Offers from crossfit Amazon

Here you can buy your barbell from crossfit. Bars for sale from crossfit and weightlifting. Olympic steel bars ideal for any strength sport. Resistant and able to support many kilos. Take a look at our br...

Offers from crossfit Amazon

Here you can buy your barbell from crossfit. Bars for sale from crossfit and weightlifting. Olympic steel bars ideal for any strength sport. Resistant and able to support many kilos. Take a look at our brands and you will surely find yours.

what's the best crossfit bar for your box this year? Do you need to buy a used crossfit bar? What if you're a CrossFit athlete who wants to have your own equipment at home?

As the owner of a gym, whether it's a CrossFit box, a gym single garage or a gym in the basement, your investment in a crossfit bar is one of the biggest you'll make.

Here are our recommendations to help you choose and buy a crossfit barbell .


The best crossfit barbell for women is the crossfit 15kg pink barbell.

Bars from crossfit are not cheap, they are used frequently, and at least in a box, they are not always cared for in the same way.

The worst thing to do is to buy a crossfitbar that is not durable enough for this activity. In this catalog, you will take a look at the best CrossFit bars available this year.

what is and why buy an Olympic barbell from crossfit?

Olympic barbell crossfit

An Olympic bar is a heavier, longer bar that is used in CrossFit for exercises such as the deadlift deadlift, the squat, press, snatch, and clean and jerk.

While there are other types of bars, an Olympic bar has a specific set of measurements, and can only fit a certain style of heavy plates.

Buy crossfit 20kg barbell

An Olympic barbell from crossfit for men measures 2.2 meters and weighs 20 kg. The outer ends (where the discs go) are 50 mm (2 inches) in diameter, while the bar grip is 28 cm or 1.1 inches in diameter.

An Olympic bar is 1.31 meters or 4.3 feet long.

Types of crossfit bars to buy

There are several types of bars available (including second-hand crossfit bars). When considering one that will be used for various exercises in CrossFit, it is important to know the difference.

Olympic barbell from crossfit with ball bearings for weightlifting

Let's talk about the Olympic bar:

The Olympic bar is specifically weighted and measured. Barbell from crossfit weight: it is always the same weight, so that there is a standardized barbell for Olympic weightlifting competitions or weightlifting.

The crossfit Olympic bar is designed with more "whip," so it spins quickly in the hands during a snatch or a load. It's all about buying a crossfit barbell with bearings.

Almost all gyms CrossFit uses Olympic size bars for their weightlifting classes. You can also find some nicer gyms with Olympic bars from companies like Eleiko, for more dedicated Olympic weightlifters.

Barbell crossfit deadlift

Most bars from crossfit for deadlift are the same weight and size as an Olympic bar, but are designed with less whip and stronger knurling.

This application makes sense, as a deadlift requires a rock-solid grip, but without twisting the bar in the hand.

Bar from crossfit priced for powerlifting

A crossfit bar for Powerlifting should have closer grip markings, especially for athletes to perform the lift from deadlift sumo.

In some cases, the bar may also be larger. Seeing that some weightlifters can lift more than 1,000 pounds or 450 kg, a traditional barbell will not suffice.

There is not enough room on the bar, nor are there more Olympic bars capable of holding that kind of weight. However, these are generally used for high strength level athletes.

Crossfit Bar

CrossFit bars, such as the crossfit Rogue bar, typically blend the best of a powerlifting bar and an Olympic bar. They need to rotate quickly in the hands for Olympic lifts, but also have enough grip and durability to be bounced off the floor during a heavy deadlift lift. They are typically Olympic size.

Women's Crossfit Bar

The best crossfit bars for women weigh slightly less, are shorter and have a smaller diameter. The measurements are 6.6 feet or 201 cm, barbell crossfit 15 kg and 0.98 inches in diameter.

crossfit barbell for sale for training

Especially during an intense class in CrossFit, it can be valuable to have bars lighter than 20 kg (45 pounds) for new athletes.

