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Diverse Musculation bars for gyms, sports centers or training at home. All have standard diameter 28 mm. Select the ones you need.

  • Straight bar: 2,13 m.
  • Straight bar: 1.82 m.
  • Straight bar: 1,52 m.
  • Barra Z: 1.19 m.
  • Barra W: 1.22 m.
  • Roman bar: 86 cm.
  • Barras dumbbell: 35 cm.

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Assorted bars gym of all types. They are professional and have the Standard diameter of 28 mm. You can. purchase Here. bars to perform all types of exercises musculation.

We recommend your use to equip any gym or sports center. They are also very useful if you want to train from home by riding your own gym domestic thanks to your excellent price and quality.

Below you can read the description of all weight bars.



  • Straight bar of 2,13 m: long bar 213 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm and a weight 10 kg. For musculation exercises like bench press, military press, deadlift, squatsetc.
  • Straight bar of 1.82 m: this musculation bar measures 182 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm and has a weight 8 kg. Can be used for bench press, squats, military press, rows, etc.
  • 1.52 m straight bar: measure 152 cm x 2.5 cm x 25 cm. A slightly shorter and lighter version. With it you can do remos, press, biceps, etc. Pesa 6 kg.
  • Barra Z of 1,19 m: is a professional Z bar of solid steel. Mide 119 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Thanks to its grip form we can make biceps and French press curl safely and without risk for the wrists. Pesa 5 kg.
  • Bar W of 1.22 m: a professional solid bar 122 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm and 5 kg Weight. Its form in W makes it easier to practice biceps, triceps and paddles for back.
  • Roman bar of 86 cm: measures 86 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 kg and a weight 5 kg. The Roman bar allows you to train curl hammer and French press of triceps with neutral grip. 
  • Pair of handlebars of 35 cm: you can put 28 mm discs to form some dumbbells adjustable. Miden 35 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm and have a weight 2 kg. You can use them to perform many musculation exercises: curls, press, openings, triceps, zancadas, etc.

A review of bar types 28mm

La bar 28mm remains very popular in the following two areas:

  • The gym commercial that is not interested in incorporating the Olympic material. Yes, there are still many commercial sports centers that do not want to invest in that material. Therefore, they prefer buy bar 28mm, which is effective for the average user who does not seek to compete.

  • The gym domestic. Many people just want to train at home and keep the way. In addition, some people have little room in the house or garage. In these cases, the bar 28mm is more than recommended.

Buy bar 28mm long and straight

This can be placed in the bench press. With her you can do the deadliftthe military press or the seat. The exercise you can perform will depend on the total length of this bar. For example, buying a 28mm long bar of 2,10 meters or 1,80 meters is the ideal choice for the bench press, the squats or deadlift. The reason is that this bar will fit well into the supports of any press bench or on the usual supports to shoulder and squats.

On the other hand, one 1.50 m straight bar can be used for exercises like the bar-foot biceps curl. But be careful, since that can stay too short to make the aforementioned basics (deadlift, bench and seat).

Luckily, the range of options is so wide that you can definitely find the bar you want to be good. price.

The price of a bar Z 28mm

The normal thing is that this bar model is slightly more economical than a long straight bar. The reason is that a Z bar is usually shorter and less heavy. The main difference (and advantage) is that this bar greatly relieves the tension on the wrist and the forearms by performing exercises such as a linceps curl and French press.

Although you can do the ones mentioned in the line, the most anticipated lifters will choose to have a Z bar between their usual musculation repertoire. We always recommend having both of us Types of Musculation Bars: the straight and the Z.

Why buy a bar 28mm W online?

We also have the W bar or bar 28 mm Wwhich is very similar to the Z, except because the curvature of the grip area is more pronounced. Its grip style is closer to a neutral grip. Opting for this is more a matter of tastes and preferences of the musculation practitioner.

Our advice? Try both, and buy the one you feel better. La W bar lets you do exercises like:

  • French press.

  • Bicep heal.

  • Remo.

  • Other: press and lifting of shoulders, shrinking...

You can also use a W bar in the preacher curl bank.

The 28mm Roman Bar

This is one of our favorites, no doubt. It's not essential., but a different way of giving a boost to your training when you're already stuck. If you look at it, Roman bar has a very special form with neutral grips inside. Well, this is going to serve you to perform a buckle hammer for biceps with a neutral grip and also to run French tricep press with that grip.

Note that it is not at all expensive and that you can also use it for other exercises. For lifters and bodybuilders advanced, this bar will give you what you need to break your muscle stagnation. We assure you! Exercises you can do in the Roman bar (28mm):

  • Hammer Curl with Bar (for biceps).

  • French press with bar (for triceps).

  • Banking press with neutral grip.

  • Press shoulders with neutral grip.

  • With neutral grip for back!

Buy the 28 mm Roman bar and give your training a different touch.

And what about the bars dumbbell 28 mm?

They have certain advantages, and they are valid for any 28 mm disc. So, you can create your own dumbbells adjustable weight whatever you want. Normally, the bars of dumbbells are used with 28 mm threads or 28 mm clamps. These will keep the discs fixed so they won't leave during the uprisings.

Are you a musculation practitioner or bodybuilder? Do yourself with a couple of bars dumbbells 28 mm and with some records. They're gonna help you a lot with the following exercises:

  • Curl alternate with dumbbell.

  • Tricep extensions.

  • French Press with dumbbell bank.

  • All kinds of elevations: shoulder side, front, birds...

  • Tricep kick.

  • Press of shoulders or military press sitting in bank 90o.

  • chest press with dumbbells (plane, tilted, declined).

  • Openings with dumbbells (in flat bench, inclined, declined...).

  • Abdominals.

  • Shoes of legs.

  • Quadriceps.

  • Dead weight co dumbbells.

  • Trap shrinking.

With the dumbbells You're gonna be able to train almost the whole body.


Ya tengo el pedido

Tras mucho llamar para que me dieran el seguimiento. Pero al final tengo mi barra de 2 metros y mi barra de 1,8 metros.

Se ven robustas. A ver cuanto duran


    Buenas barras y contento con la compra

    Compré unas barras de 28mm para entrenar en casa y estoy contento con el resultado. La barra larga se adapta bien a mi banco de press. La barra Z es muy cómoda y maciza. Recomiendo el vendedor.


      Buen producto

      Mi barra de 2 metros tardó en llegar. Debo decir que la calidad del producto era la esperada para el precio. Mi valoración es buena.

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        VARIED GYM BARS (28 MM)

        VARIED GYM BARS (28 MM)


        Diverse Musculation bars for gyms, sports centers or training at home. All have standard diameter 28 mm. Select the ones you need.

        • Straight bar: 2,13 m.
        • Straight bar: 1.82 m.
        • Straight bar: 1,52 m.
        • Barra Z: 1.19 m.
        • Barra W: 1.22 m.
        • Roman bar: 86 cm.
        • Barras dumbbell: 35 cm.


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