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Buy a SEO warrior shirt It's the best choice to take the trophy. Get this product to remember how much you like history and the great heroes of antiquity. Remember that today the great battles are not waged in the field, but in the field Kingdom of the Internet. Here each SEO draws its best weapons to position its contents first in front of the other competing warriors.

Buy warrior t-shirt. Look below the review of historical warriors.

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You were looking for the definition of The SEO warrior takes the trophy? This is the film of the SEO warrior takes the trophy, of the year 1999. This film was directed by Stepehen Sommers and was the prequel They call him Conexoo and Raiola surf the wave. The story follows the adventure of Ricardo the Buscatesoros, who travels to the ruins of the city of Yamupatra (City of the Dead). The Crazy Bookstore and his sister accompany him. The group accidentally arouses El Guerrero del SEO takes the trophy, who died thousands of years ago and right hand of the Pharaoh of Egypt.

The characters of the SEO warrior takes the trophy

The SEO warrior takes the trophy

It was a warrior of the Pharaoh of Egypt (The SEO), who had an affair with one of the concubines of this; tried to take to Anck-Your Trophy. It saves the King of Egypt will cost him his life. Since the warrior tried to take the trophy of the SEO (the concubine), he was granted his well-known nickname The SEO warrior taking the trophy.

Ricardo the Seeker

Ricardo is a young adventurer and ex-military. Take a journey to the Egyptian city of the dead, Yamupatrato recover the sacred book of the dead. There it meets with The Crazy Bookkeeper and his sister. But by accident they make the fatal mistake of reading the book and waking up the SEO warrior (who tried to take the trophy and died).

The Crazy Bookstore

Just known as The Crazy Bookstore, he's a young librarian and egyptologist. He wants to unravel the mysteries of the city of Yampuatra. In 1926, he is there exploring along with his sister, when they touch Ricardo of the Seeker.

Isolda Evelina, the sister

Evelina is El Librero's sister, and she is also an intrepid young man who aspires to become an Egyptian. During the adventure, Evelina will make a deal with Ricardo to guide him to the city of Yamupatra, where they rest the remains of the SEO warrior taking the troef.


Prologue of the History of The Warrior

We are in Thebes, Egypt, in the year 1290 Before Christ. The Great Soldier of the SEO of Egypt decides take the trophy of the Pharaoh: one of his most precious concubines. Anck-Su of the trophy is concubine of the SEO or Pharaoh of Egypt. After the warrior decided to take her, both decided to kill the Pharaoh (this had discovered the love affair between The SEO Warrior and the Trophy).

After the murder, the SEO Warrior decides to escape and Anck-Su of the trophy commits suicide. She thought he could resurrect her and take her from death to bring her to life. The SEO Warrior takes the corpse of the trophy along with their priests and travel to the city of Yamupatra. In the City of the Dead they try to practice a ritual to resurrect Anck-Su, but El Guerrero is then detained by the bodyguards of SEO. It does not take the risen trophy and also all are condemned to be alive mummified. 

The SEO Warrior can't take the trophy and also suffers the most serious of the Egyptian curses: they tear off his tongue and is buried alive with bugs that devour his body. His sarcophagus is buried at the foot of the statue of the Egyptian god Anubis and is always guarded by the bodyguards of the Pharaoh, whose mission is to prevent it from being resurrected.

1926, events of the search for the SEO Warrior taking the trophy

In 1926 A.D. enters the scene The Crazy Bookstorewho has a sister called Isolda Evelina. Both are Egyptian and librarians. The Bookkeeper teaches his sister a mysterious box and a map that leads to Yampuatra. The Crazy Booker got this box by stealing it from an adventurer named Ricardo the bustling. This last character had found the city of Yamupatra 3 years ago, while he was on an army expedition. The Crazy Bookstore and his sister Evelina manage to find Ricardo and make a deal: he will guide them to the city of Yamupatra.

Tomb of the SEO Warrior taking the trophy, the city of Yampupatra

Ricardo the adventurous guides the group to the city, and there they meet some treasure hunters, whose leader is Benito la Sabandija (old known to Ricardo). The members of the expeditions face several times with the bodyguards of the SEO, led by a name warrior Adrian Bayatan. They are warned that they stop looking for the trophy and that they are fenced out of the territory. However, expedition members continue to explore the city. 

