Doggcrapp is a high intensity style of weight training That is, it is based on generating the greatest possible effort in a short time (and not making the training too long). The word "Dog crap" is certainly peculiar and meaningless, but it gives its name to an efficient training system that could work well for many people. As we will see, the objective of this system is to cause greater muscle damage by taking each training set well beyond muscle failure. It is a perfect method to achieve greater hypertrophy and even strength.

Rest pause gym : Dog crap is a type of rest pause, a method that consists of doing more sets after having rested a few seconds after reaching muscle failure in the main set. An example of a rest pause for the barbell biceps curl exercise would be to do 15 repetitions, rest 20 seconds and do 8 repetitions, and rest another 20 seconds to do 5 more repetitions. This system is also known as "cluster" sets . Basically, it all consists of adding several strategic pauses with short breaks to lengthen the set longer than normal. More muscle work translates into more intensity, effort, damage and growth. The Doggcrapp has some differences, since the rest pauses will be measured with breaths, as you will see.

Doggcrapp training for bodybuilding

Getting to know Doggcrapp... This powerful high-intensity training system has no mystery. You can apply this to all the exercises you want. The method was created by a bodybuilder named  Dante Trudel . 

The Dog crap training system consists of finishing all the repetitions of a set, taking a short break by taking several deep breaths and returning to the weight to complete new repetitions. It is recommended to take up to 2 pauses with breaths within a set of this type. In this way, the set would be divided into 3 parts . This will cause more damage to the muscle fibers and more effort.

Trudel recommends having completed between 11 and 15 repetitions at the end of all pauses. If you can't reach at least 11 total reps, it means you're using too much weight. If you complete more than 15 total reps, you can add 2.5kg - 5kg for the set in the next workout.

With an example you will understand it better. Let's say you will do bench presses with a weight that allows you to complete 8 maximum repetitions. Imagine that you are going to use 25 kilogram dumbbells. The steps would be the following:

  • You take the 25 kg dumbbells and do 8 perfect repetitions reaching muscle failure or almost. As soon as you finish the set, drop the dumbbells on the floor and relax.
  • Now, take 10 to 15 very deep breaths (try to breathe from the diaphragm). When you're done breathing, raise the 25kg dumbbells again and complete as many reps as you can. Let's say you now do 4 repetitions. Leave the dumbbells on the floor.
  • Now, take 10 to 15 deep breaths again. After this pause, pick up the dumbbells from the floor again and do another set. Suppose this time you manage to do 3 repetitions. Your Doggcrapp set will have ended here.

Thanks to the pauses, your set, which originally had 8 repetitions, can be extended to 15 repetitions. That's 7 extra reps!

Let's look at another example. This time we will choose the incline bench press on a Multipower machine. We will use a lower rep range. Suppose you are going to use 80 kg and do 6 repetitions in the first part of your Doggcrapp set:

  • You load the bar with 80 kg and do 6 strict repetitions. You place the bar in the safety supports of the Multipower.
  • You take 10 or 15 deep breaths. You remove the bar from the supports again and complete 3 repetitions. You put the bar back on the safety supports.
  • You take 10 to 15 breaths and grab the Multipower bar again. This time you do 2 more repetitions. You finish your set with a total of 11 repetitions divided into three parts.

The creator of the Dog crap training system  recommends doing between 11 and 15 total repetitions. However, the number of repetitions will depend on the exercise. For large muscle exercises, such as the quad/leg press, you could go up to 20 repetitions or even more. Total repetitions will also depend on the person's preferences. Therefore, although the author's recommendation is fine, we advise you to try the ranges in which you feel comfortable. There is no problem doing the  Dog crap training system with 20 or 30 repetitions.

You can create your own Doggcrapp workout for bodybuilding . Then we will teach you how to do it and some recommendations.

In the video, you can see a good example of this training applied to shoulder exercises:

What is the difference between Doggcrapp and Rest pause?

What is Rest pause? Although these are two similar systems, there are some differences that we want you to learn. In both systems, pauses and more repetitions are made after an working set. In the Doggcrapp method , these pauses are measured in breaths (10-15), while in the Rest pause method , pauses are measured in seconds (typically 20-30 seconds of rest). This is the main difference.

  • Doggcrap example : We do 8 repetitions, 15 breaths; we do 4 repetitions, 15 breaths; and we do 3 repetitions.
  • Example of Rest pause : We do 8 repetitions, we rest 25 seconds; we do 4 repetitions, we rest 25 seconds; and we do 3 repetitions.

Training with Rest-pause technique

It is very easy to understand. We can say that Dogg crapp is a type of Rest pause, which includes different systems. Another example of rest pause is Myo-reps . If you haven't heard of them, here we take the opportunity to explain them to you.

