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Elliptical for professional use

The product is designed to support professional use in sports facilities, gyms, hotels or sports facilities. Its warranty covers manufacturing defects in professional and domestic environments.

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Professional elliptical BH machine with natural movement

You can complete the full work of the upper body, lower body and lower body, and consume many calories and muscles. · Provide security training to all types of users minimizing the impact on joints. Designed for large-scale biomechanical research. · Secures a smooth and natural movement and concentrates muscles. · Integrate completely materials and ways to achieve a cutting edge design. · Small size, allows you to make the most of the space gym. · Design is easy to clean, store and transport.

Structure: Superlarge steel chassis. Lower support: super durable steel seal. · Protection: Comprehensive anti-red treatment. stainless steel. Like the car industry, the entire structure is chemically treated. Apply a layer of plastic powder. · Handle: You can adjust both vertically and horizontally. · Handle: Multiposition handle. Adjustable to improve user comfort. · Double-sided handle with multi-position handle, adjustable by screw.

Central structure adjustable in height with double handle and multiposition handle. With special coating. · Central grip system with horizontally adjustable depth. · Regulated stabilizers: to ensure maximum stability. · Comfortable wheels. · Botellero: properly replenish the water during training. Resistance: Braking intensity is regulated by the system of friction and emergency blockage. · Inertial flyer of 15 kg. Friction brake system with manual adjustment function. Integrated anti-lesion emergency brake. · Quick emergency lock, safer operation. · Comfortable extra-large rubber footrest with anti-slip system and front protection device.

Technical characteristics of this elliptical

Model: BH KT 2.0 FitWalking G290


· Height: 160cm

· Width: 55cm

· Length: 123.5cm

· Machine weight: 65Kg.

· Maximum user weight: 115Kg.

· Inertia flyer: 15Kg.

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