In this section of DeporTrainer, we will be displaying our catalog of boxing gloves that you can easily buy online. It will be of great help when buying good boxing gloves for both men and women.

Our boxing gloves are cheap but our brands are worth it. We believe that safety when practicing your contact sport is important. Therefore our gloves are specially designed for your comfort and to offer protection to your joints, we want you to be equipped with the best!

what types of boxing gloves are there to buy at a boxing glove store?

Whether you've been training for a while, or you're just considering it, you've no doubt noticed that not all boxing gloves are the same. There's actually more variation than you'd expect, and each style of glove has its own uses. Here's a quick rundown of most of the boxing glove styles you can find.

Cheap Training Gloves and bags

what types of boxing gloves are there to buy on the market at a good price?

You will often find brands (such as buy boxing gloves Rude Boy) that advertise boxing gloves as training gloves or sack gloves. These are basically the typical full boxing glove. Sometimes they are made to work with bags and pads, however they are usually very versatile and useful in any type of training. For most of what you'll be doing, you'll probably use a pair of these. Not all general purpose gloves are labeled as training gloves, and are often referred to as boxing gloves.

*Please note that there is a difference between modern sac gloves (also called "super" bag gloves) and the traditional style of bag gloves as mentioned later in the article. We advise staying away from traditional sac gloves as much as possible as they lack the support and protection of modern boxing gloves.

Fighting gloves

what types of boxing gloves are there?

In sparring, the purpose of boxing gloves is to protect you and your sparring partner, not to knock them out. You can use any pair of boxing gloves for sparring (assuming they are of acceptable weight), however many brands sell specific sparring gloves that are optimized for the activity. Sparring gloves are quite similar to training gloves, however the padding is usually slightly softer or more padded with a better optimized distribution so that the impacts are less jarring. Sparring gloves are often sold in a variety of weights, however they should only be worn at 14 ounces and up, depending on your body weight.

It is always your coach's decision whether or not you can wear a pair of gloves during sparring. Your coach probably has a lifetime of experience under his belt and no doubt knows more than you do, so if he thinks your gloves are the wrong weight, unsafe or just unsuitable in general, then take his word for it. It's always best to check the weight of the glove your gym suggests you use for training and make sure you buy the glove from a reputable brand if possible. Most things come down to common sense; if you're an older guy trying to get away with wearing used 14-ounce gloves from a dubious looking brand that no one has ever heard of, then you should know better.

Competition gloves for amateurs

what types of Charlie boxing gloves and other brands are there?

You'll probably never need to buy a pair of these, but it's worth knowing what they are. Amateur boxing competitions tend to use a specific style of gloves, which are usually provided to the fighters by the promotion. The gloves are typically red or blue in color, depending on the fighter's corner. It is also not unusual for the knuckle area of the glove to be highlighted. These features make it much clearer for the judges to score the fight.

Professional gloves

what types of custom boxing gloves are there?

You should only worry about professional gloves if you plan to compete. As the name implies, these are boxing gloves that are specifically built for use in professional competition, and often sacrifice hand protection and sometimes comfort to maximize offense. Typically the padding is much firmer, also making the gloves smaller and more compact. In a sense, these gloves are designed to punch as hard as possible with each punch. Professional boxing gloves are not really suitable for everyday training, however, and should not be used much outside of competition. For most competitions, 8- or 10-ounce gloves are used, depending on weight. Professional gloves are almost always lace-up, as it is rare for high-level competitions to allow the use of boxing gloves with Velcro.

Don't be fooled by 'pro-style' boxing gloves sold cheaply at your local sports store, they are just brands using the term as an advertising gimmick and are often just basic training gloves. True professional boxing gloves are not cheap in the least, and many boxers pay hundreds for a good pair.

Mexican style boxing gloves

what types of boxing gloves are there (like Grant boxing gloves?

In the early days of boxing, when boxing gloves were big bubbles of padding, Mexican style gloves were hugely unique. Their sleeker shape and tighter padding made them stand out. Today, the features are more standard and the term has been thrown around a lot more, however there are still a number of "Mexican style gloves" available. In essence, they are really a subcategory of professional boxing gloves.

Many people will know Cleto Reyes as one of the leading manufacturers of premium gloves. These are a good example of what are known as Mexican gloves. They are often slightly tighter to the hand, with a longer cuff, however the main difference is in the padding which is often more compact. They are supposed to mold perfectly to the hand after breaking them in, however it depends on the brand of glove. Cleto Reyes, for example, still uses horsehair to provide much firmer padding, with goatskin for the leather.

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Muay Thai gloves

what types of boxing gloves are in store for this contact sport?

Muay Thai is a completely different sport than boxing, and boxing gloves have been developed accordingly. The gloves are aimed more at kickboxers who need a versatile boxing glove. Thailand has a number of glove manufacturers that excel in different aspects, however they all focus much more on more distributed padding for better protection on the back of the hand, and much more flexibility in the grip, allowing the palm to open wider to receive kicks. It is not uncommon for brands to have extra padding on the side of the palm as well. Some people simply prefer the shape of Muay Thai gloves, while others do not, however it is important to note the subtle features that make them slightly more suitable for kickboxing and Muay Thai.

We asked several of the UK's top Muay Thai fighters what gloves they wear. Check out what they told us in our post The Best Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai - According to UK Fighters.

