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What equipment should I buy in a powerliftinfspag store in United Kingdom? Well, mainly material that is of quality, with recognized Powerlifting brands such as Inzer and Titan. Also, if you are thinking of competing, the ideal is to buy powerlifting equipment approved by IPF (International Powerlifting Federation).

We have for sale both accessories for raw powerlifting as well as for equipped powerlifting. We distribute Inzer and Titan brands in England, , with fast shipping in 3-5 business days. Our competition equipment is of very good quality and IPF approved in UK.

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In our online powerlifting store, with deliveries to London, Manchester, Brighton, Newcastle... you can get all the equipment you need for your training and competition. Here is a brief summary of the equipment that you can find available in our catalog:


They are one of the basic accessories. Powerlifting shoes are a special type of shoe that is designed for weightlifting. In addition, they are also valid shoes for weightlifting. You can buy these shoes for either discipline. This is a special shoe that has a small wedge-shaped heel in the heel part. This allows you to gain more flexibility and stability in the squat, snatch and clean and jerk movements. They are a very resistant and comfortable type of shoe, especially designed for weightlifting in the gym or in competition. We recommend the nike romaleos and those of the adidas brand: power perfect 2 or adipower weightlifting.


Wearing the right bandage for heavy weight training and powerlifting competition will prevent injury. Knee wraps will protect your joint and allow you to move more weight in squats during competitions (2m, 2.5m, 3m). Powerlifting wrist wraps protect the wrist joint and give stability to your lifting both in the gym and in competitions (e.g. bench press). There are wrist wraps of various types, rigid and elastic, of 0.50 m, 0.75 m, 0.90 m, etc. We recommend buying the Inzer or Titan brand.

Also in powerlifting it is very common to use knee pads for squats and deadlifts.


Belts are another basic accessory in powerlifting. Belts protect the lumbar back in exercises such as deadlifts and squats, although there are also bench press belts. The ideal is to buy a belt that is of high quality, strong, resistant and in one piece, such as the Inzer Forever Belts (recommended). There are 1 cm or 1.3 cm belts. There are several colors and designs to choose from. You can buy a powerlifting belt with buckle or toggle (quick release). We recommend always choosing quality material, which will allow you to prevent injuries during very heavy lifts.


Ideally, wear comfortable gym shirts and pants. Shirts that you can comfortably wear under your competition jersey or under your bench press shirt.


Here we divide this powerlifting equipment into two cateogories: depending on whether it is powerlifting RAW or powerlifting equipped.


-Powerlifting Singlets or Powerlifting Jerseys: this is the basic powerlifting jumpsuit or suit, also used in weightlifting. This type of garment is made in one piece and is made of a resistant and flexible material that fits snugly to the body. They favor the lifts and are the type of suit allowed in powerlifting RAW or without equipment. It is IPF approved material.


- Squat Suits: is a one-piece, very tight and strong type of garment that allows the lifter to move more weight in squats. It is only allowed in equipped powerlifting. IPF Approved.

- Deadlift Suits: another suit or jumpsuit made in one piece, which allows an elastic and explosive take-off when performing the deadlift. With the suit, the lifter will be able to move more weight. It is only allowed in equipped powerlifting. IPF approved.

-Bench Press Shirt: these shirts act as an elastic, protecting the shoulders and allowing to handle heavier loads in the bench press. They are only allowed in the bench press with equipped equipment or powerlifting. Look for IPF approved brands such as Inzer or Titan.

In our online store you can buy professional powerlifting competition apparel at the best price, both raw and equipped.


Training and competition discs (such as those from Eleiko), with the official diameter of 50 mm for Olympic barbell. For training in the gym you can also use the bumper style discs (rubber for rebound). In our store you can buy powerlifting discs, calibrated for competition.


With the official diameter of 50 mm for discs and a weight of 20 kg. The powerlifting or weightlifting bars are made of solid steel and professional (like the Eleiko bars). We recommend buying one of these Olympic bars in a powerlifting store, as they are the only ones allowed in competition.


- Power Cages: the safest way to be able to perform the three powerlifting exercises in the gym. They allow a safe training, as they usually come with safety stops. The cages or racks are used for squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

- Bench press benches: we have for sale, professional training benches for the gym and competition bench press benches. Some come with safety stops to move heavy loads safely and securely.

- Lifting Floors and Platforms: with this material you can equip a powerlifting or weightlifting gym. The rubber floors or platforms provide a safe base to do the different movements: squats, deadlifts, deadlifts, deadlifts, pull-ups...

Other accessories you can buy for powerlifting would be ammonia salts, magnesium for the bar, arm and leg sliders to put on your squat or bench press suit, etc.

Be sure to visit our online store powerlifting in UK, with shipments of material and equipment for powerlifting to England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


Powerlifting is a sport of static strength where the strength of the torso, legs and body in general is measured. It consists of three movements to perform: squat, bench press and deadlift, where the goal is to lift the maximum amount of weight that the lifter can with the correct technique.

In our store we offer equipment and products to practice powerlifting. Here you can buy powerlifting equipment online. These accessories differ slightly from conventional fitness equipment, as you need Olympic bars and discs of a certain weight and size, as well as special structures and supports. Here you can find powerlifting shoes, power cages, Olympic bars, Olympic discs, etc.