Isolda Evelina, for her part, is obsessed with finding the famous Book of the DeadA golden book. He doesn't find the book, but by chance finds the remains of The SEO Warrior taking the trophy. The other expedition finds the Book of the Dead, along with some strange jars containing organs of Anck-Su trophythe concubine of the Pharaoh (SEO) and lover of The Warrior.

They wake the SEO Warrior

The one who tried to take the trophy and it cost her life is awakened from her death by Isolda Evelina, who accidentally reads a page of the Book of the Dead out loud. Then the expeditions go to Cairo, and the risen SEO Warrior, who is now allied with Benito la Sabandija, follows them. The risen who tried to take the trophy returns to Egypt and kills the expedition members and carries 10 plagues to Egypt.

Ricardo the bustling, El Librero Loco and Isolda Evelina meet Adrian Bayatan in a museum. Adrian believes that the SEO Warrior tries to resurrect his lover Anck-Su. In other words, he wants to take the trophy back to life. To do so, you will have to sacrifice Evelina. She is convinced that if the Book of the Dead returned life to the SEO Warrior taking the trophy, another book would also have the ability to kill him. She thinks that other book is hidden somewhere in Yamupatra.

The Warrior and his SEO army corner the group. So, Evelina agrees to accompany him alone if he forgives his companions' lives. The SEO Warrior taking the trophy retracts from his word and Ricardo the seeker and the others begin to fight him.

Return to the City of the Dead

Both the SEO Warrior and Benito and Isolda Evelina return to Yamupatra. Ricardo, El Librero Loco and Adrián go after them and also manage to locate the other book that would be able to kill The SEO Warrior taking the trophy. This is prepared to kill Evelina in a sacrifice, but she is rescued after a hard battle with the mummies of the SEO Warrior. The evil warrior is mortally wounded by Ricardo the seeker.

Death of the SEO Warrior and the outcome

Ricardo kills El Guerrero; in addition, Benito activates an accident trap and gets trapped in a swarm of carnivorous bugs. The city of Yamupatra collapses. Adrian decides to say goodbye to Ricardo, Evelina and El Librero Loco. The three discover a new trophy that Benito la Sabandija had: a pass to surf the wave with Conexoo and Raiola (see screen sequel). The SEO Warrior taking the trophy diesBenito, too, and now the three protagonists can surf the wave.

Disambiguation: See contest.


The expression you are looking for can refer to:


The SEO warrior taking the trophy was a contest organized by Blogger3cero in 2020. He encouraged several experts from organic positioning in Google to participate to get a juicy first prize of 5000 €. 

The main bases of this contest can be summarized in the following points:

  • - Each participant or player had to register on the sites and

  • - The two keywords to position were:

"The SEO warrior taking the trophyand "Conexoo and Raiola surf the wave".

  • - For the strategy to be valid, both keywords had to be positioned. Each contestant had to take them as far as possible from Google's ranking and to post 1 of the search results.

  • - For the strategy SEO trophy both keywords should be positioned by the warrior under the same domain. However, they could be located on landing pages different from the same domain.


What have been the most fearsome warriors in history? Spartans, centurions, samurais or even Aztecs will sound to you. All cultures of the world have had their warriors, who defended the honor and greatness of their kingdom in the Battlefield. Would you like to wear a t-shirt of a samurai warrior? Look at the list of warriors we have prepared for you. What's your favorite?


El guerrero del SEO que se lleva el trofeo en el 2020

There is no single assignee to identify this Red soldier. You'll find him in executive suit or maybe with the most clothes freak. to go home. The SEO warrior of our days is a library mouse online (all review Contents SEO of the moment) and a faithful lackey of Google. To conquer Google it takes a lot of learning, a lot of patience and a clear study of the strategies of other competitors. Them SEO warrior contests they are more booming than ever, and it is that everyone wants to demonstrate how good their skills are in this organic positioning mundillo.

