Buy manners gym and grips several for the cables of poles. Equip your musculation machines with all types of grip available. Get a varied and complete training using different types of training grip.

Section grocery store or manners gym 

Buy all the models here. We have the best grips on the market for pulleys gym.

Hand-held having a range of accessories for cables allows you to vary your training and focus in specific muscle groups to maximize results. By changing the position of the hand, change the intensity you work with and increase the number of potential exercises that your machine can offer. pulleys.

Our range of cable grips includes tricep ropes, traction bars, straps for thighs and ankles and much more.

Here you can buy any grip gym

Find all manner types gym. We'll go over all the machine accessories you can find in this section. We have for you the straight bar of triceps and biceps, narrow grip of dorsal, open grip, rope (simple and double) for the triceps, triangular grip of triceps, ankle grips, mobile grips, neutral, one hand... Everything's in this one. Shop! It's a catalogue. grips of gym professionalsergonomically designed and you can buy at fantastic prices. Then you can read about all the grips gym before you buy them.

Simple triceps rope or rope

agarre cuerda de tríceps simple

If you want to buy manners gym to allow you to work the triceps, the unilateral triceps string is the first option to consider. Attach it to your pulley machine and work the extension with neutral grip to one hand. A very effective exercise. You can also use the rope to make hammer curl if you place it on the lower pulley of the machine. It's cheap and easy to use. Bet for a strong nylon. Allows you train one arm.

String or rope grip for double triceps

agarre de cuerda/soga de tríceps doble

In Depor Trainer, we have for you this grip, very similar to the previous one, but that allows to work with both arms at once. The double triceps string can be made of natural rope or synthetic material like nylon. Attach your ring to the high pulley of your machine, perform the full extension and work the three heads of the triceps. You can use these manners for gym to also work the biceps with a hammer-like curl on the low pulley (double). Both in the triceps extension with rope grip and in the hammer curl, you can pull the wrists out and open the rope in the final part of motion, to give more intensity to the exercise. The rope or rope It gives you more freedom of movement, get it!

Agarre ankle strap for machine gym with pulley 

correa de tobillo para máquina de polea baja gym

It's not one of the manners of gym properly said, but a useful accessory. To use it, you need a machine with low pulley. You just got to hook this up. belt to the pulley and then place it on your ankle. Place it to perform different leg insulation exercises on your pulley machine. Some of the muscles you can work are Abductors, femoral... 

Buy high pulley grip for gym

Compra el agarre o maneral de polea alta de gimnasio

The high pulley grip He's one of the best known. Practically, there is no gym I don't have it. It is the best grip or manner to work the breadth of the dorsal. With it you can do, mainly, halons on high pulley. The best thing is that you can use several types of hand grips with the same manner. We mean that you can grab it with the palms of your hands looking out (pron), towards you (supino) or you can use a grip more open or more closed. Combine the different styles and work your dorsals in different ways. Emphasize the back work with this agarre de dorsales. Some models are lined with rubber, so you don't slip out of your hands. This pulley grip is indispensable

The agarre open can also be found in other versions (grip for pulley in the form of Z or W).

agarres para gym de dorsal en forma de Z o W

Buy the low pulley grip (also called closed grip gym or narrow grip)

agarre estrecho de polea

Between grips of gymYou'll see this. triangular grip gym which mainly serves to work the thickness of the dorsal in the high pulley. There are several ways to call this pole shape; you will see it in stores like low pulley grip, closed grip gym or as tight grip of pulley

Basically, it serves to do the exercise on high pulley close to the chest. For full back work, we always recommend buying this shape of pulley and the previous one. You can also use the narrow grip on the low pulley, to perform the rowing exercise on low pulley or Gironda.

Maneral or neutral grip gym for dorsals

agarre neutro para la polea alta

East shape for pulley it is very similar to the open grip of high pulley, but it has a particularity: at the ends it has a few small ways to take it shape neutral. This bar grabs with the palms of the hands looking at each other, which provides a different way to work the dorsal. It's not so common to find it in the commercial gyms, but we're going ahead that it's one of the most effective manners. The exercise is done by pulling the grip to the chest or carrying it behind the never (in a high pull). Buy it and improve your training!

