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PSN 1.8 KG High-quality protein that has been treated to reduce the size of its molecules and is thus absorbed easier, giving rise to free peptides and amino acids. From cookie.


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PSN 1.8 KG

La hydrolysed serum protein has been treated to reduce the size of the molecules and therefore it is easier to absorb by the organism, thus leading to free peptides and amino acids. The final composition depends on the degree of hydrolysis.

The hydrolysed serum proteins They have greater biological value than normal. Manufacturers do this to increase the amount of peptides and amino acids free from the supplement.

One hydrolysed protein It has many advantages, but also some disadvantage. In certain cases the hydrolysis processes can reduce the biological activity of the serum protein giving a bitter taste to the final product. But if the hydrolysis treatment is enzymatic, then the bioactive peptides are maintained.

That is why we prefer the hydrolysis to be carried out through enzyme processes, since acid hydrolysis decreases the quality of the protein: it would convert glutamate glutamate, asparagine into aspartate and destroy serin and throonine.


  • La hydrolysed serum protein releases amino acids faster to muscles than a normal protein, so muscle tissue recovers faster.
  • It increases the concentration of amino acids in blood by stimulating much more protein synthesis.
  • It favors muscle anabolism, performance and replenishment of glucogen.
  • Recover strength after intense exercise.
  • It reduces allergic reactions to full protein.
  • To get the best effects of a hydrolysed protein (amino acids in free form) it is better to ingest it right after exercise and on recovery days.
  • It contains 1.8 kg of protein.

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