Madelman is a bodybuilder who has obtained notable results in the "Classic Physique" category and currently competes in the "212 lbs" category (up to 96 kg). His real name is  Jose María Mete Bueriberi  and he is from Equatorial Guinea. This bodybuilder has such good genetics and ease of increasing muscle mass that he has even had problems reducing weight and correctly entering his category. Read our bodybuilding Wikipedia to learn the story of José María.

Biography of the Spanish bodybuilder Madelman

Madelman was born Jose Mete Bueriberi in 1989 (age 34 as of 2024) in Equatorial Guinea, which was a Spanish colony and the only country in Africa where Spanish is spoken. José María did not have an easy childhood, since his parents, both from Guinea, separated when he was little. He has a brother, who stayed to live with his mother in Guinea. However, José María went to live with his father in Spain. Both parents rebuilt their lives in different countries. Madelman was only 4 years old when he arrived in Spain with his father and has remained living in this country ever since.

José María Mete Bueriberi explains that the most difficult thing for him in Spain was not seeing his mother, whom he missed very much. Although through his aunt, who lived in Madrid, he regained contact with his mother by phone and she even went to visit him in Madrid after many years. Madelman shows the most vulnerable and sensitive part of his personality when talking about his mother. He gets very excited if you ask him about the idea of ​​returning to Equatorial Guinea to be with her. 

Regarding school studies, Madelman went through periods of very good performance and others in which he was one of the worst students. Something that he did love since he was a child was sports. He practiced activities such as athletics, football and basketball. José María also loved bodybuilding and he used to buy fitness and bodybuilding magazines. He longed to one day become one of those bodybuilding models that he saw in magazines, something that those closest to him could not believe.

A teacher at school started calling him " Chema" , a nickname by which he is also known. In general, José María is very comfortable in Spain, although he is still trying to formalize Spanish nationality, which would open many doors for him to compete in other countries such as the United States. He currently lives in Madrid with his partner.

Madel man statistics

Year of birth : 1989

Madelman Height : 168 cm (5'6'')

Off-season weight : +108 kg (238 lbs)

Competition weight : Classic (84 kg) / 212 lbs (up to 96 kg)

Nationality : Equatorial Guinea

Shoulder circumference : 140 cm (55.10'')

Chest : 133 cm (52.36'')

Forearm : 36 cm (14.17'')

Bicep measurement : 49.6 cm (19.53'')

Thigh : No data; possibly 80 cm (31.5'') in off-season

Calf : 43 cm (16.93'')

Bodybuilder Madelman, Stats, Height, Weight, Age

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Sports career of Jose María Mete Bueriberi 

Madelman was into weight training since he was a teenager, but he didn't really start training seriously until he was 23 years old. He participated in his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 28, in 2016. After the first 5 competitions, José María had placed second in 4 championships and first place in the Spanish championship. All of his competitions until 2022 were for the Classic Physique category . 

  • 2016 : 2nd place in 4 competitions and 1st in the Spanish Classic Bodybuilding Championship.
  • 2017 : 1st in 5 competitions.
  • 2018 : 1 competition and obtaining the PRO card.
  • 2019 : Madelman qualifies to compete in the Mr. Olympia, although he is unable to go due to visa issues.
  • 2020 : Does not participate in competitions due to the covid pandemic.
  • 2021 : 2nd place in 4 of 5 competitions in which he participates.
  • 2022 : This year, Madelman had trouble reaching the correct weight before competing, so he had to change classes at the last minute and compete at 212 pounds instead of Classic. He obtained a 7th place in the new category.
  • 2023 : The most important event in his career was the Europa Pro, where he obtained a 2nd place against Weseley Vissers (1st). Shortly after, José María participated in the Dubai Pro, where he placed 5th.

After the 2023 Dubai Pro, Madelman would decide to change category to 212 pounds permanently. 

Madelman physique, Spanish bodybuilder

Madelman's impressive physique.

