How to be attractive if I have been working my body in the gym ? Are you a guy who has been training at the gym for a while? Congratulations! Surely you will have already obtained some results in terms of muscle size and toning. We hope you are happy with the new benefits you have achieved for your health. However, an important reason we work our muscles is to look more attractive. You may think that you still have little training time and that you need a few more years to achieve the body you want. And this is true! It takes a few years to achieve a really muscular physique. But there are many things you can do to look stronger now! If you have already achieved some results, you can use the appropriate  clothing for muscular men  and our tips when it comes to dressing. With  muscle fit clothing and a few tricks, you'll look bigger and more toned (and make girls turn their heads).

Clothing for muscular guys who want to be more physically attractive

First of all, we warn you that you don't have to be a mass of muscles to dress the way we propose here. A guy who is simply thin or slightly toned can apply these fashion tips tips perfectly. Only if you are overweight it is not recommended that you apply these tips, since we suggest clothing that is quite tight and could make a boy with a few extra kilos less attractive. There are other tips to be more attractive aimed at overweight guys while they are on their way to getting in shape. However, we won't see them here. If you have a few extra kilos, the first step is to join the gym, lose a little fat and tone your muscles well. After that, you can start wearing men's muscle fit clothing to show off those results you have achieved.

Maybe you think that you can see the results in the gym. Sometimes, it is not that the results of the gym are not noticeable, but that we do not know how to show them . You'll be surprised that you can gain a few "looking pounds" if you wear the right clothes.

Are you interested?:

muscle fit t-shirt

What is fit clothing or muscle fit clothing?  This clothing has been designed for people who are athletic or have athletic and muscular bodies. It is a type of clothing that fits the body and is much tighter than normal clothing. The goal of fit clothing is not to help you play sports (although there are versions for this too), but to make the person look more muscular and toned. If you're wondering  how to instantly appear more attractive to women , muscle fit clothing for men is the answer. There is also this clothing for women, although this article is mainly aimed at guys who want to improve their attractiveness. Here are some tips.

 Avoid muscle fit t-shirts that are tight in the waist area!  Conventional fit t-shirts are narrow both at the top and at the waist. This has gone out of style! A T-shirt that's tight in the waist will make you look like a typical gym guy who's trying too hard to look attractive. T-shirts with a narrow waist were more typical for women until a few years ago! Also, some guys are muscular but don't have a low enough fat percentage to eliminate all the "love handle" from their waist. If this is your case, an excessively tight T-shirt will make your arms look bigger, but it will also make you look like you have more of a belly! 

T-shirt with narrow waist

 Wear t-shirts with a high cut on the sleeves . There are short-sleeved t-shirts with "too long sleeves." Avoid these! If the sleeve is too long (for example, when it extends past the biceps and almost reaches the elbow), you won't be able to show off your biceps and triceps. If you are looking for clothes to highlight your muscles, the first step is to get a t-shirt that has a high cut on the sleeves. This style will emphasize your muscle gains.

 Roll-up sleeves t-shirt ! This is one of the best tips to be attractive to women and a technique that few men know. Roll up the sleeves of your shirt a little (one or two turns will be enough) to show off your triceps much better. If you do this, your arm will look larger both from the front and in profile. Do this trick surreptitiously and rolling the sleeve evenly around its perimeter! The key is not to look like you've done it.

Roll-up sleeves t-shirt

 Buy the smallest size . Of course, we are referring to the smallest size with which you are comfortable. If you won't be able to move well or it will take effort to put on and take off your shirt, then no! One or two sizes smaller than your "usual size" will be enough. The smaller the t-shirt, the better it will fit your body and the tighter it will be in the sleeve area. Don't worry! If you followed our advice to buy a t-shirt that is wide in the waist, the small size will look great on you. We are looking for a shirt that is tight on the top (the arms) and loose at the waist at the same time. This way you will be comfortable and look great at the same time.

T-shirt with roll-up sleeves

 No cleavage!  Forget those t-shirts for boys that leave the chest exposed. It looks horrible and looks like you're "trying too hard"! If you have a good chest, it will stand out well in any normal t-shirt, so leave the necklines for the girls!

Men's T-shirt with neckline

 Better plain or neutral colors . No multicolored t-shirts or excessive drawings! Anything that draws attention away from your muscles will make you look less attractive. Some small stamped letters may be fine, but no excess! The best colors in clothing for muscular men are black, white, gray, "beige", blue, green and pastel .