POWERLIFTING There are 502 products.






    *Buy the Nike Romaleos 2.

    The shoes of weightlifting (also valid for powerlifting) are not like a normal shoe. This type of shoe has been designed for one purpose: to help the athlete lift weight efficiently and safely, improving performance in training and competition. All models are suitable for both men and women.

    The best shoes from weightlifting have the following features:

    • The base of the sole is hard, flat and anti-slip.
    • The soleis wedge-shaped and is elevated a few centimeters in the heel area.
    • They have fastening straps next to the laces.
    • They adjust perfectly to the foot so that they stay in place throughout the entire lift.


    The main advantage of the weightlifting shoe is that it greatly increases flexibility in the hips and ankles. This is achieved by its elevated sole or wedge heel. For example, these shoes help you go much lower in the squat exercise. Thus achieving a much deeper squat.


    This type of shoe is also very suitable for users who are beginners in the gym and do not get a good depth in squats due to lack of flexibility in the hips and heels.

    Another important feature to mention, along with the previous ones, is that weightlifting shoes usually also have a flexible toe cap. In general it is usually a hard and sturdy shoe in its entirety with the exception of the toe. They are designed in this way to assist athletes during take-offs in typical movements weightlifting during take-offs in the typical movements of this sport.

    The flexible toe caps give the athlete an extra boost when lifting the weight: both in the snatch movement and in the clean and jerk. They facilitate lifts at critical points where the heel must be lifted off the ground to remove the weight and load it, and also during the final lock out movement.


    In addition, their sturdy sole cushions the impact of the athlete's weight and the load when the heels return to contact with the ground. So the exercise becomes much more comfortable and safer.


    Because of the aforementioned, these shoes are also being widely used in the other weightlifting sport: the powerlifting. In this case we benefit above all from their sturdy wedge-shaped elevated sole.

    SADDLES: in the case of this exercise, the overall shoe provides support and stability. The solid sole helps us maintain our posture and provides the flexibility we lack in our hips and ankles. We get a much deeper squat much deeper and more valid in competition.


    BENCH PRESS: using the halterofilia shoes to perform the bench press is another great option for both training in the gym as well as in competition powerlifting. The elevated sole gives us more stability by making our legs higher. This helps us to increase our lumbar arch and use much better leg strength or leg drive to achieve greater power by taking the weight off. In short, we will lift more weight. In addition, the sole of the shoes is usually less than 5 cm, the maximum size allowed. With which they are perfectly valid for competition.

    DEAD WEIGHT: in the deadliftthe shoes will help us during training. The small heel will make us start with a certain disadvantage when we take the load off the ground. So when we go back to using a flat shoe in competition we will have managed to improve our maximum mark. There are also special deadlift shoes with flat, non-slip soles that provide greater contact of the feet against the ground, improving our strength. The ideal is to have a pair of each type: use the weightlifting shoes during training (as they add difficulty to the exercise) and use the deadlift flat shoe in competition or when we are looking for a record, as we will take full advantage of the strength gained.



    There are also many athletes who are using this type of shoe to practice crossfit. The reason for this is that the crossfit shares much of the exercises with the weightlifting and the powerlifting. In the crossfit we perform deadlifts, jerks, deep squats, etc. So it is to be expected that this type of shoe will also work quite well in this modality.

    In addition, the crossfit is a very demanding sport that requires a shoe with a great fit, which is robust, resistant and offers a long durability and weightlifting shoes more than meet this requirement.


    WEIGHTLIFTING SHOES: PARTS OF THE SHOE AND THEIRsuela-zapatillas-adidas-power-perfect-2BENEFITS.

    FLAT BASE SOLE: let's talk about the flat base on the sole of the shoe. In the old days the sole of the shoe used to be made of wood. Lately manufacturers are making them out of hard plastic. The reason the base of the shoe is flat and hard is to provide more contact with the ground and to help you make as much force as you can during toe-off. Exercises where you will benefit from the force of take-off from the ground are: squats, snatches, cleans and jerks. When you wear normal shoes you will notice that you are not using 100% of the force of your feet against the ground, maybe 90%. The weightlifting shoes correct this problem and will make you use 100% of your potential.


    ELEVATED SOLE ON THE HEEL: this is what really makes a difference in the weight you are able to move. You will notice how much easier it is to do a squat with an elevated sole. You'll be able to get much lower, your knees will point outward, and you'll be amazed at the flexibility you get in your ankles. These are the benefits of the elevated sole for squats. People with poor hip and ankle flexibility will see a huge improvement using these squat shoes. If you want to see for yourself before you buy them, place a few small 2kg discs under your ankles when you go to do a squat and you will see the difference. The sole will provide the same effect.


    STRAPS: to top off the advantages offered by this type of shoe, we have the straps. The weightlifting shoes usually include straps that will help you feel that feeling of support, that the shoe is completely fixed to the foot. During Olympic lifts or squats you don't want your feet to move and "dance" inside the shoes. You need to keep your feet in a correct, secure and stable position. And for this, straps are very useful.


