Buy your powerlifting wraps here. Practice powerlifting and other strength sports with complete safety for your knees, wrists and elbows. The best wraps for your strength sport. We have Inzer wraps, which is a brand of excellent quality.


In our store you can buy your wraps for power...

Buy your powerlifting wraps here. Practice powerlifting and other strength sports with complete safety for your knees, wrists and elbows. The best wraps for your strength sport. We have Inzer wraps, which is a brand of excellent quality.


In our store you can buy your wraps for powerlifting . We serve orders to the entire territory of United Kingdom: London, Manchester, Ireland, Scotland, Wales... Our material includes: powerlifting knee wraps and also wristwraps (valid for powerlifting, crossfit, weightlifting ...) and lifting knee pads , which can also be used in crossfit and weightlifting .

We distribute recognized brands through our online store. Some of the brands we work with are Titan Powerlifting USA and INZER .

The wraps allow a much safer training for your joints. They allow you to lift weights reducing the risk of injury to the wrists and knees. Gym wrist wraps reduce stress on the wrist bone by supporting the load in exercises such as the bench press.

There are several types of accessories for powerlifting depending on the material of the wrap and its length. There are certain things that are not allowed in RAW competition (such as knee wraps). Knee wraps in equipped powerlifting competitions may also sometimes not exceed a certain length. This depends on the competition and its rules.

What you should always keep in mind is to buy material approved by the IPF (International Powerlifting Federation). In our store we have Inzer and Titan brand wraps for sale, which is an IPF approved material .

Below we will see a guide on this type of material, uses and characteristics.




In this case, they are often used for training and also in powerlifting or equipped powerlifting competitions . Knee wraps are usually not allowed in most RAW competitions or powerlifting without equipment.

Knee wraps have been used for squats for a long time. Practically since the beginning of this sport. In principle, this wrap had the function of protecting the knee joint during heavy squat lifts . But the truth is that they also improve performance and help to lift more weight in the squat (between 5% and 10% more). That is why they began to be used in competition and today they are one more accessory of equipped powerlifting .

There are more rigid or more elastic , depending on the preferences of the athlete. What should always be taken into account when buying powerflitng knee wraps is their length. Most competitions only allow 2 meter wraps . Therefore, you must be careful if you plan to take them to the competition. The 2.5 meters or 3 meters could come in handy for your training, since they allow you to lift more weight.

2-METER WRAPS: This is the regulatory length allowed in most powerlifting competitions. If you want them to compete, make sure you know the rules of your championship, since you will probably need 2 meter wraps . Remember that this material is usually not allowed in RAW competitions.

2.5 METER WRAPS: you can use them for your gym training or preparation. They allow more weight to be moved and can be a safe option for really heavy loads and max sets. Remember that this measure is not usually allowed in competition.

3 METERS WRAPSFor really big and elite athletes only. It is the longest length that is usually on sale. It allows many more turns to the knee. To train with heavy loads in the gym it can come in handy, since they will not be allowed in powerlifting competition .

Knee wraps have also been used in bodybuilding and weightlifting (in weightlifting, according to the rules of the competition). Some bodybuilders use them for squats . They can also be used in deadlifts (although they have less effect) and other leg exercises.

The wraps offer protection to the knee joint and cushion the rebound on the way down the squat . They also allow lifting slightly higher loads. They can be great for your training , even if you don't compete. But remember not to go overboard or use excessive loads that you cannot handle. They tend to be quite tight, so they are usually only worn when doing a heavy set or moving a maximum load. They should then be unrolled from the knee.

When you use them in competition, remember that they are IPF approved 2 meter wraps, such as the Inzer or Titan ones from our online store.



Wrist wraps are a basic accessory for training in the gym if you already move heavy loads. They protect the wrist joint. The quintessential exercise where we will notice its benefits the most is the chest bench press . Although they will also help us keep the wrist much more rigid and better support the bar in squats and even in deadlifts.

Wrist wraps or wrist wraps are an ideal complement for any strength or fitness discipline. They can be used to lift weight in: powerlifting, weightlifting, crossfit, bodybuilding, strongman .

You can use the wrist wraps for any exercise: bench press, squats, snatches, clean and jerk, deadlifts.

