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PROTEINA WHEY PSNutrition BASIC. Serum protein high quality and special price. This protein has an excellent degree of purity and a delicious flavor. It's also easy to digest. A great choice if you want to buy proteina of cheap and good serum.

1.8 KG protein whey. Available in flavor chocolate.

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PROTEINA WHEY Basic de PSNutrition

This protein is taken directly from milk serum and offers good quality with an excellent degree of purity. Consumption protein whey is of great use when building muscle mass, gaining strength and for those seeking to lose fat. Contains all essential amino acids and branched, which are fundamental to protein synthesis in our body and to be able to repair muscle fibers.


  • It increases glutathione levels, a natural antioxidant that protects us from diseases.
  • It protects from osteoporosis thanks to its high calcium content and is low in sodium. It strengthens the bones.
  • La protein whey strengthens the immune system and improves the cardiovascular system.
  • Consumption serum protein helps lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good.


  • That thanks to its high Glycemic Index provides us with energy quickly, ideal when we do protracted exercise or when we should get back from a training.
  • It delays fatigue and favors performance during exercise, especially recommended for intense efforts with more than 1 hour duration such as cycling and running.
  • After exercise, you can help recover deposits Glycogen. Sportsmen are recommended to compete or exercise intensely.
  • Allows you to recover faster.
  • It is best to consume it 30 minutes after exercise.


  • It is part of the organs and muscle tissue.
  • Strengthen your heart and prevent heart arrhythmias.
  • It is beneficial for vision.
  • It helps digest fat.
  • Helps eliminate harmful substances.


  • It's rich in phosphorus. Contains 970 mg every 100 gm.
  • Contains vitamin B5: 3.23 ug every 100 gm.
  • Magnesium: 130 mg per 100 gm.
  • High nutrients: zinc (4 mg each 100 gm), iodine (150 mg each 100 gm), potassium (1590 mg each 100 gm), calcium (1280 mg each 100 gm) and proteins (36.10 g each 100 g).
  • Other nutritional properties: 0.27 mg of iron, 0 g. of fiber, 50.38 g of carbohydrates, 550 mg of sodium, 121.67 ug of vitamin A, 0.09 mg of vitamin B1, 0.46 mg of vitamin B2, 2.28 mg of vitamin B3, 0.07 mg of vitamin B6, 3.90 ug of vitamin B7, 15 ug of vitamin B9, 0.70 ug of vitamin B12
  • It contains a high amount of protein. Recommended for muscle development.
  • Its high calcium content is good for bones and for women during pregnancy, when the body consumes it to a greater extent.
  • Due to its high potassium content, it helps circulation and regulates blood pressure. Recommended for people who suffer hypertension. 
  • Its abundance of iodine benefits our metabolism, as it regulates energy levels, the functioning of cells and cholesterol. It also helps to process carbohydrates and strengthens our hair, skin and nails. 
  • Contains zinc, which facilitates the assimilation and storage of insulin. It contributes to our development and growth and benefits the immune system, wound healing and protein metabolism. Zinc also combats fatigue and transports vitamin A to retinas.
  • Regulate our natural PH for its high phosphorus content, which results in better health for our bones, teeth and skin. It provides greater physical resistance and improves the functions of the brain.
  • It contains vitamin B5, which is good against stress and reduces excess cholesterol. 

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