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Elliptical type indoor for gymnastics. Our model of PROFESSIONAL USE. La elliptical has computer to measure: time, calories, distance, pulse. The computer can be removed when you have to do sessions spinning / indoor. He's got pulse snores on the handlebar.

  • 98 cm x 70 cm x 164 cm.

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This is it. elliptical bike focused on PROFESSIONAL USE in gyms / cardio rooms.

This model elliptical has maximum resistance bearings and axles. It is designed for intensive use, to support the weight of the user and to be used for many hours. This model so is only recommended to equip gyms and sports centers.


  • The computer measures: time, calories, distance and pulse.
  • You can remove the computer for sessions spinning or indoors.
  • Measures of the elliptical: 98 cm x 70 cm x 164 cm.
  • He's got pulse sensors on the handlebar.
  • The regulation of resistance is by wheel.
  • Resistance works by conventional shoe.
  • It includes wheels for easy transport.
  • All of it elliptical machine It has a plastic cover. This prevents oxidation.
  • Transmission by tape.
  • The inertia wheel weighs 18 kg and is double rotation.
  • The manners are rubber, to improve the grip.
  • Support platforms have anti-slip surface.
  • With height regulation system in the fixed manner.
  • It has adjustable legs in height to give greater stability.
  • The regulating tubes of this elliptical They are bathed in chrome.
  • Model bearings skf 6004.
  • Transmission by ribbon: model 5 PK of the Hutechinson brand, manufactured in France.


  • The foot aopoyo platform measures 35 cm.
  • The distance of the ditch is 75 cm (maximum distance between the heel of one foot and the toe of the other during the exercise. This indicates the degree of ellipse of the elliptic).
  • This model supports a maximum weight per user of 110 kg.
  • Packaging measures: 97 cm x 42.5 cm x 109 cm.
  • Weight mounted: 60 kg.
  • Weight packed: 65 kg.

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