Problem in Arnold Classic 2022 and category change

Madelman has excellent genetics to gain a lot of muscle mass. The problem comes from the category in which he participates, Classic Physique, where there are very tight weight limits for athletes according to their heights. In the case of Madelman, at 1.68 m (5'6'') tall, he can weigh a maximum of 84 kilos. With these 84 kg, Madelman already has an impressive condition and absolute dryness, making it almost impossible for him to continue losing weight. 

The time has come to go to the 2022 Arnold Classic in Birmingham, England. Things did not start on the right foot, as Madelman was already suffering from shoulder and back injuries, which complicated his training and he even had to go to the physiotherapist. In addition, two criminals tried to enter his apartment, which caused him even more stress.

Due to a bodybuilder's state of dehydration for a competition, it is normal to temporarily lose some height. This happened to José María during the weigh-in for the 2022 Arnold Classic in Birmingham. Due to the stress and dehydration to which his body was subjected, he had lost a few millimeters in height and was below 168 cm with 83.8 kg in weight, so he had to stay under 82 kg if he wanted to participate in Classic Physique . And the worst thing is that he only had one hour left to achieve it. 

Madelman immediately went to a hotel sauna to try to lose 2kg of weight. Due to his extreme physical condition, José María fainted up to three times. So, he gave up and decided to participate in a higher category: 212 pounds , where all athletes can weigh up to 96 kg.

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After his first competition at 212 lbs, José María said he felt out of place. He had participated in an unforeseen and unprepared way, so the other bodybuilders were heavier, although Madelman looked in better physical condition than them in terms of muscle definition .

212 lbs category 

In 2023, bodybuilder Madelman  competed in the Europa Pro championship in the Classic category. Here he took a well-deserved second place against the Dutch athlete Weseley Vissers. Chema's results were worse at the Dubai Pro, where he placed fifth. At the end of this competition, Jose Mete Bueriberi asked the judges about a possible category change. The judges, knowing the problems Madelman had fitting into his current weight class, told him that if he gained a little more muscle he would do well at 212.

Shortly after, Madelman announced on Instagram and YouTube his permanent move to the 212-pound class. This decision was not made overnight, but was something that both he and his coach had been considering for some time. Madelman really struggled not to gain excessive muscle mass and maintain a weight between 82 and 84 kg for competition. This was made really complicated due to his excellent genetics for gaining muscle. For this reason, Madelman had always been limited in his training and nutrition so as not to become overweight. Finally, there would be a way to remove the brakes on his body. He began building his physique to 212 lbs by gaining 20 kg more weight.

Bodybuilder Madelman José María before and after

On the left, Madelman with defined muscles; and on the right, in the muscle bulking stage. The impressive move to the 212-pound class.

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Madelman's training style

First of all, it should be remembered that Madelman is a bodybuilder, so his main goals are muscle hypertrophy and aesthetics. However, he also likes sports performance to train as hard as possible. Later we will talk about the weights he can move. 

Madelman is a totally technical bodybuilder focused on doing the exercises the right way. Madelman's training is designed by his physical trainer and is always focused on the muscles that he most needs to improve. The training style is basic and heavy , focused on multi-joint exercises such as the bench press, deadlift or squat. Later, José María adds analytical exercises on machines. He has been seen doing Safety bar squats, Multipower squats, leg press, quadriceps extensions, Hack squat, bench press (with barbell, Multipower and dumbbells), military press or variations of shoulder raises. He also uses en T-rowing machines, pulldowns and rows.

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He does cardiovascular exercise when competitions approach because his coach requires it. He maintains cardio exercise 7 days a week . He likes to do it on an empty stomach to activate his body in the mornings. This method means that his preparation is not so hard and he does not have to be so hungry in the final stages. 

Jose María Mete Bueriberi's training is 100% focused on muscle hypertrophy. He does a few approach sets to start until he gets to a higher weight. With his first set effective, Madelman determines if he will maintain the weight in the following sets or if he will add a few more pounds. He does about 4 effective sets per exercise moving in a range of between 12 and 6 repetitions (typical hypertrophy work). His last series are the heaviest.

