The proteins are one of the indispensable nutrients for those who train in the gym. For this reason,at DeporTrainer we want to advise you and help you supplement with the best. Our catalog includes all the types of protein on the market: from whey protein concentrate basic, to the isolated which offers a high purity, passing through the most easily digestible, such as the hydrolyzed. It is not only a recommended supplement in the area of fitnessbut that any athlete can benefit from the consumption of whey protein. We offer protein shakes of all prices and flavors, from cheap proteins to the highest quality. You choose what suits your budget and goals.

Here you have the best smoothie store in proteins of Spain. Buy the best brands from the catalog we provide. Buy your protein shakes online, increase your muscle mass, complement your diet to lose weight and get the best results. If you are looking for Amazon proteins, we also have them.

Best protein shake store in Spain

Why is it so important buy protein as a complement or take them with the foods in the diet? Proteins make up our body structures such as bones and muscles. They are essential. Their consumption becomes even more necessary if they are practiced regularly sports such as bodybuilding. Much better results are seen if protein intake is responsibly increased. But How do I know how many I need?

How to calculate your daily target before buyingproteins

There is no magic number for the amount of protein you should takea day, because it depends onyour diet and the level of exercise you do, but there are guidelines and tips you can keep in mind when buying protein.

The Government's guidelines for aaverage healthy diet suggest that men aged 19 to 64 years should ingest 55.5 g protein per day, and that men 65 years of age and older should aim for 53.3 g per day.

However, it is advisable to increase protein intake if a routine of bodybuilding or strength exercises is performed. In these cases, it is advisable to vary the recommended amount mentioned above. However, it is important tothat you make sureto establish a healthy amount that is adapted to your weight and level of physical exercise. You should not overdo it either whey protein intake.

Protein for fat loss and toning

If you are on a low-calorie, low-carb diet because you are trying to lose fat, you will actually need a higher protein intake than if you were trying to gain muscle mass. Here, protein supplements to buy can also help.

This is because when you are on a diet and your body is in a calorie deficit,you have a better chance of destroyinglean muscle tissue for energy. This is not at all advisable.So aincreased protein intakewill help you avoid losing muscle tissue. You must prevent your body from using it for energy; it is better to use fats.

Carlos Demattey, of Strongman Tarrako, suggests that when it comes to losing body fat, protein intake can be around 2 - 2.8g per kilogram of body weight. The recommendation varies depending on the doctor, nutritionist or trainer. Clearly, if you are a heavy bodybuilder, you will need more protein (and you may need more protein) protein supplements) due to wear and tear. But before opting for a certain amount, it is best to consult with a registered dietician.

And how much protein to gain muscle?

According to Demattey, when it comes to increasing the size of musclesor to make a strength training and resistance in the gym, the objectiveto be consumed should be in the range1.5 - 2.3 g of protein daily by body weight in kilograms.

For example, a person who trains with weights and weighs 70 kg could consume 1.7 grams per day. In that case: 70 kg x 1.7 g = 119 grams of protein daily.

If you do sports moderately and you are only interested in havinga good general physical condition,the figure of 1.2 to 2 grams will be sufficient.

tienda de proteínas en España

I want to buy protein, what types of shakes are there?

We are dedicated to the sale or promotion of proteins in Spain, so we are quite familiar with the types of protein shakes you can buy.Here, we will show you the best complementsprotein shakes and how to choose the right shake for you. These are the best proteins we recommend this year.

Until recently, the protein powderwasa product dedicated to a very select group; it wasreserved forprofessional weightliftersand, possibly,also for elite athletes.But that has changed. Today, the benefits of protein are widely recognized -evencan be buy wholesale protein- and thesports supplements in Spain is worth millions of euros a year.

The protein you are going to buy is a "macronutrient", i.e., yourbody requires large amounts of it as part of a balanced diet. Once absorbed by the body through digestion, the protein is broken down into several amino acids which are then built into new proteins to help produce red blood cells and build muscle, as well as for other body functions. For a fan of gym it is crucial, after exercise, to helpthe muscles to recover and grow.

