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Chewable BCAA ́s + glutamine + vitamin B6 strawberry flavorour BEMORE® supplement with essential amino acids, L-Glutamine and vitamin B6, to increase the mocular mass, reduce muscle pains and regenerate the muscle when we perform intense training while protecting our immune system. 250 tablets.without sugars without fats without salt/sodium

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Main effects:provides BCAA ́s: three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucina and valine in proportion 2:1:1 . the perfect ally for athletes seeking to gain muscle mass. improve mocular adaptations to strength training increase in the synthesis of mocular proteins increase in force improve body composition maximise mocular repair decrease of muscle damage related to exercise decrease of fatigue at central level BCAA's are metabolized in muscles not in the liver. Therefore, this metabolic process allows our muscle to work in optimal conditions.provides glutamine: L-Glutamine is important for the immune system, in case our body has a glutamine deficiency it would break the protein reserves of the muscles to release that amino acid. glutamine has an anti-catabolic effect on athletes who perform very intense workouts with great mocular destruction. It favors mocular recovery and decreases the incidence of infections. provides vitamin B6: contributes to energy metabolism and reduction of fatigue and fatigue. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the regularization of protein metabolism and glucogen and in an adequate functioning of the immune system. vitamin B6 also improves the absorption of BCAA ́s! When to take bcaa + glutamine + vitamin B6? We recommend taking 5 before training and 5 after, being the maximum daily take of 10 chewable tablets. but, as an alternative, we can also distribute the maximum shot (10 chewable tablets/day) as follows: 2 in the morning in fasts. fry the mocular decomposition that happens after hours of sleep. 3 before training. It will help us overcome intense training. 3 after training. will help us regeneration post-exercise mocular. 2 at night before bed.flavor: strawberry

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