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What is a crossfit app?

All of us who have practiced CrossFit know that the workouts are very hard. Crossfit routines are made with the purpose of testing our limits. However, if you have just started with this sport, you have to take the steps little by little. Help yourself with virtual crossfit apps . 

There are a variety of mobile applications. Each app has a purpose: training, tracking your routines, stopwatches, mobility, flexibility, exercises ... Get the tool that suits your goals. Use it to track your progress, set time intervals on exercises, or even communicate with other crossfitters . The best crossfit apps can be easily carried on your smartphone or tablet. Easily access your routines and workouts.

Should I do crossfit? Well, this question gives rise to quite a debate. This activity has its followers and detractors. The sport offers a wide variety of exercises, such as chest dips, pull-ups or turning over a tractor wheel. Actually, it does have benefits, but you have to practice it with a good instructor , match the exercises to your skill level, and do them correctly. 

What improves crossfit?  Strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular system. Most crossfit exercises are not complicated to learn. With the right mental focus and training tailored to you, you will be able to enjoy this sport. Crossfit routines change every day. Remember to face them by being mentally prepared and following a good diet.

If you're confused by all the  crossfit apps out there, we help you find them! We have collected the best CrossFit apps. Know their pros, cons and if they are free.

The best apps for crossfit of the moment

The best tools for your mobile are here. Let's see what the trends say. Take advantage of these apps if you train crossfit. They can also be useful for your clients if you have a crossfit box. Here are examples of 15 crossfit apps for mobile.

GOWOD is a mobility app for crossfit

Gowod is a crossfit app

GOWOD has a free trial period of 14 days. Afterwards, you have to pay a membership, which drops in price according to the months contracted. It is an  app for mobility in crossfit . It improves your mobility and tests you every month. The app customizes the routine according to your level. For example, it improves flexibility, which is good in any sport.

What does it offer? 

It has exercises to improve your well-being and helps you move better. Reduces the risk of injury and helps you improve overall performance. Follow your progress day after day. It has workouts to promote your recovery. Its effective algorithms are capable of determining which exercises are best for you . You can use this app in the gym or at home. 

Its operation is very simple: first, the application does a mobility test. Based on the results, create a custom routine so you can improve. Then test your mobility again to customize the next routine. 

The GOWOD app is for athletes and non-athletes because everyone needs to improve their mobility at any age. The application test is free; In addition, it tells you which areas of your body require more mobility improvements. The stretches proposed by the tool are personalized. It offers video routines, as well as diagrams of the muscles to exercise. Every day, you will enjoy a different workout. 

The variety of routines for all parts of the body is really wide (there are hip stretches, back stretches...). You can choose the training time according to the time you have to train. Its Premium version gives you access to exercises, crossfit challenges, and reminders. For its price, GOWOD  is not bad at all.

  • • Devices : iOS and Android.
  • • Do I need material? : Foam roller and yoga mat.
  • • Advantages : It has a free trial, it does a mobility test and personalizes your routine every day.
  • • Disadvantages : After the test, it is paid. The accuracy of the mobility test depends on your ability to do it correctly.

Download the app . 

You like the Timer es un cronómetro crossfit app

You may like the Timer app for crossfit with a stopwatch

This is what many have been looking for for a long time: a  crossfit timer in an app . According to its designers, Velites Timer is easy to use and very reliable. Let's see what this virtual and portable crossfit timer offers us.

What does it offer?

It's a crossfit timer for the phone. The stopwatch numbers are so large and bright that they can be seen from a distance. It will serve you to train with the Wods in your usual box or at home. 

You can program your watch for any activity that requires a timer :

  • • EMOM.
  • • Intervals.
  • • HIT.
  • • Tabata.
  • • AMRAPs.
  • • Training by time.
  • • Crossfit wods.
  • • Timed activities.
  • • Count up.
  • • Count down.

