also for self-defense. Its origin is found in the Shaolin monks, who created it so that the monks could defend themselves.

    Kung-fu starts from a Buddhist and Taoist philosophical base that aims to teach the value of effort and others such as humility, confidence, will, justice, perseverance, courage and honesty. Kung-fu has a large number of variants, of which among the best known are Shaolin or those linked to different animals.

    4. Martial arts material for Jiu-jitsu

    Japanese martial art (although some of its origins are Hindu) that comes from the ancient Buddhist monks, and is characterized by its soft and unaggressive fighting style that focuses on controlling and deflecting the opponent's attacks, as well as taking advantage of his attack to immobilize him.

    It generally focuses on the use of blocks, dodges, throws, takedowns and some punches. Although it is generally practiced with bare hands, there are variants in which different types of weapons and martial arts materials are used.

    You may be interested in: Our jiu-jitsu store

    5. Boxing

    One of the most popular sports is boxing. For material, we recommend visiting our contact sports section. It is a martial art in which you only fight with your fists and in which great force is applied to each blow. Although the best known version of boxing is the English, there are actually several variants spread across cultures, one of the oldest comes from Ethiopia.

    It is practiced inside a ring and, despite having a reputation for being violent, when practiced in a truly sporting manner it helps to promote values such as discipline, endurance (not only physical, but also in the face of adversity) and respect for the opponent. It also helps to channel emotions.

    tienda de karate

    6. Krav Maga Shop

    Store for a martial arts discipline that has become popular and known relatively few years ago, but is one of the martial arts with the greatest lethal potential. It is a system of combat and defense used by the Israelidefense and securityforces, which focuses on unarmed indoor combat. Krav Maga specializes in trying to provide combat tools in extreme situations and where we might be at a disadvantage, even if we are facing different opponents at the same time or if they are carrying weapons.

    Although the type of blows that are taught in this discipline can be dangerous, the truth is that it is oriented to self-defense in dangerous situations and is oriented towards the proportional use of force in relation to the attack we suffer. It also favors attention to the environment and preparation for possible attacks.

    7. Muay Thai online store

    Martial art of Thai origin and certain danger, since it uses techniques with lethal potential. Focused on direct melee contact, this discipline tends to seek a quick defeat of the opponent with strong and powerful blows. In this discipline the use of all limbs and most of the body is allowed.

    It is considered a type of extreme fighting, and is illegal in some countries.

    8. Capoeira

    Capoeira is a martial art from Brazil, specifically from the former African slaves, who developed this discipline of self-defense as a resistance to the harsh oppression and situation they lived in. It combines combat techniques, dance and various acrobatics.

    It was a way of preserving the different cultural elements, as well as a disguised form (the fact that it resembles a dance would make it less suspicious) of practicing a style of combat among the enslaved population. This style of martial art is fast and highly technical, as well as requiring great skill and agility. Movements use both arms (the use of fists is rare) and legs, and include both attack and defense. It also favors flexibility and alertness to opponent's movements from angles that are rare in other disciplines.

    9. Kendo martial art store

    Also called Japanese fencing, this martial art of the Japanese country is characterized by specializing in fighting with bamboo swords. In this martial art, both contenders must cover themselves with armor, and it is part of a conceptualization of combat and a philosophy similar to that of the ancient samurai. Only attacks on the forearm, trunk, head and throat are allowed. Discipline and self-control are practiced, and it aims to foster the ability to cope with adversity.

    10. Taekwondo online stores

    Martial art of Korean origin. Buy taekwondo material for martial arts in specialized online store. In general, priority is given to the use of kicks and punches with the feet and legs, although the hands and elbows are also used (but to a lesser extent, and in some variants their use is less). It is a martial art of direct contact in which strikes are made at a greater distance precisely because of the priority use of the legs. Defensively, priority is given to evasion, although arm locks are also incorporated. Taekwondo online stores!

    venta de accesorios para taekwondo

    11. Online fencing store

    Although in some circles it is not considered a martial art per se, fencing is a combat discipline centered on sword fighting (specifically with the foil or saber).

