Free weight exercises will always be the most basic for building a solid muscular base and an overall strong body. They are those that do not involve the use of cables, levers, plates or pulleys. Such as barbells, discs, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. that you can buy from this same catalog at an excellent price. The best equipment of gym for your sports center or so you can train at home.

About Weights and Bars

Weight plates and weight sets, dumbbells and kettlebells (also known as free weights) are often considered the most versatile training tools available. Favored by bodybuilders and experienced weightlifters, free weights offer an economical route to strength training.

Using free weights such as weight plates and weight sets, dumbbells or kettlebells incorporates the stabilizing muscles that allow you to perform the exercise movement, making you more effective at producing overall muscle strength and power. Because of the lack of restrictions you would have with weight machines, you can perform a wider range of exercises that carry over into everyday life, while allowing your body to move in all three planes of motion.

Weight discs and dumbbells

Professionals around the world use weight plates and weight sets, which are available in several different types.

Standard weights and bars

Ideal for all users, whether they want to increase strength or simply tone muscle. Especially ideal for beginners, standard weight plates come in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right weight for your needs and ability. Standard weight plates have a 1" diameter hole in the center and are available from 0.5 kg to 25 kg, while standard barbells have a maximum weight capacity of 120 kg, making them ideal for those who don't want advanced results from bodybuilding.

Olympic weights and bars

Olympic bars are longer and stronger than standard bars and are capable of supporting a maximum weight load of 750. Olympic weight plates, therefore, come in heavier sizes with a 2" diameter hole in the center of the plate. They are available from 1.25 kg to 50 kg. Olympic weights are best suited for intermediate/advanced strength trainers who lift more weight than beginners/beginners. There are several different weight plates available, including cast iron, bumper grip and rubber.


Sometimes known as hand weights, dumbbells have a weight plate on each end of a barbell from dumbbells. The dumbbells are ideal for strength trainers who are short on space, as they help develop overall muscle strength and can be used for a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups. Available as fixed-weight dumbbells, selectorized adjustable dumbbells and interchangeable dumbbells sets, there's a type of dumbbell for any lifter.


Kettlebells are cast iron or vinyl weights shaped like a ball with a handle on top. Used for strength and resistance training, kettlebells are an extremely efficient and effective way to train the body in almost all aspects of fitness, including endurance, strength, agility and balance. Available as fixed iron weights, vinyl-coated iron weights, neoprene-coated weights, competition weights or even selected weights, they typically increase in 2kg steps, from 2kg to 40kg.

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    Training with dumbbells and weights is one of the most efficient when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness sports gym. With them you can perform a variety of free weight exercises and train all parts of the body.

    In this catalog you can buy dumbbells, dumbbells hexagonal, kettlebells, kettlebells...


    Everything you need to place and store your free weight accessories. Here you can buy a dumbbell rack or a support for weights, bars, discs. Indispensable for your gym properly organized.


    All discs. The gym equipment you need to train with free weights.

    Weight discs for bodybuilding, body pump, weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit...

    Catalog with discs of all types: bumper, by colors, Olympic discs, etc...


    All bars from gym. Catalog with professional barbells of all types: olympic barbells, z-bars, Roman bars, straight bars, etc. Within the equipment of gym to work with free weights, barbells are indispensable. Our bars are strong, resistant and will last you for many years.


    Bars of pull-ups, wall and to anchor to the door. Here you can buy a pull-ups bar for gym or train at home.


    Accessories and equipment gym y fitness. Great variety of products: gym gloves, equipment, functional training accessories, etc.

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    SACO LASTRADO RB FITNESS BAG 10 KG The heated sack is an innovative product for functional training. Can be used to train boxing, martial arts, crossfit, fitness and with it you can perform a variety of exercises.RECOMMENDEDTHIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    SACO LASTRADO RB FITNESS BAG 15 KG You heated sack is the best accessory for functional training. With a cylindrical suitcase shape in its 15 kg weight version. Good price.RECOMMENDEDTHIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    RB STS SUSPENSION Simplely great! You'll love this product. You can already buy elastic bands for the suspension training. Last in functional training!Our pack training in suspense# It's more cheap than others in the market.100% RECOMMENDED

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    VALLAS RUDE BOYS For your training Boxing / martial arts.Use them to practice your agility, speed, coordination, jumps... A good accessory for your physical preparation.

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    RB VELOCITY ARNES With this resistance rubber you can improve your speed, explosives and power.Useful accessories for your physical preparation in Boxing and martial arts.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    SOGA FOR RB FITNESS BATTLE ROPE Use it for your most intense training. This is it. resistance rope for fitness offers many possibilities. A good accessory for your physical conditioning of boxing, martial arts or fitness.

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    ELASTICO FITNESS RB The elastic rubber which offer great resistance to perform a variety of functional exercises. You can easily buy them in our online dinner. They are very cheap and useful for all disciplines.

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    Scale of VELOCITY RB You can use it for practice exercises to improve so much velocity Like agility.Here you can. purchaser a good price.

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    PLATFORM OF EQUILIBRIO RB Strengthen the abdominal area and improve the balance. Excellent. price. Valid for fitness and functional training. You can. purchase to complement your exercises.

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    BARRA DOMINADAS MULTIFUNCION RB Don't let the lack of space or materials prevent you from training as you deserve! La bar of pull-ups multifunction is one of the most useful accessories. You can put it on the floor or fit it into the door to train. Reflections, pull-ups, abdominal abs...You can buy your bar now. pull-ups multifunction at an irresistible...

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    BALON MEDICIONAL 4 KG DOBLE AGARRE RB Weight ball with a very comfortable grip especially indicated for the Functional training. Endure your muscles, gain resistance, improve your explosives.

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    BALON MEDICINAL 6 KG DOBLE AGARRE RB A ball weighs 6 kg and with handles to take it more comfortably. Perfect accessory for Functional training or Boxing and martial arts. Increase your explosiveness and strength.

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