Velites  comes with a tutorial for you to learn how to use it. It brings established training routines , a stopwatch function and a countdown so you can determine the duration of your training. You can choose the work and rest intervals for each exercise. You will be able to select Tabata songs for work and rest intervals. Includes the famous internet challenge Sally up and Down.

The app is not only great for crossfit, but also for interval fat loss programs or strength training. You can use it for boxing, Body Pump, Body Combat and any activity you can think of. The best thing is that it is in Spanish . 

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : The one you are going to use in your activity (medicine ball, mat, skipping rope...).
  • •  Pros : It's free, the numbers look great, and you can customize the timer.
  • •  Disadvantages : Some users have complained about the advertising (the creators have to monetize the app somehow, since it is free).

Download the app . 

SmartWOD Workout Generator, a crossfit training app

SmartWOD Workout Generator, una app para crossfit

There are two versions of the SmartWOD app . These are Timer , a stopwatch; and Workout Generator , for training. 

SmartWOD Workout Generator  offers free and personalized crossfit workouts based on the equipment you have and your skill level. We really like it because it is a cheap crossfit app . 

What does it offer? 

This app generates high-intensity training routines so you can start training immediately with whatever you have. 

  • • There are thousands of workouts to choose from.
  • • The routines are generated according to the material you have on hand to work with.
  • • Includes a timer and function to record your workouts.

The SmartWOD Workout Generator app is perfect for beginner crossfit users on a budget. Thanks to its thousands of training sessions and video tutorials, you won't stop taking advantage of it. Workouts are customized based on the crossfit equipment you have to train with. The stopwatch and training log are very useful. 

It's all you need to start exercising. This app is creating a bigger user community every day. It has been downloaded over 2 million times, 65 million workouts completed, and 5 star rating by 90,000 critics. It works like a library of free pocket workouts. 

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android. In addition, it has been created especially for iPad.
  • •  Do I need material? : The one you have.
  • •  Advantages : The trainings are free. There are custom routines and video tutorials, it's cheap, follow and record your progress. With a single payment, you can forever access all the extra features of the app. It has been created by crossfit experts.
  • •  Disadvantages : You have to subscribe to access all the videos, it has ads and the user community is not involved to continue improving it. It's in English.

After our analysis, we have considered that this is the best free crossfit app .

Download the app . 

If you like WOD Training, you are one of the free crossfit en español apps

Velites Wod Training is an app for crossfit training

This is the Velites training app . It's more like a library of on-demand workouts. In this case, the tool does not customize your routines. 

What does it offer? 

Velites WOD Training  has over 1000 preset workouts for all levels. Its database is very detailed and all the explanations of the exercises are intuitive. For example, the app offers a jump rope course . 

It allows you to write the progress of your workouts and shows statistics of your sessions. What do the exercises consist of?  The crossfit app will show you appropriate exercises according to your goals, which can be resistance, histamine, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility or balance . It is an easy to use application with good user service.

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : The one you are going to use in your activity.
  • •  Advantages : It is free, there is a great variety of Fitness exercises for everyone and progressions can be made. It shows the statistics and is a crossfit app in Spanish .
  • •  Disadvantages : As we have mentioned, although its catalog of exercises is extensive, the activities are not personalized. It's like a library.

Download the app .

SugarWOD, crossfit app

 SugarWOD among the best crossfit apps

This is perhaps the best app for crossfit. SugarWOD is recommended for both coaches and athletes. It is very professional and advisable even for gyms. It has free options.

What does it offer?

Downloading the SugarWOD app is free. Provides collaborative training schedules and routine tracking. This tool is one of the most complete. It provides you with instructional videos, progress tracking and the ability to communicate with other CrossFit practitioners. It offers classic crossfit workouts and different exercises on a daily basis. Each proposed Wod is accompanied by an explanatory video. The database saves more than 1000 workouts , which can be done with little material.