 Horizontal band on the chest . Some t-shirt models incorporate a thick, horizontal stripe in the chest area. This detail can create the illusion that your chest is wider and larger. If you can find one of these models with the above requirements, don't hesitate to buy it. The best colors for the horizontal band are light gray and white.

Mckenzie JD Sports T-shirt with horizontal white band

The ideal t-shirt to be more attractive and muscular

After knowing the aforementioned information, we now have an idea of ​​the best t-shirt to be cuter and more attractive 

- Sleeves with a high cut.

- Loose bottom.

- One size smaller than usual so that the clothes are tight.

- No neckline.

- "Roll-up" sleeves (rolled up).

- Plain or neutral color.

"Muscle fit" t-shirt with short sleeves and black color

White slim fit t-shirt

Mckenzie White Band T-Shirt by JD Sports

Muscle fit sleeveless t-shirt

If you are strong and like tank tops (sleeveless), there is no problem, as long as you follow some instructions. Tank tops are perfect, for example, for training in the gym. However, you should avoid the typical tank tops for bodybuilders. We are not looking for those t-shirts with tiny sleeve that completely reveal the shoulder and almost the entire chest. And even less do we want those t-shirts that reveal the entire back. We will look like typical bodybuilders obsessed with showing muscle and we will not give the image of an attractive boy that we want to convey. 

The tips and recommendations are the same as for short-sleeved t-shirts. How can I be more attractive to a woman if I want to wear tank tops ?

- Make sure the arm openings are right where the torso begins. Don't wear t-shirts with tiny sleeves that leave almost your entire shoulder and chest visible! 

Strong Boy Tank Top

Tank Tops for Strong Men

- Your shirt should not have a neckline!

- The bottom part of the shirt must be loose (no clothing that is tight to the abdomen).

- Neutral and discreet colors will be best: black, white, gray, "beige", blue, green, brown and pastel. If the shirt is for going to the gym, you can try bolder colors like red.

Sexy Men's Tank Top


Tank Tops for Strong Men


"Skinny jeans" or "slim fit" trousers

Well, this muscle clothing option  is interesting for all those guys who have worked their legs hard with squats, quad extensions, leg curls, etc. Many men have good legs, but they get lost in the fabric of baggy pants. We are not rappers! Fashion for strong boys opts for "skinny jeans" . These are tight pants that will make you look really attractive, as the contour of the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves will be marked.

"Skinny jeans" are tight pants, but they don't have to be uncomfortable. In fact, these garments are currently made with elastic fabrics that perfectly simulate traditional jeans. When you wear them, you won't have difficulty walking or moving, but you'll be amazed at how your appearance improves! Make sure your pants are comfortable in the crotch area.

Some guys choose to roll up the bottom of their pants (roll-up) to leave the ankle exposed (of course, without wearing socks). This is what fashion trends dictate, but you don't have to be extremist either. Only do it if you like it.

Tips :

 Buy slim fit pants or skinny jeans . On the market there are different "skinny jeans" for all uses: for going out, jeans, tracksuits, cloth pants... Choose the ones you need according to the occasions.

 The pants should not be loose at the bottom of the legs (not rapper style). The pants must fit completely tight to the body; This is the ideal item of clothing for a muscular or athletic guy. Do not allow folds in the fabric.

Wear loose and wide pants for men

 Wear pants in colors like blue, black or gray . Jeans look especially good in these colors. If you are going to wear fabric dress pants, garments with vertical stripes or checks are very fashionable. These fabric pants can be black or gray (light or dark). Buy the "slim fit" version and you will look very attractive when going out to eat or have a drink.

 "Ripped skinny jeans" . Slit pants are very daring, youthful and attractive. A "slim fit" version of the ripped pants will delight any girl who looks at you. Keep this option in mind too!

 Discreet belt . If you are going to wear a belt with your jeans, make sure it is a beautiful and discreet product. No loud, flashy buckles! Any regular black or brown belt will do.

Ripped skinny jeans for boy

Slim fit jeans for handsome boy

Gray checkered skinny pants for boys

Slim fit navy blue checkered pants

Slim fit shorts

Spring and summer are coming and we also need shorts that enhance our physical attractiveness. Traditional shorts will not work for us because they cover the leg too much and are baggy. It doesn't matter how much we have strengthened our legs in the gym, because with normal shorts we will look like a beachgoer or a rapper. No one will be able to guess that our quadriceps are defined and prominent.