    Despite the fact that sword fighting is something that different peoples and cultures have developed throughout history, fencing as it is now known is of Spanish origin. In this sport, both opponents wear protections and fight until one of them manages to reach one of the other's key points, advancing and retreating in a straight line.

    12. Aikido

    Another great and relatively recent Japanese martial art (born less than a century ago), which has emerged based on different traditional disciplines and focuses on hand-to-hand self-defense in fast-paced combat situations. Here the aim is not to defeat the opponent with damage or to leave him in a humiliating situation that does not allow him to attack. It also allows you to defend yourself in situations of numerical inferiority or against opponents of greater physical strength. Dislocations, projections and throws are some of the types of actions most commonly used in this martial art.

    If you are looking for taekwondo accessories, karate articles and, in general, martial arts materials, in this online store there is an extensive catalog of brands with everything you need. Compare prices and choose the best quality material and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us; we will personally assist you.

    do you also martial arts store with extrapeninsular shipping?

    Yes, in addition to shipping to all parts of Spain peninsula as Andalusia(martial arts store in Seville, in Granada...), it is also martial arts store in Las Palmas Tenerife. Check our martial arts material before buying, because most of the taekwondo accessories, karate items and so on will be available for shipping to the islands or extrapeninsular. Look at all the benefits that this martial arts store can offer you, it is the most extensive catalog of materials and brands in Spain!


    it's time to gain muscle! In this category you can find everything in bodybuilding products. We have equipment for gym. Everything you need in material fitness at your disposal. We have benches, bars, dumbbells, supports, discs and machines. Are you going to miss it? check out the prices in our catalog!


    cROSSFIT STORE ! All the crossfit material you need for your training: from clothing, shoes, knee pads, belts, wristbands and other accessories from crossfit.

    deporTrainer already has an online store crossfit to buy at the best price!

    Equip yourself with the best equipment to practice this functional sport.



    In this section you can visit our online powerlifting / weightlifting store for United Kingdom and the US. We serve powerlifting and weightlifting material to fe etc. We ship to all parts of United Kingdom.

    What equipment should I buy in a powerliftinfspag store in United Kingdom? Well, mainly material that is of quality, with recognized Powerlifting brands such as Inzer and Titan. Also, if you are thinking of competing, the ideal is to buy powerlifting equipment approved by IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).

    We have for sale both accessories for raw powerlifting as well as for equipped powerlifting. We distribute Inzer and Titan brands in England, , with fast shipping in 3-5 business days. Our competition equipment is of very good quality and IPF approved in UK.

    powerlifting store UK


    In our online powerlifting store, with deliveries to London, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle... you can get all the equipment you need for your training and competition. Here is a brief summary of the equipment that you can find available in our catalog:


    They are one of the basic accessories. Powerlifting shoes are a special type of shoe that is designed for weightlifting. In addition, they are also valid shoes for weightlifting. You can buy these shoes for either discipline. This is a special shoe that has a small wedge-shaped heel in the heel part. This allows you to gain more flexibility and stability in the squat, snatch and clean and jerk movements. They are a very resistant and comfortable type of shoe, especially designed for weightlifting in the gym or in competition. We recommend the nike romaleos and those of the adidas brand: power perfect 2 or adipower weightlifting.


    Wearing the right bandage for heavy weight training and powerlifting competition will prevent injury. Knee wraps will protect your joint and allow you to move more weight in squats during competitions (2m, 2.5m, 3m). Powerlifting wrist wraps protect the wrist joint and give stability to your lifting both in the gym and in competitions (e.g. bench press). There are wrist wraps of various types, rigid and elastic, of 0.50 m, 0.75 m, 0.90 m, etc. We recommend buying the Inzer or Titan brand.

    Also in powerlifting it is very common to use knee pads for squats and deadlifts.