    There are several models, but they all serve the same purposes explained above. Some brands that manufacture weightlifting shoes are Nike and Adidas. There are also other cheaper models of weightlifting shoes on the market.

    All models come in Unisex format, for both men and women. Our advice is to choose the model of shoe that you feel most comfortable with and that works well for you. Everyone has different preferences, and even within the different modalities you may want to use one model or another. For example, powerlifters might benefit more from a dense, heavy sole such as the Adidas Power Perfect or the Maximus Gravity Warrior . While a haterophile or a practitioner of crossfit might prefer a plastic-soled shoe that provides a lighter feel like the Maximus Gravity Warrior Nike Romaleos.

    You can have a look at our models below or read our comparative guide of the best running shoes on the market weightlifting.

    any questions?

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    Buy your powerlifting wraps here. Practice powerlifting and other strength sports with complete safety for your knees, wrists and elbows. The best wraps for your strength sport. We have Inzer wraps, which is a brand of excellent quality.


    In our store you can buy your wraps for powerlifting . We serve orders to the entire territory of United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Ireland, Scotland, Wales... Our material includes: powerlifting knee wraps and also wristwraps (valid for powerlifting, crossfit, weightlifting ...) and lifting knee pads , which can also be used in crossfit and weightlifting .

    We distribute recognized brands through our online store. Some of the brands we work with are Titan Powerlifting USA and INZER .

    The wraps allow a much safer training for your joints. They allow you to lift weights reducing the risk of injury to the wrists and knees. Gym wrist wraps reduce stress on the wrist bone by supporting the load in exercises such as the bench press.

    There are several types of accessories for powerlifting depending on the material of the wrap and its length. There are certain things that are not allowed in RAW competition (such as knee wraps). Knee wraps in equipped powerlifting competitions may also sometimes not exceed a certain length. This depends on the competition and its rules.

    What you should always keep in mind is to buy material approved by the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation). In our store we have Inzer and Titan brand wraps for sale, which is an IPF approved material .

    Below we will see a guide on this type of material, uses and characteristics.




    In this case, they are often used for training and also in powerlifting or equipped powerlifting competitions . Knee wraps are usually not allowed in most RAW competitions or powerlifting without equipment.

    Knee wraps have been used for squats for a long time. Practically since the beginning of this sport. In principle, this wrap had the function of protecting the knee joint during heavy squat lifts . But the truth is that they also improve performance and help to lift more weight in the squat (between 5% and 10% more). That is why they began to be used in competition and today they are one more accessory of equipped powerlifting .

    There are more rigid or more elastic , depending on the preferences of the athlete. What should always be taken into account when buying powerflitng knee wraps is their length. Most competitions only allow 2 meter wraps . Therefore, you must be careful if you plan to take them to the competition. The 2.5 meters or 3 meters could come in handy for your training, since they allow you to lift more weight.

    2-METER WRAPS: This is the regulatory length allowed in most powerlifting competitions. If you want them to compete, make sure you know the rules of your championship, since you will probably need 2 meter wraps . Remember that this material is usually not allowed in RAW competitions.

    2.5 METER WRAPS: you can use them for your gym training or preparation. They allow more weight to be moved and can be a safe option for really heavy loads and max sets. Remember that this measure is not usually allowed in competition.

    3 METERS WRAPSFor really big and elite athletes only. It is the longest length that is usually on sale. It allows many more turns to the knee. To train with heavy loads in the gym it can come in handy, since they will not be allowed in powerlifting competition .

    Knee wraps have also been used in bodybuilding and weightlifting (in weightlifting, according to the rules of the competition). Some bodybuilders use them for squats . They can also be used in deadlifts (although they have less effect) and other leg exercises.

    The wraps offer protection to the knee joint and cushion the rebound on the way down the squat . They also allow lifting slightly higher loads. They can be great for your training , even if you don't compete. But remember not to go overboard or use excessive loads that you cannot handle. They tend to be quite tight, so they are usually only worn when doing a heavy set or moving a maximum load. They should then be unrolled from the knee.

    When you use them in competition, remember that they are IPF approved 2 meter wraps, such as the Inzer or Titan ones from our online store.



    Wrist wraps are a basic accessory for training in the gym if you already move heavy loads. They protect the wrist joint. The quintessential exercise where we will notice its benefits the most is the chest bench press . Although they will also help us keep the wrist much more rigid and better support the bar in squats and even in deadlifts.

    Wrist wraps or wrist wraps are an ideal complement for any strength or fitness discipline. They can be used to lift weight in: powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, bodybuilding, strongman .

    You can use the wrist wraps for any exercise: bench press, squats, snatches, clean and jerk, deadlifts.

    There are several types, depending on the fabric:

    -Elastic wristwraps: for amateur or intermediate athletes.

    -Rigid wristwraps: they are much harder. For really heavy loads and recommended for the advanced or elite athlete.

