Andoni Talledo Gutiérrez, known on his social media as  Andoni Fitness , is a bodybuilder and influencer of Basque origin (San Sebastián) and one of the most popular figures in the Hispanic fitness community. Andoni was born on January 3, 2003 and has a sister younger than him. 

From the age of 16, he began training with weights and is known to have been posting content on social media since 2019. However, he did not become more well-known until 2022, especially because he bench-pressed 200 kg at just 19 years old. years old and because he began collaborating on videos with other fitness influencers already established in the community, such as Kim Angel. 

Biography of the influencer Andoni Talledo

Know all the data about your favorite influencer: height, weight, age and life of Andoni Fitness. Is this a natural bodybuilder? Read Andoni's biography and journey in bodybuilding .

Andoni before Fitness

Before he became interested in bodybuilding, Andoni played Minecraft and created content about the video game under the pseudonym " Ghostered." Very few know this side of him. Shortly after, he began to stand out with content about bodybuilding and fitness, and surprised us all with his incredible physical transformation and strength at a very young age. 

Where is Andoni Fitness from?  From San Sebastián (Donostia), the capital of Guipúzcoa, a province of the Spanish Basque Country. This is one of the most recurring questions from his followers.

Andoni Fitness Statistics

Date of birth : 3 - 1 - 2003

Height : 187 cm (6' 1.5")

Weight : 120 kg (264.5 lbs)

Competition weight : 101 kg (222.6 lbs)

Spanish nationality

Biceps measurement : 51 cm (20.1”)

Regarding Andoni Fitness's height, it has been speculated that it is between 1.87 and 1.89 cm. In two videos where he was measured for competitions, the measurements were 186 and 187 cm. If we take into account that diet and dehydration for competition can cause him to lose 1 or 2 cm, 187-188 cm is possible as his usual height.

Andoni Fitness Statistics; age, weight, height and measurements

Path to success

Andoni began to become better known in 2022, when he began to appear with recognized influencers from the Spanish Fitness community. For example, he recorded a press duel with Kim Angel, where they both used 60kg dumbbells to train their shoulders. Here Andoni was only 19 years old and was already lifting 190 kg on the bench press. In addition, he had a magazine physique. His striking body and tremendous strength captured the attention of thousands of Spanish-speaking fitness fans.

Since then, its popularity has only been rising (not without controversy, mind you). Other celebrities with whom he has collaborated are the well-known Joan Pradells and his girlfriend Marta, with whom he maintains a great friendship. Andoni has also recorded videos with Argentineans Tomas Mazza and Gero Arias, who is famous for trying to achieve the challenge of doing one more pull-up a day until he completes 365 days a year.

In 2023, Andoni finally managed to bench press 200 kilos. In addition, he undertook a trip to South America where he has collaborated with other important influencers in the Hispanic community. And he has traveled to the United Kingdom several times due to his contracts with the company Myprotein.


Andoni Talledo Gutiérrez has competed a few times in  bodybuilding .

  • Basque Navarro Championship 2021 : 2nd place.
  • Federation Cup 2021 : 5th place.
  • Valencia Cup - Junior and True Novice Category of Classic Physique 2023 : 1st place.
  • AECN Cup - Classic Physique Tall Size 2023 : 1st place

Andoni Fitness in bodybuilding competition

Andoni's training style

Andoni does a typical bodybuilding workout with plenty of free weights (bars and dumbbells) and some machines. He is a big fan of dumbbells. His training style is explosive but controlled. He uses impeccable technique for most of the time, although he may do partials and some "cheating" at certain times for the final reps.

  • For shoulders it usually includes dumbbell presses, dumbbell or cable raises, and machine reverse fly.
  • For the chest he does bench press with dumbbells, incline press on a Multipower machine, pulley crossover and press on a convergent machine.
  • For lats, include barbell rows, cable pulldowns and machine rows in the routine.
  • For triceps, use exercises such as the French press with dumbbells, triceps extensions with dumbbells or triceps pushdowns with cable.
  • For biceps he usually does the dumbbell bicep curl or hammer curl and occasionally a preacher curl machine.
  • For legs, his favorite exercises are the Hack-Squat and the leg press, which he complements with seated leg extension, hamstring kick, lying hamstring curl or abductor machine.

