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PROTEINA CASEINA MICELAR is a WD protein that dissolves very slowly, so it keeps the muscles fed for a long time after it has been taken. Release amino acids gradually to the bloodstream so it is perfect to avoid catabolism if we will be for long periods without eating.

2 KG protein. SABORES: cookie and strawberry with banana.

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La protein caseina micelar has very slow release and absorption and maintains the muscles fed for long periods of time. In addition to protein caseina micelar it is not unnaturalized, which means it maintains all its properties and components. It is obtained by filtering without the use of chemicals. 

La protein caseina micelar maintains the elevation of amino acids for periods superior to 7 hours and its use has been extended as an anti-catabolic supplement (cabolism happens when muscle proteins are degraded in restrictive diets). 

Benefits of taking protein caseina micelar

  • Its slow absorption makes it suitable for fasting periods, to take between meals and during night break.
  • It can be used to avoid loss of muscle mass during caloric restriction diets, for example when we want to reach muscle definition.
  • It is a protein of easy digestion, which keeps us satisfied and avoids anxiety.
  • Maintains proper health and nutrition of your bones by improving performance in strength and power sports. Help regenerate your bone mass and joints.
  • It can be combined with normal serum protein to increase the metabolic response of both.

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