    Powerlifters and press benchers can benefit from wearing wrist wraps to lift weights safely and prevent wrist injuries. That is why it is always advisable to buy good quality wristwraps. Material that does not stretch too much or lose rigidity. All wristwraps are usually made of flexible but resistant material and are easily attached with Velcro. There are several sizes available for sale :

    30-35 CM WRISTWRAPS: These are usually the shortest. They work well for the beginning lifter or those lifters who don't like long wrist wraps.

    50-60 CM WRISTWRAPS: This is usually the basic standard measurement for the vast majority of lifters. The most common in competition.

    75 CM WRIST SUPPORTS: For any lifter or press bencher looking for a lot more support in their joint.

    90 CM-99 CM WRISTWRAPS: Usually used by elite lifters or those who already move such heavy loads that they cause pain in the wrists. Max supports.

    When you want to buy wrist wraps and use them in powerlifting , remember to always buy IPF competition approved ones. Inzer or Titan USA . There are usually many colors to taste: red, yellow, blue, pink...



    Finally there are the knee pads . Allowed in all powerlifting, weightlifting and crossfit competitions .

    Knee pads can be used in RAW powerlifting competition (as long as they comply with the regulations).

    One of the most typical ones that are usually bought are neoprene knee pads (like Titan 's for powerlifting). Although there are other more breathable models for sale such as the Inzer knee pads .

    Knee pads are a very useful complement, as they protect the joint and cushion when bending or extending the legs in movements such as squats and deadlifts.

    They help with the rebound portion of a deep squat , so you're sure to feel that little bit of help when lifting.

    In addition, they keep the knees warm, which is very good for training when it is cold in winter and avoiding injuries due to muscle breakdown.

    Also in the deadlift, knee pads can help prevent the bar from rubbing against the knees when going up and not hurting your skin.

    The ideal when buying powerlifting knee pads is that they are made of flexible and durable material but soft enough to the touch so that it does not hurt your skin when you wear them. There are neoprene and fabric ones with strap adjustment, both highly recommended for lifting weights. We recommend buying a good quality and durable knee pad that really gives you the support and support you need for your training.

    If you are also thinking of competing in powerlifting, remember to buy one of the IPF approved brands like Inzer or Titan USA.


    The world's strongest powerlifting strongest belts in the world. Perfect for weight training at the gym gym. We have belts for sale from powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, at great prices. We work with the highest quality belt brands, such as Inzer.

    Protect your abs and lower back with one of ours, you won't regret it!


    T-shirts and pants for powerlifting. Comfortable clothes to exercise and train in the gym gym. We have excellent quality brands, such as Inzer, recognized American manufacturer of equipment for powerlifting.

    Practice your strength exercises with the most comfortable clothing.


    Buy here the best olympic disks for powerlifting, , weightlifting o crossfit. The classic colored discs for sale in our store. Discs Eleiko. Guaranteed quality. Both for training and competition.

    We have a wide range of olympic discs catalog shown below. Buy cheap Olympic discsis not an easy decision, as you will see that there are many types and varieties. You have the bumper or rebound discs, the 50 mm iron or cast iron discs, olympic rubber discs with grip, polyurethane... The quality and price will depend on the materials and the type of disc. Take a look at this section, because we want to help you to choose them.


    You will find that most of the olympic discs are cheap, but not as much as standard bodybuilding discs. Why is that? Well, you should know that the olympic disks are more difficult to manufacture than other models of gym commercial. A olympic discus is much larger. In addition, this type of discus is prepared to withstand the tough demands of competitive training. In other words, an Olympic-type disc lasts much longer and is more durable than a standard disc.

    Miara how olympic discs are made:

    Buy second hand Olympic discs o used Olympic discs is not always the best option, since these discs are usually purchased for gyms open to the public. When looking for the best for customers, options such as Milanuncios are not the most advisable. Where to buy Olympic discs? At Depor Trainer we always have the best variety of all types.

    It is better to have an extensive catalog where you can compare all types of plates, because depending on the type of weight sport you are going to perform you will need Olympic discs of different characteristics. With this section, you are sure to acquire the Olympic equipment that best suits your bodybuilding discipline. We will talk about them later.


    Olympic discus, definitionWhat distinguishes them is that they are usually discs 50 mm inside diameter.The 50 mm ring discs are those used in the Olympic bars. For a gym commercial open to the public it is much more advisable to install this type of materials.

    • - An Olympic disc has an inner diameter of 50 mm (or 5 cm).
    • - In general, Olympic discs have an outer diameter of 450 mm (or 45 cm). In the competition of weightlifting, this is the official measurement of the outer diameter. However, you will sometimes find on the market Olympic discs of 500 mm (or 50 cm) for training in gym.

    *Olympic discs are always larger than other weight discs for the purpose of gym. This is one of the reasons why the olympic discs prices vary from that of other types of weight plates.

    disco olímpico 50 mm


    The price when buying Olympic discs will vary depending especially on the material in which they are made. It may also depend on the brand. Certain brands such as Eleiko have such an extensive reputation for years in the market and quality that their prices are somewhat higher (see Eleiko Olympic discs).We found other cheaper brands, such as the olympic discs ManiakAnd other mid-range products, such as those offered by Decathlon.