Other types of boxing gloves to buy from an online store

There are a few other types of gloves you should know about. We'll break them down quickly so you know what else is out there when you're looking for boxing gloves. These gloves tend to have much more specific uses, and are often not usable in boxing, kickboxing or Muay Thai.

what types of boxing gloves are available at a good price in this case?

Traditional bag gloves are a smaller alternative to boxing gloves with minimal protection. These lack many of the protective properties of full boxing gloves. Often the gyms will not let you train with them, although they are still sold by many retailers, and often come packaged free with punching bags. We personally recommend staying away from them altogether if you can help it. The shape is often generic and the padding minimal, with little or no wrist support.

what types of boxing gloves are there for MMA?

MMA gloves have been developed specifically for Mixed Martial Arts. Although they are not technically boxing gloves, they are used for a similar purpose. Unlike boxing gloves, these are fingerless, often with an open palm, to allow for an easier grip. If you are training in boxing or Muay Thai, you should not need to use them.

what types of boxing gloves are there?

Semi-contact gloves (for example Karate gloves or Taekwondo gloves) are another type of glove. Again, these are not suitable for boxing or Muay Thai. These gloves are often a middle ground between boxing gloves and MMA gloves. The padding is minimal and sometimes made of foam. Since they are only used in semi-contact sports, they do not need to provide as much protection as boxing gloves.

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If you're wondering which boxing gloves you need, here are some main things to consider:

are the gloves for competition or for training?
If it's competition, what weight gloves are required for your weight class?
If for training, what will the gloves be used for - bag/pad work, sparring, or a little of both?
Are you going to use them for a sport where you need to block/catch kicks?
Will you be buying activity-specific gloves, or one pair that you can use for everything?
With this in mind, and the above information, you should be able to identify the type of glove you will need. If you're still not sure, ask us in the comments section and we'll try to help you, or ask your trainerfor a recommendation.

and can I buy boxing gloves in Madrid or Barcelona?

of course you can! In our online boxing gloves store you have everything you need and we ship to Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, the Basque Country, Malaga or any other area of Spain, including the Balearic Islands.

are there boxing gloves for children?

Yes, our catalog is the most complete and that's why we do not forget the boxing gloves for kids or juniors. You are just a few clicks away from being able to train at home or at gym with them.

Thanks to our online boxing gloves store in Spain, you will have everything you need at your fingertips.


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    BOXEO GUANTEES THUNDER 2.0 Better than your previous version. Perfect for people who are starting and with correct quality/price. NEGRO, AZUL or ROSA.

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    PROFESSIONAL BOXEO GUANTEES RB TORO Finally Boxing gloves for competitors! One of the best competition gloves made in Spain. Comfortable, light and quality skin. Excellent price.(Sold by pairs. Indicate your size and size) Red or Black.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    PROFESSIONAL GUARDS CLETO REYES Excellent gloves for the competitor or professional. It is worth paying its price as it is one of the best quality assurance brands. If boxing is your sport and you're thinking of buying gloves for a more advanced athlete, these are yours!We have them available in three colors: white, yellow and blue THIS GAMA YA IS NOT...

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    PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES/ CLETO REYES The well-known Cleto Reyes brand offers us these fight gloves that can also be used for training in a special edition of up to 4 colors available. The quality of Cleto Reyes does not disappoint any discipline practitioner. RECOMMENDED.(Sold by pairs. Select your size and color: Pink, white, yellow or blue)THIS GAMA YA...

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    PROFESSIONAL BOXEO GUANTES RB 24K Boxing gloves for competition manufactured in Spain. Rude Boys is one of the best brands in boxing equipment. Excellent quality in the material and very comfortable.The product is sold by pairs. Choose your size and color: red, blue, white or black (combined with silver)THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    PROFESSIONAL BOXEO GUANTES RB H2 For competition. One of the best Spanish brands. Its quality is first and excellent price.It's sold for pairs. Choose your size and color. We have it in black + red or white + red.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    PROFESSIONAL GUARDS CLETO REYES Brand combat gloves Cleto Reyes. For professional boxing.The product is sold by pairs. Select your size and color. It is available in red and black.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    BOXEO ENTRENAMIENT GUIDE FITNESS At DeporTrainer we offer gloves for all audiences. That's why we present these economic gloves at the same time functional. Ideal for the modalities fitness combat. Good purchase option for the beginner user. THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    BOXEO ENTRENAMIENT GUIDE ROUND ONE. Brand gloves Rude Boys to train. Recommended for initiates.They are sold by pairs and there are 4 colors available in stock.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    BOXEO RB ARMY GUIDES Rude Boys offers us these training gloves of Boxing made of premium cow leather and with a fairly comfortable design. The product is sold by pairs.  Design of military colors.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    BOXEO ENTRENAMIENT GUIDE FITNESS RB SILVER PUNCH Fantastic. Boxing gloves for beginners. RECOMMENDED for your price and original design of silver colours.- The product is sold by pairs. THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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    BOXEO RB HOOD GUIDES Simple and economical design. These great training gloves for boxers are available in three colors: red, blue and black, which you can choose below along with your size.It's sold for pairs.THIS GAMA YA IS NOT AVAILABLE. _ BUY NOW

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