    Belts are another basic accessory in powerlifting. Belts protect the lumbar back in exercises such as deadlifts and squats, although there are also bench press belts. The ideal is to buy a belt that is of high quality, strong, resistant and in one piece, such as the Inzer Forever Belts (recommended). There are 1 cm or 1.3 cm belts. There are several colors and designs to choose from. You can buy a powerlifting belt with buckle or toggle (quick release). We recommend always choosing quality material, which will allow you to prevent injuries during very heavy lifts.


    Ideally, wear comfortable gym shirts and pants. Shirts that you can comfortably wear under your competition jersey or under your bench press shirt.


    Here we divide this powerlifting equipment into two cateogories: depending on whether it is powerlifting RAW or powerlifting equipped.


    -Powerlifting Singlets or Powerlifting Jerseys: this is the basic powerlifting jumpsuit or suit, also used in weightlifting. This type of garment is made in one piece and is made of a resistant and flexible material that fits snugly to the body. They favor the lifts and are the type of suit allowed in powerlifting RAW or without equipment. It is IPF approved material.


    - Squat Suits: is a one-piece, very tight and strong type of garment that allows the lifter to move more weight in squats. It is only allowed in equipped powerlifting. IPF Approved.

    - Deadlift Suits: another suit or jumpsuit made in one piece, which allows an elastic and explosive take-off when performing the deadlift. With the suit, the lifter will be able to move more weight. It is only allowed in equipped powerlifting. IPF approved.

    -Bench Press Shirt: these shirts act as an elastic, protecting the shoulders and allowing to handle heavier loads in the bench press. They are only allowed in the bench press with equipped equipment or powerlifting. Look for IPF approved brands such as Inzer or Titan.

    In our online store you can buy professional powerlifting competition apparel at the best price, both raw and equipped.


    Training and competition discs (such as those from Eleiko), with the official diameter of 50 mm for Olympic barbell. For training in the gym you can also use the bumper style discs (rubber for rebound). In our store you can buy powerlifting discs, calibrated for competition.


    With the official diameter of 50 mm for discs and a weight of 20 kg. The powerlifting or weightlifting bars are made of solid steel and professional (like the Eleiko bars). We recommend buying one of these Olympic bars in a powerlifting store, as they are the only ones allowed in competition.


    - Power Cages: the safest way to be able to perform the three powerlifting exercises in the gym. They allow a safe training, as they usually come with safety stops. The cages or racks are used for squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

    - Bench press benches: we have for sale, professional training benches for the gym and competition bench press benches. Some come with safety stops to move heavy loads safely and securely.

    - Lifting Floors and Platforms: with this material you can equip a powerlifting or weightlifting gym. The rubber floors or platforms provide a safe base to do the different movements: squats, deadlifts, deadlifts, deadlifts, pull-ups...

    Other accessories you can buy for powerlifting would be ammonia salts, magnesium for the bar, arm and leg sliders to put on your squat or bench press suit, etc.

    Be sure to visit our online store powerlifting in UK, with shipments of material and equipment for powerlifting to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


    Powerlifting is a sport of static strength where the strength of the torso, legs and body in general is measured. It consists of three movements to perform: squat, bench press and deadlift, where the goal is to lift the maximum amount of weight that the lifter can with the correct technique.

    In our store we offer equipment and products to practice powerlifting. Here you can buy powerlifting equipment online. These accessories differ slightly from conventional fitness equipment, as you need Olympic bars and discs of a certain weight and size, as well as special structures and supports. Here you can find powerlifting shoes, power cages, Olympic bars, Olympic discs, etc.



    Whatsapp:  +34901009541


    If you're looking for a Airsoft shop online of trust, cheap compared to the quality it offers in its products and capable of fast shipping to all Spain: Whether you want your team Airsoft in Madrid, Seville, Malaga... Then we want to be your shop!