    As we have explained, the price of the discs varies. But, generally, it will depend on the following:

    • - The 50 mm cast iron or iron discs are generally cheaper. The manufacturing process is simply simpler.
    • - The olympic rubber discsare not as cheap as iron ones. And the reason for this is that the manufacturing process is more complex. In addition, the end result is a larger piece. To this we add that many 50 mm rubber discs are fitted with grips. If a disc has grips and a printed or sublimated logo, it is more difficult to manufacture.
    • - The 50 mm bumper discs. These are much larger disks and are normally used for the crossfit, because of their ability to bounce on the ground. They are the least cheap of all. The bumper is the most complex type of Olympic discus to manufacture.
    • - Shape of the Olympic discusNote that if the disc has a special shape (round, polygonal, hexagonal...), the price may increase.
    • - Polyurethane Olympic discsThey are used in gyms and in official competitions of high-end commercial and powerlifting o weightlifting, for example. Their price is even higher than those made of rubber.

    There are also technical Olympic discs, which are used to initiate beginners into the movements of the weightlifting. They are made of plastic and have a similar price to the polyurethane ones. If the 50 mm disks are of colors, you can expect them to cost more.


    We recommend that you do not buy second hand olympic discs or used if you plan to purchase the material for your gym professional open to the public. However, you can always take a look at what's on offer at olympic discs Milanuncios, you never know if you might find something interesting. There are several problems associated with buy these Olympic discs.


    • - They are not guaranteed. In fact, a new olympic discus offers you its 2-year warranty for manufacturing defects, but a used disk does not. At Spain, buy Olympic disks is a much safer action if they are new.
    • - You don't know the seller. Buy Olympic discs online is something that should be done at a specialized Olympic disc store that provides a reliable catalog. That is, from manufacturers and vendors that offer quality and have a good reputation.
    • - Used disks are not as cheap as they may seem. The reality is that they are usually a significant investment for a gym. If the owner of the gym if you want to resell them because they have closed, you will try to recover as much money as possible. At the end of the day, it is even more profitable to invest a little bit more and purchase new Olympic discs of an online store.


    Now you will see that the olympic discs colors will depend on the weight. Generally, you will find black Olympic discs and colored Olympic discs. The black discs are cheaper, but the colored ones have the advantage of allowing you to easily distinguish each weight. Let's take a look at the most typical colors for an Olympic disc according to its weight.

    • - Olympic discs 0.5 kgColor: white
    • - Olympic discs 1 kgColor: green
    • - Olympic discs 2 kgBlue color
    • - Olympic discs 2.5 kgColor: red
    • - Olympic discs 5 kgColor: white
    • - Olympic discs 10 kgGreen color
    • - Olympic discs 15 kgColor: yellow
    • - Olympic discs 20 kgBlue color
    • - Olympic discs 25 kgColor: red

    In addition, these are the colors established by the International Weightlifting Federation for official competitions (see the official source). In official competitions of powerlifting are also used colored Olympic discs similar.


    You can buy different types of weight discs 50 mm according to the sport modality that is going to be practiced in your gym. Let's take a look at the most popular strength or bodybuilding sports and the Olympic discs used in each.


    Basically the aesthetics of the body is trained. The workouts are not as heavy as those of, for example, powerlifting. At bodybuilding muscle pumping with moderate weights and long sets or medium to high repetitions are often used. For bodybuilding or bodybuilding, the most popular Olympic discs are as follows:

    • - Olympic rubber or rubber discs with gripsIndisputably, to buy this model of 50 mm discs is the best option in bodybuilding. They are easy to carry and, thanks to their grip, you can do many more exercises with a barbell: deadlifts, crunches, biceps, French press.
    • - Olympic cast iron discsThe bodybuilders who opt for the more classic or old-school style Arnold Schwarzenegger, lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman o Branch Warren.


    For the weightlifting or Olympic weightlifting, competition discs with the official colors are used. The ones we have seen white 5 kg Olympic discs, green 10 kg Olympic discs, blue 20 kg Olympic discs... For competition they must have 50 mm inside diameter and 450 mm outside diameter.

    • - Polyurethane Olympic discsThis plastic-like material is typical of the discs used in current competitions in weightlifting.
    • - Olympic bumper discsFor the training of weightlifting, many people opt for 50 bumpers, also known as rebounding discs. They offer good sensations in exercises such as squat, , deadlift, the machine is either started or loaded.


    This is a very heavy lifting sport, so the hardness of the discs is critical. Since the three exercises of powerlifting (squat, , deadlift y bench press) are static power lifts, it is not as necessary for the discs to bounce off the floor. A 450 mm diameter disc, such as theweight training discs 50 mm or the rubber ones with grip, will be enough to train in this sport. For official competitions, the following are usually purchased polyurethane Olympic discs for powerlifting.

    *IMPORTANT: When purchasing the weight discs 50 mm for powerlifting online, you have to make sure that they are approved IPF. This, if you want to buy them to organize an official competition.


    • Olympic Bumpers: For crossfit are used in the olympic rebound discs. These are ideal for completing the wods with ease. In this case they can be black or have the official colors. A bouncing disk will help you with movements such as the squat, , deadlift, pulled out, clean and jerk omilitary press. All crossfitters prefer bumpers over other training discs.

