Chicken is a food considered necessary by many specialists, especially for athletes and people who perform physical activity. In addition, it serves children as well as young people and adults. We show you the benefits of chicken proteins, their effects, how they act, proportions to eat and more.

Specifically, chicken protein is the main benefit of the  food .  Protein belongs to the meat group. Along with its low fat content, it explains why chicken appears in almost all diets.

Five benefits of chicken protein

If we had to talk about each advantage, we would not write an article, but rather a book. Or a much longer article, if we wanted to go into them in detail. However, here are the top five benefits of chicken protein :

  • Increases serotonin levels in the brain. This helps to improve mood and, therefore, the predisposition to carry out all kinds of activities and actions

  • As it is rich in phosphorus, chicken optimizes the state of the teeth, bones, kidneys and liver, among others. It is essential for children and adolescents

  • It helps keep blood vessels healthy and helps the metabolism burn fat more easily. The latter is one of the main properties and explains why nutritionists include chicken in diets.

  • It is easy and pleasant to digest. In addition, those who have a delicate stomach or suffer from digestive disorders, usually tolerate this food very well.

  • Its derivatives of vitamin A contribute to keeping the sight in an optimal state. This also explains why it is ideal for adults or those who belong to the so-called elderly.

It should be noted that chicken also provides vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and magnesium .

Characteristics of protein in chicken

Consume it to get all the benefits described (and more). How many times have you heard the phrase “ chicken is protein ”? This is due to the large amount of protein it contains, along with other variants that make a simple meat a suitable food for lunch and dinner.

Likewise, when we say “eat chicken”, we must clarify what part of the animal we are referring to exactly; For example, the thigh is not the same as the leg . The difference is clearly evident in the taste, and also in the amount of protein and properties they contain.

One of the most frequent requests in gastronomic businesses is “ 100 grams of chicken breast ”, which is later complemented with other parts. The proteins in chicken breast are abundant to cover what the body requires.

The truth is that certain studies ensure that 100 grams of chicken have a total of 18.2 grams of protein of animal origin . Also 10.2 grams of fat, vitamin B, minerals such as iron and 170 calories.

Other benefits of chicken and its proteins

Chicken proteins and their nutritional properties have been evaluated by different specialists. It is concluded that chicken is a necessary food to eat . The rest of its benefits are as follows.

low amount of fat

Beyond the beneficial properties, one of the reasons not to eat (or at least limit) certain foods is their percentage of fat. As we mentioned, 100 grams of chicken provide only 10.2 grams of fat , which represents a more than acceptable value for any diet.

It is no coincidence that you see a person on a weight loss diet eating chicken at least once a week. The amount of fat is comparably low compared to hundreds of other foods . And the other properties of the food are quite good, so it should be prioritized.

chicken is high in quality protein
Chicken is very high in protein.

Chicken provides an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals simultaneously

Its protein contains the 9 amino acids considered essential for our body. These are  histidine, leucine, lysine, isoleucine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, and tryptophan . These components explain why chicken helps regenerate and maintain a person's muscles, immune system, and general well-being.

In turn, chicken proteins produce the desired effects in the infant stage . How or why? Because, in addition to favoring the muscles, they are part of some of the growth hormones.

It is accessible

If you go to a supermarket or any gastronomic business and look at the price of chicken, you will see that it is cheap compared to  other foods . Of course, as long as you compare equal proportions; 100 grams are not the same as half a kilo. And you should also consider how abundant each portion is or the weight.

On the other hand, the qualification of accessible also refers to the ease of preparation in a home . It is a food that is cooked in a short time and that does not have great requirements and indications.

why cook chicken to take advantage of the protein

Chicken can be seasoned and supplemented

Chicken provides sufficient protein and in significant quantities. In addition,  there are dozens of seasonings to complement the chicken and even improve its flavor ; from mayonnaise and ketchup to accompanying salads and so many other options that can increase vitamin B12, calcium, iron, etc.

It is also very versatile. As it is a meat with a neutral flavor, it can take any flavor or spice that is added to it in the kitchen . This explains, precisely, why it is in high demand in countries that stand out for their gastronomy.

Hygiene and final conclusion

Like the proteins of other foods, the proteins of the chicken breast  and other parts of the animal can provide the desired effect if the different requirements of careful preparation are met. For example, before cooking, chicken must be kept frozen.

At the same time, remember that it is not advisable to add large amounts of oil and salt, since these will inhibit the effect of the beneficial properties mentioned . In addition, if you add an excess of other foods to the chicken, you will gain weight and this will affect you significantly if you have diabetes or suffer from other pathologies. Keep all this in mind and enjoy the chicken!

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