The ideal summer pants should neither be too long to cover the knees nor too short that they look ridiculous. The "slim fit" alternative to summer shorts  is tight (but not uncomfortable) and has the ideal length to show off a little leg. 

 Wear a "slim fit short" that fits snugly around the thigh and ends a little above the knee.

 Don't wear pants that are too short , because it's not a question of looking like a girl either.

 The ideal colors for shorts are blue, light blue, navy blue, black, white or gray.

Slim fit shorts for men

Men's skinny jeans shorts

Men's fit swimsuit

For the swimsuitThe same recommendations applyThe key is that the garment shows the muscles of our legs well.

 Well-fitting and short swimsuit . Here we can be more daring and opt for a swimsuit that is slightly shorter than the summer shorts. After all, we are at the beach or the pool and we are going to swim. However, don't go so far as to wear a "turbopacket." We don't want to be a fisherman nor a go-go dancer. The success lies in the middle ground. A swimsuit that shows our quadriceps well and does not crease or inflate in the water will be perfect for us to look good.

 Advisable colors for our swimsuit are navy blue, dark green, black, white, gray or red.

 Total hair removal and a light natural tan  will help us look more muscular on the beach.

Blue fit swimsuit for men

"Muscle fit" dress shirt

Are you going to a wedding, important event, or do you simply want to go out dressed well? Try muscle fit shirts to wear. These garments cannot be missing in your clothing closet to mark your muscles . In appearance, the garment looks like a normal formal shirt. However, the piece is much tighter in the chest, shoulders and sleeves area. Thus, the muscles of your torso will be perfectly visible through the shirt. 

• You can undo some buttons on the collar; This will add to your style.

• You can roll up the sleeves to look more attractive, but do it with style (no pleats). This, if done well, can add points to your attractiveness; if you do it wrong, it will ruin your "look".

• White, black or navy blue fit shirts will be perfect for all occasions.

White muscle-fit shirt for attractive guy

Black muscle fit shirt for men

What to wear over your shirt? Any dressy blazer jacket will be ideal. Your jacket will have to meet all the requirements for fit clothing that we have seen: a well-fitting garment that fits like a glove on the body. The sleeves and length of the jacket should not protrude. This is the difference between a stylish guy and a circus clown. A "blazer" that fits you well will catch all the girls' eyes. And when you take off your jacket, you'll leave women stunned with your muscle fit shirt!

What colors to choose for a party blazer? Without a doubt, light gray or "beige" for the day and black, dark gray or navy blue for the night.

Most Attractive Men's Stylish Blazer

Clothes to look strong and muscular in winter

Until now we have seen clothes to define muscles in spring and summer, which are the seasons of the year that invite you to show off your physique. They are garments like "slim fit" t-shirts or "skinny jeans." However, don't think that you won't be able to show off your muscles in winter and autumn. Pay attention to the following items of clothing!

Roll-up collar sweater

Men's Brown Stand Collar Coat

This sweater is the great revelation if you want to look like a muscular and attractive man in the cold season. It is a super tight, comfortable sweater or coat with a collar that rolls up and covers up to the chin. When you wear one of these clothes, you will look like you have gained several kilos of muscle! Oh really! You won't believe it until you wear a sweater like these.

And where do I find this coat for muscular boys ? Well, our recommendation is that you buy a pair of them at Zara , although you can also look at  Bershka, Pull and Bear or even Primark stores . Remember: ask for coats with a "roll-up" collar . Otherwise, they won't be the item you're looking for! Do not be fooled!

 What color to choose for the sweater? Favorite colors are navy blue, gray or black. You can also buy this garment in brown or mustard color . You can combine the latter with light gray "slim fit" pants with checks. That "look" never fails!

Brown muscle-fit high-neck coat for boys

Blue high collar coat for strong boy

Long business coat

There is no better option to wear over a roll-up collar sweater. You've seen long coats on attractive guys in movies a thousand times. They are elegant garments that provide a kind of status. They are worn by lawyers, businessmen and executives. The recommendations are the following:

• That the garment fits well in the back and chest area.

• That there are no folds on the back.

• That the sleeves do not cover the hands. Look for your ideal size (if you can't find it, never buy a press that doesn't fit you well).

• Black, grey, brown or navy blue colors are the most elegant.

• Double V neck designs are extraordinary.

• Discreet buttons please; No excessive or extremely flashy buttons.

This is the ideal long coat for attractive guys.