  • Myo-reps system : This is a type of  rest pause set that consists of one long main set and many rest pauses with few repetitions. You begin by performing a first set called an activation set, with a weight that allows you to do between 9 and 20 repetitions. The activation set can be taken to muscle failure or 1 or 2 repetitions away from muscle failure. Once the activation set is finished, we will rest for about 15-30 seconds and do a set of between 2 and 5 repetitions. We will continue doing rest pauses of 15-30 seconds and sets of 2 to 5 repetitions. We can complete, for example, 5 more small sets. These will be the Myo reps.

If our activation set is heavy (up to 9 repetitions), we can rest between 5 and 15 seconds in each rest-pause. If our activation set is light (up to 20 repetitions), we can take 30 seconds of rest in each rest-pause. Look at the examples!

- Heavy Myo-reps : Activation set of 10 reps / 30 seconds rest / 3 reps / 30 seconds rest / 3 reps / 30 seconds rest / 3 reps / 30 seconds rest / 2 reps / 30 seconds rest / 2 reps.

- Light Myo-reps : Activation set of 20 repetitions / 15 seconds rest / 5 reps / 15 seconds rest / 5 reps / / 15 seconds rest / 5 reps / 15 seconds rest / 5 reps / 15 seconds rest / 4 reps.

Why are Myo-reps good?  Rest-pause systems such as Myo-reps or Doggcrapp make the athlete do more effective repetitions compared to a normal set. Within a conventional set, the really effective repetitions (and those that cause the most muscle growth) are the last 3 or 4. Thanks to rest pause sets such as Myo-reps, we manage to multiply the effective repetitions, since we are already very exhausted when we do these repetitions.

In the first example we have given, we can count as effective the last 3 repetitions of the 10 that we did in the first set. Then we add 5 more sets with rest-pause in which we do 3, 3, 3, 2 and 2 repetitions. Therefore, we add a total of 16 effective repetitions.

If we go to the second example, let's assume that the last 4 of the 20 repetitions were effective. Then, we add 5 sets of rest-pause with 5, 5, 5, 5 and 4 repetitions. Here we have a total of 28 effective repetitions!

These training systems are so good because we quickly multiply the total number of effective repetitions in a set. This results in more muscle damage and therefore more hypertrophy and growth.

Another way to work with Myo reps is to set a fixed number of repetitions for each set with rest-pause. As an example, we can do all rest-pause sets with 3 repetitions, 5 repetitions or 6 repetitions. We would stop the set when we are no longer able to complete the number of repetitions proposed after the last rest-pause.

Example : activation set x 12 repetitions + sets with rest-pause (3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, 3 reps, 2 reps).

In the example, we stop when we are no longer able to complete another set of 3.

Are you interested?:

Dog Crap training

Doggcrapp fitness training with exercises in PDF

Here we show you a good 3-day training with the rest pause methodology applied in the Doggcrapp style. You can download the Doggcrapp routine in PDF . 

How to propose a Doggcrapp training PDF?  You must understand that Dog crap training is very demanding and intense. Therefore, it is not advisable to abuse your Rest pause sets for hypertrophy , especially if you are a natural bodybuilder (which requires greater recovery). In fact, it is best not to include the Doggcrapp method in all sets of an exercise or even in all exercises. This can be a very effective method to gain muscle mass, but you have to know how to apply it intelligently.

A strategy that works very well for us is to apply the  rest pause in the last set of an exercise. Typically, you will do a normal working first set and then a second set with Dogg crapp. You will understand it very well in the training outline.

Important :

- Leave at least one day of rest after each day of training.

- Doggcrapp type sets have been strategically included. Only do them when "Doggcrapp set" is indicated You will see that some exercises do not include them. This is on purpose so that the training is not so exhaustive. Don't do Doggcrapp reps when simply "work set" is indicated 

- Abdominal and calf exercises have not been included, but you can do the ones you consider appropriate (at the end of the session or on separate days).

- Remember the principle of progressive overload and try to improve your loads or repetitions week after week.

Day 1: Bench press, deadlift, biceps and shoulders


•  Bench press : 

- Warm-up sets.

- 1 working set.

• Z-bar biceps curl : 

- Warming up.

- 2 working sets.

•  Conventional deadlift : 

- Warming up.

- 1 working set.

• Stiff-legged deadlift :

- 2 working sets.

• Standing military press with barbell :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Preacher curl : 

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Seated dumbbell shoulder press :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Lateral raises with dumbbells :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

Double dumbbell curl while seated on an incline bench :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Upright row :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Rear lateral raises :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

Day 2: Quadriceps, hamstrings and triceps


• Squat :

- Warm-up sets.

- 2 working sets.

• Leg press :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• French Press : 

- Warming up.

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Hack Squat :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Quadriceps extension :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Incline bench press with close grip on Smith machine :

- 2 working sets.