How much strength does Madelman have in basic exercises?

Madelman is not a fan of doing maximum repetitions, since maximum strength is not his priority as a bodybuilder. However, we have seen him move very heavy loads or test his maximum strength on some specific occasion. Let's look at some records:

  • Deadlift : 270 kg (595 lbs) x 1
  • Squat with safety bar : 225 kg (496 lbs) x 7
  • Hack squat : 160 kg (352.7 lbs) on plates + a resistance band x 10
  • Bench press : 120 kg (264.5 lbs) x 12 / 180 kg (396.8 lbs) x 5 
  • Dumbbell bench press : 50 kg (110 lbs) for each hand x several sets x several repetitions
  • Z-Bar Biceps Curl : 50 kg (110 lbs) x 16, followed by 55 kg (121.25 lbs) x 16

Madelman achieved these strength records weighing just over 90 kg.

Training example

Are you curious to see what a training day for Spanish bodybuilder Madelman is like ? Here is a demonstration of a session for the pectoral and shoulder, two of the bodybuilder's best muscle groups. For most exercises, he usually focuses on 8 and 10 repetitions, although sometimes he can go up to 12 or even more repetitions. Before starting, he does a small mobility warm-up with elastic bands.

- Chest :

  • Flat bench press : 4 sets (12, 9, 8, 9 reps)
  • Upper bench press on block machine : 8 reps + 20 seconds of rest + 8 reps + 20 seconds of rest + 8 reps.
  • Pec-deck: 4 series x 12-18 reps
  • Incline dumbbell bench press (narrow grip) : 4 sets x 8-10 reps
  • Dip machine with levers : 4 sets x 8-12 reps
  • Superset (Pec-deck + isometric push-up on the floor) : 3 sets x 15 reps (Pec-deck) + isometric chest push-up (hold the body in the lowest part of the movement for as many seconds as possible).

- Shoulders :

  • Superset (dumbbell rear lateral raises while leaning on an incline bench + seated face pull) : 3-4 sets x 20 + 12 reps
  • Standing Military press with barbell : 4 sets x 8-15 reps
  • Machine lateral raises : 4 sets x failure + partial repetitions
  • Front raises with disc and twist : 3 sets x 10 reps

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Training of Jose María Mete Bueriberi

Madelman nutrition or diet

Here you have a full day on Chema's diet during his off-season stage. 


  • Egg whites and 2 whole eggs
  • 65 grams of oats
  • canned pear

Pre workout

  • 50 grams of protein powder
  • 65 grams of rice cream
  • Creatine and other supplements (citrulline, cyclodextrin, essential amino acids and 1 g of salt).

Back and hamstring training

Post workout

  • 1 banana.
  • 50 grams of protein powder
  • 80 grams of rice cream


  • 65 grams of rice with fried tomato.
  • Hamburger with a little oil.


  • Chicken thighs with barbecue seasonings, oregano and salt.
  • 65 grams of rice.


  • 50 grams of protein powder.
  • 40 grams of hazelnut cream.

In total, there are 6 meals. There is a lack of more vegetables in the diet, but it seems to work for Chema.

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Other information and curiosities

Learn more about the bodybuilder Jose María Mete Bueriberi . For example, his future career path, participation in the Mr. Olympia or his use of doping substances.

Madelman genetics

Madelman has some of the most unique genetics in the world. Since his beginnings in bodybuilding, he has been a really muscular man, but now he is even more so thanks to his move to the "212" category. Madelman stands out for its symmetry, roundness and muscular fullness . His muscles look really full and impressive. Practically, he is a flawless athlete and has presented one of the most beautiful physiques we have seen in the Classic category.

