The girl in the gym is currently a reality. Today, us girls are going to the gym. We like to be fit, we love to be strong and we want to challenge ourselves. The girls at the gym are diverse, demanding and special. Get to know them!

Types of girls at the gym

Anime gym girl.
Anime gym girl .

In recent years, a true  gym girl culture has been created . The Fitness atmosphere has given rise to a lifestyle, a way of dressing and eating, a musical preference and a culture of motivation and improvement. In the 60s, going to the gym was a typically male activity (and there were not even a large majority of men who practiced it). In the 80s, the first fitness women began to appear. Nowadays, there are almost as many girls going to the gym as there are men. What's going on?

Perhaps both sexes have become more aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves. The sexual market may have become more competitive and we want to present an attractive physique. Or perhaps social media have encouraged the fitness lifestyle. In any case, there are more and more  gym girls .

The girl who doesn't try

Girls in the gym beginners 

Unfortunately, this was the most common type of girl in gyms a decade ago. Normally, she is a beginner girl or one who has only been in the gym for a few months. What routine does she follow? This girl will be doing a pre-established workout that the gym coach will have given her. 

This  gym girl doesn't question things much and will usually do a very basic routine with mostly machines and some exercise with light dumbbells. For her, the gym is a distraction activity. In other words, this girl does not go to the gym to "suffer", but to hang out. You will see that the exercises that she does will not cost her too much effort.

Newbie girl at the gym

The girl who does not try very hard can have any physical build, although it is common for her to be a girl who is simply thin or with an average physique. Yes, many of us have started at this point. However, after a few months, our stay in the gym can follow two paths. Some girls always get stuck at this point; They always remain the same, they lift the same weights and no training will challenge them. Others, however, learn to read on the internet, learn to train, eat well and follow a slow (but safe) weight path towards the physique of our dreams.

Girl who doesn't try hard in the gym

Yes, many women have also made the mistake of believing that our body will resemble that of a man if we train with heavy weights. There is nothing further from the truth. Doing weights with intensity is the way to well-toned arms, firm glutes, and rock-hard abs. 

You won't see the girl at the gym who doesn't make an effort doing squats; she will normally be on a extension or fly machine. Remember that mediocre training will bring mediocre results. What kind of girl do you want to be?

The powerlifting girl

Powerlifter woman

Well, this girl has taken her training much more seriously and has taken the time to read up on strength training and fitness. This girl is determined to improve her physical strength above all else and she enjoys it. These gym girls usually start out in Fitness with a little overweight. We don't want to be misunderstood! Precisely because they are "big" girls, they have more strength than the others. Therefore, these young women see themselves as having potential for powerlifting and decide to dedicate themselves to it.

Girl doing powerlifting Big powerlifter girl in the gym

Powerlifter girls have forgotten a little about cardio and keep their bodies "robust". Although the truth is that many of them have a good figure despite their fat. This is the result of their hard work with loads in the gym, as they do deadlifts, bench presses, squats and other basic exercises. These gym girls have good legs, buttocks and hips. It is more common to find strength girls in commercial gyms in large cities. The reason is simple: unfortunately, it is still seen as strange for girls to strength train with heavy weights. So, in a small gym with regular users, the powerlifter girls would be the center of attention. For this reason, they prefer large chain gyms, where many people go and no one knows them or pays attention to them. Keep in mind that they are stronger than all the other girls (and stronger than many of the men who go to the gym!). Additionally, large chain commercial gyms usually have areas with good free weight equipment for strength training. 

It is common to see strength girls training together as a group of friends. If you are in a commercial city gym, look in the deadlift and squat area. Surely, you will see a group of "big" girls doing barbell exercises in turns. The powerlifters group is an association for support, motivation and to share progress. As you see, everyone has their own way in the gym. And some of us girls decided to opt for strength. We give up having a very small waist or a lean and toned body because we have other goals on our minds. And we absolutely don't care!

Powerlifter girl

The fitness girl

Fitness girl in the gym
Pretty girl at gym.

Our next gym user was born almost at the same time as social media like Instagram. The fitness girl , like the powerlifter girl, is another of the intermediate or advanced gym users. She has also consumed hundreds of forums, books and videos on training. However, in addition, this girl in the gym takes care of her diet. We fitness girls know how to do periods of muscle bulking and definition or cutting through diets consistent with our goals. 

The fitness girl has a conventional social media physique. This is worked glutes, muscular legs, narrow waist and toned torso and arms. This girl tries to maintain her weight by avoiding excess body fat, which can sometimes be an obsession. She knows things like the daily calories she needs, sports supplementation and how to train the body well. Just like female powerlifters, fitness girls know their personal bests on each exercise (how much weight they can lift) and follow a progression of loads. They are simply not so focused on gaining maximum strength, but on building the body of a fitness Instagram girl according to beauty canons. Yes, they have an Instagram account or TikTok. These girls work on social media constantly adding content about their physique, progress and daily menus, even with the hope of becoming an "influencer" and being able to live (one day) from sponsorships.

Fitness girl in the gym

You will see the fitness girls dressed in Gymshark style clothing . Tight sweatpants and training tops are common. And if! We love to wear clothes that make us attractive to others and also to motivate ourselves during training. The clothes of  gym girls who are in shape enhance the contour of the buttock and thighs, or reveal that flat abdomen that we have worked so hard to achieve. Effort in the gym must have its reward, and the truth is that it is comforting to look in the mirror and enjoy the results of months of training.