    First of all we want to offer quality in our services. So before you hand over any of our fantastic products (let's sell Airsoft weapons Like ball guns, g36, M4, revolver, all kinds of Airsoft replicas, military clothes, masks, balls, helmets, protective glasses... ), 

    Let us explain to you what is the basic equipment you need to start practicing this activity. Outdoor! If you're a beginner and you're starting to get acquainted with it. Airsoft, then you will find it very useful to read this guide before purchase your basic equipment Airsoft.


    To start practicing AirsoftYou're gonna need the Professional equipment More basic. If you're wondering, what do I need to start? The answer is it's not too many things. All that is required is:


    This is the basic accessory. You're gonna need to buy you. Airsoft replica. We recommend a gun electric Just shoot well. For example, one M4They're usually good at price. If you like activity, as you become more advanced you might want to invest in weapons more professional and of higher quality. The gun is going to be the most expensive accessory Airsoft, but once purchased is a long-term investment. It's not a very expensive hobby. But to start something basic is great. (See weapons)


    La Battery is usually included in Electrical weapons from the catalogue. It is fundamental since it is what provides energy for the Electrical of Airsoft work. That unless you're using one gas, which is another story. But we recommend them Electrical weapons. For which you will need a battery. To consult spare batteries: (See batteries).


    You'll need ammunition. Most of the Airsoft weapons come with a charger. That's probably right to start. (See chargers).


    It's the calls. Airsoft balls or BBS. The balls They come in different weights. The ideal thing is to buy multi-type balls and combine them. (See munitions).


    These are the typical protective glasses to play Airsoft. This accessory is very important! You need it to cover your eyes. Never practice this activity without protection glasses. The ideal thing is that you buy some good glasses that protect your eyes and don't numb your eyes. You don't need to spend a lot of money on this accessory either. You can buy some good protective glasses at very good price. (See protective glasses).

    All right. So far we talked about Equipment essential you need to practice Airsoft. As you can see, you don't need too much to start. Just the gun, the Battery, the charger, munition and some protective glasses. :).

    These would be the accessoriesBut there are many more things you can do purchase in one Airsoft shop online to enjoy much more of the gaming experience. Let's see now what the rest of them are. secondary accessories. Let's go!


    The ball guns, or short weapons They'll be your high weapon during Airsoft's fight. Some users love carrying guns while others don't. Buying a gun is a personal decision. (See short weapons).


    This is going to be of great help when you're already immersed in activity and practice Airsoft usual. Especially for longer games that can last hours. It is highly recommended that in such cases you have several loaders extra. This way you won't have to waste your time stuffing the balls of you charger constantly. Buy extra chargers for your weapon model. (See chargers).


    The Protective helmet It's a very economic article that's going to be very useful to you. There is no need to wear a skater box as there are on sale great military style helmets: (See protective helmets). There are also people who choose to take hats, bandanas and other head garments.


    Although not strictly necessary, you can also choose to equip your Airsoft with certain accessories like silencers, grenades, bipodes, etc.

    11-Tactical DOWN / APARTMENT:

    Another element that is not totally necessary but that it is good to have it, would be the Tactical vest or mate. For example a chest mat. There. Tactical vests very economic and great to start. The vest will help you improve your experience by practicing Airsoft. These accessories can be played a lot by knowing how to use them properly. (See tactical vests).


    These would be the main accessories that are part of Equipment of a practitioner Airsoft. Both main and secondary. Let's recalcame that the really necessary thing to start is a gun, One Battery, One charger with munition and protective glasses.

    Another thing you'll probably want purchase later on in one Airsoft Store It's the CAMUFLAJE MILITAR ROPA. There are different styles of camouflage depending on the scenarios in which the game is going to develop. La military clothing It's great. Make yourself with a camouflage style Woodland It will be a great choice for you.


    The Airsoft It's a sport / game that was invented in Japan and that simula One Military combat but it is relatively safe for practitioners. This is because they are used weapons driven by compressed gas They shoot little plastic balls. They are also used Electrical weapons and spring weapons.