There are several types, depending on the fabric:

-Elastic wristwraps: for amateur or intermediate athletes.

-Rigid wristwraps: they are much harder. For really heavy loads and recommended for the advanced or elite athlete.

Powerlifters and press benchers can benefit from wearing wrist wraps to lift weights safely and prevent wrist injuries. That is why it is always advisable to buy good quality wristwraps. Material that does not stretch too much or lose rigidity. All wristwraps are usually made of flexible but resistant material and are easily attached with Velcro. There are several sizes available for sale :

30-35 CM WRISTWRAPS: These are usually the shortest. They work well for the beginning lifter or those lifters who don't like long wrist wraps.

50-60 CM WRISTWRAPS: This is usually the basic standard measurement for the vast majority of lifters. The most common in competition.

75 CM WRIST SUPPORTS: For any lifter or press bencher looking for a lot more support in their joint.

90 CM-99 CM WRISTWRAPS: Usually used by elite lifters or those who already move such heavy loads that they cause pain in the wrists. Max supports.

When you want to buy wrist wraps and use them in powerlifting , remember to always buy IPF competition approved ones. Inzer or Titan USA . There are usually many colors to taste: red, yellow, blue, pink...



Finally there are the knee pads . Allowed in all powerlifting, weightlifting and crossfit competitions .

Knee pads can be used in RAW powerlifting competition (as long as they comply with the regulations).

One of the most typical ones that are usually bought are neoprene knee pads (like Titan 's for powerlifting). Although there are other more breathable models for sale such as the Inzer knee pads .

Knee pads are a very useful complement, as they protect the joint and cushion when bending or extending the legs in movements such as squats and deadlifts.

They help with the rebound portion of a deep squat , so you're sure to feel that little bit of help when lifting.

In addition, they keep the knees warm, which is very good for training when it is cold in winter and avoiding injuries due to muscle breakdown.

Also in the deadlift, knee pads can help prevent the bar from rubbing against the knees when going up and not hurting your skin.

The ideal when buying powerlifting knee pads is that they are made of flexible and durable material but soft enough to the touch so that it does not hurt your skin when you wear them. There are neoprene and fabric ones with strap adjustment, both highly recommended for lifting weights. We recommend buying a good quality and durable knee pad that really gives you the support and support you need for your training.

If you are also thinking of competing in powerlifting, remember to buy one of the IPF approved brands like Inzer or Titan USA.


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    POWERLIFTING RODILLAS - INZER Easily wrap yours knees with these bandages powerlifting that are very easy to use. Inzer brand. They provide support and security like no other bandage. Use them to gym, powerlifting, strongman. Do it. squats securely.IMPORTANT: LONGITUD OF 2 M, 2.5 M or 3 M (LOW AWAY!)Original. Imported from the US.ADOPTED IPF.

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    _ INZER Protects the joint of the wrist doll when you enter the gym. Use this bandage when you exercise with weights and prevent the appearance of tendiditis. Ideal for exercises like bench press.These are bandages are of the brand Inzermanufactured in the US and supported by the best powerlifters in the world.- Couple price. ELIGE LONGITUD: 30 cm, 50 cm...

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    POWERLIFTING RODILLAS - INZER IRON WRAPS Z The most powerful, the most popular! The most effective knee bandages in the world. The model Iron Wraps Z of Inzer. Functional and comfortable bandages for gym, powerliftingStrength sports...Good support to perform squats for sure.IMPORTANT: MEASURES: 2 M, 2.5 M or 3 M. [ELEGIR ABAJO].Original. Imported from the...

    47,50 €
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    RODILLERAS INZER XT - POWERLIFTING The best support for your knee. Valid for powerlifting RAW, strongman, weightlifting, crossfit or gym in general. Rodilleras manufactured with high technology that will have an advantage in your uprisings and competitions.From the American manufacturer INZER. Quality is guaranteed._ Original. Imported from the US.