    If you have a box of crossfit, buy 50 mm Olympic bumpers.

    atleta levantando bumpers de crossfit


    It is the same as in the powerlifting. The lifts are very heavy and an iron or polyurethane disc that will hold up well is necessary. At strongman rubber discs can also be used. It is only necessary to make sure that they are of high quality and that they can withstand the impact against the floor after a deadlift heavy.


    Today it is increasingly common for people to purchase 50mm (Olympic) weight discs for home training. A barbell with discs is essential in any training program, and the Olympic material is the highest quality. Therefore, it is normal that some amateur lifters choose to invest in Olympic discs for their home training.

    Some lifters also compete on an official basis and like to prepare at home with their own Olympic material. In these cases they usually acquire a cage, abank and, of course, the bar and the disks.


    When you go shopping, remember to make sure that the Olympic discs and the bar are 50 mm in diameter.

    The inner diameter of the disc will be 50 mm, and it has to match the bar on which you want to use it.

    Remember that an Olympic bar has a diameter of 50 mm at the end or handle, so that the discs can be placed. This diameter is sufficient and the suitable for 50 mm discs.

    If you want to cbuy cheap 50 mm discs for other bars that you already had at home or in the gym, remember to measure the diameter of those rods first. This way you can be sure that the discs will fit.

    Do not choose a disc with an inside diameter larger than that of the bar. In this case, the disc will "dance" during the lifts and will not be fixed properly.


    • Iron disc 50 mmThey are usually the most economical option, but are more prone to damage the floor when dropped.
    • Rubber discs 50 mmAlthough they cost a little more, you will appreciate their high durability and that they do less damage to the ground when you train.
    • Polyurethane discs 50 mmThey are the strongest and most expensive. The quality of these is total.


    We tell you this because it is better to choose to buy discs with a correct thickness and suitable for what you are looking for. Choose coated Olympic discs if you plan to train at home with them. Also remember that thicker discs, such as bumpers, limit the amount you can place on the Olympic bar quite a bit.

    Both for your gym commercial as well as for your gym at home, you should buy olympic discs. You will need them if you want you or your clients to build muscle with free weight exercises. At Depor Trainer we have the catalog you are looking for with the best brands of Olympic discs. There are all types and for all kinds of lifters.


    ¿Where to buy Olympic discs? Look at the depor Trainer catalog. Thecast iron discs arealmostindestructible. Thediscs come in two styles indicated by the diameter of the center hole. Standard size plates fit a 28mm weight bar, and Olympic plates fit a 50mm Olympic weight bar.

    The cast iron plates have a hammered gray finish, and their quadruple-grip design allows for easy transportation

    Thediskswith rubber grip are coated with a tough, durable rubber that will not break or crack. They have a quad grip design and a metal sleeve integrated into the 50 mm Olympic hole.

    Bumper discsare made of 100% solid rubber. The olympic disks bumper are all of the same diameter with different thicknesses and have aintegrated metal ring.



    The great marketplace for sports and fitness where you can see offers of hundreds of brands and all models. In Depor Trainer there are olympic rubber discs, with grips, bumper, polyurethane, iron... We are the best option to buy and, in addition, we have our own brands that we distribute.


    A Spanish manufacturer that manufactures discs of all types and weights: bumpers, with grip, for crossfit, strongman, powerlifting, etc.


    This sports store offers its Olympic bumper discs.



    tienda online de barras olímpicas

    The olympic bars(such as the bar weightlifting) for the practice of powerlifting, , weightlifting and also crossfit. We work with the best brands to offer you olympic bars high quality and durability for your training sessions gym more intense. Online catalog of weight bars.

    The best for both bench press, , deadlift y squat as well as for the olympic exercises of the weightlifting.


    The olympic bar differs from the normal ones in that its weight is usually 20 kg, are longer (with measures on the 2.2 meters) and have ends with a diameter of 50 mm (to place olympic weights, the inner diameter of the discs is usually larger than that of standard discs).

    We can find the olympic bars in many gyms, especially in those intended for the training of force with free weights.

    There are also professional Olympic bars and calibrated. The olympic bar is compulsory in competitions of strength sports, such as powerlifting, the weightlifting or the strongman.

    They are usually made of sturdy steel, capable of withstanding high quantities of weight (especially the competition ones). Some bars are chrome.

    Ideally, especially for weightlifting, the most important thing is that the bar is flexible and can bend when training with high loads, and then return to a straight position. A good olympic bar must be flexible when it supports a lot of weight but without becoming permanently deformed. The flexibility of the bar makes the movement in the exercise much more fluid and thus improves the athlete's lifting.

    The bar is used to do the exercises of different disciplines bodybuilding, bodybuilding, , weightlifting, , powerlifting... In all these disciplines, a long bar with weight discs at each end is used. In the case of the olympic bar, the discs must be special discs with an olympic inner diameter.

    The olympic bar can have different measuresThere are bars from 1.2 m to 2.4 m in some cases. Shorter bars are normally used in gyms or for learning the technique. It is rare for a bar to exceed 2.2m. The bars can be used in powerlifting.

