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GULTAMINA + BCAA PSN 500 GR La glutamine speed up recovery of your muscles after training/acting intense or long-lasting exercise. Ideal when your glycogen reserves are low due to the wear that the exercise has produced.

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La glutamine It serves to accelerate the recovery of muscles after training when you have performed intense or long-lasting exercise. It is at that time when your glucogen reserves are lower due to wear caused by exercise.

The muscle glycogen is the energy storage molecule within the muscle but does not usually have a very high storage. That is why with training what we seek is to increase our muscle glycogen reserves, because when it decreases or ends, fatigue and exhaustion occurs so that we lower in performance and strength.

La glutamine with BCAA of the excellent PSN brand helps us recover that glycogen we've exhausted. Thanks to the glutamineWe recovered before fatigue. And the best thing is that it does not raise blood sugar levels, as if they would do other nutrients like carbohydrates.

La glutamine is an important component in our muscles. An extra cosumption glutamine will help us repair muscle mass by providing faster and more effective recovery.

Another important feature of glutamine is its composition and it has two nitrogens. These nitrogens are used by the immune system against infections.

  • It can help control the anxiety of drinking alcohol.

  • Helps resolve gastric permeability alterations.
  • La glutamine can help healing of digestive ulcers.
  • Raise the concentration of glutamine acid in the brain.
  • This increases brain function and mental activity.
  • Prevents the loss of musculature.
  • It can contribute to the improvement of mood.
  • It can be helpful against impotence problems.
  • It provides nitrogen for the metabolic activities of the organism.
  • It contributes to the cleaning of ammonia in some tissues, such as the brain.
  • It neutralizes acidity in muscles, fighting fatigue.


  • Them BCAA favor recovery: this is one of the greatest benefits of supplementation to athletes who train with intensity. Supplement with BCAA can relieve muscle pain in athletes. This way we recover the protein damaged after exercise more quickly. Muscles grow when damaged. They become stronger and bigger. If you recover well, you will achieve your goals.
  • Provide resistance: the BCAA add nitrogen in the formation of L-alanine, which provides glucose to the body when the muscle glycogen reserves are empty.
  • Supplement with BCAA It will help you maintain the intensity of your training, strength and energy. Especially if we're in time. Muscle definition with a lower restrictive diet in carbohydrates and calories.
  • They stimulate protein synthesis. Therefore the BCAA induce to increase your muscle mass. Even when you don't train with weights.
  • Studies have checked how BCAA increase testosterone, growth hormone and insulin.
  • They can favor fat loss: it BCAA supplements have shown significant loss of fat in the viscera. It is the fat that is in deeper areas of the body and more difficult to fight. It is worth mentioning a study carried out with 25 bodybuilders that were divided into three groups: some were given a high diet in BCAA, others a low in BCAA and the third group a controlled diet. After maintaining the diet for a month, those who followed the high diet in BCAA had a more accentuated fat loss.
  • When we have a good amount of BCAA in the blood, the body interprets that the muscle is too degraded, so it will use fat as fuel instead. They also stimulate insulin in sagnre so that the nutrients are transported to the muscle.

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