Therefore, you can find 7 kg or 15 pound training bars available for purchase to learn the basic lifts or warm up.

Barbell crossfit for youth

Similar to a crossfit training bar, only its diameter will be smaller to account for the smaller grips of young athletes. A youth bar typically weighs between 2 and 11kg (5 and 25 pounds).

Things you should consider before buying a junior barbell crossfit

Here are some things to consider before buying a barbell for your gym CrossFit:

What you're going to use it for

If you do CrossFit, this answer is probably "varied." Some days, you'll be doing deadlifts, others you'll be doing Olympic lifts. So you'll want something that can hold up in different situations.

Tensile strength of barbell steel

Tensile strength means the maximum force, or how much weight can go on the bar without bending. This is a real safety hazard for strong athletes, so check before you buy it.

Generally, anything above 180,000 PSI is a good bar. The Crossfit Rogue Bar, for example, is rated at 190,000 PSI.

Bar construction for crossfit

Check out how the company manufactures its crossfit bars for sale. See if are up to par with similarly priced equipment.

This video of how a bar is made at Rogue will give you an idea.

Bar from crossfit with bearings vs. with bushings

As a general rule, the more bearings a crossfit bar has, the easier it will spin in your hands. Alternatively, more bushings increase durability for slow, heavy lifts, such as a deadlift/deadlift.

Good knurling

Anyone who has picked up a crossfit bar with bad knurling knows how terrible it is.

You want a bar designed with a good grip, but not something that will wreck your hands.

Also keep in mind that the knurling on powerlifting bars will be different than Olympic bars from weightlifting, both in placement and thickness.

Sleeve or end (retaining ring vs cap)

mango de una barra de crossfit

Handle of a crossfit bar.

The end of your bar, or sleeve, is something to consider for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Both the retaining ring and end cap have been proven to hold up, but you may have a preference for your gym.

The finish of the bar

Your bar will probably come with 1 of 4 different finishes: black oxide, bright zinc, black zinc, or hardened chrome.

This will not change anything about the performance of the bar, but will contribute to the look of your gym.

Bar diameter crossfit

28 mm (1.1 inches in diameter) is pretty standard for an Olympic bar.

They sell fatter bars for things like "strongman," but you really want something that feels good in your hand for most lifts.

Find out more about the bar before you buy it to you're sure to get it right. Read the description in the online store where you are buying your crossfitbarbell.

Weight Bearing

Most of the standard bars from crossfit are for sale with a weight capacity of around 227 kg (500 lbs). This, of course, is a guide.

Check the weight rating of each specific bar to find out how much weight it can safely hold.

Finally, don't forget about safety. Having collars for the bar crossfit and a protective rubber floor for the gym os will keep both you and the floor safer and in better condition.

Buy bar and discs crossfit

Sometimes you will want to buy the crossfitbar along with a pack of Olympic discs for the gym. Luckily there are also sets available to purchase all of this equipment online at once. One example is the weightlifting set with barbell + discs 190 kg from Eleiko. One of our recommendations and one of the best sellers at Depor Trainer.


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    AND OLIMPIC DISCUSSIONS A comfortable support to place a pair of bars and several weight disks. For Olympian diameter material.Correctly place the training discs you are not using.You're welcome.

    250,00 €
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    VERTICAL SOPORT To store the bars of gym in vertical position. Heads up. 9 bars Long.Valid for both 28 mm standard bars and 50 mm Olympic bars.You're welcome.

    249,00 €
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    _Resistant support to place 10 musculation bars. Professional use.Bars not included.You're welcome.

    290,00 €
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    _ Allows to place 10 Musculation bars as long as you're not using them.60 x 85 x 130 cm.You're welcome.

    450,00 €
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    GIMNASIO VARIADAS (28 MM) BUY BARRA RECTA (1.5 m, 1.8 m, 2.2 m) BUY MANCUERNA BRAZILS BUY BARRA Z BUY BARRA W BUY MANCUERA 28 MM Diverse Musculation bars for gyms, sports centers or training at home. All have standard diameter 28 mm. Select the ones you need.Straight bar: 2,13 m.Straight bar: 1.82 m.Straight bar: 1,52 m.Barra Z: 1.19 m.Barra W: 1.22...