    In a olympic bar, the central part (where it is gripped) has a smaller diameter than the ends (where the discs would be placed). This central area usually measures between 25 mm and 50 mm (as is the case of the Apollon bar: a special type of thicker bar to strengthen the forearm). Normally, the grip zone is about 28 mm.

    They usually feature a knurled and roughened grip, which feels rough to the touch. This is to improve the lifter's grip.

    At the ends of the bar discs are placed or removed. These ends are made of 50 mm the diameter of the Olympic discs is usually between 50 mm and 51 mm.

    After the discs have been placed, they are secured by means of the closures o buffers security. The closures prevent the discs from slipping or slipping off and falling out. They must have a diameter that fits the 50 mm diameter of a olympic bar. They allow the athlete to make a much safer lift without force decompensation. The closures competition weights weigh about 2.5 kg and count towards the total weight lifted by the athlete.


    The bar weightlifting is used in theolympic weightlifting (or simply "Olympic weightlifting") weightlifting), which consists of only two surveys: the start and the clean and jerk. In competition, the goal is to perform the heaviest lift possible; a single maximum effort lift. The athlete makes three attempts with the barbell weightlifting in each of the two lifts, and the total of the highest successful lifts determines the overall result. Olympic lifting is more a test of an athlete's explosive strength, power and technique than of raw lifting strength.

    barra halterofilia profesional para mayor calidad en el levantamiento olímpico

    Bar weightlifting professionalIt has ball bearings and is more elastic than a power one.

    On the other hand, the lifting ofpowerlifting is a pure strength sport. Powerlifting involves three lifts: the squat, banking and the deadlift. The lifting ofpower is similar to the weightlifting, in the sense that the lifter makes three attempts at each lift. However, powerlifting is more about moving as much weight as absolutely possible. Some powerlifting federations even allow the use of supportive equipment such as a bench top or asquats(store elastic energy) to help the lifter complete the performance.


    A olympic bar of weightlifting for men measures 2.2 meters long and weighs 20 kilograms, about 44 pounds. The sleeves are 50 mm in diameter, and the shaft is 28 mm in diameter and makes up about 1.3 meters of the total bar length.

    These are the specifications and dimensions of the bar weightlifting olympic 20 kg for men (via IWF).

    The barweightlifting the women's Olympic size is slightly shorter, measuring 2.1 meters long and weighs 15 kilograms. The handle is also slightly thinner, at 25 mm (0.98 inches) thick. The women's Olympic bars do not have a central knurling.

    These are the specifications and dimensions of the weightlifting olympic women's 15 kg (via IWF).

    Theolympic bars for weightlifters have a couple of unique features. The first is the whip (the ability to store elastic energy) of the bar. This flex occurs as a result of the shaft being slightly narrower than other types of bars (28 mm vs. 29-31 mm). Professional athletes use this elasticity of the bar in your favor during an uprising.

    The barshalterofilias must also have sleevessmooth swivels. This allows the lifter to quickly pass under the bar without having to release his grip. This effortless rotation is often achieved by using costly needle roller bearings on the handles. Finally, the quality of the Olympic bars is such that they have to withstand repeated drops from elevated positions.


    Before buy a bar powerlifting or a bar weightlifting you must take into account some differences that exist between the two. The following are the characteristics of a bar powerlifting and of weightlifting, as well as other sports of force.


    -The bar weightlifting has a length of 2,2 m and a weight of 20 kg for man. The women's bar measures 2,01 m and weighs 15 kg.

    -One of the differences is that the bar has marked the grip zones to carry out the olympic exercises specific to weightlifting. These are the snatch (torn off), clean and jerk (clean and jerk).

    -BearingsThis is another of its characteristics. The bar weightlifting has bearings that make it able to rotate smoothly making the lifts much more fluid and dynamic and protecting the athlete's joints.

    -ElasticityThe bar must be able to act as an "elastic", bending and deforming when subjected to high loads and then returning to its normal straight position. A good olympic bar should bend under weight but not become permanently deformed. It must be flexible, this feature improves the lifts.

    -It is also important that it is strong enough to be dropped from above the head.


    The olympic bar from man measures 2.2 meters and has a weight of 20 kg. It has ends of 50 mm diameter to fit Olympic discs and a grip diameter of 28 mm. The grip zone usually measures 1.31 m. The grip zones of the bar weightlifting are spaced at approximately 910 mm to allow for a grip width suitable for olympic exercises. These are the standards of a bar for competition of weightlifting and Olympic games. The bar must be flexible and able to store elastic energy, rotate smoothly and be able to be dropped safely from overhead.


    It is similar to that of men. However, the bar weightlifting for women measures 2,01 m and is somewhat lighter, with 15 kg weight. The diameter of its grip zone is 25 mm and it has no ring in its central area.

    In the store you can buy both types of bars of weightlifting. There are bars techniques o training and also those of competition, the new, better-calibrated and more weight-bearing.

    At powerlifting the same bar is used for both men and women, as we will see below.


    To be considered for buy a bar of powerlifting: for the powerlifting, as in the case of the weightlifting, in this discipline, a much stiffer bar is needed because much heavier loads are used. Generally, only the bar deadlift is longer and more flexible, in order to move more weight.