    Airsoft's combat fields have many similarities with paintball. They can include towers, trenches, bunkers and other types of land. This allows you to simulate much more realistic combats.

    There are many different types of Airsoft games, which vary depending on the number of people who are playing, where they are located and how much money they are willing to spend. Among these games we can find: combats, military simulation, organized campaigns, including recreation of historical events.

    Standard military tactics can be used, and Airsoft's weapon is very realistic, with real weapons being replicated.

    Now that you know what the Airsoft and the basic equipment you need, take a look at our store! Help us become the best online shop Airsoft in Spain.

    Buy you. Airsoft equipment with us and if you are satisfied share our website with your friends! Thank you so much for your visit.


    We provide you with quality material for the practice of your adventure sports favorites. In this section you can purchase adventure vehicles as 4 x 4, buggies, ATV quads, water motorbikes and even parachuting costumes.

    Enjoy your activities with one of our fantastic vehicles!


    Exercise equipment for home use. Here you will find varied and economical products to train at home. Sports equipment varied to set up your own gym at home. With this section we want to bring sport to everyone.


    Our range of saunas y steam baths. Ideal for equipping a gym, a hotel, a spa center, etc.

    We have wood saunas, , cabins for steam baths, whirlpool bathtub...

    If you are thinking about buy a sauna to equip your center or for private use, take a look at our catalog!

    Store to buy steam sauna online in Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona...

    Welcome to the home of saunas, where you can buy an infrared sauna.

    Why choose us for buy an outdoor or indoor sauna? AtDepor Trainer, we offer a wide range of traditional and infrared saunas directly from the best manufacturers, built with the highest quality materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques.The sauna plantsthat provide those of our catalogoffera policy of constant research and development, which means that we keep pace with all developments in the industry. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and, to achieve this, your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products infrared saunas or any other general inquiry, as our team is always ready to help.

    Best selling saunas in Spain and Europe

    In the market, there are saunas for sale of different types. There are those for several people. The number of people in the sauna you choose will depend on your requirements. For example, you can buy home saunas, for your spa, gym, hotel or beauty center and health. Here are the best saunas on the market to meet your domestic or business requirements.

    In this section you will see 2-person, 3-person, 4-person, 5-person, 6-person, 7-person, 8-person saunas... and more. Install professional saunas and steam baths for your customers. Many of the equipment you will find here are for companies. If you are looking for a sauna store that meet the highest quality standards and with shipments to all of Spain, here you can find saunas in Madrid, saunas in Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Valencia, Sevilla and other communities and provinces of Spain. what do we have in the sauna store?

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    Are you going tobuy now a infrared sauna for two people with charcoal heaters? There is also the indoor far infrared sauna for two people with charcoal heaters... Here you will see saunas of all types and prices: from about 900 to 1500 €And the larger and more professional ones can cost around 2000 € or 3000 €.

    To buy now: onecorner corner infrared sauna for three persons or aindoor far infrared sauna for three people. don't miss them! want more?

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    The following types of saunas are also for sale:

    • Infrared sauna for one person
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    • Infrared sauna for one person
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    • Traditional outdoor sauna (outdoor) for 4 or 5 persons
    • Traditional outdoor sauna (outdoor) for 4 or 5 people with stove

    Also to BUY NOW:

    • Infrared sauna for three people
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    • Infrared sauna for two people
    • Indoor far infrared sauna for two people


    There are many health benefits that make the purchase of an infrared sauna attractive to people who give priority to the wellness. As this type of sauna uses infrared light (fully harmless) to heat you directly - rather than from the air around you, which is what the traditional saunas - the benefits are more efficient, and the experience itself is more nice. As the sauna session begins and your body temperature rises, a chain reaction starts to run through you - and that's where the benefits of the sauna come fromare beginning to show.