The application will help you to track your exercises automatically . It has a personal diary so you can keep track of your progress at home or in the gym. A large community of athletes has formed around this application. You can all communicate and share your personal records. Also, the best thing is that the application has interesting functions for owners of a crossfit box and personal trainers. It has functions for business! Thanks to them, it is possible to better manage customer training.

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android.
  • •  Do I need material? : Free weight (such as gym bars, discs, dumbbells, Russian weights...).
  • •  Advantages : It offers you a different daily training and very complete video tutorials on the Wods. There is a large community of users who can interact. The download is free.
  • •  Disadvantages : The app is very professional, but it can be difficult to use for first-time users.

Download the crossfit app .

Trifecta is an app for beginners

Trifecta is a crossfit app for training and nutrition

The good thing about this software is that it helps with physical and nutritional goals at the same time. Therefore, it is very good for people who are starting out. Helps you get in shape.

What does it offer?

This app is from the Trifecta health food store . It offers you the nutrition program (with follow-up), training, demo videos, tips and a timer. The app allows you to keep track of all the parameters: workouts, calories, macronutrients... You'll have everything under control in one place .

After you start using Trifecta , the app will ask you several questions to customize your nutritional and performance goals. In each training or Wod, you will have the option to choose a plan A or plan B according to your experience. The app always advances with you according to your level.

  • • Record and keep track of your calories.
  • • Track your workouts and progress.
  • • Has work tools, tips and crossfit timers.
  • • Allows you to manage the delivery of Trifecta brand meals.

How is a daily training in Trifecta?  It will always show you the warm-up, the Wod, various tips and video tutorials. There is a free version , which is quite complete. The paid version is cheap. 

Trifecta recommends your daily calories based on your height and weight. The brand offers its prepared menus, with vegetarian and vegan options. It is possible to subscribe to a weekly food delivery service. Meals can be chosen for paleo diets or ketogenic diets.

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android.
  • •  Do I need material? : Bars, dumbbells and kettlebells.
  • •  Advantages : It has personalized diets, a large catalog of free exercises and video tutorials for beginners.
  • •  Disadvantages : There are too many parameters to control (macronutrients, exercises...).

Download the app .

NOBULL Crossfit Games

 NOBULL, official app of the Crossfit Games

It is the app for viewers and fans of CrossFit. It is the official application of the Crossfit Games, where you can follow your favorite athletes. Follow the CrossFit news to find out everything about this sport.

What does it offer?

It allows you to compete in the Crossfit Games and rate your results on the global leaderboard. You will know exactly when the competitions are and what results your favorite athletes have obtained. There are streaming sessions of the official competitions. Upload your own profile with your experiences, RM brands or results in the Wods.

If you are passionate about crossfit and want to know everything about the official games, this is your application. Learn about the training sessions of professional crossfitters . The software offers you a variety of set workouts and daily sessions. The exercises include videos with explanations and the times of the Wod. It is the best tool to stay on top of the world rankings and get motivated.

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android.
  • •  Do I need material? : Kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls and training mats.
  • •  Advantages : It's free. It has all the training, news, classifications and videos of the official competitions. It is official of the CrossFit brand. It is a challenge even for the most professional.
  • •  Disadvantages : It can be too technical for many people.

Download the Crossfit Games app .

The Traktor Fueled By Hard Work

 The Traktor, crossfit app at home

The Traktor is another crossfit training app. It has interesting things, like programs for users of all levels. Also, renowned professional crossfit athletes have worked on the app.

What does it offer?

It is a complete training application in Spanish with the following functions:

  • • Allows you to choose training plans based on your goals.
  • • It is one of the few apps that includes accessory work to improve weak points.
  • • Intuitive exercise videos.
  • • Specific programming for your crossfit routines.
  • • Record your achievements and see your ranking.
  • • Live chat with coaches.

Spanish athletes such as Bryan Hernández and Javi Bustos have participated to design the application programs.