    The shells of a bar powerlifting are more basic and robust as they do not need to be rotated as was the case with the weightlifting.

    -The grip marks in a bar powerlifting differ from those of weightlifting. They are usually spaced at about 810 mm. With the markings spaced closer together to ensure the regulatory grip width of bench press.

    The IPF has the following requirements: the bar must have a grip diameter of between 28 mm and 29 mm, be no more than 2.2 meters long and its central area must be between 1.31 m and 1.32 m. The knurling of a iPF approved bar cannot be coated in chrome. Must weigh 20 kg (only the olympic bar) and 25 kg with safety latches on. 2.5 kg each.

    The total weight to be lifted varies according to the exercise and the discs used. It depends on whether the lift is bench press, , deadlift o squat.


    - In the gyms commercial, where people practice bodybuilding o bodybuilding, in the case of the Olympic bars, you can see Olympic bars that are very similar to competition bars. Although these are for training and do not comply with the specific requirements of competition: such as calibration, weight, measurements, grip marks, etc.

    - The bodybuilders use the olympic bars in its heavier basic lifts, which are common to those of powerlifting banking, deadlift, , squat... and also in other movements, such as the barbell rowing or the military press shoulders.

    - Some exercises of strongman are made with olympic bar squats y deadlift are one of the most common exercises in this discipline force.

    - In sports crossfit are also used olympic bars. The best for this discipline are those of weightlifting, functional training uses a lot of movements of the body to train the body weightlifting and the like starts, loads, push-offs, squat olympic, etc. A olympic bar with slewing bearings as those of weightlifting is the most recommended in crossfit.

    - The strength training bars in gyms are not as rigorously manufactured as the competition ones. They have variations in terms of grip marks, diameter, size and flexibility.

    - For strength training in gyms, the olympic bars can be used with any Olympic disc with a diameter of 50 mm. Such as rubber bumpers or iron Olympic discs.


    Apart from the classic long rods, there are a multitude of different rods that we can buy. Some of them are olympic bars are cheaper and others have a price higher. It all depends on the type of bar, whether it is professional or not, resistance, bearings, etc.

    - TECHNICAL BAROlympic bars: they are generally light Olympic bars with weights between 7 kg and 15 kg. They are used with technical discs and are used by beginners and young athletes to get started in lifting. They can be found in gyms from weightlifting y powerlifting.

    -BARHEXAGONAL:a very useful type of bar. This bar is very heavy and has a hexagon shape. It is used to make deadlift with neutral grip. It is also available in its version olympic.

    -SQUAT BAR:has an inverted "U" shape and special grips for a neutral grip on the bar. This special bar is used for squats.

    -SHRUGBAR:to make deadlift, with neutral grip, shoulders, shrugs... with neutral grip. Similar to the hexagonal.

    - SZ BARThis bar can be used to work with biceps y triceps with free weight. It has a special grip shape that takes stress off the wrists. Its Olympic version is usually larger and heavier than standard bars.

    -BAR Z:the basic bar for the training of arms. With a special "Z" shape that does not force the forearms and wrists during exercises such as biceps curls, French press.... With this bar you can work biceps y triceps. It is available in an Olympic version with diameter of 50 mm. Heavier than a standard bar.

    - DUMBBELL BARS: allow you to build dumbbells weight adjustable if the Olympic discs are placed on it, the 50 mm.

    -ROMAN BARFor exercises of biceps y triceps with a special neutral grip. A olympic bar very useful.

    -MOBILE BAR:with special rotating grips that adapt to the movement to make the exercise more comfortable. This bar relieves stress on the joints. It can be used for exercises for arms, chest, shoulders...

    - MULTI-GRIP OLYMPIC BAR: similar to a Roman bar but with many more grips.

    Others accessories for olympic bar that we can buy in the online store include supports to place olympic bars (vertically or horizontally), pads for squat, , chains of powerlifting or various grips and accessories to make t-bar rowing.

    -OLYMPIC BAR AND DISCS: are packs which includes the olympic bar and several olympic disks of different weights. We have them at the sale in our online store both of training as for competition.


    Undoubtedly one of the best olympic bars that we recommend buy, is that of the brand Eleiko. Made in Sweden and with a great quality and resistance. We have available the whole range: technical bars, as well as training and competition bars.

    For powerlifting is especially recommended buy a eleiko Olympic bar, it is a sport in which a lot of weight is usually moved and a really strong and rigid bar is needed to support the loads without suffering damages. Undoubtedly the Eleiko may be the best bar for powerlifting.



    -Powerlifting bench press, , squat, , deadlift.

    -Weightlifting Bar: started, loaded, clean and jerk, , squat olympic Games.

    -Bodybuilding military press, barbell rowing, barbell rowing, shrugs.

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  • CAGES - BENCHES -...


    Resistant and professional. The cages or racks to practice safely the three basics of the powerliftingbench press, squat y deadlift.


    They are indispensable for basic chest exercises such as the bench press flat. Fundamental inpowerlifting.


    The right supports to place your barbells and weight discs.


    All the complements and accessories for Powerlifting.

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