    For example, the heat of the steam baths causes your body to start sweating intensely, which helps to draw out dead skin cells and deeply embedded impurities, which can promoteglowing, clear skin with repeated use. As part of a diet healthy, infrared heat can also promote the development of weight loss. Kenneth McLeod, a professor of bioengineering at Binghamton University, has gone on record as saying that the use of the far infrared sauna can cause significant changes in body weight after only two weeks of use.

    Yesyou suffer fromhigh blood pressure, this infrared therapy can also help, according to a recent study conducted in Finland. The research, which involved more than 100 people, showed that factors such as left ventricular ejection time, diastolic time, and systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels decreased immediately after a 30-minute session. This is one more benefit of buy Finnish sauna. A scientific study (Whelan et al., 2001) also showed that the use of infrared sauna will help both chronic pain and the wound healing process, concluding that "will greatly enhance the natural wound healing process.".

    comprar online una sauna de madera finlandesa


    Now that you are considering the possibility of buy a domestic infrared sauna, we recommend that you browse our sauna store (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville)to see both what we offer and what suits you. Each cheap sauna on our site has a complete description with technical specifications and a image gallery large. The dimensions complete specifications are also given in a floor plan layout with the weight of the products, so you know exactly what you are buying and there are no surprises. Find out more about the benefits of choosing an infrared sauna.

    These products are deliveredby courier; each item is palletized and securely strapped for safe transport, so your traditional or infrared sauna will always arrive in the great condition it leaves inthe factoryspecialized or seller's sauna stores in Spain or Europe.


    We have a range of steam saunas for one to four persons which are manufactured individually ina specialized factory. Our models are full of luxury features, including soft controls, FM radios with Bluetooth connectivity, DVD players, reading lights and chromotherapy, oxygen ionizers, and much more.They are usually wood saunas made of the highest quality red cedar or Canadian hemlock, are easy to maintain, clean and even have low operating costs. With our wide selection of home and outdoor saunas, we're sure you can find the model that's right for you. Need a sauna? purchase an indoor sauna for your home or business? Here it will be!


    We have in outdoor saunas for salein two different sizes; standard outdoor models can accommodate two to three people, while large outdoor models are designed for three to four people. We also have a selection of traditional steam sauna units to choose from. We are the most specialized store in Spain for buy cheap saunas.

    Here we have in finnish saunas for sale, which are wood saunas of the most popular.

    Benefits of Finnish sauna

    If you want to learn more about the finnish sauna before you buy, here is everything you need to know.

    Who can enjoy Finnish saunas?

    The experience is beneficial for everyone. It is only contraindicated for people with injuries and for babies. It is also not the best idea if you have a low voltage. Otherwise, anyone can enjoy a moment of relaxation in a Finnish sauna.

    What can I do if I am invited to a Finnish sauna?

    It may sound strange, but receiving an invitation to enter the Finnish sauna is very common. It is a place to cleanse both body and soul. The most important rule is that you should be comfortable so you can enjoy it. Do you want one too? Here you can take a look finnish saunas and prices.

    An honor you should not refuse

    An invitation to share the saunawood should be taken as an honor. If he is going to refuse it, you had better have a good excuse or you might offend his hosts. The way to deal with it is that, being naked, no one can hide anything from the rest. It's absolute communion. It's also a kind of intimacy that not everyone is ready for.

    What is the interior of the sauna like?

    If you have decided to buy indoor sauna, let us first tell you a little bit about what it's like. The good news is that a Finnish sauna is an enclosed place with very dim lighting. You are not there to watch others. And no oneis coming to see you. There are no lights or background music. At most, you will enjoy the scent of thecharcoal or hot birch.

    Do I needentering domestic saunas naked?

    The custom inFinland is to go to the sauna completely naked. You must remove your clothes before entering. It isof education take a light shower before. It's okay if you prefer to cover yourself with a towel. Finns know that not everyone shares their disinhibition. In the end,you get used to swimming in a lake, take a steam bath or rolling in the snow. No, they are not crazy. In European spas, there is a similar custom: contrast baths.