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    PROTECTOR BARRA GIMNASIOConnect the protector to one bar gym / musculation and protects the neck, shoulders and rag while performing squats with bar.Especially recommended for the beginner user.

    29,00 €
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    BARRA EJERCITADOR DE ANTEBRAZO This is it. bar small works as a comfortable exerciser of forearms. Just put weights on it, grab the manners and roll the chain with the strength of your forearms.

    45,00 €
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    OLÍMPICA VARIADAS (50 MM)Several Musculation bars professionals to choose from. They are. Olympic bars with diameter 50 mm. We have straight bars in several measures, Z bar, W bar and Roman bar.You can. purchase the Olympic bar you need to select it from the drop-down.You're welcome.

    169,00 €
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    VARIOUS BARRA OLÍMPICA These are the insurances for the discs not to move on Olympic bar Once placed. There are several types to choose from:- Iron dam type.  - plastic.  - steel ring.  - light steel ring.  - of clamps.The price includes 2 supports.

    110,00 €
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    BARRA PESO DEAD HEXAGONALMaximize your training deadlift with bar special form hexagonal. Allows to perform deadlift with a neutral grip. That's it. olympic, with diameter 50 mm. You're welcome.

    169,00 €
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    SPECIAL BARRA DE SENTADILLAS This type of bar with inverted U shape serves to work the squats from one position and grip different to the usual straight bar. We can grab the bar with arms in neutral position.

    185,00 €
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    HALTEROFILIA BARRAOlympic bar for weightlifting, musculation, crossfit and powerlifting. For competition. Mide 220 cm and weight 20 kg. It has Olympic diameter for disks 50 mm. Valid Olympic bars for weightliftingWith Bearings 8 balls.Tolera load of 680 kg.You're welcome.

    295,00 €
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    FOR OLIMPIC DISCUSSIONS    Them closures to set disks to the bar. The clamps have diameter olympic of 50 mm. They are made of chrome steel.Price includes 2 clamps.

    10,50 €
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    Professional Olympic Bar manufactured in steel and nickel finish with diameter 50 mm.220 cm long.8 bearings. Weight: 20 kg.Bar for Olympic disks or bumpers. Ideal for gym or crossfit box.Free Shipping. 

    190,00 €
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    One Olympic bar 150 cm of extreme quality, finished in Hard (Crome of great hardness). With 4 bearings: 2 at each end.Disc Diameter: 50 mm (for Olympic disk).Weight 12 kg. Capacity: 450 kg cargo.Free Shipping. 

    186,00 €
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    Barra Z professional pot Olympic disks. For exercises like biceps curl or French press. Disc diameter: 50 mm.grip diameter 28 mm.Load capacity: 225 kg. 

    80,00 €
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    BARRA ROMANA DE NIQUEL PROFESIONAL   Manufacture of steel with nickel finish. La Roman bar serves for exercises like French press with neutral grip triceps or hammer biceps curl. It has the diameter of Olympic disks 50 mm.4 bearings: 2 on each side of the bar. And 28 mm grip.

    85,00 €
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    Olympic bar much stronger and resistant than other modelssince it is manufactured in steel with a special hard chrome finish (Hard Chrome) highest quality. Learn how to exercise biceps curl.4 bearings.120 cm long.9 kg weight.Free Shipping. 

    129,00 €
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    You can do this. Roller any Straight bar to support it on neck to do sitting  The protector avoids direct contact with the bar, which can be painful. NBR rubber coated Oxford fabric.40 cm long.

    26,95 €
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    Basic steel support to save Olympic bars of different sizes. Store the rods vertically makes the bars less spaced.Grey color.With 8 spaces for Olympic bars.Free Shipping.

    129,00 €
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