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : Usual crossfit equipment.
  • •  Advantages : Developed by professionals. Custom plans and accessory work. Live chat to consult about training and movements.
  • •  Disadvantages : There are no progressions to master the most difficult crossfit movements.

Download the app .


Toes2Box is a crossfit box app

It is an original and special app for travelers. Toes2box works as follows: several crossfit boxes in different parts of Spain are attached to the application. The Toes2box tool gives you the opportunity to buy single sessions or session packs.

What does it offer?

From the app, you can purchase vouchers for 1, 3 or 5 sessions . You can enter any of the gyms affiliated with the app. For this reason, this application is perfect for those who practice crossfit and have to make leisure or business trips. They can follow their training comfortably in any affiliated establishment. 

In addition, it allows you to manage your crossfit competitions. For example, you will have the opportunity to sign up for crossfit championships from the app. Its creators affirm that it already has more than 70 affiliated crossfit gyms in Spain. The application also updates weekly what's new and offers seminars.

It is an interesting  app for crossfit box . If you are the owner of a crossfit gym, you can register your business as a Toes2box affiliate. 

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : Gym equipment wherever you go.
  • •  Advantages : It is perfect for travelers.
  • •  Disadvantages : We will have to wait and see how the business model works and if it works with new sports centers. At the moment, it only works with gyms in Spain.

Download the app .

Wod Insight

 WodInsight, crossfit tracking app

This tool is basically for tracking . The download is free, although then there is a membership with a cheap price. You will need a smartwatch to use Wod Insight . 

What does it offer?

It is a  crossfit app with many functions. Let's see if you find them interesting:

  • • Has a timer for interval activities, TABATA, EMOM, etc.
  • • Measure your heart rate and calories.
  • • Tracks your weight lifts, cardio, and records.
  • • Allows you to connect with your friends.
  • • Use it on your Galaxy or Apple watch . You don't need another device.
  • • Count repetitions and sets .
  • • Design training programs.

This app is very complete to keep a good record of your workouts. However, to use it, you need an Apple or Galaxy smartwatch .

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android.
  • •  Do I need material? : Dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and smartwatch.
  • •  Advantages : Start with free features. It syncs with other apps to fully track your activities. It offers you Wods to train every day and video tutorials.
  • •  Disadvantages : In order for the application to measure your progress, you will have to enter the information. You need a smartwatch capable of connecting with the tool.

Download the app . 

WOD Roulette, a crossfit app at home

 WodRoulette, a crossfit app at home

This  crossfit training app seems like a very original proposal. In the tool, there is a spinner . Every time you turn it on, it gives you a random crossfit workout.

What does it offer?

For many, it is perhaps the  best free crossfit app due to its simplicity. With the spinner button, the software will give you a crossfit exercise. It has more than 100 workouts, so you don't get bored. There are all kinds of Wods, which combine cardio and strength training. You can press the wheel as many times as you want to change training. It is the  crossfit app at home that you look for when you don't know what to do on your own.

You can save the workouts that you liked the most about roulette to repeat them later. Without a doubt, it is a very funny proposal.

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android.
  • •  Do I need material? : It is not necessary.
  • •  Advantages : It is totally free, there are more than 100 training sessions and hardly any material is required.
  • •  Disadvantages : Has ads, no video tutorials or instructions. You will need to have researched crossfit exercises before, as it just points them out to you.

Download the app .

Beyond the Whiteboard

 Beyond The Whiteboard, app crossfit

It is an  app for crossfit box and athletes . There are two versions to choose from. Let's see what it offers.

What does it offer? 

With Beyond the Whiteboard , you will be able to follow your workouts and also share them in your gym or with the rest of the world. You will be able to see trainings of other people from the international field and in real time. Thus, you will see how Crossfit is trained elsewhere. There is a global leaderboard for you to compare yourself with other athletes.