Andoni uses well-known exercises and very basic techniques in his  bodybuilding routines . Often, he does an effective or main set at the beginning to improve his performance (explosive strength). We have seen him try to beat his repetition record with 50 or 60 kg dumbbells in the bench press, for example. Next, he includes normal, controlled bodybuilding sets around 8-12 reps for hypertrophy. He does about 3 or 4 sets per exercise in total. Sometimes he uses intensity techniques like drop sets.

As the competition stage approaches, Andoni increases cardiovascular exercise to burn more calories.

Andoni Fitness Strength

Andoni is undoubtedly a very strong athlete due to the high loads he controls. These are some of the milestones he has achieved in the gym:

  • Bench press : 200 kg (440.9 lbs)
  • Squat : 250 kg (551.15 lbs)
  • Conventional deadlift : 250 kg (551.15 lbs)
  • Sumo deadlift : 270 kg (595.25 lbs)
  • Hack-Squat : 300 kg (661.40 lbs) x repetitions
  • Dumbbell shoulder press : 60 kg (132.28 lbs) x 8 repetitions
  • Incline dumbbell bench press : 75 kg (165.35 lbs) x 6 reps and 60 kg (132.28 lbs) x 17 reps
  • Seated Barbell Military Press : 135 kg (297.62 lbs) x 2 
  • Dumbbell biceps curl : 30 kg (66.14 lbs) x reps
  • Barbell row : 140 (308 lbs) kg x repetitions 

Personal life

It is known that Andoni had a girlfriend named Ainara, who appeared with him in some TikTok videos. It is unknown if he is currently continuing his relationship with this person.


Andoni must follow a bodybuilder's diet of about 4,000 calories to maintain his 120 kilos of weight when he is in the muscle bulking phase.

Social media

He is successful on several social media, where he accumulates a large number of followers.

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Andoni Fitness is a sponsored athlete with two brands:

  • Myprotein : British sports supplementation company based in Manchester.
  • Youngla : Los Angeles-based sportswear company.

Andoni and Gero Arias

Andoni with Gero Arias.

Andoni Talledo and Joan Pradells, Spanish bodybuilders

Andoni Talledo and his friend Joan Pradells in the Myprotein company.

Controversy - Is Andoni natural?

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounding this athlete is whether  Andoni is natural or not . Much has been said about this since the young man's beginnings on social networks. Andoni has raised suspicions of having used anabolic substances since his early days, although he has repeatedly denied this (something very common among young bodybuilders).

There are some arguments against its naturalness:

  • A very muscular physique developed at a very young age.
  • Enormous strength at a very young age, as shown by his lifting 190 kg in the bench press with very little prior training.
  • Great muscle roundness and quality mass with very low levels of fat. He weighs more than 20 kg above his height in centimeters, maintaining visible abs and an incredible ratio between muscle mass and fat.
  • He has even competed at 101 kg weighing about 13 kilos more than his height in centimeters with professional bodybuilder fat levels (5-6% fat).
  • Round shoulders and overdeveloped trapezius.

Is Andoni Fitness natural?

Recently, his name has reached the Fitness community in English and some references have spoken out, such as Greg Doucette, who analyzed his physique and stated that it is impossible to obtain naturally, especially for someone of Andoni's age. Greg suspects that Andoni may have been using anabolics since he was still a teenager.

The accusations have affected Andoni, who has had a hard time due to the controversy. He has been repeatedly attacked by other influencers such as the Spanish Strongman Antonio "Masmas". His friend Joan Pradells has publicly defended and supported him against the accusations.

Andoni has neither confirmed nor denied whether he is a natural bodybuilder or not. In any case, he has formidable genetics for bodybuilding and building his body takes a lot of work and dedication of years.

Photograph of the body of Andoni Talledo, bodybuilder

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Follows Andoni Fitness

Follow in the footsteps of Andoni Fitness in his career as a bodybuilder and influencer. He is a young man with a charismatic personality, an incredible physique and a long career ahead of him in Fitness. Recently, he has begun traveling to South American countries to do collaborations and expand his brand and personal image. He gains followers every day to position himself among one of the biggest in the industry.

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