    Are there mixed steam saunas?

    In general, women share the Finnish sauna with other women and men with other men. Families use the domestic saunas in common, regardless of gender. If you are in a mixed group, it is best to ask first. Communication is the best way to avoid uncomfortable situations. Remember, sauna in Finland is a completely natural thing to do. Just as much as going out for a beer in our country. Keep this in mind when buying a finnish-type sauna and use it.

    What is the vastness of a sauna?

    Especially in the summer, the Finns use the term "vast" o "vihta". Both terms refer to the same thing. Although the name varies depending on the Finnish region you are in. It is a small group of birch branches that they use inside the Finnish sauna to hit the skin. It is not an aggressive act, but a light massage. Your skin will notice the benefits combined sauna and vast. And the aroma is very pleasant.

    sauna para varias personas

    How long should I stay in the Finnish sauna?

    Noworry. If you go with the Finns, they will guide you. If you go alone or with your travel companions, just remember that the trick is to feel good. Put water on the stones when you feel it is necessary. You can also go in and out of the sauna as many times as you want. The idea is to enjoy yourself.


    If you have already decided to look through a catalog ofwet sauna for sale, the following is very important. Drinking a lot is vital when you go to a Finnish sauna. Water, cider or beer are the three star drinks. The key is not to dehydrate. If you want to give your experience a more Finnish dimension, try grilling sausages in aluminum foil on the sauna rocks. Of course, be sure to choose a place where this is allowed. You've never eaten in a more exotic place in your life, have you?

    General rules for traditional saunas and steam baths

    It is said that Finns close more business in the sauna than in meeting rooms. However, this does not mean that there are many rules to follow. On the contrary, as we have repeated more than once, the main idea is to relax and enjoy the Finnish sauna.

    Are you dying to give it a try? Contact us or check out this store and we'll take you straight to Helsinki - enjoy your Finnish sauna! Or go thinking about the best winter trip this year.

    Is it worth buying a second-hand Finnish sauna?

    Good question. It is one of the questions we get asked the most. The truth is that the second hand Finnish saunas can also be of quality. Here the key, as you might guess, is to be careful where you buy it. We mean that the second hand sauna store is trustworthy, offers some guarantees and that the goods are in good condition (weight to be used or second hand).

    We sometimes have some second hand saunas for sale, either because they are of exhibition or because they belonged to a spa that we equipped and we have to renew the material. Compare prices to see if it is worth it. For example, you can compare our models with thesaunasLeroy Merlin. In the end, the decision is yours and we want the best for you. Shall we continue with the benefits of saunas?

    Other benefits of purchasing a home or business sauna from a well-priced store

    Here are some other final advantages of buying saunas in a store like ours. Depor Trainer not only provides you with sauna rooms, but also with the various sauna rooms that we offer sauna accessories that will help you to create a ten experience. For example, the hygrometer, to measure the humidity of the air inside a sauna; the hourglass, to control the time we spend inside without the clock being damaged; the thermometer, to measure temperature; or the wooden bucket with ladle, which allows us to pour the water on the sauna stones. Also, we have some loose parts such as the infrared spare parts. Browse the catalog and choose your sauna equipment.