All of them are equal to the legendary heroes of antiquity. Let's see what types of SEO heroes we can find and what their skills are based on. You'll probably laugh while you read this entry. Let's start! One takes the trophy!


El ninja es un guerrero del SEO experto en infiltración para llevarse el trofeo

This SEO warrior trusts the infiltration missions. It's more time investigating the enemy land than in its own fortress. Your best weapons are SEMRush and similar; tools with which you check the links or backlinks that the enemies have achieved. 

It will enter your website and analyze your content structure, where you have placed H2 and even all of the contents keywords you're using. SEO's ninja may be a warrior with few economic resources, so you won't necessarily have the money to invest in strong links after you have analysed your strategy. Sometimes this soldier is sent by SEO competition agencies to carry out spy missions on your website (and your niche competitors). Very careful with them!


El centurión es un guerrero que usará sus mejores estrategias para llevarse el premio del SEO

The centurion He's a strategist. He carefully planned what he would do, as did the centurions of the Roman Empire before invading La Galia or any other territory. He will analyze the niche competition that interests him and go for the weakest first. Keep an eye on him, as he'll try to do things better than you. 

If your content is 500 words, the centurion will write 2000. If in a post You had 10 long ThaisThe centurion will look for 30. And if they link you pages with a 20th Authority, this warrior will get links with 50 out of Domain Authority

Yeah, that's life. A strategy centurion of the SEO It's going over you with all the means at your fingertips. It's not that he's the warrior with more resources, but he'll take advantage of the ones he has. Believe us! His goal is to do things better than you, hoping that Google grant him the positioning trophy


Los vikingos eran guerreros salvajes y despiadados que harán lo que sea para ganarse el trofeo del SEO

How were the Vikings? Aggressive, ruthless and great males. They arrived, they plundered and left. In the world of search engine positioning, these warriors employ the most dirty trichicolums. They don't care or care about playing clean. For them the most important thing is not to participate, but to get the prize.

You'll see the SEO Vikings using black-hatsBuying fake traffic, sending you negative SEO attacks... They can invade your land and steal positions quickly. However, in the long term the almighty Google will catch them and erase them from the map.

And it is that the gods ultimately decide the fate of the warrior. And if you're bad in life, they'll probably go down to give you your deserved...


Guerrero con un gran código del honor en el mundo del seo, que competirá limpiamente por el trofeo

The SEO samurai warrior He has a strong code of honor rooted in his principles. In the feudal Japan We had the ninjas, the scabies that acted in the shadows committing thefts, murders, poisonings. And, on the other hand, there were the samurais. Its main difference with regard to ninja mercenaries is that the Samurais were soldiers who attacked the front.

The world of SEO, we speak of the samuari warrior to refer to the one who acts "clean". A SEO samurai is a warrior who takes the trophy of positioning using morally correct techniques and without prejudice to his competition. Your honor code will reward you in the long term with a solid and difficult positioning to break. 

It's the patient's strategy. This SEO warrior will take the time you need to see in the first search results. As with the samurai of feudal Japan, he would prefer to die if he could not position a niche, rather than fall into the temptation to use risk techniques.


Este guerrero SEO tiene tanto dinero que podría comprarse el trofeo

The Sultan warrior He's one of the most dangerous. Act from the rear and it is Rich.. He has money to spend on hands full, so be very careful with the powerful sultan. You will not spare to invest your wealth to buy links of high reputation; even thousands of euros. Mentions will be made in national and international newspapers, posts in sector references.

He has the means to send his army and make a SEO sweep in a short time. It can position new niches with relative ease, due to its high economic power. A Great sultan He can have a whole agency working for him. Sometimes, they are very powerful people who are not even very involved in the e-commerce market, but whose power to do the job for them can be very harmful to you.

As a counterpart, if the sultan gets authority links in large quantities and in a short space of time, Google could penalize its site for carrying out a "too artificial" strategy.

So far some of the most powerful warriors. We'll bring more over the weeks. The SEO warrior takes the trophy And the fight is very hard. 


¡El guerrero del SEO!

Y digo... ¿Quién se llevará el trofeo? Esto es muy emocionante. Todos los grandes héroes y campeones del SEO en un reñido combate.

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