• Cable triceps pushdown :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

 Leg curl machine :

- 2 working sets.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Glute kick on multi-hip machine :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Bench hyperextensions :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

Day 3: Chest and back


• Bench press :

- Warm-up sets.

- 2 working sets.

• Neutral pull-ups :

- 1 working set (use added weight if you can).

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Incline bench fly :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Pendlay Row :

- 1 working set. 

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

 Dips :

- 1 working set (use added weight if you can).

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Lat pulldown with wide and neutral grip :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Dumbbell flat bench press :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Bench dumbbell row :

- 1 working set.

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Dumbbell pull-over :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Vertical lat pulldown on a machine with levers :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

• Pec-Deck machine chest fly :

- 1 Doggcrapp set.

Download this routine :

In Spanish.

In English.

Where to download a Doggcrapp training in PDF

How did the Dogg crapp method come about?

Why this name? "Dog crap" , in English, literally means "dog poop". The creator of the method, Dante Trudel, simply called himself "DoggCrapp" on the internet forums where he publicized the training he had invented. For this reason, the method became known as "Doggcrapp training system" , although the name does not make much sense. In fact, Doggcrapp training is still being talked about today on Reddit , and other similar forums. The method is also known by the acronym DCT . 

Dante Trudel has stated that his methodology is different from traditional bodybuilding training styles, which he considers chaotic and unplanned. Many bodybuilders choose to build their muscles through high-volume, high-intensity workouts without considering specific progression routes or tactical exercise selection. The DCT is the complete opposite.

Trudel says his training plan is very similar to the modern phenomenon of  "Powerbuilding ," which combines strength training with conventional hypertrophy exercises to build muscle and performance in the gym.

Dante Trudel and the Doggcrapp

Photo of Trudel, the creator of the DCT training method.

In Doggcrapp, a movement is chosen for each body part and the athlete focuses on getting strong for that movement over time. Normally, only one Doggcrapp set is done per exercise, but before doing as many warm-up sets as necessary. Multiple body parts are worked in each training session. Additionally, the ideal is to train three times a week. It uses the principle of progressive overload, so make notes and do one more rep or add more weight to the bar every two weeks. When progress cannot be made on a certain exercise for two weeks, it is possible to switch to another exercise. The rest pauses serve to increase the intensity of the training. The author also recommends including fascial stretching protocols at the end of each workout.

Trudel's Instagram.

Know the principles of Doggcrapp and Rest-pauses

Several principles are applicable to gym workouts that include a rest pause set . These principles serve to increase the athlete's progress and results. 

Principle of progressive overload

This one is really applicable to all bodybuilding training routines. All worthwhile programs require gradual overload in one form or another. At DCT, this is no different. If you want to increase your strength or size, you need to increase the weight you work with, the number of repetitions you do with each weight, or perhaps the number of sets per exercise each week. Doggcrapp is not a magical method by itself; You won't get stronger if you don't try to increase the difficulty of your workouts over time (this applies to any training system).

You can use this system with many exercises and variations, although Trudel is committed to not filling the workouts with many "junk sets." It is better to do a few sets while progressing in weights and repetitions than to add a lot of work that is of no use.

Principle of progressive overload in Doggcrapp

A small number of sets and a high frequency are better

DCT is a high-intensity method , which means that if you want to continue using it long-term, you should reduce the number of total sets per session. Otherwise, you will not recover well and you will not improve as you hope. The program is quite light in terms of overall volume of effort. There is more reliance on training frequency and doing key core exercises regularly.

What is the training frequency like? The author's answer is clear: you have to train your muscles more than once a week. You don't need a large number of sets to grow your muscles. One or two heavy work sets per week, performed near muscle failure, produce more muscle growth than dozens of low-intensity sets.

The principle of Rest-pause

As we explained, Rest-pauses or "clusters"  are the advanced training technique that Trudel has used for her DCT method. Research has shown that this technique produces massive amounts of mechanical stress in a short period of time. Therefore, it is a high-intensity, effective and time-saving workout.


The following principle is a recommendation from Trudel, who advises doing a moderate stretch for specific parts of the body at the end of each workout (chest, back, quads, calves...). He recommends holding the stretch for 60 to 90 seconds immediately after finishing.

Believe it or not, stretching protocols are common in high-level bodybuilding routines, although it is true that they lack significant empirical support. However, many compelling data show the value of muscle tension during stretching as a major cause of hypertrophy.

Try these!:

Frequent questions

We finish by answering common questions from users who want to try this method.

How many pauses should I take when applying the rest pause technique?