With the market for sports supplements swelling like the biceps of a bodybuilder, today's consumers, hungry for more than proteins, are faced with an overwhelming number of options.We show you the opinions froma nutritionist, a personal trainer, an ex-Olympic bobsledder and a former competitive wrestler, to know what to look for whengo tobuy protein supplements.

Hereyou have our guide to choose the best protein powder that suits your needs.

Whey protein powder

The most common types of protein shakes are made from whey, a by-product of cheese production.

"Whey-based proteins can be divided into three main subcategories," explains Chris Hall, Founder and Executive Coach of Hall Personal Training. "Whey protein concentrated, isolatedand hydrolyzed". Remember that when it comes to buy whey protein, if you are not sure of the difference between these three types of protein, you will need to know the difference between these three types of protein.

Hall explains the pros and cons of each category, so check them out before you head to the protein store!

Whey protein concentrate

ProsConcentrate is the cheapest option, tends to mix better in the water andhas a better taste".

ConsIt has about %of protein.Includes carbohydrate;about 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving and 3 grams of fat. It also has lactose.

The whey protein concentrate supplements are widely available in stores such asDepor Trainer.Some of the best brands with the prozis supplements. Although you can buy protein online, you will also find them in the main street of any city, in any of the many supplement stores that have emerged in recent years.

Protein isolate or whey protein isolate

ProsThis has been filtered through a different process to concentrate it, and fat and carbohydrates are eliminated. The protein content is much higher,with a90 % protein. It contains little fat and very few carbohydrates. Alsoyou get almost zero amount of lactose. It's about 99% lactose free, so for people who have a problem with lactosewith lactose, the protein isolate is one that they can normally tolerate. Finally, it tastes good.

ConsNo mixingso well.

Popular retailers of protein isolate formulas include the prozis, MyProtein or Amix supplements. "For quality, price and taste, I would choose MyProtein" says Keith McNiven, owner of Right Path Fitness and a former professional wrestler. "It has very good values, very good ingredients and the taste isn't bad."

Hydrolyzed protein

ProsNews: "It has been leaked againand is more or less % of protein.The hydrolyzed is absorbed very quickly, so if you have a full training session or do two sessions in one day, protein can be very quickly absorbed by the muscles. It also contains natural digestive enzymes in its compositionthat help to break it down a little better and, therefore,is absorbed a little faster.

ConsThe price of this protein is not so cheap, it doesn't taste very good and it doesn't mix well.

At the time of buy hydrolyzed proteins online, the most popular formulasare those of MyProtein and Prozis.

If you can't decide which one is right for you, there are cheap and good proteins on the market that mix different combinations of whey formulas, such as the blend of whey isolate and whey concentrate Myprotein.

comprar batidos de proteína whey en polvo

Buy vegetable or vegan protein powder

There are advantages to choosing vegan protein supplements, even if you are not vegan!

"The key is to have the co-factors and thesuperfoods there," says Rick Hay, author and directornutritionalfrom Healthista. "If your antioxidant intake increases, your immune system will, too, so you'll you will be able to train more and for longer".

"The vegetable proteins are also less antagonistic to the intestine," he says, pointing to the bodybuilders vegans or boxer David Haye as examples of an athlete who uses plant-based proteins for help build muscle. This study published in February 2017 found that proteinsvegan can build muscle as well as other forms of protein.

When choosing buy vegetable protein, select a blend such as the formulas available on MyProtein,Amix or Prozis, as these will provide a profile of amino acidsmore complete than that of proteins based on a single vegetable protein. You can add them to healthy smoothies containing fruits, vegetables, seeds and spices for an energy boost.

"When you consider protein supplements, ask yourself what your goal is first," says Tom Oliver, nutritionist and founder of Tom Oliver Nutrition. "Do you need protein supplements for fat loss and toning, or for performance or mass building?"

comprar proteína vegetal o vegana

Whey protein buy for fat loss and toning in an online protein store

"If you are trying to lose weight, you can substitute one or two meals during the day with a healthy protein shake supplement, but you'd have to snack healthily," suggests Hay. Dietary proteins available from Tom Oliver Nutrition orProziswill do the trick. Although you can also opt for one of the vegetable-based blends mentioned above.