What are the favorite exercises of fitness women?

- For the legs :

◦ The Romanian deadlift.

◦ The conventional deadlift.

◦ The barbell squat.

◦ The Bulgarian squat.

◦ The leg press.

◦ The hamstring curl.

◦ Quadriceps extension.

◦ The Goblet squat.

Fitness woman doing exercise

- For the torso :

◦ Bench press.

◦ Dumbbell shoulder press.

◦ Biceps curl.

◦ Pull-ups and pulldowns.

◦ Rowing with dumbbell.

◦ Pulley triceps extension.

◦ Side and front raises.

◦ Barbell row.

◦ Bench lumbar hyperextension.

- For the abdomen : 

◦ Abdominal shrugs.

◦ Waist twists .

◦ Oblique abdominal shrugs.

◦ Knee shrugs.

Fitness girls with Gymshark clothes
Fitness girls with Gymshark clothing , a very popular brand.

You will see fitness girls doing all these exercises with a personalized routine on their mobile phone. These girls can train as a couple or in groups of three, but it is very common for them to go to the gym alone. They can wear headphones to listen to music and a cap, which are usually part of their outfit. They don't want to be disturbed while doing their training!

"Lady guided classes"

Group of girls in spinning class in gym

This  woman in the gym is especially interested in collective activities, such as Body Pump, Body Kombat, spinning, aerobics or jumping fitness. Women of all ages and physical conditions practice group activities in the gym. A group activity is a low-impact training led by an instructor and done in a group. To carry out the activities, weights, step blocks, indoor stationary bicycles, jump ropes, etc. are usually used.

 Girls in the gym doing Body Pump

Actually, these are cardiovascular exercise activities, although the muscles are also toned. Many women go to the gym several times a week to participate in group activities. During these exercises, light weights are usually lifted. Guided activities usually include music and choreography. The  girl at the gym who practices  collective activities  also uses the weight rooms and cardio machines, although to a lesser extent. For this woman, going to the gym is like a social activity to entertain herself, get rid of stress and move all parts of the body. This girl is not interested in developing strength or getting a body at the level of young  fit women or powerlifting girls. It is quite common for gym girls in their 40s or 50s to sign up for activities led by trainers. However, girls of 18, 20 or 30 years old can also participate in these training sessions without problems. Simply, depending on each age range, priorities in the gym can change.

Girls practicing Jumping Fitness

Women look to classes for a way to have fun, move and be in shape at the same time, without exposing themselves to the overload of strength training (which young women can handle better). But guided classes can also be exhausting! Let there be no doubt about that! The best thing is that there is a good range of classes to choose from at any commercial gym. Even if you're a young girl totally committed to lifting weights, you can still attend targeted classes at least once a week for cardio.

The girl at the gym who uses steroids

Girl taking steroids at the gym

It's better that you don't become this girl at the gym . Unfortunately, this user is increasingly common in gyms in big cities. They are girls who have taken a more extreme step in fitness, in the incessant search for a muscular and perfect body. In the 80s and 90s, anabolic substances to improve physique and performance were a man's thing. However, in the last decade, we have witnessed how more and more girls use these drugs. We can blame social media or that times are changing, but this is a reality.

The girls who use performance-enhancing drugs are either competitive bodybuilders or simply "influencers." Anabolic and diuretic drugs are used even in light bodybuilding categories like "Bikini". You will see these girls training with clothing like any of the other  fitness women , but there are notable differences compared to a natural fitness girl .

How to identify a girl consuming anabolic steroids?

◦ She has exaggeratedly voluptuous legs, big and defined like a trained guy or a professional wrestler.

◦ Overly prominent, round and exaggerated buttocks, as if they had been inflated.

◦ Great muscle definition in the shoulders and arms with highly visible veins in the biceps or shoulder.

◦ Very muscular back and very prominent dorsal muscles.

◦ Large developed muscles with very little body fat.

◦ Acne on the back.

◦ Typically masculine facial features, such as a larger, square jaw.

◦ Changes in tone of voice (a deeper tone).

Fitness girl with great legs

 How to tell if a girl takes steroids

How to know if a girl uses anabolic steroids
Meg Squats , a  gym girl famous on YouTube and Instagram.

 If you see gym fitness girls with several of these characteristics in the gym on social media like Instagram, it is very likely that they have used anabolic steroids or diuretic substances (unfortunately, an increasingly common practice). We recommend that you stay away from these substances completely. Anabolic drugs have harmful short- and long-term side effects. These substances alter your hormonal axis and menstrual cycle, and can cause infertility. Steroids can cause organ damage and irreversible masculinization of the body in women. You don't want this to happen to you! Opt for the natural route, as you can get a great physique this way.

Gym girl with headphones
Some girls at the gym prefer to train alone listening to music.
Gym girl in bikini
This is what gym girls in bikinis look like.

As you can see, in the gym we girls are strong or lazy, big or thin. There is a space for every woman in the gym. Some girls in the gym train together. Going to the gym becomes a social activity. Having a  gym bro girl to train with your same goals is like a gift. The friendship that women can forge in the gym is incredible. Other girls prefer to train alone, with our headphones to listen to music and our own fitness routine. Have you seen the types of girls we mentioned at the gym in your city? And you? What training style do you prefer or what gym girl are you? Are you a novice, powerlifter, fitness girl or do you go to group classes? 

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