This depends on the type of Rest pause training you are doing. Rest pause how to do it? There are many ways! For example, we saw that in the Myo reps method you could put up to 5 rest-pauses or more in a set. However, in Doggcrapp there are normally 2 rest-pauses per set. You can also include a single rest-pause if you see fit; there is no problem with that. Let's look at assumptions:

  • 1 Rest pause : set + rest + extra repetitions.
  • 2 Rest pause : set + rest + extra repetitions + rest + extra repetitions.

Can I apply Doggcrapp to all exercises?

Yes that's how it is. You can do Doggcrapp and Rest-pause sets for back, biceps, chest exercises, squat, deadlift, leg press, etc. It may be more complicated to apply this technique in dumbbell press exercises (for pectorals or deltoids), because after each pause, when you are already exhausted, you have to make another effort to load the dumbbells. Therefore, it is advisable to have a partner or spotter to give you weight in these cases.

The creator of the method does not prescribe any specific exercises, but he strongly recommends focusing primarily on multi-joint exercises with a viable course.

Dogg Crapp Training Exercises

What are the benefits of Rest pause? Is it useful for hypertrophy?

Yes. As we explained, Rest pause for hypertrophy is one of the best systems. A normal set ends when we approach muscle failure or can no longer do repetitions. Let's say that this set offers us about 3 or 4 valid repetitions of effort (the last ones). However, with the intensity technique, we manage to recover a little to immediately pick up the weight again and continue doing effective repetitions. This is, in short, a much more intense effort and an extra stimulus that promotes muscle growth over other workouts. In addition, it has the advantage that it allows us to save time and finish our exercise session with fewer sets.

¿Rest pause o Drop set?

These two systems are similar, but you should know that they are not the same. The Drop set is another intensity technique where a main set is continued, but in this case breaks are not usually taken. In Drop set, you finish a set and then remove a little weight and continue doing repetitions. You can apply these weight reductions several times until you exhaust your strength or until the bar is unloaded. 

Differences :

  • Drop set : Suppose you start bench press with 100 kg and do 8 repetitions. Immediately, you remove 20 kg and do another 8 repetitions with 80 kg. Then, you remove 20 kg and do 9 repetitions with 60 kg. You remove 20 kg and 12 repetitions with 40 kg.
  • Rest-pause : As detailed, in rest-pause, you finish the set and take a break to continue doing a few more reps. You can take several rests after the main set, but all subsequent sets will be done with the same weight (unlike the Drop-set).

In a Drop set there is no rest between sets (only the time to change the weight or wait for your partners to take the plates from you). To do Drop sets on certain exercises (such as bench press), it is advisable to train with partners who will remove the plates for you.

The Rest pause vs Drop set debate  is extensive. Now that you know the differences, you can try both systems and opt for the one that gives you the best sensations. None is better than the other.

Other interesting trainings:

What is the Doggcrapp 2 way split or 3 way split?

Dante Trudel proposed two divisions for his DCT. These are 2 way splits, for beginners; and 3 way split, for advanced bodybuilders. 

Doggcrapp 2 way split consists of stimulating each part of the body 3 times for 2 weeks . In a period of 14 days, you will train your chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms at least 3 times. This is the typical distribution of a torso and leg routine with an "ABA" "BAB" type scheme , where in week 1 we would do torso-leg-torso and in week 2 we would do leg-torso-leg. With this scheme, we train each muscle group more times and, therefore, we achieve greater growth. Therefore, the 2 way split is highly recommended for beginner users or bodybuilders who want to gain a lot of muscle mass.

Doggcrapp 3 way split is based on stimulating each area of ​​the body 4 times for 3 weeks . In this case, therefore, the training frequency for each part is lower. This scheme is applicable to "push, pull, legs" type routines , based on focusing on one aspect or function of the body (push day, pull day and leg day). In this case, since we will touch each body part 4 times in a period of 21 days, the frequency will be lower and the muscle stimulation will also be less. This system does have an advantage: since you are going to dedicate a session entirely to the push, pull or leg function, you will be able to include many more exercises for your lagging areas. For this reason, the 3 way split is for advanced bodybuilders, who already have a large amount of muscle mass and need to work more on the detail of their weak or lagging areas.

So, 2 way split is to increase muscle mass as much as possible, while 3 way split is to maintain muscle mass or increase muscles slightly, but to work on weak areas.

Advanced bodybuilders do not need new mass everywhere (which is achieved with the 2 way split), but in certain areas (3 way split) to be competitive in their category. This is the logic behind both divisions. It's good that you know this, but don't make your life too complicated if you are not a bodybuilder who competes professionally.

Did you understand the Doggcrapp system? Do you already know what the rest pause is for? Good! Thank you for following us. Doggcrapp training continues to be highly searched on forums like Reddit. Here you have a fully prepared PDF training  for you to download. So you can start now with this method and you won't even have to bother planning your routine! Share this knowledge if you found it interesting and come back whenever you want to read new workouts in Depor Trainer. Thank you, dear reader!

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