Long black coat for handsome boy

Biker leather jacket

This is the "informal" alternative to wear over the sweater. How to be physically attractive and irresistible? He's wearing one of those classic biker jackets with the double-peak collar. Black is the most common color for this garment. 

Look like a strong, "bad" boy with your biker jacket and roll-up jersey. When you wear the jacket, your muscles will be visible. When you take it off, the girl will be impressed with how you look in the sweater.

Eye! The biker jacket can also be worn over slim-fit t-shirts to create the same sensational effect. You can wear it in spring with your slim-fit t-shirt underneath. This garment is for both spring, autumn and winter. It all depends on what you are wearing under the jacket.

• There are some “vintage” designs for the biker jacket that are really cool. The jacket will look old, rusty and worn on purpose. It is the most original thing we have seen. Can you get one of these?

Boy's vintage biker jacket

Accessories to be more masculine and attractive to women

Did you think this was it? There are still some final details left to make you the most irresistible man. Today boys wear jewelry and accessories to look more attractive and strong! Don't worry! It's not much! No need to overload yourself with jewelry. Now we will tell you the only pieces you should get to be fashionable.

Warning : Please, if you are going to buy jewelry, you better invest in authentic men's silver jewelry . If you're going to wear trinkets, it's best not to wear jewelry! It is much better to save up for a good silver pendant than to buy any low quality pendant (this will not make you more attractive and elegant).

Double silver pendant

You will wear two silver chains: a short chain that is more or less at neck height and a second chain that is a little longer. Look at the model image to see what they look like. You can hang some small ornaments on the chains; for example, a silver cross, an Indian coin, a scorpion...

Double silver necklace with ax for boy

Double silver necklace for attractive men

A good watch

A classic and beautiful watch will add points to your attractiveness. This watch can be silver or gold in color and has hands. Don't go out with digital watches or sports smartwatches (unless you go to the gym, of course)!

Elegant watch for attractive man

Elegant gold watch to make women see you more attractive

An elegant ring

The last accessory is a 925 silver ring with some special detail (that makes the girls ask what it is). For example, the ring can have a stone that changes color when you put it on your finger. You will generate mystery.

Silver ring with stone for men

Silver ring with stone for boy

Backpack bag

The backpack is not essential by any means, but here is a little trick. Did you know that adjusting your backpack straps properly can make you look more muscular? That's how it is! This trick has been used countless times even in movies (for example, Rambo). The strap well adjusted to the armpit and shoulder will highlight your chest, shoulders and arms.

Original backpacks, for example, with chess motifs or country flags, are the best for this purpose. Don't carry a backpack everywhere just to show off your muscles! You'll look like an idiot! Use it only if necessary and adjust the straps as we have explained.

Chess-themed backpack to be fashionable

What about the shoes?

The shoes are the easy part, so don't complicate your life. You won't look more muscular by wearing certain sneakers! Although you will be able to look a little taller (which will stylize your figure) if your shoes have a decent sole (remember, between 2.5 and 3 cm will be enough; no more than that). What shoes to wear to be more attractive?

 To go out informally or play sports : Some "mid-top" or "sneakers", preferably white .

White Nike sneaker to wear casually

 White Nike sneaker for modern boys

 To go out partying or attend formal events : Brown oxford shoes or brown, black or beige Timberland boots.

Elegant brown leather shoe

Elegant leather shoe for boys

Frequent questions

How to combine the colors of clothes to make a man look more handsome?

In the following table, you have some recommended combinations for the colors of the torso and legs:

Navy blueblack

How to become a more attractive guy

Which men can benefit from this guide to dressing tips?

- Men who wonder how to be physically attractive.

- Those who seek to be more handsome or cute for girls.

- If you are wondering how to be more attractive to my girlfriend.

- For those who wonder how to be more psychologically attractive (because at the end of the day, when you look better, you increase your self-confidence and are more psychologically attractive).

- To be more attractive without being handsome (we can all improve with appropriate style changes).

- Any man who wants to look more muscular and strong.

How can I dress to look more muscular and attractive

Where can I buy muscle fit t-shirts?

You can buy your  muscle fit t-shirt at  Pull and Bear, Primark, Zara, Bershka or H&M . These are the most recommended stores. Buy your slim fit men's clothing in UK, America, Australia, Canada and other countries. The "slim fit" fashion is universal and this style is for boys of all countries.

So how to be attractive?  Start with the gym and then apply our  clothing tips for muscular men . Get "slim fit" t-shirts and "skinny jeans", which are the best clothing items to highlight your muscles and look stronger. The girls will love your new style.

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