Pole grip for low rowing

comprar agarre de remo en polea baja

Cable handle for multiple exercises. You can use it in a variety of movements, such as tricep extensions, the curls with cable, row in low polea or as dorsal shape in pulley with neutral grip, etc. The bar benefits from a rotating connector to allow a smooth movement during exercise. Mainly, this agarre is for the Gironda rowing machine o rowing) and has a rotating connector that allows a smooth movement during exercise. The manner, which allows to perform multiple exercises, has a hard chrome finish with PU grips ergonomics. It can be used with most cable machines with the help of a carabiner.

Agarre/maneral gym straight from triceps

maneral de tríceps y bíceps para poleas con cable

This is it. Straight bar for gym polea It's very versatile. It is a perfect accessory for extension triceps, the biceps curls, to make rows standing and sitting, and much more.

If a regular grip is uncomfortable to perform curls, you might be interested in it. in this manner with the rotary center. Some versions of this way gym spinwhich greatly facilitates exercise.

The straight cable bar is usually measured 50 centimeters long. There are versions with the manner lined in uretano and with a rotary shackle that allows the rotation of the bar during your use. These pulley grips are made of solid steel, with a hard chrome finish.

You can use it on most of the polea stations with the help of a clip or carabiner. Another exercise that you can do with this manner is the row to the chin in pulley and the stretch of dorsal. Very useful and economical!

Handeral in V or triangular grip gym

agarre con forma de V para tríceps y bíceps

This is another triceps pulley grip, mainly; although it can also be used as bicep grip for station with pulleys. It is very cheap or economical and you can use it to place your hands in a different position, which changes the way your muscles work.

Do yourself with a handle solid steel and hard chromed. It's about a V bar for tricep extension with a hook Private in the center. It may include a urethane grip to perform better extension Triceps. This manner is also called agarre for triceps in V. Personally, we would recommend the straight swivel bar, wider and comfortable for the triceps exercises.

Suitable to be used with most Gym machinery of pulleys with the help of a carabiner on the hook. The product may vary slightly according to the brand, store or version.

Rotary V pulley grips

agarre triceps giratorio en V para máquina de gimnasio

This is it. triangular or  V for extension of the triceps is another version of the grip for previous triceps, but in this case it is rotating
A bar for very professional pulley machine and balanced. He has a central rotary hook that favors an extremely comfortable and natural action when tricep extensions are made on any cable or pulley machine. Try it!

Single hand handle or grip for cable crosses

agarre de una mano para cruce de poleas

This little grip of gym is useful for several reasons. It serves, first, to work unilateral exercises (on one arm). With him grip of hand gym You can extend triceps to one hand, biceps curl to one hand, various shoulder elevations (frontals, sideways, bird...). 

Besides, if you get purchase Two of these grips for gym polea, you can perform the different cable openings (intersection with cables) in the two pulleys of a multistation. This simple manner is chromed and professional. Made with him a wide variety of single arm exercises. These grips for musculation pulleys They usually have a solid steel handle of about 11 cm. There are also wider (usually it is about grips of gym professionals).

The manner cable has a hard chrome coating and a 35 mm urethane grip, designed for perfect comfort and control. These quality cable grips are subjected to an injection moulding process that permeates the metal shaft with uretan, what you believe solid adherence. It is also suitable for use with most pulley stations with the help of a musket (not usually included).

Dorsal multiagarre maneral/spalda for machine gym

multi agarre de dorsal

There are some special grips gym you can buy online. In this example, we have a multi-agarre dorsal. When you already have the grips basic, you can opt for new options that maximize your training. In gym pulley for example has several rubber-lined manners, in neutral positionto work with halons and reindeer different positions of hands.

Agarres gym Mobile specials

agarre móvil gym amplio agarre móvil estrecho de gimnasio

Looking for grips gym Get out of the rule? Take a look at these. As mentioned above, you can work with them bows, rows, biceps curl or extensionsamong others. However, these grips have a succulent advantage: their grips spin, which gives you a more ergonomic and natural movement by using them.

Inside the mobile grips gymYou have two options: narrow or short mobile grip and wide or wide mobile grip. Connect these special grips gym to your jall or rowing machine Gironda. Work your muscle groups with new accessories.

Holder for gym

soporte para agarres de gimnasio

A professional support for the manners of gym is what you need to organize the material once customers have finished their trainings. In one like this picture, you can easily hang all the grips. There are also some supports available in the store.

Others: buy agarre de gym o manner for bars 

agarre remo en barra t

Not all manners for gym are for the pulley machines; there are also in sale some grips to place on bars like the Olympics. Usually, they are grips for rowing on bar Twhich allows you to throw away in a much more comfortable and effective way when doing that exercise. One. grab can have several positions: open, closed, neutral... Look at the picture. This is an example of grip for row T.