McNiven's advice is to keep it simple. "Have a balanced diet and supplement with standard whey protein instead of anything full of carbs," he suggests. "Have a protein shake after your workout." Opt for Isolate or Hydrolyze, and avoid blends with extra carbs. For example, you can buy pea protein, which is very good for all types of diets.

Finally,stick to shakes or smoothies over other forms of supplementation. "Protein bars will tend to contain added sugars, which is likely to provide too much energy if your goal is weight loss or weight maintenance," says Joanne Hart, nutritional therapist at Nuffield Health. The best advice is that it's best to buy cheap protein in shake form.

Inexpensive protein for mass building or protein supplements to put on weight

No need to drink more than two protein shakes a day when it comes to building muscle. It is suggested to drink a shake after gym and at other times of the day, for example, before going to bed. The casein protein usually comes in handy before going to sleep.

Allyn Condon,double medalistolympian and general director of the gym Bristol Longwell Green, agrees. "Since I was competing as an athlete in Bobsleigh and even now in the gym, i have almost always taken two shakes a day. A shake right after training and another one before going to bed". His choice is that of chocolate protein, especially because it likes the taste.Take a casein-based protein before bedtime because it takes up to six hours to digest, and is essentially a liquid equivalent of slow-digesting cottage cheese.

There has only been one point in Condon's career when he introduced an extra protein shake a day.

"When I came into bobsleigh, my weight was maybe 78 kilos and, based on the dynamics of the team, I needed to increase my weight by maybe 10 kilos, so I had to increase my protein slightly. Normally, I would takeabout 25 g of protein in a shake. I upped that to about 35-40 g of protein. I introduced an additional meal replacement that would have been higher in carbs as well, just to try andcarry my weight upward."

Such a high intake is well beyond the limits of what most people require, but the protein supplements can be a good choice to buy; they contain a mix of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats, and are suitable for days when you can't find a protein-rich meal.

As a protein base for a shake, some protein stores offer milkshakeswhose mixture containsconcentrated, isolated, hydrolyzed and hydrolyzed casein, and it tastes good too!

Protein supplements to increase your energy

"A protein shake by itself will fuel and maintain your muscles, but it won't give you energy," says McNiven. "You'll have toadd something to it, such as a pre-workout supplement or a mix.There are protein shakes that provide you witha mixture of everything. Care must be takenif they containa lot of caffeine. Alternatively, you can take some whey protein shakes, , a couple of bananas and a coffee."

When in a hurry, McNiven puts oatmeal, protein, almond butter, stevia and coconut milk in a blender and drink it for breakfast.

It is recommended to visit an online protein storeand buy some shakes, and use a Whey protein powder combined withsuperfoods such as quinoaand amaranth, which can provide a natural energy boost.

Where to buy the best protein on the market?

We hope that the professional advice has helped you to know choosing the best protein. As you have seen, the types of shakes differ in terms of the percentage of protein in the compound and speed of absorption. It is difficult to determine the best protein store in Spain, but what we do guarantee in DeporTrainer are quality brands: we offer MyProtein and Prozis, which have thousands of satisfied customers in Spain and other countries. Here you can buy protein to increase muscle mass, you can even buy venison protein, which is suitable for the most demanding customers without losing quality.

Buy cheap proteins is easier than ever with the catalog we offer you. Remember that you are looking for protein supplements for weight gain, do not accept just any nutritional supplement! An ideal shake should have the following characteristics:

  • Provide at least 25-30 grams of protein per service (scoop).
  • Low number of otherscompounds such as creatine, carbohydrates, fat or sugars.
  • Percentage of concentration of at least 80-95 % protein.
  • Ease of solution in water or milk.
  • Good flavor.