Some YouTubers, like Pico de Oro, have compared him to a superhero taken directly from a comic book world. And his physique is no wonder! José María has round deltoids and chest, large biceps, a narrow waist and large, proportionate legs. At the 2023 Europa Pro, when he placed 2nd against Weseley Vissers, Madelman showed his best fitness yet with great dryness and muscle separation.

Perhaps his only point of criticism is the dorsal width, which is limited by the bodybuilder's own structure. However, its back remains dense and balanced. 

When Madelman competed in Classic Physique, he often had to monitor his training and diet under orders from his physical trainer. The problem was that some of his muscle groups, such as his arms, tended to grow disproportionately. This, added to the difficulties of not exceeding 84 kg in competition, meant that the bodybuilder did not display his full potential. Since Chema entered "212", all these limits disappeared, since he can now reach up to 96 kg in competition. Therefore, Jose María already weighs more than 108 kg in bulking and is showing all his hidden potential.

Is Madelman a natural?

No. José María has admitted using anabolic steroids, something unquestionable at the levels at which he competes. Furthermore, it is not possible to have an 84kg body for a 5'6" height with 5% body fat, large muscle size, vascularity, roundness and fullness.


Madelman posing front double biceps

Madelman bodybuilder posing

Madelman side chest posing

Madelman posing frontal

What are this bodybuilder's plans for the future?

Although years ago Madelman wanted to become a prison officer or firefighter, today he dedicates himself 100% to the world of fitness. His main sources of income are sponsorships and social networks. In addition, he has plans with his girlfriend and his friends for when he retires from professional competition. Although he is in his 30s and is a young man with a great future ahead of him in bodybuilding, he has stated that he would like to retire before turning 40.

When did his success on social media begin?

José María Bueriberi is not very sure when he exploded and became well known on social media, but he says that this happened when he began to appear on the Instagram accounts and YouTube videos of well-known influencers such as Mistermarkinos, IronMasters, Joan Pradells, Víctor Valdivia or GymSroka. Thanks to collaborations with other fitness figures, Madelman was able to show off his physique, his competitive career and became more and more popular.

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He affirms that he handles his popularity on social media well. Madelman knows that not everyone can like him, but there are always many more people who support him. He has his down moments, but it never occurs to him to abandon his goals. 

Personal life

Girlfriend of bodybuilder Madelman

His girlfriend , Fitness coach Raquel Míguez González  has been his main support for bodybuilding preparations. Thanks to her, he has been much more disciplined. He would like to have two children with his current partner. 

When he finishes his competitions, he likes to go to Valladolid to spend time with his nieces. 


Chema is a sponsored athlete for the iO GENIX brand , a Spanish supplementation company. He would never have thought that he would be a top athlete for a big supplement brand. He followed bodybuilders like Simeon Panda or Ulisses Jr. on social media and aspired to become a sponsored athlete like them. The iO GENIX brand decided to launch a pre-workout supplement under the name Madelman. The product was very well received by the public. He is also sponsored by clothing brand Agongym 

Mr. Olympia

His dream is to compete in the Mr. Olympia , a competition for which he already qualified in 2019. However, because he did not have a European nationality, it was much more difficult for him to obtain a visa for the United States. This bodybuilder is still trying to obtain Spanish nationality, which will open many avenues for him to live and compete internationally.

He trains in his own gym

Madelman has his own custom gym at home. This place has all the machines and material he needs to be a champion. This was not always the case. Before achieving financial success, Madelman had a regular job and had to make time to train wherever he could. That's why, back then, he went to the McFit gym from 9 to 12 at night. 

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Is Madelman the name of an action figure?

Yes. According to the Madelman search on Wikipedia , this bodybuilder shares the name with an action toy that was manufactured and marketed in Spain from the late 60s and early 80s.

Madelman dolls

This is the story of Jose María Mete Bueriberi, known as Madelman or Chema. He has come a long way to get to where he is and is one of the most mentioned and loved bodybuilders today. He is already a bodybuilding legend who has presented a "Classic" physique at the height of the "golden era" and who is going to give many surprises at 212! We are with Chema!

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