Why buy grips gym online professionals?

Purchase grips gym for the cable of the machines, because they are the perfect companion for your Weight training stations. Them gym grips They extend the number of exercises your machine has to offer and with a lot of different cable braces, ranging from ankle pulley grip to straps for thighs and dorsal bars. You guarantee a full body training.

Hand-holding a range of cable accessories allows you vary your training and head to specific muscle groups to maximize results. By changing the position of the hand, change the intensity with which you work and increase the number of potential exercises that your cable machine can offer.

Our range of cable accessories includes tricep ropes, traction bars, thigh and ankle straps and much more.

Advantages of the manners for gym Depor Trainer Shop

Equipment experts designers have developed pulley grips gym in very resistant and durable materials. Now, you have them available for in Spain. Designed for excellence, the grips for pulley gym Depor Trainer offer unbreakable quality of function. They are tested in the laboratory and in the gym; some pulley manners that have shown their robustness and resistance and have been tested far beyond the normal parameters of recreational use. It's them. grips of gym professionals to buy online!

Ergonomics of our grips for musculation poles

Them manners and accessories are designed to fit the hands of everyone, regardless of their size and shape. Provide the confidence necessary to realize satisfactory exercises and reproducible again and again. The grip of traditional steel bars can change while training, which means an effort for fingers and reduces the benefit for muscle groups to which it is directed. With firm hands and in the right position, you are prepared to surrender, to do more with your different manners. The grips you will see in this catalog put less stress on muscles and joints, and give more benefit to the right muscle groups.

We're looking for functional training, not a functional strength!

We've all grown accustomed to putting on gloves to grab the bars of the poles. Why? Because they relieve the abrasive impact of crushed steel on the hands. In Depor TrainerChange all that. We've got mangos that provide greater levels of comfort and enjoyment to halons and shrimp, crosses and rows. You don't need gloves. Train free from the fear of blisters and painful stools! It's time to get all the potential to you Functional training.

Better by design grip for pulley gym

They meet expectations

We have manners for much more comfortable training (like triangular grips gym). Them grips for sale Depor Trainer They have increased the performance of those who test them up to 20%. Maximize your muscle gains without pain.


We've got closed grips of gym that ensure that the hands are in the correct ergonomic position from the beginning, the handles stimulate confidence, expand the expectations horizon and create higher training goals.

For compulsive use

Once try the neutral grips gymNo. You want to go back to the traditional ones. The mangos Depor Trianer for musculation raise the list of the functional training experience to new levels of anticipation on training objectives. You can't stop. buy and use our grips for pulleys gym!

Hold your customers!

Ours gym pulley grips They are. designed to increase the customer retention levels. Your users are more likely to renew their subscription when they know their gym has the means to give them all the benefits of functional training, without the possible pain and discomfort traditional manners can create.

Why are Depor Trainer's musculation pulleys so good?

We have studied the biomechanical interaction between the arms and hands and the traditional manners of gyms. It's gone. calculated optimal position and developed in the grips of our catalogue to recreate it as close as science permits.

La security that you are training optimally raises greater confidence in getting the benefits you expect, while limiting the wear of the joints. In turn, this presents opportunities to meet and to overcome your goals in gym.
In Depor Trianer, We introduced greater safety on the equipment with handles for sale, and we give you as much as to the personal trainers a greater tranquility.

We guarantee a grip for musculation pulley that has been proven far beyond the normal weight limits found in the weight plates of the machines. One more reason you can fully trust Here. ass and buy them to help you out.

6 great reasons to give a chance to our low pulley grips, row, high pulley, etc.

1. Genuinely innovative

In our shop, we are unique in offers for the gym. We offer a real advantage in professional grips. Here you have for sale both traditional steel grips and the latest models lined in rubber or PU.

2. So easy to use!

Hands quickly and comfortably fit into the handles and manners, and once there, they remain in the correct position for optimal training.

3. Next-generation technology

Depor Trainer materials they have advanced traditional technology for the benefit of all those who want to use cutting edge principles in their training.

4. Make it talk about your material. gym!

Once the manners are introduced and Ass of Depor Trainer in the gymMembers won't stop talking and Tweet about them. They create a focus of interest and emotion. The factor WOW!