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    POWERLIFTING GIMNASIO - INZER IRON WRAPS Z Super resistant bandages for dolls Iron Wraps Z of Inzer. They provide the best support and support to ensure your joints.Excellent protection and comfort for any discipline of strength: gym, musculation, fitness, powerlifting, weightlifting, strongman, crossfit...ELIGE LONGITUD ABAJO: 30 CM, 50 CM or 90 CM

    45,00 €
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    VENDAS RODILLAS INZER BLACK BEAUTY - POWERLIFTING  Last in functionality. The perfect balance of all the attributes necessary for maximum performance in knee bandages. An original product Inzer Advance Designs.ELEGIR LONGITUD: 2 Mts or 2.5 Mts.Oiriginals. Imported from the US.ADOPTED IPF.

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    _ INZER BLACK BEAUTY - POWERLIFTING - 50 CM Use these bandages professionals like dolls for weights in the gym / powerfliting / crossfitetc.Protect your wrists, hands and forearms as if they were both a solid block. The bandages Black Beuaty of Inzer provide unmovable solidity and maximum surrender for your hands during the uprisings.-50 CM OF LONGITUD.

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    _ INZER BLACK BEAUTY - POWERLIFTING - 90 CM Use these bandages professionals like dolls for weights in the gym / powerlifting / crossfitetc.Protect your wrists, hands and forearms as if they were both a solid block. The bandages Black Beauty of Inzer provide unmovable solidity and maximum surrender for your hands during the uprisings.-90 CM OF LONGITUD.

    68,00 €
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    CROSSFIT ELASTIC MUÑEQUERAS    Include them in your equipment crossfit. They will protect and ensure the joint of the wrist. They are elastic and resistant. With Velcro closure to facilitate placement. In colors:Black/red.Black/Rosa.

    12,95 €
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    FLEXIBLE SENDS    These are flexible bandages measures 275 cm in length. Serve for gym, fitness, crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman. You can benefit from wearing bandages in any sport of strength. In colors:Red.Black.Rosa.

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    RODILLERA DE NEOPRENO MAX   Rodilleras of crossfit, weightlifting, powerlifting and sports gym that involve strength. They are 7 mm and serve to heat and protect the joints.Includes 2 shooters.Colours: black or white.

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    ELATIC CROSSFIT RODILLIES   A must when carrying out heavy lifts in the gym. The rodilleras contribute firmness to the knee and improve performance in sports fitness and strength like crossfit, the powerlifting or weightlifting.

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    Vendas for dolls. Especially designed for the powerlifting, bench pressetc. Colours:AZUL:  0.99 METROS long.ROSA: available 0.35 METROS and 0,60 METROS long.You can also use them for musculation in the gym, crossfitetc. ADOPTED IPF.

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    Par racersspecially designed for Powerlifting. Easy to put and remove. They're very good for the squats deep. Maximum support when you are in the lower part of the movement. You can buy them in colors ROJO/NEGRO or ROSA/NEGRO.Please, WHERE ARE YOU?.ADOPTED IPF.

    77,95 €
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    Coderas for training and competition in various disciplines of strength. You can wear them when you practice musculation in the gym. You can use them in Powerlifting, strongman... They improve the performance of any athlete in trainings and competitions.Original of Inzer. Imported from the US. ADOPTED IPF.

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    Elastic training dolls.For sports gym: strength, crossfit, powerlifting, halter, musculation...Stop. athletes who prefer a more elastic doll instead of the rigid ones.Couple price.Sizes: 30 cm or 50 cm length to choose from.

    12,95 €
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    Vendas extremely firm rubber.To maximize an explosive rebound sitting.Delivery in 3-6 working days.

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    Sports rodents 7 mm Blue Line. They provide a warming and relief effect on muscles that stabilize joints. They offer great comfort and improve muscle coordination.From neoprene.APROBADO IPF powerlifting.Ideal for strength sports: musculation, crossfit, powerlifting, weightlifting.Price par.

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    Rodillera used in competitions powerlifting from all over the world.For training it is recommended to use one more size than you would use in competition.Yellow bands in the form of "X" provide more support than other shooters. You can bend your knees better move more weight in squats.Delivery: 5 business days.

    130,00 €
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    The neoprene guns ideal for training strength / gym / powerlifting.Plus they're Approved IPF for use in computer powerlifting. In case they want to use to compete.Delivery: 5 business days.

    110,00 €
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