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RB 30 KG

You want purchase the best stuffing for boxing bag? If you didn't know where to buy You material for the boxing bag fillingYou're lucky!

We got in. special filling sale for boxing bag of the best quality. Easily acquire it through our online platform.

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RB 30 KG

  • The better stuffing for boxing bag.
  • Ours filler for bag consists of textile towel chips in elongated strips.
  • Thanks to its properties this filling does not appeal or harden.
  • Weight: 30 kg approx.

How to put the boxing bag filling?

Here you will see how to place the boxing bag filling correctly, easily and quickly. You can choose from several options stuff your boxing bag and start practicing from home.

Since if you want to enter the world of martial arts, you'd better specify times for your training, and a good option can be at home with your boxing bag. You can buy it stuffed or stuff your boxing bag yourself.

More important than filling is the type of boxing bag

Before you worry about how Iread a boxing bagYou should ask yourself what kind of boxing bag is best suited. This will depend on whether you want it because you're a boxing professional, or if you just started training.

Also, if you will use it for boxing, or for some other martial art, for example Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, etc.

In general, boxing bags are shorter and wider than those used in MMA, which are usually longer and thinner. This is because boxing only focuses on the top of the opponent's body, while MMA covers a larger surface of the opponent's body.

How the filling is correctly placed for the boxing bag

According to the types of boxing bags you need different amounts of filling

There are heavy, light and versatile bags, and as their name indicates, their differences are in weight, use, structure and materials. The sizes range from 80 cm to 180 cm long and 50 cm wide.

While a heavy bag helps you develop the strength of your muscles, a light sack will help you practice speed because it bounces a lot. And the versatile one lends itself to training in places where it is not possible to hang it, or it is necessary to stand it down.

Electronic boxing bags are probably the most sophisticated; they work with sensors and a transmitter. These bags are suitable for the training of legs and fists in competitions where precision is essential.

How much do you weigh and what are the boxing bags made of?

A boxing bag usually weighs between 36 and 54 kilos (80 and 120 pounds); the weight of the user and his experience must be taken into account; and the bag must be filled with half the weight of your user. As the training progresses, the weight of the boxing bag can also be increased by boxing bag filler.

Them materials of a boxing bag are commonly plastic, PVC, vinyl, cloth, canvas, canvas, synthetic leather (polypiel) and leather. Take a look at the DeporTrainer filler bagswhere we have multiple models of bags, in different sizes, shapes and materials.

How to put the filling for a light boxing bag

Once you've chosen your boxing bag, and you've determined whether it's hard or soft, you have to fill it up.. And to fill a boxing bag so that it is smooth and without blows, you need to choose materials like fabrics, foam, cotton, water or gel balls.

Practicing with a soft padding can be much better for your joints than hitting a hard sack. In addition to the feeling of hitting a boxing bag filling soft, it is similar to contact with a real body.

It is worth mentioning that high-performance boxers train mainly with bags with fillers softer (in maintenance training) like sacks with fabric fillers, or with a water core, are the most popular using hard bags to train the power.

The bag filler can be made of fabric or old clothing

Filling a boxing bag with an old fabric is one of the forms. You can cut all the fabric into pieces or buy cloth ties. It is advisable to put a sandbag at the bottom of the sack and place the fabrics well compressed on top.

You can also choose to put in the center a PVC pipe with a heavy filling, such as sand, rice, sawdust or a water core (in another type of container), and fill it around with fabrics and/or gums.

The filling of the top is the choice of the athlete. Some prefer that the bag has less density (it is softer) at the top and, on the other hand, other athletes prefer the opposite and for this they put a sack full of sand on top of the boxing bag, to give him weight on the sack and generate more support.

Regularly the professional boxing bags They have a closure at the top, that's where you can put the sandbag at the end. The key is to compress the fabric well, so that the sack does not lose its shape during training.

How to get a top hard boxing bag filling

If what you want is a boxing bag filling to stay hard., you can choose materials like sand or sawdust. Note that these fillers will produce a very strong retroprint on your joints. If you are a beginner it is not recommended. Even as an expert, the use of a good one is required bandage under the gloves to avoid injuries.

At the time of setting a boxing bag filled

Remember to choose a place with a hard ceiling to hang your new boxing bag fillingOtherwise the ceiling could collapse and fall.

Find ceiling or wall support, there are some that are even foldable, find the ideal in the Boxing bags support catalogue. And if you definitely don't have a place to hang it, you can choose a footbag with a base to practice where you choose.

Do I fill up soft or hard boxing bag?

Choosing a boxing bag filler hard or soft depends on what you want to train with him. For example, one hard sack will give you greater strength in the joints and will create greater resistance in the cuffs and bones involved.

You just have to take care of the joints of the hands or bones, because they can be damaged if there is no previous warming or you do not use suitable bandages or protective gloves.

On the other hand, if you choose one with a soft fillerYou can practice your agility in the movements, as the sack moves more. Therefore, it is a good option to practice the speed of your reflexes.

And if you don't want to do the bag stuffing or don't have time, you can look for the stuffed bags that offer some martial art brands, like RDX.

You don't think about it anymore, it's time to buy stuff for boxing bags!

Getting a good sack will help you develop martial art or contact sport that you practice, because as they say, practice makes the teacher. And with your own boxing bag you can practice the movements you've learned anytime.

Automation of the learned blows is an important part of the practice, so that they become a natural reflection. Your bones and joints, including your skin, will get used to strong contact with boxing bag fillingwhich will strengthen them and create more resistance.

Practice - automation - strength - resistance are four pillars that you will develop with your own boxing bag at home.

The important thing is to visualize the opponent while practicing with the boxing bag, which is called "emotional content," according to Bruce Lee. Well, if you've just hit without intent, you can forget it or distract yourself in a real fight.

Your stuffing for boxer bags

To keep your boxing bag in optimal conditions, always remember to dry the bag after each training (if it is leather, this is even more important), no matter what material it is made. If it is leather, you can rub it in oil to keep it soft and seamless.

If you have it in an outdoor place, cover it with a blanket to protect it from the sun when you're not using it. Or with a big or plastic bag, to cover it from the rain. Whatever the matherial you've chosen to fill your boxing bagYou must protect him from the sun and water, especially if you choose sand.

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