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BEMORE® nutrition presents the new endurance +energy gummies with BCAA ́s, arginine and non-allergenic vitamins. ideal combination in the form of fruit-based gominola bar with green apple flavor composed of hydrates of carbon complexes of slow absorption, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins. provide extended energy during exercise, delay fatigue and improve performance.for its formulation and composition, texture and delicious flavor of green apple endurance +energy gummies of BEMORE® is a unique gominola bar on the market, gathering in 35g everything you need to not fail and improve your sports performance!

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Its effective formula contains:Carbohydrates: 27.2g per barrita. vegetable extracts, glucose syrup, sausage and fruit pulp to provide prolonged energy, keeping sugar levels in the lower and stable blood for longer, avoiding glucose peaks. BCAA ́S: ramified amino acids essential for mocular recovery. they provide energy and delay fatigue. They also fight the feeling of tiredness. L-Arginine: amino acid precursor of nitric oxide, important vasodilator that allows us to improve the transport of oxygen and nutrients to cells. amino acid very important in the processes of eliminating toxins that are generated during sports practice. reduces the concentration of exercise-induced lactate. Electrolytes: restoring the electrolytic balance of the cell is fundamental for a good muscle response to occur. for this we add:Sodium: maintains hydration in sports as a collaborator in the functioning of the musculature. Potassium: helps normalize hydration by facilitating water retention in the intracellular space. Clone: fundamental to maintain the water balance as it is the one that best facilitates fluid absorption. Vitamin C: it intervenes in the release of energy, in the proper functioning of the nervous system, in the health of bones and joints, and in the reduction of tiredness, also improves the absorption of iron. Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant, prevents the destruction of red blood cells and improves the release of oxygen to the muscle during exercise. Vitamin B6: important in protein and energy metabolism. it contributes to maintaining an adequate release of energy and to reducing fatigue and fatigue. Vitamin B1: it participates in significant reactions in energy extraction. it could improve the anaerobic threshold. its deficit can decrease the efficiency of the energy systems and therefore the physical performance. presentation: 35g gominola bar.taste: green apple.

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