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Isoplus sports energy drink. We present our new energy drink with electrolytes specially formulated for resistance sports. Much more than a conventional isotonic!

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Carbo mix Pro:carbohydrates are the predominant fuel during high-intensity physical activity, so they will have an important role in performance. We use a combination of carbohydrates of different assimilation speeds in ideal proportions (1-1-1) maltodextrine, amylopectin, isomaltulosa (palatinose®)amylopectin is digested and absorbed at a high speed.maltodextrine and amylopectin are oxidized quickly, so it will provide immediate energy.isomaltulous (palatinose®) has a lower oxidation rate, so we will cover the energy needs in an immediate and prolonged way.provides bcaa ́s: three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucina and valine in proportion 2:1:1 . among the properties of bcaa ́s stand out:-Decrease of the fatigue at central level.-Decrease the mocular damage related to exercise.some studies associate their intake to faster recovery and damage reduction and post-exercise mocular discomfort. bcaa's are metabolized in muscles not in the liver. Therefore, this metabolic process allows our muscle to work in optimal conditions.glutamine: improves osmoregulation processes, fundamental in resistance sports. improves the assimilation of the rest of the nutrients.electrolytes: if the balance of electrolytes is lost in the body, the performance will not be equal and there is a risk of mocular fatigue, cramps, spasms muscles, naose, muscle weakness.sodium: it is the mineral that is lost in greater quantity through the sweat (500-600 mg/hour), so we should provide drinks that contain it. losses are higher in conditions of high temperature, humidity, altitude or high intensity.potassium: it will intervene in the regulation of the activity of muscles and nerves, playing an important role in the transmission of nervous impulse, in the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the storage of carbohydrates and their transformation into energy.magnesium: it intervenes in multiple enzyme reactions, helping to reduce fatigue and fatigue, good functioning of the heart, energetic metabolism and protein synthesis, and mocular relaxation among others. Its deficit can cause cramps, muscle pains, tremors, heart rate disorders, or decrease blood pressure.calcium: the transmission of nervous impulse, the activation of nerves and muscles, as well as the derivative mocular contraction depend largely on this mineral.Vitamin B6: plays a key role in the metabolic processes of our organism. is a hydrosoluble vitamin, so we have a limited storage capacity and we must ingest it in our usual diet. improves the immune system. intervenes in the process of hemoglobin synthesis (red blood cells). helps maintain the central nervous system. participates in protein synthesis. intervenes in the metabolism of acids fatty.vitamin b12 is a nutrient that helps to keep neurons and blood cells healthy. It also contributes to the development of adn, material genetic present in all cells. On the other hand, it will also help us combat fatigue and be more vital and energetic.Vitamin d: It is important to assimilate other nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus. the first of them, reveals again the importance of this vitamin on bone health, while the second favors concentration and energy. Another benefit of vitamin d is its influence on the immune system, thanks to which we managed to prevent flu, colds and other similar diseases.Sabor:Lemon flavor.Presentation:600g container.mode of employment:take 40 grams (see meter measure) mixed with water (about 600ml)

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