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PROFESSIONAL UV RAY CABINE This is it. Lightning machine uva It's a Bronze cabin vertical position. Completely designed for professional use in gyms, beauty centers, etc.

You can choose the number of tubes and other customization options.

  • 50 tubes of 180 W.
  • 56 tubes of 160 W.
  • 50 tubes of 160 W.
  • 56 tubes of 100 W.

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IMPORTANT: You must use the tanning machines by placing the special glasses for that purpose. Avoid the rays to damage your sight.

You can choose the grape-ray machine in these models according to the number of tubes and the power.

  • The standard model has 50 tubes of 180 W.
  • Model with 56 tubes 160 W.
  • Model with 50 tubes 160 W.
  • Model with 56 tubes of 100 W.

CHARACTERISTICS (equal for all models):

  • Tension: 220 V. 1 + N + T/380V 3+N+T.
  • Maximum flow extraction system:  450 mm extraction tube diameter. Maximum evacuation of 7.120 m2/h.
  • Network frequency: 50-60 Hz.
  • Ventilation system: FULL POWER. Powerful air regulation system that can be selected by the user.
  • Thermal metacrilate: serial methacrylate.
  • External audio line: with regulation of the sound system. Hi-Fi stereo of the 2 speakers and headphones integrated into the cabin. Audio pre-installation.
  • Cabin painting: lacquered in Epoxi. White and gray color.
  • Modular construction: solid structure of cold laminated steel. Treaty against corrosion and oxide. Finished with Epoxi lacquer paint.
  • Double security device: The pulse of the emergency pilot is integrated into the control panel, deactivates all electrical systems by means of an acoustic signal.


This is it. Bronze cabin it has a digital control system thanks to which the controls of the machine can be handled remotely. With functions like off and on, modification of exposure times, display of the elapsed time and slope. It also allows you to check various technical maintenance controls.

All machines comply with the SOLARIUM NORMATIVA (Real Decree 1002/2002). They have all the information that must be exposed to safety at the premises.

Thanks to the methacrylate between the lamps and the user, any type of accident is avoided.

At all times you will be advised by the Customer Service on the installation, commissioning, maintenance and supply of spare parts in a speedy and economical way.

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