You can create your own training schedule and watch exercise videos. You will make sure to execute the movements in the proper way. From a single application, you can easily save and analyze your achievements. See the workouts you've already done, control your macronutrients, win prizes and more.

It has a barcode scanner function and more than 715,000 foods to select from. It will help you to follow the diet and control your daily intake. It has been on the market for quite some time, since 2009, and today it is a large database with records of all the athletes in the world. It is one of the best apps about personal brands and Wods.

  • •  Devices : iOS and Android.
  • •  Do I need material? : The normal crossfit equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls...).
  • •  Advantages : Gives you 30 days of free use. It is in several languages, such as Spanish. It helps with both diet and exercise. It helps gym owners to retain customers, as the app serves to create an interactive community. You can see your position in relation to other athletes in the world.
  • •  Disadvantages : To use it, you have to be in a crossfit box that has subscribed to the app. After the trial, you have to pay the subscription. It is not very intuitive, since it shows too many parameters.

Download the app .

AimHarder is a management app for crossfit gyms

 AimHarder is a crossfit gym management app

AimHarder  can help you save time, energy and manage your crossfit business. This is how the brand presents its application. You might find it useful if you have a business.

What does it offer?

AimHarder helps you create a flexible calendar to manage your crossfit gym classes and appointments. For example, you will be able to determine when clients can join the gym and when to cancel the subscription. It can automate customer charges and help you control billing. 

Also, it has some interesting options for customers. For example, the possibility of monitoring your progress. AimHarder is a smart alternative to improve your crossfit classes, design rates and keep your business under control. How much it can serve you will depend on the number of clients you have and the complexity of your business. Maybe it will suit you if you are a personal trainer or have a gym.

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : Gym equipment wherever you go.
  • •  Advantages : It is perfect for travelers. It can help you get more customers. It is easy to use.
  • •  Disadvantages : We will have to wait and see how the business model works and if it works with new sports centers. At the moment, it only works with gyms in Spain. It is only for sports centers.

Download the app .


 Wodster is the best free crossfit app

This app is for the slackers who don't want to waste time looking for daily workouts. The tool has a database with Wods that you can choose according to the movements that you are interested in doing at the moment.

What does it offer?

WODster has hundreds of preset workouts for you. It is simple to use. In addition, it allows you to create your own Wods or upload a photo of your gym blackboard. Includes a "random" feature to get an instant crossfit workout. Therefore, it is also recommended for the house.

It has a training diary and the option to take a selfie after finishing the exercises. It is very entertaining and fun; also, free.

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : Normal crossfit equipment.
  • •  Advantages : Ideal for those who want immediate training. It's free and there are no ads.
  • •  Disadvantages : The timer fails in some versions.

Download the app .


 WODProof is a crossfit app for professionals

This is another app focused on world competition. It works as a place where you can record your workouts, review your progress, and compete against other athletes around the world.

What does it offer?

The WODProof application works as an online community where you can create your workouts to do them in the box or with your friends. If you have a gym, you can promote it by including the logo in every video you record. It allows you to chat with your friends and view the performance and records of other members.

It incorporates a stopwatch and recording function at the same time, so you don't have to worry about a thing. You can track your progress and review your strategy. In addition, you will be able to participate in online crossfit events to measure your skills against other people.

The app is endorsed by world-class athletes. Use your timer for interval or Tabata workouts, for example. It has a Pro version with the workouts of the best athletes on the planet so you can do your routines at the gym or at home.

  • •  Availability : Google Play and Apple Store.
  • •  Do I need material? : Normal crossfit equipment.
  • •  Advantages : It encourages you to compete with others and improve yourself. It has a Pro feature to integrate with a ski, rowing or bike machine in real time.
  • •  Disadvantages : It is not in Spanish.

Download the app .

You already know how a crossfit app works ! As you can see, it can help you tremendously in both having fun and maximizing your results. Download the best crossfit app for Android . Remember to always stay with the one that fits your budget and goals.

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