Fattening protein supplements and American proteins

If you are looking for a good protein and supplements store, in Spain you have several to choose from all over the country. Make sure that they ship online, to receive your supplementation comfortably at home and without having to leave. We do not doubt the quality of the american proteinsIn fact, there are several high quality ones, such as the Rich Piana brand. However, supplementation stores throughout Spain offer everything you need with faster shipping. Also, keep in mind that most of the stores offer whey shakes of American, English, Spanish, French and German brands:

  • Tenda de proteinas Valencia.

  • Alicante protein store.

  • Seville protein store.

  • Protein stores in Madrid and Barcelona...

Want to buy whey protein?

Look below and delight yourself with the quality brands we offer. Do you want to buy whey protein? we are your online site! Start browsing the catalog now and get the nutritional supplements that will take your training and muscles to the next level. Buy protein in Spain is easier thannever.


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    PROTEINA ISO WHEY brand Phoenix Supplement Nutrition. It is a very high quality serum protein and good degree of purity. It is available in various flavors and is easily digested.

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    PROTEINA AISLADA of PSN An isolated of serum of milk obtained with the WPI method (whey protein isolate), thanks to which values are reached from 80% to 92% of protein. Other components such as fat, lactose and cholesterol are thus eliminated.-The container includes 1.8 kg of protein.SABORES: cookie with vanilla, strawberry with cream, vanilla and chocolate

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    PROTEINA CASEINA MICELAR is a WD protein that dissolves very slowly, so it keeps the muscles fed for a long time after it has been taken. Release amino acids gradually to the bloodstream so it is perfect to avoid catabolism if we will be for long periods without eating.2 KG protein. SABORES: cookie and strawberry with banana.

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    PROTEINA WHEY PSNutrition BASIC. Serum protein high quality and special price. This protein has an excellent degree of purity and a delicious flavor. It's also easy to digest. A great choice if you want to buy proteina of cheap and good serum.1.8 KG protein whey. Available in flavor chocolate.

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    PROTEINA WHEY HIDROLIZED WD. La hydrolysed protein it passes through a process through which its large molecules are divided into smaller ones. This means that digestion is much easier and the percentage of absorption is greater. La protein hydrolysed whey has a much faster absorption.2 KG protein. To choose between chocolate and cookie.

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    PROTEINA WHEY BEEF WD Nutrition Contains serum protein high purity enriched with premium calf molecules Whey and Beef Protein (high quality milk serum and tender protein). Combines serum concentrate with calf hydrolysis.Net weight: 2 KG. Flavors: vanilla and white chocolate with raspberry.

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    PROTEINA ISO PURE WHEY CFM de RevTEch is a product of protein aisalda Very complete. It has high bioavailability, high biological value and good absorption. It is enriched with Arginine, the precursor of creatine.1.8 kg. Strawberry or vanilla with cinnamon.

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    PROTEINA WHEY RevTech's WPC P100. Concentrated serum proteins of milk mix other proteins like soy. So we have a concentrate left protein whey pretty pure and with the entire amino acid chain.Net weight of 2 KG. Special flavors: chocolate, cookie and brownie.

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    PROTEINA IN MONODOSIS WHEY WPC P100 de RevTech This product is a protein monodosis instant that does not require preparation. Ideal for the athlete who needs to take his protein ration at any time the day. -35 grams of the product.

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    PSN 1.8 KG High-quality protein that has been treated to reduce the size of its molecules and is thus absorbed easier, giving rise to free peptides and amino acids. From cookie. COW 10% DISCUSSION: ORDER66WhatsApp Service: +447907763134I want to know more about the benefits of hydrolysed protein!

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    BATIDO FÓRMULA 1 HERBALIFE Delicious and healthy. The perfect balance between proteins of high quality soy and milk. It includes essential micronutrients as well as botanical ingredients and added herbs.

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    BEBIDA DE PROTEINS IN POLVO HERBALIFE  It helps you by providing extra protein. A product you can take in two ways: as a low calorie and high protein snack or you can also add it to the blended formula 1 to get a creamy drink.-Sabor vanilla.-It contains 588 grams.

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