Have you ever wondered what is the use of greasing gym machines ? Well, for the same as with any machine or device that requires oil for its operation... It serves to lubricate and allow the correct development of the parts, as well as prevent their premature wear.

Specifically, greasing a gym machine is the  main requirement to be able to use it. Otherwise, it will break down and suffer multiple inconveniences that will quickly end its useful life.

How to grease a gym machine step by step

To begin, you should know the following: the first step both to lubricate and to carry out any replacement of parts or cables is to clean with a dry or damp cloth (in case there is a lot of accumulated dirt). 

Next, we show you step by step how to use a lubricant for gym machines in order to leave the equipment optimal and last as long as possible:

  • Spray a light amount of dry silicone lubricant on the rods and spread with the rag. Although it should be a few drops of lubricant (especially if it is a concentrated product),  remember that some parts require more lubrication than others .

Guide to greasing gym machines

  • Clean gently and pass the cloth one, two, three or as many times as necessary to remove all dust, dirt, hair, stuck paper, etc.

Clean gym equipment with a rag

  • Once everything is sanitized, check the state of the parts and cables. So that? To check if the problem lies in dirt or if, in fact, the components are in poor condition and, therefore, must be replaced.

  • If the condition of the pulleys and parts is good, then  lubricate them as indicated and then run your finger over the parts. If you feel the components slippery, it means that they turned out well. On the other hand, if they are rough, you should add a little more lubricant.

Steps to grease gym pulleys

  • Take your time to lubricate gym pulleys , as well as machines and all kinds of elements. However, remember that if you let many minutes go by, the lubricant could dry out and, therefore, not fulfill its function. Lubricate pulleys on strength machines and flywheels on stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, and other cardio machines.

Grease the pulleys of the gym machines

Engrasar las ruedas de inercia de los aparatos de cardio del gym

  • Pay attention to the bearings and the sides of each part, since they are the most difficult to lubricate with a rag . Start at the center and go to both sides.

How to grease gym machine bearings

How to lubricate the bearings of gym machines

  • Wait as long as necessary for the lubricant to dry completely before turning on or using the machine again.

Maintenance of gym machines with silicone lubricant

These items answer the question about how to lubricate gym machines .

Is greasing gym machines always the solution?

It is clear that the maintenance of a gym is a requirement to develop the business in a successful way. In this sense, both repairing gym machines and greasing them are essential. What else should you take into account?

Specifically, other elements or aspects are also essential. For example, pulley lubricanttreadmill silicone and silicone spray. However, the most important thing is to acquire the highest quality and most resistant machines and use them correctly and properly.

Have you heard the phrase “better safe than sorry”? Well, this is what we mean. Beyond greasing gym pulleys and lubricating the machines , the key lies in avoiding blows, excessive efforts and harmful actions such as overloading the devices with weight.

So,  do not conceive of the grease for the gym machine as salvation or the resource to make each element eternal. Although the greases serve to perform the corresponding maintenance, they are insufficient to prevent breakages and failures if the machines are misused.

Buy silicone to lubricate the treadmill

What are the best lubricants for gym equipment?

If you have already understood the maintenance guide, you are most likely also wondering where to buy treadmill lubricant or gym machine lubricants . The answer is that there is no precise place nor a certain lubricant that is perfect.

In today's context, there is an endless range of options. It has been proven that it is very necessary and beneficial  to lubricate gym pulleys, treadmills and other elements that have a working mechanism. For this reason, there is a high demand and competition both in the types of lubricants and in the shops that offer them to the public.

Don't believe those who tell you “ this is the best gym machine lube ” or “this is the best treadmill lube”. There are several good brands and the ideal is to try until you find the product that works best for you.

One of the silicone lubricants that we recommend due to its good ratings is  WD-40 Specialist . This has a good price and is also resistant to pressure, humidity, rust and corrosion. It will be perfect for the pulleys of your weight training machines and the flywheels of your cardio equipment.

WD 40, silicone spray for gym machines

Remember that the lubricant or grease for the gym machine is not only the most important thing, but rather how the devices are used and the intensity that is applied to them. To guarantee the durability of the equipment, there is no better combination than good maintenance and proper use.

Tips for repairing gym machines

Not only is it essential that you follow the steps to grease. You already know  how to use grease for a gym machine. However, sometimes, the action of greasing the devices will not solve the operating problems by itself.

In such cases, it may also be necessary to repair a gym machine (bicycle, treadmill, etc.). A repair is, for example, making  a complete change of parts . It is also the replacement of cables in poor condition, which prevent the passage of electrical current in cardio equipment.

Some technicians call a simple maintenance operation a repair. The purpose of this is to verify the operation of a machine and evaluate certain parameters to define whether or not to replace any part.

Check that the components are working correctly and are not damaged. Don't lubricate a gym machine with faulty components. Fix it first.

How to grease gym pulleys?

Gym pulleys are, by default, very different from the flywheel of a cardio machine, but their function is similar: to generate the movement required by the person to exercise . Greasing a pulley requires meeting the following two requirements:

  • Add the right and necessary amount of lubricant. A few drops will suffice; do not use the product in excess.

  • Spread the lubricant product evenly with a cloth. You have to start in the middle and then go to both sides of the pulley until you reach the ends.

Guide to greasing gym pulley

How often do you have to grease a gym machine?

We advise applying  gym equipment lubricant to each machine every three months . Do it this way so that the equipement is always ready. Remember that not periodically lubricating the wheels and pulleys can damage the mechanisms or break the cables due to friction.

You must carry out an identical process with the silicone for treadmills . Otherwise, you will drastically damage the entire system and, of course, the machine.

If you are the owner or manager of a gym, you must take into account and apply everything that we provide and advise in this guide. You will avoid inconveniences, you will save time and money and you will make your machines and elements a better investment. 

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