Is it possible to have a free online personal trainer ? Enjoying the services of a personal trainer without having to pay is the dream of many people. There are several objectives in which a personal trainer can help us: lose weight, gain muscle, pass the physical tests of some oppositions, be in shape... The first thing you should know is that "personal trainer" is a profession like any other. The people who do this work get paid for it. Does the baker give you free bread? No, right? Well, something similar happens with the personal trainer.

We understand that sometimes you are new to the path of getting in shape or your pocket does not have much money. Let's see what possibilities we have to find free personal trainers. We really advise paying for a personal trainer. Seriously, this is the best way to ensure quality service. However, if you are just starting out, some “zero cost” alternatives may suit you.

Ways to find a free personal trainer

free personal trainer is a person trained in fitness who helps others determine personal health and fitness goals. The trainer can design your physical activity program. He teaches you how to improve your body while motivating you to achieve your fitness and health goals. Thanks to their training and experience, personal trainers help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.

A free personal trainer provides the following services: assesses your physical condition and sets health and fitness goals, designs a personalized exercise program for you, teaches you how to do the exercises correctly, and tracks your progress. He will also adapt your training programs according to how your body responds and how you progress. Often the trainer will also have knowledge of nutrition and will help you establish changes to improve your lifestyle.

Check out the rookie trainers!

This is the first step to get a free personal trainer. Many trainers have just completed college physical education studies or professional personal training training. At the beginning, when you have never worked, it is quite difficult to get clients. However, novice trainers need to gain experience. Many of them will train people both online and in person without charging anything for it. They do this to gain professional experience until they manage to make their first clients.

Find a person who just completed their personal training studies and offer to train you. The professional will be able to practice thanks to you and you will be able to enjoy a fully trained and free trainer . Talk to him about the benefits of training you for free:

  • • He will be able to see your physical changes and your progression to know if he is doing the job well.

  • • He will get used to working with a real person.

  • • You will be able to give him your “feedback” (your opinion and sensations after carrying out his training).

  • • You will recommend the trainer to other people who will pay and become genuine customers.

How to get a free personal trainer online

Join large commercial gyms with free personal trainers

This advice applies if you live in a big city, where large "low cost" gym chains (such as McFit or Anytime Fitness) are becoming more common. Many of these large gym chains offer their staff of personal trainers for free to customers. The best thing is that they usually require an official coaching qualification from their employees. Ok, it is true that you have to pay the monthly gym fee (which is usually between €20 and €30), but the personal trainer service is free and included in the membership. And remember that hiring a personal trainer on your own could cost you even €60 per training session. It's gym service will pay you much cheaper!

Normally, the trainers of a chain of gyms will be subject to a work schedule. You will have to check the hours in which the trainers of the gym in question work and adapt to the hours. This is a good way to start and familiarize yourself with the exercises. If you see that you like the world of the gym and physical activity, later you can hire your own trainer.

Free personalized training plan

Free personal trainers from YouTube, blogs and social media

Thanks to the internet, information is available to anyone. There are so many online trainers on social media and blogs that it is even difficult to choose. If you prefer to read, choose a reputable fitness blog. You will learn a lot! If you prefer video content, take a tour of YouTube and check out the latest trainers. A large part of the content created by these Fitness experts is totally free. They earn their income from advertising. Really, you can find almost everything. On the internet, all bodybuilding exercises are explained, how to gain weight, how to lose fat, the steps to go on a diet... There are even free trainers who teach you how to pass the physical tests of oppositions (pull-up tests, bench press...).

Choose your favorite "fitness influencer" and regularly follow their content. Today, it is easy to learn how to make personalized training and nutrition programs thanks to the information available. If you prefer the peace of mind of a blog, try reading sites like Depor Trainer. We have all the content for a person to learn to train. You only need a little while each night to read an article!

Example of a YouTube trainer with free content to pass physical tests for oppositions.

Search online for a free trial training plan

The best free online trainers  can provide you with their services for a while at no cost so that you can test their way of working. This option is very common. Some professionals offer a one or two month trial  with a  free personalized training plan . This is very good because in this way you do not risk paying for a service that in the end does not convince you. If you like what the coach does, after the test you will be able to consider hiring him.

This plan can be offered by both face-to-face professionals and mobile phone training apps. That's how it is; As we will see now, there are already several apps that are like a personal trainer (they can include a free trial).

The best free personal training apps

Since we all have a "smartphone", mobile applications have entered the world of Fitness. An app works like a personal pocket trainer so you can check your workouts and exercises whenever you want. There are various applications with muscle training, CrossFit, yoga, stretching, interval training, nutritional plans, etc. 

Download the  best free personal trainer app  to get fit at home or in the gym. Take your Fitness app always with you. Some applications will be completely free, while others will offer you a trial period. Not bad to start with!

Free personal trainer app

Exchange your skills for the services of a free fitness coach

We all do something that we are very good at. You perhaps have good knowledge of accounting. You may be very good at writing. It doesn't matter what skill you have! If you think this might be useful to someone, try exchanging it for training services. This is an idea for you to get your first  free fit coach . If you know a personal trainer, offer to help them with their business accounting or write articles for their blog. In exchange, he can become your fitness trainer for free. It is about offering your help in exchange for them helping you.