5. Stay to the front

The benefit of training these grips of gym can allow clubs to stand ahead of the competition and encourage customer retention.

6. Just one click away

The manners of gym are fast and easy to install on existing equipment. A great improvement without great setbacks! They're a lot. better than the grips gym Decathlon.

Buy online our grips gym It's just a matter of common sense.

The athletes know the proven profits of marginal gains. Now, millions of attendees to gym They have the opportunity to experience how powerful your strength can be. When small improvements can count enormously over time, here is a new strength in physical fitness that offers real and lasting benefits in functional training. We are changing the climate of opinion on traditional steel bars.

One revolution in the gym that should have occurred a long time ago. Get rid of the sweaty gloves and feel the comfort and confidence they offer handles from our shop gym. It increases enjoyment on the way to a functional physical form. Buy pulley grips that you get to train more productively, because rods are ergonomically designed to make sure you keep correct position throughout the training cycle. Reproductive performance levels session after session that generate the confidence needed to stand out.

Maintenance of the correct position focuses on muscle groups in question. No waste effort. Lower risk of stress and tension on your fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders. The more you use them Depor Trainer pulley bars, greater will be the rewards of training.

The full, strong and reassuring grip that promote these handles means that the effort is transmitted optimally to the muscles you want to work with less overload unnecessary.

The training with traditional bars can lead to changing the angle of the wrists and hands to the handlebars to compensate for the discomfort levels that can increase over time. This is counterproductive for optimal training.
Here you can. buy some manners gym and grips that allow you to keep the ergonomically correct angle so that it still benefits you in a controlled and consistent way. Actually, it's just a matter of common sense. Like many great innovations in grips gym DecathlonYou'll wonder why no one thought Depor Trainer® before. The pulley manners are a call to the bar for any gymBig or small, and a big retention factor. Why members and visitors would not want to use these fantastic accessories?


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    AGREEMENT OF INDIVIDUAL MANAGEMENT   Steel structure with nickel finish and polyuteran grip.To use in the pulley machines for exercises such as wire crosses, row to one hand, elevations...

    32,50 €
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    Professional grip for back machines. You can attach it to the cable of a machine row in low polea or high pulleys. Close grip of row and halo. Steel, with nickel finish (protection against wear).Agarre area 30 mmcovered in polyurethane. 

    45,00 €
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    Agarre or professional manner to do triceps extensions with cable/poles machines. Quality: nickel-finished steel for greater wear protection.Agarre area 30 mm diameter covered in polyurethane.Buy tricep grip. V shape. 

    26,00 €
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    Add with 2 ropes to hook to pulley machines. Stainless steel with nickel finish + double rope. You can attach it to it cable machine for exercises like extension of triceps with string or biceps hammer in pulley. 

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    AGREEMENT OF TRICEPS V PIVOTANT   It is made of steel. Finished in nickel. With polyuteran grip zones. The grip is 30 mm in diameter. He can turn.

    38,00 €
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    DORSAL AGREEMENT / NEUTARY JALONES   Allows to perform halons or also row in low polea with a neutral grip Open. It is made of steel, finished in nickel, with the grip area in polyuterus. The grip has a diameter of 30mm.

    49,00 €
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    Individual curve for exercise triceps in pulley. Allows exercise extension of triceps to one hand. You can also perform the curl hammer to one hand in the low pulley.Part of steel with nickel finish + 30 mm grip area and covered in polyurethane.Triceps rope to one hand.

    19,00 €
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    Agarre / mannerl classic Straight bar for triceps and biceps. Grab for the pulley cable in machines gym.Steel with nickel finish and grip area 30 mm covered in polyurethane. Great quality.For tricep extension exercise on the high pulley.For biceps curl exercise on the low pulley.

    35,00 €
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    OPERATOR JALONES / DORSALES   Work the back with him agarre open for machines. Indispensable. It is made of steel and nickel finish. Agarette in polyuterus.

    49,00 €
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    AGARRE BARRA Z   Grab the shape of Z bar to attach to the pulley machine and perform exercises back, biceps, triceps... It is made of steel with nickel finish and grip area in polyuterus.

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    TOBILLERA AGREEMENT  You can attach it to the pulley machine and perform leg exercises. Very original and practical.

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    Professional steel support to save the cable grips for the machines gym. It has capacity for 16 grips / manners.122 cm (high) x 50 cm (width) x 48 cm (depth).Free Shipping.

    220,00 €
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