If the novelties in the world of fitness are surprising us in recent times, this has been an innovative idea that breaks with everything that came before. This container gym is the most original alternative that we have seen in the year; It is great as a terrace gym , to train in the garden or even as a profitable business idea

What does the gym in a container consist of? Basically, its outer appearance is that of a shipping container. However, the cube can be opened on all sides and a complete portable crossfit box awaits inside. The container gym lacks nothing. It has racks, safety racks, plates sets, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up and pull-down bars. The container has everything an athlete could need for functional training.

Box Cube Gym is a gym in a shipping container. It is exactly the same as a shipping container gym. The structure of the container is made of steel. When you open it, inside you find a whole gym or functional training center. The steel of the container is very strong. 

Another advantage is that it is a portable gym . That's how it is! Once you pick it up and store the material inside, you can have the gym box transported wherever you want: to the field, to the beach, to a polygon... There are no limits! This gym is also very easy to expand; you can add new material to it or even change the orientation of the elements once it's open.

buy a gym in a sea container

Keep learning about more advantages of the container gym:

  • • How long does it take to assemble the gym container? In just 15 minutes you can have it open and in the place where you want to place it. 
  • • How long does it take to set up the gym accessories? Only 5 minutes !
  • • And how long does it take to fold it back up after training?  Another 5 minutes . The Box Cube Gym is really easy to pick up.
  • • Does the gym container hold up well outdoors?  That's how it is. The structure is so strong that the gym will be well protected against vandalism, theft or inclement weather.

Characteristics of the Gym in Container Model for 10 people

This container gym model is for 8 or 10 people, but we will see that there are other cubes with more capacity. We are going to do a review so you can get an idea of ​​what this type of gym can offer. It has two internal squat racks (it also allows you to train shoulders) that support up to 490 kg of load. Of course, two safety brackets are included with the racks to hold the bar in case the athlete fails. Its three adjustable pull-up bars are other accessories that are appreciated, since up to three people can be doing pull-ups at the same time.

As for the storage of the material, there is no lack of an internal support for five Olympic bars , five standard supports for bars and three supports for discs . Just like in a conventional gym, you can organize the material quite well. In the event that you train with kettlebells and medicine balls. There are also racks for this type of elements. The 10-person Box Cube has an extra shelf for additional accessories, such as dumbbells or whatever you can think of.

The container gym has many other accessories for functional training. For example, it has two racks for doing dips , the excellent chest and triceps building exercise. It also incorporates two wall ball targets (that is, to shoot medicine balls). Other features include two platforms for plyometric jumps , two floor stands for rowing , and two upper and two lower pulleys for attaching accessories to them (yes, because we already know that functional athletes also like to top it off with a bit of bicep isolation or triceps). 

As we can see, if there is a word to describe the container gym , it is complete... It lacks nothing to work the body at 100%! It includes all the necessary tools to assemble it and the 3D design. Thanks to it, the customer can see how his cube gym will look like while it is being manufactured. If you are interested in this new concept of functional gym, let's see many more utilities.

sea ​​container gym training

All the advantages of the new gym in a cube

The portable container gym is the new concept of gym for the rich that's going strong. It's an idea with so many advantages that it can become both your personal training center and a business that will make you money. 

Your home gym

The cube version for 8 or 10 people only measures 245 cm long x 220 cm wide x 250 cm high. It fits perfectly in an air-conditioned room or on a terrace. Open measures 350 cm long x 460 cm wide x 250 cm high . Remember that the resistant material of the steel bucket resists weather events, so you can leave it in the garden in complete safety. This magnificent high-end gym could become the next training center in your chalet. Keep it forever and enjoy endless hours of bench presses, pull-ups and squats. This is an investment that will allow the whole family to train . 

Un completo gimnasio portátil 

Tow the gym container and take it wherever you want. A crane or a truck can easily load this gym box to transport it anywhere. Enjoy a crossfit box and functional training on the beach, in the middle of the field, in your new home... Wherever you want! No matter where you move, your gym will always be with you.

complete gym for the beach

Deliver with your friends

If you are already tired of commercial gyms, of not having  racks for free weights, not letting you do the exercises you want or having to wait to use a device, the  container gym may be the solution. With it, you can forget about all these problems. It's yours and you can use it whenever you want. It will be economical and you can all meet to train together whenever you want. 