For example, if you are a web developer, you can design an attractive website for your trainer. He will support you to achieve your fitness goals and you will be useful to him in attracting customers online. Your first personal trainer does not have to be rigorously qualified. We all know a person who boasts of excellent shape because he has been training in the gym for years. Often experience says more than an academic degree. If you know someone with gym experience, offer them a value proposition to train you. If you are able to bring a valuable skill, you will be surprised how many personal trainers will say "yes" to your proposal!

Take a personal trainer course

If you haven't been able to find anyone who can help you with your goals, you can acquire the knowledge you need yourself through a personal trainer course. Become your own personal trainer. It is true that if you want a good course, you will have to pay for it. This will be an investment. However, you will acquire knowledge for a lifetime. You will never have to worry about looking for a trainer again, because you will know everything you need to exercise.

Plus, you can help other people meet their fitness goals by earning a living doing it. The title of personal trainer with international validity is the NSCA. The fees to take the exam are around €300. You decide if you buy the book to prepare on your own or if you take an online course (they usually charge around €600).

Why not choose a free online gym trainer

We understand that the reason for your search is to find a  free personal trainer . Don't get us wrong! There is nothing wrong with wanting a free service. That is why we have given you all the recommendations! To help you! What's more, some people may not have a lot of money but really need a personalized training for health reasons. For example, someone looking for a personal trainer to lose weight . 

However, we also have to be honest with you. The paid personal trainer offers you many more benefits than a free one. To begin with, he is going to be much more involved in his work and in his commitment to you. You have much more motivation to carry out your work when you get paid for what you do. This is the reality, if you are looking for a total involvement and a ten star service, everything has a fair price. As soon as you can, you should hire your personal trainer.

Free personal trainers may not offer the same accountability and motivation

If you are paying for the service, the trainer will genuinely be interested in you completing your training. He is not interested in you getting bored and losing yourself as a customer! Also, if you're paying a trainer, do you really want to make the mistake of not getting your money's worth? Money well spent is a good motivation to train. In other words, if you pay up, you're much more likely to get motivated, too, and stick with your fitness goals.

Free online gym trainer

A paid trainer will provide you with more information and customization

A good personal trainer will carefully monitor that you perform the exercises correctly to maximize your results and target the desired muscle group. He will watch you closely and correct your mistakes in form. Even a small modification to an exercise changes the target muscles. You will notice the difference when you follow the instructions of a professional.

There are things that one cannot learn alone or even by watching a video. Usually, we don't even realize some mistakes we make in the technique of the exercises. Continually doing an exercise incorrectly can cause injury. 

The information, tips and tricks that a paid trainer will provide you will be very valuable. Also, a free online trainer is much more likely  to work with training templates and pre-designed diets. That is, it will recommend the same exercises to all its users and there will be no personalization of the training. It is possible that you need a free online personal trainer for women and that this one does not program you a routine for girls .

Trainers who charge for their labor do strive to personalize their services to the client. They will take into account all your characteristics, circumstances and objectives: your age, sex, experience, goal (lose fat, gain muscle, gain strength for physical tests...), physical problems, medical conditions, etc.

Free personalized training for women

A free online coach won't push you hard enough

The coach's mission should be to demand more of you than you would demand of yourself training alone, but without going too fast. A good personal trainer will know how to get you out of your comfort zone and when to stop before pain or injury begins.

Experts always know alternative exercises to recommend if you're having trouble with a movement or need to train to rehab an injury. Sometimes you just need a modified version of an exercise based on your fitness level. A good trainer will skillfully design an exercise to suit you. As we already told you, this customization is not so easy to achieve with  free personal training . 

The coach has to help you set and achieve your goals

When you set goals, your coach should help you achieve them. He will encourage you and tell you that you have improved things that you would not have thought of. He will be your great support when you are discouraged.

A free virtual personal trainer does not tailor your training to your individual needs

Quality trainers (who get paid for their work) know how to tailor training based on your individual strengths, weaknesses, and goals. For example, increasing cardiovascular endurance with an interval running plan. Or if your goal is to do more pushups, the trainer will incorporate several challenging pushup exercises into your workouts to help you quickly build strength and improve your rep count.

The professional must reduce the risk of injury

This is the most important advantage of paid trainers. Most likely, the free personal trainer is not as qualified to avoid injuries. We know that getting injured can ruin our training program and discourage us. Injury could cause us to lose drive and determination to keep going. A good qualified trainer will help you do the exercises well so you don't get hurt.

The trainer knows how to reduce the training volume when there is discomfort in the user. He can also detect muscular imbalances to avoid the problems that come with them. For example, if your quads are stronger than your hamstrings, you'll want to start focusing on hamstring strength. These are things you wouldn't know how to do on your own without the assistance of an experienced personal trainer.

Coach fitness online for free

Get a free online fitness coach

If you still want to see a personal trainer for free , perhaps you should visit Depor Trainer's blog . We have strived to be like a free online personal trainer . Thanks to the hundreds of articles that we have written, with rigorous research, you will know all the exercises, the most famous routines, ways to train and nutritional plans for all goals. Write to our email ( ) or in the contact form to consult the  free personalized diet and training options . Depor Trainer is your free personal trainer in Spanish.

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