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Full Recovery... possibly the most complete recoverer in the world!full recovery is the new BEMORE® recoverer “all in one” with a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates and proteins, as well as glutamine, creatine, vitamins and minerals. 750 gr.

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Full recovery of BEMORE® is #bedifferentthe quality of the raw materials used, its incredible flavor, its easy dissolution and the complex balance of so multiple ingredients endorsed by the nutrition department of the pomegranate university and our sports nutrition department, make full recovery possibly the most complete post-exercise recoverer in the world.Who's full recovery targeting?full recovery is a supplement specially designed for athletes who perform long-lasting activities (running, trailrunning, cycling, triathlon, swimming). in order to improve the recovery of the mocular and the deposits of glucogen.Main effects:provides carbohydrates: of rapid assimilation, through dextrose, providing almost immediate energy. recovers the glucogen deposits, covers the losses suffered during training. dextrose is a simple carbohydrate of short chain and easy assimilation, also known with the name of glucose. Being a simple sugar is quickly absorbed by the body, benefiting the athlete in the replenishment of post-exercise mocular glycogen. After the physical activity the insulin sensitivity increases, so the contribution of a carbohydrate such as dextrose (glucosa) will favor the replenishment of glycogen. glucogen is stored in the body along with water, so if we combine dextrose with creatine we will make the energy replacement to the most efficient muscle. the best way to take it is after intense training along with creatine and glutamine. In short, the advantage of dextrose over other carbohydrates lies in its simplicity. does not require a degradation process (hydrolysis) as it passes through the digestive system, rapidly reaching the muscles without causing digestive discomfort. the transport of glucose to the blood is immediate, addressing the muscle cells to reestablish the glucogen used during physical activity. provides proteins: by means of isolated and concentrated milk serum protein, which contain high-quality proteins, with all essential amino acids. It contributes to repairing damaged mocular fibers and maintenance or increase of muscle mass. provides BCAA ́S: the famous branched amino acids: leucine, isoleucina and valine in a 2:1 ratio. help reduce damage and muscle pains, as well as maximize muscle repair. provides creatine monohydrate (1,5g per service): it has a repairing function that will reduce mocular fatigue. It also optimizes the recovery of mocular glucogen between exercise sessions. provides glutamine: promotes the recovery of muscle fibers and avoids catabolic processes in athletes with very intense physical activity with great muscle destruction. provides salts: replenishes the electrolytes lost through the sweat. provides 13 vitamins: replenishes the losses of vitamins suffered during physical activity. It provides 10 minerals: among others, magnesium, zinc, iron, iodine and selenium in studied proportions. When to take full recovery? it is recommended to take it in the period from the end of the training or competition up to about 45 minutes later. flavor: refreshing watermelon flavor.

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