It is the best option if you have to work and do not always have time to train in a regular gym. In addition, you can divide and amortize the investment. For example, if you are a group of several friends and you train regularly, you can buy one of these portable gyms together. 

A gym in the garden, for the terrace and other exteriors

The  crossfit box in a container is painted with several layers of polymeric acrylic paint, like that of cars. It is an outdoor gym that perfectly resists outdoors. The container will not suffer any deterioration if it is placed in the garden. It is perfect for training in the summer and feeling the afternoon breeze.

container portable gym for outdoor garden

A new high-end gym

The  cube gym  is original and a novelty. It is surprising and, as you will see, a great business alternative. It's the gym for celebrities . Many celebrities use these portable crossfit boxes. Everyone is impressed with the idea of ​​training crossfit anywhere and anytime. This gym for the rich is equipped with everything you need. 

Functional gym for your personal progressions if you compete

Do you compete in any modality such as powerlifting or weightlifting? Then you are very interested in having a  cube container gym . You will be able to train at your whim from home and progress in the basic exercises such as bench press , squat and deadlift. The cube has everything you need to train strength modalities like power. In addition, they have many accessories so that you can also do complementary exercises (dips, pull-ups, pulley extensions...). Is very complete!

The gym container is a good deal

One thing is clear: more and more people like fitness and crossfit, and the  gym is a profitable business . And it's even better if you offer a novel idea like the sea container with gym . There are so many ways you can take advantage of this product that you will not be short of customers. Do you live in a coastal area? Surprise everyone with a  gym on the beach . 

Set up a fully functional gym anywhere. Choose an area of ​​your city and display your crossfit gym cube . You may need a permit from the council or insurance for the gym ( see insurance information ). 

Your gym for personal trainer business

This is one of the ways to make your sea container gym profitable. If you are a personal trainer, maybe you need a complete home gym. Place this gym in the garden, on the terrace or in a garage and start training your clients today.

The bucket is a small investment that will quickly pay for itself. You will have all the necessary material to work with your clients. Develop your career as a personal trainer. There is even a trailer version of the cube gym . Can you imagine being able to easily move your personal training center wherever you want? This gym for the beach will delight your clients . 

crossfit box gym in car trailer

The sea container with traditional business gym

The gym is a profitable business, but sometimes it sets back the investment in the premises and the material. A traditional gym needs a ship with enough space and dozens of machines. The box cube gym , however, is for functional training and includes all the free weights needed to work the body without machines. You will have the racks, supports, bars, discs and weights to practice crossfit, powerlifting, weightlifting and basic bodybuilding. 

This is the best alternative for a business gym without premises . Forget the establishment! The sea container is the local! You can even give your customers a cheaper price than conventional gyms. And don't forget how much people will love training outdoors ! This is a gym to go to the beach! 

Charge a monthly fee to your customers for using the container. You can place it as a  gym for your home garden or request permission from your town hall to place it somewhere in your town. 

The container gym is also perfect to complement a boxing gym business . Contact sports athletes need to work on the endurance and strength of their muscles. Weight training is the best complement to a contact sport.

setting up a gym is a good investment and business idea

Set up our container franchise with a gym

We offer you our maritime container franchise with a gym . Training in a  gym for the beach or outdoors is more fashionable than ever, especially in countries that enjoy good weather all year round. This gym investment business is very profitable. We install our portable containers, very robust and with everything you need to train. You can move them whenever you want or expand their options!

How does the franchise work?

• Financing box cube gym for 5 years for a small monthly fee.

• You will have exclusivity for the franchise in the area where you place the container.

• Every 2 years, we review your container, give it a coat of paint and replace damaged elements.

• We advertise your gym so that customers can reach you.

Would you like to set up a franchise or do you want a home gym ? Contact us! The container gym is the innovative idea you are looking for to train. If you like the idea of ​​having a gym for the garden or a gym for the terrace, this crossfit box is the solution. Contact us here and we will help you set up the gym for the perfect terrace !

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