    • Second hand saunas for saleA store specializing in saunas, in addition to new saunas, will probably have second-hand saunas for sale. This is because sometimes they buy back the material used in the equipment of spas and spas to resell it as second hand or second hand. Also, because they often have some display models that no longer serve them. This is especially interesting for you, because a showroom sauna is a good acquisition; it will hardly have any use. With a bit of an eye, you might be able to buya second-hand sauna in conditions.
    • You can also buy a facial sauna. did you know that the steam from a facial sauna is perfect for exfoliating the face and preventing aging? The benefits of the sauna on the body are many, and one of the places where they are most noticeable is the face.
    • ¿Buy a portable sauna? yes, it is possible. Here we have in promotion different sauna cabins and portable saunas that you can carry wherever you want. They are very comfortable. Enjoy your sauna bath at any time.
    • Sale of outdoor saunasThese are those that you can perfectly place outdoors. If you want them as home saunas, you can place them in your farm, country house, villa or any other property. The outdoor sauna is also ideal to take advantage of a business; in this case, we are referring to acamping, hostel, spa, hotel, etc. In addition, aesthetically they are very beautiful, as they are usually made of wood, with very rural designs and attractive shapes.
    • The home steam saunasIf we have told you about the benefits of outdoor saunas, don't miss out on the coziness of domestic steam saunas. Here we are talking about the possibility of taking a steam bath for the whole family or with friends whenever you want. If you want to become an amateur, start by buying a cheap sauna or at an economical price to try it out. If you like it, later on you can invest in a more professional or high-end sauna. Of course, the size will depend on the number of people who will be using the sauna at the same time.
    • Steam baths and benefitsThe sauna bath is, roughly speaking, a steam bath. You should know that steam baths provide a number of benefits. The sauna is not only an investment in leisure or relaxation, but also in health. Read carefully some of the advantages from purchase a steam bath or sauna and use it regularly. These baths improve sweat response, are used to eliminate toxins, can even relieve pain help you (and a lot) to relax and sleep better, , improve your cardiovascular function, help you to have better breathing y relieve arthritis. For this reason are recommended for people of all ages. The turkish bath is one of the most popular, but the sauna has a similar effect.
    • The steam baths on the face also have very positive effects. They act as a complexion cleanser and, as we have said, delay aging. The benefits of steam baths on the skin are very palpable. But it is that, in addition, the steam baths for acne are very good. They are highly recommended for teenagers and other people who, for whatever reason, suffer from acne. Try them and let us know!
    • The portable sauna tentNot like a conventional sauna, but very useful. Opt for one of these if you want a sauna that you can carry around and that is cheap. With the portable sauna tent, you can relax while surfing the internet with your smartphone, while watching Netflix on TV or reading your favorite novel. It's the easiest way to have an inexpensive sauna that you can use wherever you want! Yes, even on vacation.
    • Improve your customers' experienceEven if your business is not directly related to sauna bathing, installing one or more is something your customers will appreciate. Get your customers to try it out and spread the word about this fantastic service. Attract and retain more customers with sauna baths. Here is a list of businesses where you could install a sauna.

    - Gymnasium or fitness room fitness. Complement your sports center with a professional sauna.

    - Camping/shelter/camping.

    - Spas and spa centers.

    - Beauty and esthetic clinics.

    - Massage centers or clinics.

    - Sports centers.

    - Hotels.

    - Public and private pools.

    - Sauna bath centers. Try setting up your own business specializing in sauna baths.

    Online saunas: Buy them comfortably from the comfort of your home. See the characteristics of the manufacturer or seller.

    accesorios para saunas de vapor

    Buy Finnish saunas, steam baths, whirlpool baths, jacuzzi, tanning cabins and more

    In this store, you will find everything you need to set up or equip a complete center. Here you can buy a steam bath o finnish outdoor saunas. You will also find jacuzzis o whirlpool baths for different establishments such as hotels or spa and wellness centers. You can even complement the installation with a grape ray cabin professional.

    Occasionally, you will be able to buysecond hand Finnish saunas in good condition and at a good price. Some spas and spas have to renew their equipment, and already sauna stores are buying Finnish saunas to offer them for sale as second-hand saunas or as saunas for sale used. If you are lucky, you might be able to find a showroom sauna that would be like new and at a cheaper price!

    Remember that if you are looking for amanufacturer of Finnish saunas, here we have the best quality models and brands. We give you the opportunity to buy facial sauna, portable or portable tent type infrared. We offer products from the most reputable manufacturers, sellers and stores (even better than the most reputable ones)saunas Leroy Merlin). Depor Trainer is the place to go to for buy sauna check out all that's here for you!


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